How To Abbreviate States – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Gary Gulman On How The States Got Their Abbreviations | Conan On Tbs

Thanks very much i just wanted to recommend a documentary to everyone and then and then im gonna go its. About the its about the men and one woman who abbreviated all 50 states down to two letters all you. All you have to know for this is that we have 50 states in america and they each have a. Two capital letter abbreviation but that wasnt always the case up until i want to say 1973 and so i.

Will up until 1973 every state had its own length of abbreviation and it was chaos like massachusetts was mas. S period florida was fla utah was utah they just dropped the age not much of an abbreviation but then. The post office said no every state has to have a to capital letter abbreviation and so they convened a. Crack squad of abbreviate errs they assembled a ragtag outfit of rogues misfits and neer-do-wells how often do well theyre. In there and theyre did well and they were charged with abbreviating all 50 states down to two letters now.

I read this description to the documentary and much like you thought to myself how are they gonna make a. 90 minute documentary about a task that couldnt have taken more than six minutes to complete what boy was i. Wrong it was an adventure ups and downs ins and outs friends became enemies enemies became friends they started off. They thought it was gonna be easy because alabama loaded them into a false sense of security they said alabama. Al holy crap this is easy work were gonna finish before they stop serving breakfast in the hotel restaurant and.

The boss said guys if we finish before they stop serving breakfast breakfast is on me and then one guy. Said oh i hope they have an omelet station just just for context the omelet station had just been invented. And it was and it it was sweeping the nation and this other guy said you know what im not. Im not comfortable with the omelet station because i i feel like the omelet chef resents you like he didnt. Want to be the omelet chef nobody dreams of being omelet chef he wanted to be the chef chef and.

Now instead of now instead of giving the orders hes taking the orders from your stupid wife and your ugly. Kids i think one day is gonna snap and i dont want to be there when it happens and they. Were like well why dont you just get eggs benedict he said i dont like holiday sauce they said did. You just say holiday sauce yeah why cuz its hollandaise you and then the boss said guys i hate to. Be a nudge but could we get back to abbreviate in the states we still have 49 left an apologies.

Remained an understanding was reached and they got back to abbreviate and they said what snacks they said alaska everybody. Cool with al but somebody caught it when man sheepishly raised his hand since all right i think we might. Have used that one before are you sure im pretty sure well lets check the minute dottie dottie read the. Minutes back to us hon don dottie was the wife tracking secretary every 1970s office had a wisecracking secretary this. One his name was dottie dottie dottie was a pistol you would love you she was a real hot ticket.

Dottie listen to one thought he said they said dottie read the minutes how dottie is this so read the. Minutes back though this is so dottie and she goes you mean the minute sorry sorry what are we gonna. Do with you spank my ass and make me a martini daughter youre incorrigible now leave the minutes back to. Us you randy minx and she said its hollandaise you – dotty how do you know shakespeare you dont know. Hollandaise thats a paradox alaska al alabama al we did use that one before boss and the boston guys not.

A big deal well come back to it its not gonna happen again certainly not gonna happen 27 more times. Foreshadowing some whats next arizona a i there we go were back on track next arkansas no well come back. – its not gonna happen again whats next california ca there we go next colorado ceo momentum connecticut we are. Screwed somebody needs a drink not now dottie not now you vulgar lush by the time they got to maine. Maryland massachusetts followed by michigan minnesota mississippi and missouri shots were fired they were at each others throats they did.

What any savvy business would do they hired a consultant they brought in a contractor im sorry not a contractor. A contractor and then a man who made words smaller by combining them or apostrophizing them and this guy was. This guy was the best he was a legend within that world like you wouldnt know his name but you. Know his work like he wrote such timeless classics as oâ´clock many years ago people would say its nine of. The clock its ten of the clock this visionary said we dont need the i can do that with a.

Sky , Yeah he also wrote wouldve couldve shouldve the holy trinity of regret he wrote he wrote the penny. Very innovative we dove he looked at we would have and said i can do that in half the letters. It was not without controversy it also wrote the most controversial contraction of all time he wrote wont people said. How are you gonna brief he it will not not use a single out and he said watch me are. You saying i wont be able to do it i just did you.

Method 2 – The Story Behind Gary Gulman’S Famous “State Abbreviations” Set | Conan On Tbs

You talked about this it was a fake documentary yeah and that were it was all about how the abbreviations. For states write about and you wrote this routine and it was just you did it on our show and. As i said it got just incredible reaction from people everywhere and also from some of the best comedians saying. Wow thats set that you did it is the biggest thing ive ever done in my career yeah ill have.

Seen that than anything yeah and it was really beautifully crafted how long did that take you to write was. It was it so perfectly worked out and if you havent seen it you can go online and look up. Gary on this show doing it was amazing but right now yeah lets play it we need to fill some. Time yeah so i first wrote it in my notebook in 1994 about six months into comedy and the entire. World had to change in order for me to convince people that there was a documentary about something as unusual.

As abbreviating the states down to two letters so how vetta had to have come out this documentary about the. Font yes yes its so funny cuz when you talked about it i think a lot of people thought it. Was a real documentary you were making it up but we live in a world where every day they come. Out with a new documentary you see him on the uh netflix all the telly and theyre about the most. Ridiculous thing yes about a font about a man who is excellent at slicing sushi yeah hero dreams of sushi.

Yeah yes yes theyre all riveting yeah the way yeah and so i finally had this idea ill tell people. Its a fake duck or that its a real documentary and i still have people emailing me and asking me. Where can i find that it should make it yeah.

Method 3 – States And Abbreviations Rap

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Method 4 – Abbreviating The States (Live)

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Method 5 – States Abbreviations Quiz | All 50 States Test

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