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Method 1 – How We Abolish The Filibuster

Manchin has said pretty publicly he doesnt want to vote to get rid of the filibuster and you need every. Single democrat right now in a 50 50 senate to do it so how do you how do you get. That done well see i think its going to unfold as a story not just of the minimum wage but. Also gun safety laws um voting rights laws immigration laws uh issue after issue after issue where the republicans are.

Obstinately uh obdurately opposing any progress being made on any of those issues even though the democrats control the house. The senate and the presidency so i actually dont think itll just be the minimum wage itll be all of. Those issues that line up and then in my opinion we will reach a point uh where we will have. The votes to repeal the filibuster its an obstacle to the fundamental capacity of the senate to respond uh to. This global crisis and healthcare crisis that we are facing uh in our country.

Method 2 – The Weird Rule That Broke American Politics

These hundred people are the us senate they passed laws they vote and when a majority says yes it passes. But these days the senate doesnt do that very often the senate holding two votes both failed its completely dysfunctional. Four versions of gun control proposals and all four failed see the senate has this rule it says before they. Vote 60 people have to agree to have the vote that means just 41 people minority can entirely block a.

Bill this is called a filibuster early on filibusters were rare this is a chart of the number of times. The senate has had a vote to break a filibuster in the last hundred years but in the last 50. Years they started to grow and now almost every big bill is filibustered the us senate is broken and the. Filibuster broken but the senate didnt always have this rule in fact it all kind of happened by accident this. Is the senate in 1805 its much smaller than it is now and the filibuster as we know it today.

Doesnt exist yet and before they vote on a bill they debate if they want to end debate and vote. They just need a majority to agree but vice president aaron burr thinks a high-minded place like the senate should. Have as much debate as needed so the senate gets rid of the rule now senators can debate for as. Long as they want and theres no way to stop them this is the beginning of the senate filibuster at. First it isnt really a problem because the senate is still pretty small theres only so long a group of.

Senators gonna physically talk now eventually they tire out debate ends and they get to a vote but as the. U.s. Grows so does the senate and they have more factions and more people to filibuster bills they moved to. A bigger room and now its 1917 world war one is under way but the us isnt involved then president. Woodrow wilson asks congress to authorize a broad military action a group of senators dont want to give wilson the.

Power to enter the war so they decide to debate until session ends filibuster woodrow wilson is mad and he. Demands that they go back to the old senate rules the debate can be ended with a simple majority the. Senate doesnt want to do that so instead they compromise they change the rules so they can end debate with. The approval of two-thirds of the senate so that if senators want to block a bill they need 1/3 to. Do it this is basically the system we have today a supermajority to agree to vote and a simple majority.

To pass a law and for a few decades the filibuster is used but pretty sparingly then in the 1950s. The senate starts to consider civil rights legislation and southern senators really hate this but they dont have the votes. To actually defeat the bills so they start using the filibuster to block bills heres south carolina senator strom thurmond. He looks tired because he does filibuster the 1957 civil rights act for more than 24 hours these filibusters are. Painstaking and they blocked the senate from actually doing work the majority leader at the time mike mansfield doesnt like.

This hes okay with needing a supermajority to pass things but he doesnt like are these long pointless speeches so. He makes a change he skips the debate and goes directly to a vote to see if theres a super. Majority to end debate this means the senators want a filibuster they dont have to stand up and talk they. Can just threaten to as long as they have the numbers to block a supermajority vote this makes it way. Easier to filibuster and the number of filibusters grows in the mid-70s the senate changes the threshold needed a filibuster.

Now instead of 34 senators you need 41 but it doesnt make much of a difference and then around the. 2000s senators and the minorities start to realize something they can gain more politically by fighting than by cooperating so. They filibuster everything the other party wants to do thats what leads to this spike now almost every big bill. Is filibustered finally in 2013 the democratic majority makes a change to the rules that says the filibuster no longer. Applies to certain confirmation votes in 2017 the republican majority makes another similar change both times it feels like a.

Huge deal but now things are beginning to change the 2020 elections are coming up and democrats have some big. Proposals health care in america federal investment in teacher salaries investments in clean energy the democrats note even if they. Have a majority in the senate theyre not going to get the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and. Thats why a new idea is now on the table would you urge the senate democratic leader to get rid. Of the filibuster i think we have to have that on the table did you get rid of the filibuster.

Getting rid of an old tradition naturally feels radical but heres one more story about the filibuster the senate is. Only one half of congress the other half the house of representatives also used to have rules that allow the. Minority party to filibuster bills then in 1888 republicans won control of the house but the filibuster rules kept them. From actually passing anything it was like the election and ultimately the will of the people didnt even matter so. They got rid of it and the reasoning was pretty simple if the party that loses an election can block.

The winners from doing anything what does it mean to be a democracy.

Method 3 – Sen. Tom Udall Wants To Abolish The Filibuster | Nowthis

And im not the first to say in a farewell address and i wont be the last but the senate. Is broken the senate is broken and its not working for the american people i believe there are a lot. Of good folks here in the senate but the system were caught in makes it too hard to work together. We are becoming better and better political warriors were good at landing a punch and exposing the hypocrisy and riling.

Each other up but art but we arent fostering our better angels our peacemaking skills are atrophy every hurt takes. Time to heal and each time we hurt each other it sets us back but unfortunately the structures we have. Built reward us for hurting one another we need to reform those structures or well never make progress make that. Progress we need to make ive proposed senate rules changes when i was in the minority and when i was. In the majority to make sure this institution does not remain a graveyard for progress the founders did not envision.

A senate requiring 60 votes to act the filibuster came to be through historical accident and it is now woven. Into the institutional framework the promise of the filibuster is that the majority will find common ground with the minority. But the reality of the filibuster is paralysis a deep paralysis these structures are anti-democratic they reward extremism they punish. Compromise our government is supposed to respond to the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority. Instead we have the tyranny of the minority that tyranny is super wealthy politically powerful and dangerously out of touch.

With the american people the majority americans support pandemic relief health care for every american action on global warming racial. Justice and police reform and so many other priorities that dont see much progress in the senate i believe this. Nation has arrived at a moment when we are opening our eyes to the enormous challenges before us and also. To their solutions our planet is in crisis facing mass extinction and climate change our people are in crisis ravaged. By a pandemic that is laid bare than in the inequities of our society and our democracy is in crisis.

As the peoples faith in their government is shaken we cannot solve one of these crises without solving the others. And thats why im troubled but all i have to do to be optimistic is look around look around me. I look at the young people across this country who are calling for change for climate action for voting rights. And for immigrant rights for economic and environmental and racial justice theyve held sit-ins in my office probably yours too. And theyre demanding that we do better and their determination gives me hope we should never forget that we can.

Do we all of us can do the impossible when we open our eyes to the challenge and work together. To meet it so i return home to the west so as i return home to the west i am. Clear-eyed about even trouble by how far away our destination is but i am optimistic that we will get there. Like we always have you.

Method 4 – Watch: Mazie Hirono Masterfully Explains The Need To Abolish The Filibuster On The Daily Show

The democrats have a slim majority to work with do the democrats have an idea of how to actually get. Things done if its really just always going to be split down the middle nobody moves mitch mcconnells goal in. Life is to retake the senate which means that hes not going to be trying to help joe biden achieve. His big programs that help americans and hes not about to help all the senate democrats achieve our goals either.

So we start with that proposition which means that were not going to get a lot done unless we face. Up to the need for filibuster reform i would like to get rid of filibuster or were going to have. To use some of the process like reconciliation to pass some of these really big bills that are needed previously. And correct me if im wrong i feel like in the past you were one of the democrats who said. The filibuster needed to be protected you know a lot of democrats said the filibuster needs to be protected so.

That the minority always has a say in in which laws are being passed do you not worry about the. Inconsistency in that message or is there something that people may be missing oh you know what consistency is how. About goblin of little minds so ive learned watching mitchell khan over the last four years he hardly ever gave. The democrats much chance to exercise our 60 votes to deny him the 60 votes because he would rarely put. Out any substantive legislation in his busyness to get as many ideologically oriented people onto the courts for lifetime appointments.

Or passing the 1.5 trillion in the tax cuts you think that well the filibuster protects minority voices but notice. We were in the minority for four years and we basically got shafted at a return so i learned from. That and also that the filibuster is a vestige of the jim crow days and so we need to move. On away from this rule thats not even anything that is in law or in the constitution thats thats a. Thats a thats an honest uh take to have and and i think a wonderful note to end on is.

A lawmaker in america saying hey look im willing to change my mind as time progresses you.

Method 5 – Is It Time To Abolish The Filibuster? | Into America Podcast – Ep. 110 | Msnbc

Point of order the councilwoman wishes to speak on this issue will the councilwoman yield her time no i will. Not yield a filibuster i will the filibuster another jim crow relic with regard to the filibuster i believe we. Should go back to a position in the filibuster that existed just when i came to the united states senate. 120 years ago the filibuster its part of the legislative process that most of us think we understand maybe youve.

Seen a version of it in a movie will the senate yield it to you no sir im afraid not. And we might as well all get together on this yielding business right off the bat now a u.s senator. Tries to derail a vote by standing in the chamber and talking and talking and talking until they bore their. Colleagues into submission or maybe even pulling something like this so when we get up and we talk about jobs. Remember you know what it is you say your thats former new york state senator alfonso damato in 1992 trying.

To block legislation that would have allowed hundreds of jobs to move from new york to mexico whoevers watching this. Show now theyre going to be nuts its 2 oclock what time is it 2 oclock my gosh you should. Go home go to bed if you have a job to get up to tomorrow or something you know you. May not have a job in reality the filibuster is serious political business with a dark past as one of. The most powerful legislative hammers used to break the back of racial progress but the history of the filibuster as.

A cudgel of jim crow isnt exactly history were seeing that right now as the threat of a filibuster is. Colliding with a fight over the future of voting rights in this country today a bill called hr1 is sitting. Before congress it protects voting rights for black folks and other minorities and addresses things like voter access election integrity. And security and reform of campaign finance laws house democrats are rethinking the entire u.s voting system theyre pushing massive. Legislation 791 pages to be exact full of major changes to our elections after passing the house hr one is.

Now before the senate and some would argue the countrys democracy is at stake were just months out from a. Contentious presidential election that was rife with false claims of voter fraud and stolen ballots and it was only a. Few weeks ago that georgia passed some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country aimed squarely at black. Voters other states have similar plans in the works at this point the only way hr1 can pass is without. The option for republicans to filibuster theres a fierce debate on whether its time to get rid of one of.

White supremacys favorite legislative weapons its becoming essentially an existential question for democrats because as republicans pass legislation across the. Country that makes it harder to vote democrats are looking at do we want to keep the filibuster or do. We want to run in districts that we may never win again 46 democrats are open to the idea of. At least reforming it but when it comes to getting rid of the filibuster theres more hesitancy president joe biden. Was cautious in a press conference last month at john lewiss funeral president barack obama said he believed the filibuster.

Was a relic of the jim crow era do you agree yes if not why not abolish it if its. A relic of the jim crow era successful electoral politics is the art of the possible lets figure out how. We can get this done and move in the direction of significantly changing the abuse of even the filibuster rule. First its been abused from the time it came into being by an extreme way in the last 20 years. Lets deal with the abuse first youre moving closer to eliminating the filibuster is that correct i answered your question.

Meanwhile republicans like senate minority leader mitch mcconnell arent letting go of the filibuster without a fight this is the. Power grab its all about trying to take over the american election system im tremainly and this is into america. Today we take a look at how the filibuster has been weaponized and racialized over time and asked whether american. Democracy might just be better off without it jalani cobb is a staff writer at the new yorker and the. Professor of journalism at columbia university he writes a lot about the collision of race politics and the right to.

Vote and lets just start with a little refresher course here in case you were asleep during civis class the. Senate filibuster allows people in the senate to hold up votes on legislation until you have the number of votes. Required to get cloture to close debate in order to get cloture or in other words stop consideration of a. Bill senate rules say you need three fifths of the senate on board and that is 60 people if you. Have 50 votes plus the vice president you can get what you want passed but you dont have the votes.

To get past a filibuster so just because democrats have the majority in the senate right now with a tie-breaking. Vote of vice president harris it doesnt mean they can get the bills they want signed into law which leads. Us back to the stalled hr one the for the people act first off hr one is kind of an. Omnibus bill its a real uh grab bag of democratic reforms some of which oddly enough it doesnt seem like. There should be much political opposition to but there is one of the things that hr one does i think.

Is most important is establish standards for voting machines right it shouldnt be part of an issue it should not. Be a partisan issue nobody wants voting machines that can be hacked but this is run into a buzz saw. Of opposition and mitch mcconnell has decried it as essentially a democratic ploy you know other people on the republican. Side have said that you know if this passes they wont be able to win elections and they have a. Powerful tool in their arsenal which is the filibuster so effectively were at a crossroads we have this hugely important.

Democratic reform bill and a senate minority or at least an equal partner in the senate who is not interested. In allowing that to happen can you give us a sense of of where the filibuster actually came from so. The filibuster is part of a series of minoritarian aspects of american democracy which in theory are good so there. Are things that we normally do that give minorities more political power than they would have otherwise one of the. Best examples of it is in order to change the constitution or ratify an amendment we have to have three.

Quarters of the states vote along with it its not a simple majority the old joke is that you know. Democracy is three foxes and two chickens voting on what to have for dinner right but but thats not actually. Democracy actually democracy would be that we need four votes out of five before we eat anything meaning that the. Foxes then have to politic with one of the chickens and say well what do you think we can go. For maybe we can get a vegan takeout thing or something like and so thats what its meant to do.

To give minorities a bit more political leverage than they would have otherwise which hypothetically is a good thing but. In the case of the filibuster it shows exactly how that can be abused its one of those other aspects. Of the rules which on their face seem fair enough and people dont necessarily understand what the implications are is. The phil buster part of the constitution and like was it always part of senate rules no so the filibuster. Is not part of the constitution its just an old senate tradition and it effectively evolved out of the lack.

Of rules actually its not explicit in the in the constitution but for decades the senate did not even have. Formal strong rules about cloture uh because they didnt really need any and the presumption was that you would with. A simple majority close debate and move on to voting but it wasnt until the late 19th century that you. Began to see senators using the open floor of debate to prevent a bill from ever coming to a vote. And the filibusters history is inextricable from the history of civil rights legislation this comes to a head really for.

The first time you see it in the context that it is notorious for in 1922 with the dire anti-lynching. Bill the anti-lynching bill would have imposed penalties on counties where lynchings happened and law enforcement did nothing to prevent. It from taking place they actually got this to pass the house of representatives but it was killed uh by. A senate filibuster in 1922. And it just kind of goes on from there notably of course you know famously.

In 1957 strom thurmond south carolina senator does the 24-hour i think 17-minute filibuster of the 1957 civil rights act. Which at that point was the longest filibuster in american history and i think thats the filibuster or the kind. Of filibuster that people have in their mind that theres this standing filibuster you just keep talking and running your. Mouth yeah how often has has that been deployed and how has that changed like the standing filibuster compared to. What we have today we now have a system where you dont have to stand on the senate floor you.

Know strom thurman he was able to filibuster for 24 hours because barry goldwater senator from arizona would step in. And hold the floor while strom thurman ran to the mens room um you know they had a kind of. Last-minute last-ditch strategy which was that there was a bucket in a closet uh which would have allowed him to. Keep one foot on the senate floor while you know relieving himself in the closet and that was the the. Kind of emergency plan that they had for him thats crazy but these are the things that people had to.

Consider the contingencies that they had to consider at the point now you dont have that you know a what. Do you do now do you just say filibuster like how simply you simply raise an objection and you can. Prevent a bill from coming to the floor it doesnt require any feats of you know stamina or physical endurance. Or anything of the sort and so its become rote its also over the course of its history become increasingly. Deployed and so the filibuster now is the default as opposed to something that would happen on rare and particularly.

Weighty and significant pieces of legislation as the senate stands now virtually nothing can get done and the last time. We saw senate reform on this was around appointees when the democrats gained the majority in the senate and really. Saw the way that the republicans had abused the filibuster option in preventing barack obamas nominees from being appointed uh. To their positions and so we had reform there uh the republicans as a kind of tit-for-tat uh removed the. Filibuster from supreme court nominations which has kind of opened the floor for people saying that you should get rid.

Of the filibuster all together and thats the kind of conversation were having now you know whether or not the. Filibuster uh really has any place in american democracy right now but i wonder if the fieldbuster has ever been. Used for good either upholding our rights empowering voters of color anything offhand i cant think of i cant think. Of one it doesnt mean that there wasnt people like kentucky senator mitch mcconnell argue that the filibuster does have. A place and have pushed back on arguments like jelanis yeah actually historians do not agree it has no racial.

History at all none so theres no dispute among historians uh about that but thats unequivocally false and the problem. With the filibuster started way before the 1922 anti-lynching bill it was one of the many mechanisms that people used. To try to undo uh the advances that were coming out of the civil war and reconstruction and you know. With gaining momentum into the 20th century and so you know thats what were really looking at now weve kind. Of done ourselves a disservice by the way weve talked about the history and that weve talked about the civil.

Rights movement by and large in the past tense as a product of attitudes that attitudes have changed peoples hearts. Have been opened their sensibilities on matters of race have by and large broadened and theres public polling data to. Suggest that thats true but what we have not talked about is the cold transactional nature of interests we look. At the ties between the filibuster and the voting legislation that weve talked about right now people who were disenfranchising. Black voters in mississippi in louisiana in georgia in south carolina weve talked about that as an expression of racism.

Which it was but it was also an expression of political interests those were the states that had the largest. Black populations they want black people to vote because there were enough of us there to actually swing the direction. Of an election that was why jim crow instituted these laws that in their byzantine way went about stripping the. Ability of black people to vote political and self-interest if we look at the changing demography of the united states. And you know the direction where were headed in terms of our population growth and where people are coming from.

Uh into the country those same sorts of political self-interests have been resurrected and people have gone back to the. Historical playbook perhaps their hearts have been changed perhaps their sensibilities have been broadened but their interests have not changed. And so that is why so much of the present looks so much like the distant past so much like. Things that we thought uh were in the graveyard of bad history so theres something that struck me as i. Was getting ready for my interview with jelani between 1917 and 1994 half of all successful filibusters were deployed against.

Civil rights legislation half things like housing protections and laws against poll taxes and lynching half so i asked jalani. What progress could we have accomplished without the filibuster i think that if the filibuster didnt exist those legislative situations. Would have turned out differently i dont know that they would have necessarily turned out successfully um but i think. That that at least that tactic right i think that tactic would have been unavailable to people people have been. Very ingenious and very committed about the preservation of white supremacy in the united states and you know even with.

Things like the white primary which is something we dont really talk about anymore but when it became impossible to. Prevent black people from voting in the south people develop tactics called the white primaries where you would only prohibit. Blacks from voting in the primary elections texas often did that with black people and latinos uh hispanics and so. You have a choice you can vote in the general election between two candidates that you probably have no interest. In and so i think that there are many tricks many tools in this toolkit uh the filibuster being one.

Valuable one but if this is a fight and you take away uh the left hook from your opponent you. Still have to worry about the right hand you have to worry about the uppercuts and jabs and all those. Other things uh it doesnt mean that its not important to have that off the table but it means that. The fights not over i think its amazing but the filibuster or you know gerrymander or any number of political. Tactics theyve been weaponized against black folks its always striking to me just how powerful anti-blackness actually is and the.

Many ways it manifests itself in our politics and .

Conclusion – How To Abolish The Filibuster

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