How To Abide In Christ – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to abide in christ, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to abide in christ,

Method 1 – How To Abide In Christ – Paul Washer

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Method 2 – How To Abide In Christ And What That Means For You | #Billygraham #English

Hebrews 11 6. Without faith it is impossible to please him without faith it is impossible to please him now. Christ has already done the work on the cross but now comes your part without faith you cannot please him. Hebrews 11 has been called gods hall of fame and after this passage some of the men and women of.

Faith are listed like noah and abraham and sarah and isaac and jacob and joseph and moses and even a. Prostitute rahab because she too believed in god and proved her faith by her works when you say what is. Faith ive committed all kinds of sins and and and i know that i i have to have the blood. And now i find out i have to have faith what is faith how do i get this faith do. You know what faith is im not sure i can explain it all to you but faith is believing and.

Receiving what god has revealed what god has revealed in this book what god has revealed in nature what god. Has revealed in conscience and it can be defined as that trust in the god of the scriptures and in. Jesus christ whom he sent for salvation faith is personal trust apart from any works in jesus christ i cannot. Work my way to heaven but you cannot do one single thing to earn one minute in heaven for by. Grace are you saved through faith in that not of yourselves it is the gift of god not of works.

Lest any man should boast now the bible teaches that faith is the only approach to god for he that. Cometh to god must believe that he is and the bible tells us that faith is commanded jesus said have. Faith in god and thats an imperative there in matthew or mark 11. And then on another occasion john said. And this is his commandment this is the commandment of jesus that we should believe on the name of his.

Son jesus christ its a command god commands you he commands you he gives you an order believe believe believe. Believe believe on the lord jesus christ and thou shalt be saved its a command god commands you he commands. You he gives you an order believe believe believe believe theres no other way that you can approach god no. Other way you can know god no other way you can come in contact with god except through faith therefore. Being justified by faith we have peace with god through our lord jesus christ romans 5 1.

What is faith. The reception of the gospel confidence in god in his word being confident of this very thing a total dependence. On christ for our forgiveness and for the fulfillment in our lives thirdly you can accept him as master and. Make him lord of your life because when you come to jesus christ you not only accept him as savior. But you accept him as lord the lord jesus christ he must be lord of your eyes lord of your.

Ears lord of your tongue lord of your hands lord of your feet lord of your pocketbook lord of your. Bank account lord of your family hes first in every area of your life is he in yours are you. Among the branches that need to be cut off and he said that he cuts them off he prunes them. Back and theyre thrown into the fire always remember that the branch that bears no fruit must be destroyed if. The rest of the vine is to be preserved are you abiding in christ jesus withdrew himself into solitary places.

To meet god and we must do the same thing we must keep contact with him every day it must. Be constant and deliberate never a day when we do not sense his presence and without this abiding you cannot. Do anything that will be spiritually pleasing to god without me you cant bear supernatural fruit but with him i. Can love that fella over there that normally i wouldnt love with him i can be gentle when normally i. Might want to hit him in the face with him in my life living through me i can forgive the.

Wrongs that have been done and the things that were said with him the life can be lived because you. See nowhere in the new testament does it tell me billy graham to live a christian life it tells me. That the old bill must die and christ must live through me and in me he does the living through. Me if im daily moment by moment abiding in him its his sack that gives me the strength and the. Life the spiritual life that i must have by their fruits ye shall know without the shedding of blood there.

Is no forgiveness without faith i cannot please him without me ye can do nothing.

Method 3 – What Does It Mean To ‘Abide In Christ’?

Happy friday to everyone todays question comes from casey in oregon dear pastor john i have been a christian and. A bible student and a bible teacher for many years but i sometimes find myself a little puzzled and if. Im honest a bit disquieted by johns teaching on abiding in particular i think of the opening of john 15. And much of the material of the letter of first john it provokes many questions for me for example how.

Does this relate to the doctrine of perseverance and does this mean that in some sense it is up to. Me to keep me in gods family could you give a brief apha length overview of johns theology of abiding. In christ what is what is an ap j-link if you ask tony its fun things it is thats right. Hes always on my case to make it shorter so here we go lets do it quick its true this. Is huge i mean a challenge to give a theology of abiding in 10 minutes lets say we can do.

Im going to sum it up from from john 15 lets just go there with seven or is it six. Points i cant remember how many i jotted down here its just six yeah six points lets read it i. Am the true vine and my father is the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit. He takes away and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit already you. Are clean because i because of the word that i have spoken to you abide in me and i in.

You as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you. Abide in me so first observation number one i think the essential meaning of our act of abiding our act. Of abiding is the act of receiving and trusting all that god is for us in christ if a branch. Remains or abides attached to the vine in such a way that it is receiving all that the branch has. To give then that is a picture of what john means by believing or trusting jesus he says in chapter.

1 verse 12 to all who receive him who believed in his name he gave the right to become the. Children of god so believing is a receiving of christ into the soul welcoming him trusting him as it were. Drinking and eating and savoring him which is what he says in chapter 6 verse 40 35 i am the. I am the bread of life whoever comes to me shall not hunger whoever believes in me shall never thirst. So believing is a an attachment to our coming to an attachment to jesus and a receiving from jesus a.

A trusting in jesus a remaining in fellowship with jesus connected to jesus so that all that god is for. Us in him is flowing like a life-giving sap into our lives so thats number one abiding is believing trusting. Savouring resting receiving number two jesus gets very specific about what is flowing between the vine and the branch he. Mentions words his words his love his joy verse 7 if you abide in me my and my words abide. In you ask whatever you wish verse 9 as the father has loved me so i have loved you abide.

In my love verse 11 these things i have spoken to you that my joy may be in you and. That your joy may be full so abiding in the vine means receiving and believing and trusting in the words. Of jesus and the love of jesus for the father and for his people and the joy that jesus has. In the father and in us it means sharing the joy the love the words with jesus this is very. Similar to paul saying the food the spirit is love and joy as we hear and trust the promises of.

Of christ in galatians 5 in relations 3 number 3 third observation nothing of any spiritual eternal significance is possible. Apart from this abiding in the vine whoever abides in me and i in him he it is that bears. Much fruit for apart from me you can do nothing zero john 15:5 in other words we are not dealing. Here with something marginal or optional if we are not united to the vine so that christs life is flowing. Into us his words his love his joy we will be utterly utterly totally barren nothing of any lasting value.

Will come from us observation number four abiding proves whether the attachment to the vine is coursing with life or. Is merely artificial and external heres verse 8 by this my father is glorified that you bear much fruit and. So prove to be my disciples so fruitfully abiding with life love joy coursing into us through the connection between. Us and the vine prove us to be disciples verses seven and eight abiding and fruit-bearing confirm us the negative. Is is also true verse 6 if anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch.

And withers and the branches are gathered and thrown into the fire and earlier in verses 1 and 2 if. Anyone doesnt bear fruit hes taken away now this is what provokes kcs question about perseverance or eternal security can. We be born of god can we be authentically in a living way united to christ truly christian and lose. Our salvation now in johns understanding and the writers understanding of abiding the answers no we cant i say this. For two reasons in chapter 10 verse 28 he says quoting jesus i give them eternal life they shall never.

Perish no one will snatch them out of my hand my father who has given them to me is greater. Than all and no one is able to snatch them out of my fathers hand hes hes bending over backwards. To say when i choose someone for myself and they hear my voice and i take them to be my. Sheep and my children that never changes heres the second reason i think john means this and its the answer. To what in the world is going on with broken-off branches i think first john 2:19 is a description in.

The church of what it means that certain branches are broken off it says they went out from us that. Is they were broken off but they were not of us for if they had been of us they would. Have continued that is remained abided with us but they went out that it might become plain that they are. Not of us so i think john provides us with the category for understanding a kind of superficial external attachment. To jesus that is not a saving attachment and can result in a fruitless empty life where theres no sap.

Coursing and be broken off that is fall away from the church but never were of us heres number five. Fifth observation the branches are being cared for both internally by the life of christ flowing into us and externally. By the vine dresser who its amazing i didnt see this until just a few years ago when i preached. On this at one of the conferences jesus says in verse 1 i am the true vine and my father. Is the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away every branch that does.

Bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit now pruning means cut cut so the the branches are. Being cared for to make them maximally fruitful both by internal life flowing to us from the vine and by. A vine dresser who with his very painful scissors or saw cuts us hurts us so that by these painful. Providences in life we experience the fullest possible impact of the inner life of christ so we are being cared. For both internally by christs life coursing into us by the spirit and and externally by the providences of a.

Loving father who knows how to discipline his children to make them merry very holy and my last observation about. Abiding is the goal of abiding is the glory of god verse 8 by this is my father glorified that. You bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples the whole design of our not being the vine. But being the utterly dependent branches grafted into the vine the whole design of depending on a vine dresser to. Manage the outward shape of our vine structure in our branch structure that whole design is so that god gets.

The glory for bringing it all about so bottom line hour by hour let us receive rest in and trust. And savor and enjoy christs word and love and joy while we submit externally to the merciful providences of god. Amen thank you pastor john eleven minutes sorry wont drive at our next time of hurt im playing with pastor. John titor folks casey thank you for the question and thank you for listening and making the podcast a part. Of your day and commute for yet another week three times a week we publish and you can subscribe to.

Our audio feeds and keep up with new episodes that we release and you can search our old episodes in. Our archive and even reach us by email with a question you may be facing in your life like this. One i do all that through our online home but desiring god org forward slash ask pastor john well monday. Were going to talk about the lords supper specifically whether the celebration is supposed to be somber or whether its. Supposed to be cheerful what is the proper mood to the lords table thats on the docket when we return.

On monday im your host tony ranky well see you then have a great weekend you.

Method 4 – How To Abide In Christ – Paul Washer

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Method 5 – Abide In Christ – Francis Chan

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Conclusion – How To Abide In Christ

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