How To Abort Puppies – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to abort puppies,

Method 1 – Abortion In Dogs | Wag!

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Method 2 – How To Terminate An Unwanted Dog Pregnancy

Morning everybody james with love my pups my british supply hope its not too windy out here okay so i. Get phone calls oh probably once a week where somebodys dog has got hooked up with the neighbors dog and. Theyve got potentially an unwanted pregnancy and so the question is you know what can you do to sort this. Out so youve got if you want to abort a pregnancy youve basically got three options for this you can.

Flush the dog out and if you do that of course you could then breathe it over again so theres. A reason why you might want to do that its very simple its basically free and it has a well. Probably a 70% success rate you can give medications and well talk about that here a moment medications will abort. This pregnancy you cant breathe again on this round youre gonna have to wait until the next round and they. Are relatively safe and then the last one is that you can do a spay and of course you when.

You do a space thats the end of it youre not gonna have a pregnancy and youre never gonna have. A prince with this dog again so so the first thing is is just to be careful about the whole. Situation i mean you know if you leave your dog out in the backyard unattended and shes in heat there. Is a extremely good chance that a male dog will get to her i mean dogs can smell dogs are. In heat from literally you know a mile away or more and it you know youre you will see the.

Hawks backing up trying to get to that female and theyll dig underneath fences they will they will go to. You know extraordinary lengths to get bred i mean ive heard of dogs being bred through a chain-link fence you. Know youve got a the dog is you think completely safe it may be even inside a chain-link enclosure and. Another male dog will breed that dog through the fence so if it my recommendation is if your dogs in. Heat have that dog inside have that dog on a leash when its outside and dont have just completely avoid.

This situation by you know basically abstinence andy and if you dont monitor and control the situation youve got a. Jimmy good chance that the dog will come up pregnant and you may not even realize the dogs got pregnant. And here you are you know a couple of weeks out from from well and all of a sudden your. Dog start to show the signs of pregnancy and at that point the only choice you have is either have. Them have the puppies or do a spay you cant do anything that late in the game okay so lets.

Talk about the space so the spay is an operation there is a small danger to this not very great. Because the dog has to be anesthetized there is an incision made the whole uterus is removed and the dog. Is then can is berrin from that point of us can never have puppies again whats the cost of that. Oh i think three hundred to a thousand dollars youre in the right price range at one point about spaying. By the ways if you are having a c-section and the vet wants to do a spay at the end.

Of the c-section dont do it the spay and a c-section at the same time its too much load on. A dog and you very likely have problems with her nursing her litter so i highly suggest that you do. Not do a spay at a c-section together and be aware of the fact that some doctors demand that you. Do a spay or a c-section they think that you know you shouldnt be being dogs in the first place. And so they have their own agenda on this and they they want to assert that so you know ive.

Even heard of cases occasionally where the spay has been before without consulting the the owner which is completely crazy. So just you know make sure that that that that conversation is had ahead of time you definitely dont want. To be in a situation youre going to have a c-section down then you find out they wanted this baby. But dont display in a c-section if youre gonna do a spay and by the way there are good reasons. To do space i mean dogs that are not going to have any more puppies should be spayed it is.

Better for their health unless they cant get you try and cancer if you spayed a dog so if youre. Not going to have any more puppies it makes absolutely sense to spare dog but if you bid again you. Know it needs to be your decision all right so spay theres one solutions but if you do a spate. Course no more puppies medication so what you do with the medication is you can give us a number of. Medications that we give this a shot that can be given you can give a steroid that should give it.

Over a number of days and they use dexamethasone for the shot for the steroid and theres estrogen and the. Estrogen we used to use s to do we dont do that anymore the reason we dont use estrogen is. It can cause doesnt get rid of necessarily the puppies the puppies have to get reabsorbed so these days we. Dont do estrogen we do give a steroid shot or steroid orally and there are shots that we can did. But typically in these situations you dont do that to your like de 30 or beyond and i think the.

Window of opportunity i never had it on myself but the window of opportunity this is day 32 day 45. You dont do it after day 45 and the reason you dont do it after day 45 is the fetuses. Or fetuses are too big that they cannot be reliably absorbed and so you can have pyometra set in by. Mitra means the pus-filled uterus which is a bad situation so your window of opportunity so what you do is. You do a relaxant test a blood test to make sure the dog is in fact pregnant and if its.

Pregnant you then go through the or the medication process to get rid of that pregnancy between the time you. Can reliably do a relaxing test day 30 and the point where its too late day 45 so theres like. A a two-week window to get this done so then theres this flushing and i have done this you know. I mistakenly bred a dog to the wrong stud my mistake stupid mistake so what i did is i immediately. Way into the house and i mixed up a mixture of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 distilled water and i then.

Basically douched the dog with a turkey baster with that solution and i mean i did it for about 5. Minutes so so this basically what were doing now is is the semen just got depositing the dog by me. But at this point its in the vaginal canal its not up in the uterus yet because that typically takes. Some time for it to happen so we then took the turkey baster and flush the dog out with this. Mixture of water and vinegar so the vinegar is an antiseptic and the very the gist of flushing just basically.

Its everything come out end up on the ground a single ai a single natural tie between two dogs has. A probability of being successful something in the order of 50% so if you dont do anything you do still. Have a 50/50 shot the dog doesnt even get pregnant but if you do so dog out with the vinegar. Water i think that you increase your odds of stopping the pregnancy significantly maybe where your chance of pregnancy is. Only like one in ten but he could still happen so this is what i would recommend you do if.

You see the act happening if you see the two dogs hooked up first thing is is separate them be. Careful you can get bit stud dogs male dogs are very insistent and they are will do a lot to. Make sure that they can successfully breed the female so get yourself a garden hose and soak the dogs down. With the garden hose and see if you can separate them that way so the first thing is get them. Separated so then the next thing is once theyre separated immediately flush the dog out with a vinegar of water.

And i would do it a couple of times and then if you meant to breed to a different dog. And that you still want that to happen then do progesterone test to find out when is the right time. To breed this dog and if its that day then i would then flush out with just fresh water to. Get rid of any of the vinegar that might be in there because you remember thats a thats a spermicide. Thatll kill any sperm its in there so argh youve done the flushing with the water and the vinegar then.

Go back no 15 minutes 30 minutes later give it enough time to work go back 30 minutes later and. Flush out with just fresh water and then you can do your insemination if the correct day to do this. Is a day or two off then just leave the vinegar on water there dont flush it out let it. Do its magic and then come back into a regular mating you know a day or two later or what. Have i missed here lets see i made some notes yeah and then of course if you do that if.

You go through that route you know again you can do a relaxing test to find out whats going on. Of course youre not gonna know which dog the correct dog or the wrong dog got your dog pregnant you. Wont know but at least youre gonna know whether or not you got a pregnancy youve got to worry with. Because you definitely dont want to be in a situation where youve youve got a pregnancy coming up and youve. Got to go plan you know if this is gonna be a natural world poor if its a friendly hope.

Thats gonna be a sea soaked and you can plan this properly i think thats really it no i think. The probably the best advice is is you know dont let your dogs out but they can get in this. Situation because i can promise you if you if you leave a dog on the backyard unattended its in here. Theres a very very good chance it looks if you do that enough youre gonna run into a problem at. This and that would be a shame so and then of course the other thing is if you know this.

Dog has been mated to a very large dog that i mean you know you you youve got a separate. Problem here so you know if youve got a very small dog bred to a very big dog and of. Course that can happen you know hes got a chihuahua thats been bred to great i feel excessive in that. Situation id highly recommend that you go through the medical process that medications to make sure that pregnancy gets terminated. Otherwise no theyre definitely youre not gonna have a free well without getting into some serious trouble im laughing its.

Not really a funny matter at all i mean you know youve got to do the right thing for your. Dogs and thats the important thing about all this isnt it is is that you know weve got to enjoy. Life weve got to look after our dogs to make sure theyre happy and they have a good life hey. If youve got some comments leave them if you like what were talking about please subscribe to us it does. Help us and it does make us at want to do more videos and try to help more people through.

Hopefully useful information and if weve got it wrong let us know and if you think we should add something. To this of course we like we like positive comments we also like negative comments that are constructive so again. Thanks for watching bye everybody.

Method 3 – How To Prevent Dog Pregnancy After Mating | Wag!

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Method 4 – Pregnant Dog Spay

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Method 5 – Can Dogs Get Abortions? | Wag!

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Conclusion – How To Abort Puppies

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