How To Abbreviate Quarter โ€“ 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to abbreviate quarter, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to abbreviate quarter,

Method 1 โ€“ How To Trade Quarter Points In Forex 2021 ๐Ÿ“ˆ | The Best Trading And Charting Techniques

What is up everybody tyler here from vantrading so today were going to talk about quarter points the quarter point. Theory uh how you can trade with it how to chart it how to use it all the above but. First if you dont mind please hit that like button on the video it helps get this video out to. All the other traders who are trying to understand what the quarter point theory is and also please hit that.

Subscribe button to see more videos like this one so lets dive on into it all right so basically what. The quarter point theory is is um bank its almost like bank levels right so banks institutions countries they all. Use um when they transact um with foreign currencies they use very simple um whole numbers right so what theyll. Do is if theyre transacting in a currency theyll want to do like oh lets do 152 right or 152. 250 152 500 theres whole numbers theres quarter points um that make the transactions very simple straightforward and easy right.

So basically what you want to start off doing is dropping your horizontal line and ill start at 152 right. Then ill drop it at 152 250 152 500 151 750 okay 750. Drop it right there um 151 500. So basically what it is is its every 25 pips um every 250 points 25 pips so if youre this. Is gbp jpy if youre charting it on another pair um just count 25 pips and drop each line at.

25 pips but it has to start at a whole number like 152 151 153 stuff like that right so. One thing you should know is those whole quarter points like 152 153 154 those are the strong quarter points. Those are the most important quarter points that will have the most significant resistance or support and then the actual. Quarter points as far as 152 250 500 750 um those are the minor quarter points but also will have. Some significance as well you can use them as take profits stop loss entries whatever it may be these levels.

Come to be very useful in forex so one thing youll notice is if youre having trouble figuring out where. Some support and resistance are if you drop the quarter points you probably wont even need to look for support. And resistance again because youll notice that if i draw a zone a box around this 152 250 youll see. That this is a nice level of resistance resistance right here it broke through and created some kind of resistance. There uh had a nice wick support right there support right there so it actually has significance to each quarter.

Point as far as price will most likely hesitate and respect each quarter point if i draw a box around. This 150 to 500 level youll see that thats where the intraday double topless forms right this double top right. There rejection right there uh and so so on and so forth right so if you just draw the quarter. Points and draw boxes around each quarter point then youll find that it acts as a very strong support and. Resistance level right lets draw this one more chart real quick let me just one more all right look cool.

So basically what you can do is you can use these levels to trade off of right so if you. Notice that this quarter point right here is getting rejected and it keeps hitting that quarter point but it cant. Break through you can take a sell and look for a short to the next quarter point or even the. Quarter point after that right um vice versa you know if youre looking for a you know if youre looking. Right over uh right here right youre looking at this double top and you notice that wow its really respecting.

This 150 to 500 quarter point you could take a cell against it and look for um the next score. Point or the quarter point after that you see because it respects each quarter point respect to this one respect. To this one its almost like stair steps right it goes from quarter point to quarter point and it typically. Moves um in that in those 25 pic direct directions because thats where the foreign transactions are occurring right you. Have this action where it rejec this quarter point quarter point quarter point quarter point quarter point quarter point quarter.

Point quarter point see it just moves 25 every 25 pips so it gives you some easy and good trade. Opportunities as far as where you expect price to go and if its rejecting or respecting any quarter points thats. Really there is too thats all there is to it really you could trade off the five minute the 15. Minute 30 minute whatever time frame you find works best for you and then just kind of go for it. Right i typically um use uh technical analysis for entries but the quarter points are what i use as take.

Profits and stop losses um and typically ill try to find entries against those quarter points because it acts as. An extra confluence right simple enough not much else to if you have any other questions about this video how. Quarter points work how you can use them in your trading strategy hit the uh leave a comment below the. Video and i will get right back to you i hope you how uh you found this informative hope you. Found it helpful again make sure to like comment and subscribe on the video and the channel and i will.

See you next time.

Method 2 โ€“ Understanding Halves And Fourths โ€“ 1St Grade Math (1.Ga.3)

Hey there today we will be learning about shapes and fractions in this lesson we will be focusing on halves. And fourths lets learn all about this by helping our friend sarah sarahs dad bought two boxes of pizza he. Asked her to slice one of the pizzas into halves and the other pizza into fourths shes not quite sure. How to do that so thats why were here to help sarah is wondering what halves are lets tell her.

When youve cut something into two equal parts these two parts are called half look sarah gets it now shes. Slicing the first pizza into two equal parts now she wants to know what fourths are lets help her out. Again 1/4 is one of the parts of something that has been cut into four equal parts look at that. Sarah has cut the second pizza into four equal parts great job sarah now sarah and her family can all. Eat the pizza for more practice lets look at these squares over here try to guess which one of them.

Is divided in half remember that half means being divided into two equal parts thats right its square d both. Square a and b are not divided into two parts square c is divided into two parts but the parts. Are not equal while square d has two parts that have the same exact size lets move on to these. Circles this time lets find the circle thats divided into fourths which can also be called quarters as long as. Its divided into four equal parts thats what were looking for circle a is divided into three parts so thats.

A no circle b is divided into four parts that are all equal so this is correct the other two. Circles are divided in two equal parts so theyre actually divided in half again halves mean two equal parts while. Fourths or quarters mean four equal parts thanks for sticking around i hope this helps you learn more about partitioning. Shapes into halves and fourths for more fun ways to learn math visit bottle learning-dot-com you.

Method 3 โ€“ Gary Gulman On How The States Got Their Abbreviations | Conan On Tbs

Thanks very much i just wanted to recommend a documentary to everyone and then and then im gonna go its. About the its about the men and one woman who abbreviated all 50 states down to two letters all you. All you have to know for this is that we have 50 states in america and they each have a. Two capital letter abbreviation but that wasnt always the case up until i want to say 1973 and so i.

Will up until 1973 every state had its own length of abbreviation and it was chaos like massachusetts was mas. S period florida was fla utah was utah they just dropped the age not much of an abbreviation but then. The post office said no every state has to have a to capital letter abbreviation and so they convened a. Crack squad of abbreviate errs they assembled a ragtag outfit of rogues misfits and neer-do-wells how often do well theyre. In there and theyre did well and they were charged with abbreviating all 50 states down to two letters now.

I read this description to the documentary and much like you thought to myself how are they gonna make a. 90 minute documentary about a task that couldnt have taken more than six minutes to complete what boy was i. Wrong it was an adventure ups and downs ins and outs friends became enemies enemies became friends they started off. They thought it was gonna be easy because alabama loaded them into a false sense of security they said alabama. Al holy crap this is easy work were gonna finish before they stop serving breakfast in the hotel restaurant and.

The boss said guys if we finish before they stop serving breakfast breakfast is on me and then one guy. Said oh i hope they have an omelet station just just for context the omelet station had just been invented. And it was and it it was sweeping the nation and this other guy said you know what im not. Im not comfortable with the omelet station because i i feel like the omelet chef resents you like he didnt. Want to be the omelet chef nobody dreams of being omelet chef he wanted to be the chef chef and.

Now instead of now instead of giving the orders hes taking the orders from your stupid wife and your ugly. Kids i think one day is gonna snap and i dont want to be there when it happens and they. Were like well why dont you just get eggs benedict he said i dont like holiday sauce they said did. You just say holiday sauce yeah why cuz its hollandaise you and then the boss said guys i hate to. Be a nudge but could we get back to abbreviate in the states we still have 49 left an apologies.

Remained an understanding was reached and they got back to abbreviate and they said what snacks they said alaska everybody. Cool with al but somebody caught it when man sheepishly raised his hand since all right i think we might. Have used that one before are you sure im pretty sure well lets check the minute dottie dottie read the. Minutes back to us hon don dottie was the wife tracking secretary every 1970s office had a wisecracking secretary this. One his name was dottie dottie dottie was a pistol you would love you she was a real hot ticket.

Dottie listen to one thought he said they said dottie read the minutes how dottie is this so read the. Minutes back though this is so dottie and she goes you mean the minute sorry sorry what are we gonna. Do with you spank my ass and make me a martini daughter youre incorrigible now leave the minutes back to. Us you randy minx and she said its hollandaise you โ€“ dotty how do you know shakespeare you dont know. Hollandaise thats a paradox alaska al alabama al we did use that one before boss and the boston guys not.

A big deal well come back to it its not gonna happen again certainly not gonna happen 27 more times. Foreshadowing some whats next arizona a i there we go were back on track next arkansas no well come back. โ€“ its not gonna happen again whats next california ca there we go next colorado ceo momentum connecticut we are. Screwed somebody needs a drink not now dottie not now you vulgar lush by the time they got to maine. Maryland massachusetts followed by michigan minnesota mississippi and missouri shots were fired they were at each others throats they did.

What any savvy business would do they hired a consultant they brought in a contractor im sorry not a contractor. A contractor and then a man who made words smaller by combining them or apostrophizing them and this guy was. This guy was the best he was a legend within that world like you wouldnt know his name but you. Know his work like he wrote such timeless classics as oรขยดclock many years ago people would say its nine of. The clock its ten of the clock this visionary said we dont need the i can do that with a.

Sky , Yeah he also wrote wouldve couldve shouldve the holy trinity of regret he wrote he wrote the penny. Very innovative we dove he looked at we would have and said i can do that in half the letters. It was not without controversy it also wrote the most controversial contraction of all time he wrote wont people said. How are you gonna brief he it will not not use a single out and he said watch me are. You saying i wont be able to do it i just did you.

Method 4 โ€“ How To Draw Quarter Theory Points And Get Entries Easily Explained

Note โ€“ This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 โ€“ 1999-2009 State Quarter Errors & Varieties Complete Guide โ€“ Values & Clear Explanation

Hey everybody christian from treasure town here and today were going to be talking about all the state quarter errors. And varieties and cherry picker items that you want to be looking for ive done similar videos in the past. And this one actually has a little bit more than all of the attributed its all the attributed ones by. The major grading companies talking about all the different varieties and then theres also a few smaller kind of fun.

Collector ones that are worthless and or theyre not worthless theyre worth less and i just figured i would throw. Them in there theres like a delaware arizona coin youll see but the reason is i hadnt ever done a. Complete one that focuses on all the ones that are being attributed so thats why i made this video ive. Got clear photos of the errors ill walk you through them and then theres also values listed beneath that ill. Briefly mention for each of the coins that youve got the full equipment and information going into hunting these state.

Quarters theres also a territory quarter dc corridor thatll be important too dont forget about that one but lets get. Right to the presentation our first quarter today is more of one of the errors thats not going to be. Super significant and its not going to be recognized by a grading company more just something to be on the. Lookout for its the delaware spitting horse and basically theres just a die crack that runs out of the horses. Mouth and its going to be worth maybe 10 to 25 dollars for mint state and not too much if.

Its even a little bit circulated after that we have one of the largest and most well-known ones theres actually. Two errors here that well be covering but this is the low leaf 2004 d wisconsin state quarter and the. Theres a large corn on the back but this entire leaf that protrudes outside of this super large thick one. Thats kind of to the left of the corn the the left most i guess and the lowest leaf on. The left if its there will be worth about sixty dollars an au 53 and then 80 to 125 in.

Mint state i remember back when i was a you know maybe eight or nine years old this was a. Super expensive variety its kind of come down a little bit but its still a really cool variety if you. Can pick it up theres also a high leaf variety thats slightly rarer and more expensive where the you know. Its not like low its its high uh its its uh thats really the only way to explain it but. Au coins are about seventy dollars and then mint state 63 are 100 175 also from 2004 d the next.

One is another non-official attributable variety its the in god we rust essentially its like a structure error on the. T and theyre often found on the 2005 p kansas state quarter theyre worth between 10 and 30 dollars so. Nothing crazy but still just something fun to be on the lookout for it pretty much looks like either the. Tea is fully gone or the tea is slightly gone and you get more money if its less visible theres. Also an extra hoof but this is on the silver proof state quarter i figured id just include it its.

Like a you know the the die has been um damaged somehow and it looks like theres an extra hoof. In the middle of the bison and its worth about 300 dollars just a quick mention but i hadnt heard. Of it before i was researching this so just want to let you know theres also a lot of different. Minnesota state quarter extra tree varieties theres like probably over 100 different ones that have been documented but often the. Trees are going to be found in the positioning that im showing them but this is just an example there.

Are three different distinctly different varieties but i think that might be something where this video more just says theyre. Out there you can go look for them um but you know maybe do a little research on your own. Theyre worth between five and 25 dollars um there are a lot of them out there and its tough to. You probably couldnt do a collection of every single one and theyre reasonably common but theyre definitely a fun starter. Variety if youre looking to own one theres also 2005 d also a lot of problems with those coins here.

The the trees kind of just protruding from the back here it almost looks like theres a full exact one. And then here its like an extra branch so the point is theres just so so many of them out. There and theyre not generally worth much more than 25 bucks each so its not even really worth certifying but. Still fun to delineate them and once you have it get to the side and make sure that its labeled. As an error coin after that we have the satin finish and this only occurs on the satin finish ones.

But the 2005 p oregon state quarter with extra branches and you can see the branches theyre two different coins. Um but on the left is probably how its its going to present when you see it the right is. A very clear photo but the branches kind of come out from underneath the upper branches um kind of the. Middle upper branches below where the rock formation is in the background the land but you can kind of see. On both of these its like an extra spread below the branches worth about a hundred dollars theres also one.

Thats sold for 90 bucks but theyre probably essentially worth the same thing where the actual patterning is a little. Bit different but just a second version of these kind of extra branch oregon state quarters then the next one. Is the wyoming state quarter this one is on 2007p i heard theres lots of different ones but theres two. Main attributable varieties so thats what ill focus on the first one has the doubling appearing kind of where the. Uh the person riding the animal i want to say bronco but it could be could be a horse could.

Be any number of animals um but theres kind of a doubling theres extra protrusion kind of near where the. Hand would be im circling it with my mouse i dont even know exactly how to describe it but kind. Of above the horses mane im just going to say horse and this is worth between 40 and 175 dollars. If youll notice that protrusion isnt there uh in this in the other air thats attributed um its its much. Different so here its kind of sticking out on the second one its more of just a rightward spread of.

Where the hand is going to go and this is worth between 25 and 150 theres also a extra cactus. Leaf which is basically a cud its going to cover the designers initials on the 2008 arizona state quarter worth. Between 3 and 12 so the value is not huge but again just im not going to not mention it. And then the more notable one i think this is one of the neatest is the dc territory it looks. Like an extra piano key thats a double die reverse this is where its between 50 and 100 um and.

Theres multiple manifestations this one actually is worth a little bit less 30 to 75 but it seems like the. Piano key is a little bit stronger in its presentation but the big money one is when the ell is. Strongly doubled and theres also some key doubling but it kind of goes downward into the keys and you can. Clearly see that um the one that sold was super expensive mint 65 is estimated at about a thousand dollars. This is a very challenging one to find but thats really the key one to look out for in this.

One its on the 2009 d so previously it was on the p minted in philadelphia but the biggest error. In the state quarters is going to be found on the 2009 denver mint double die reverse thanks for watching. The video id encourage you to like comment and subscribe for more content and get in touch with me on. My website facebook treasure town instagram treasure town yt or twitter at treasuretown underscore yt and i look forward. To seeing you on some of my future vids.

Conclusion โ€“ How To Abbreviate Quarter

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