How To Absolute Reference Excel – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to absolute reference excel,

Method 1 – How To Use Relative & Absolute Cell References In Excel

In this video were gonna talk about how to use absolute cell references when performing calculations in excel so lets. Say we have these two columns of data and we want to multiply the information in column one by column. Two so we can start by selecting cell b5 lets multiply it by cell c5 so 15 times 18 thats. 270 and if we click this button on the right on the bottom right and if we extend it we.

Can multiply the entire column data run by the data to column now lets say if we have some number. In a cell e2 lets say its 30 and we want to multiply beta 1 by 30 so we can. Type in equal b 5 times e2 and so thats 15 times 30 thats 450 but notice what happens if. We try to extend it for the entire column notice cell d6 doesnt show the value for 28 times 30. So what happened here whats going on well to see whats happening lets look at the formulas youd probably see.

It here but if you go to formulas and then go to show formulas notice that its not always multiplying. By e2 here we have b5 being multiplied by e 2 and here b6 is multiplied by e 3 and. Cell e3 doesnt have anything and so what we can see is that all the numbers are change in e. 2 e 3 e 4 e 5 e 6 so we need to change it from a relative reference to. An absolute cell reference so how can we do that now we could change everything to e 2 but is.

There a way that it will always be e to once we use this button and fill it down to. The rest well lets go back to formulas and lets click show formula and lets delete this what we need. To do is create an absolute cell reference and if you put a dollar sign in front of the letter. E and in front of the two its going to lock that cell and once we extend it so now. Lets click the button on the bottom right and then extend it so notice that were multiplying data one by.

30 so if you go back to show formulas so this time notice that we always see e2 it doesnt. Go to e3 e4 e5 its locked in cell e2 and so thats one way you could use the absolute. Cell reference feature in excel so if you want to multiply by a certain cell and if you want to. Extend it and file changing at that particular cell you could use the absolute cell reference by putting a dollar. Sign in front of the e and in front of the two if you put it in front of the.

E its going to be locked across columns when you copy it and if you put it across the -. Its locked across the rows to illustrate this lets go ahead and remove the dollar sign in front of the. E and lets extend it so notice that it remains e 2 as we copy it across rows so its. Still work it didnt change now lets see whats gonna happen if we put the dollar sign in front of. The e and now lets extend it notice that it didnt work it wasnt copied across rows 6 7 8.

& 9 so if you want to copy it across rows you need to put the dollar sign in front. Of the 2 if you want to copy it across columns like this you need to put the dollar sign. In front of the e and thats if you want to do one but not the other but if you. Want to do both just put the dollar symbol and cross i mean in front of the e attitude and. So thats how you could use absolute cell references when extended a formula across a bunch of rows or columns.

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Method 2 – How To Use Absolute Cell Reference In Excel

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Method 3 – Excel: Relative And Absolute Cell References

Goodwill community foundation creating opportunities for a better life there are two main types of cell references in excel relative. And absolute both behave differently when copied to other cells either as part of a formula or a function relative. References are the default and probably the type youre going to use for most of your formulas in this example. I need to know the total cost of each menu item on the invoice to do this ill need to.

Multiply the values in these two cells ill just enter my formula here start by typing the equal sign and. Then the formula will be b 4 times c 4 when youre done press enter on your keyboard now if. I use the fill handle to copy this formula to all of these cells we can double click each copy. And see that the cell references have changed automatically so we have b5 b6 b7 and so on thats because. These are relative references in other words when excel looks at our original formula what it actually sees is the.

Location of the cells relative to the location of the formula that means in this case its looking at the. Two cells to the left of our current location and those just happen to be b4 and c4 each copy. Is also looking at the two cells to the left of the formula this technique is useful because it means. We can copy the formula as we did here and the cell references will sort of move along with it. The references dont even have to be in the same row they can be anywhere in the sheet there may.

Be times when you dont want the cell references to change take this version of the invoice ive added a. Column where we can list the sales tax for each item we should be able to enter our formula here. Then copy it to the rest of the list to get started im going to enter b 4 times c. 4 in parentheses then im going to multiply by cell e2 which contains our tax rate at 7.5% which is. The same as point zero seven five next ill use the fill handle to copy the formula to the rest.

Of these cells but wait that doesnt look right at all its even affecting the formulas in the rest of. The worksheet the first copy of our formula is correct because its multiplying by e2 which contains our tax rate. But as we go down the list we can see that the reference is moving in relation to the cells. Which isnt what we want we want it to stay frozen on e2 for each copy of the formula and. For that well need to use an absolute reference absolute references have a dollar sign placed before the column row.

Or both to keep them from changing when you copy the formula to another cell to keep the column and. The row from changing place a dollar sign in front of both to keep only the row from changing place. A dollar sign in front of the row only to keep only the column from changing place a dollar sign. In front of the column most of the time youll be using the first type of absolute reference the one. Where theres a dollar sign before the column and the row lets go back to our example and add dollar.

Signs before the column and the row to make e to an absolute reference now if we copy the formula. To the rest of this list the errors go away and were left with the correct sales tax for each. Item the relative reference is different in each cell but the e to reference our absolute reference stays the same. Finally id like to show you how to create cell references across different worksheets in the same workbook this can. Be useful if you want to create a formula on one worksheet that references a value from another it works.

The same as a normal reference you just have to include the name of the worksheet along with the cell. Address so to get started figure out what cell you want to use then take note of its location in. This example were going to use cell e14 on the worksheet menu order next switch to the worksheet where you. Want to use the reference as you can see i already have a formula thats calculating the total of all. These services i just need to add the total for the menu order in this cell here to reference the.

Cell type the name of the worksheet first then an exclamation point and finally the cell address if the worksheet. Name includes a space like in this example youll need to add single quotation marks around the name when youre. Done press enter and excel will pull the value from the other worksheet that means if cell e14 ever changes. On the menu order worksheet it will be updated here to mastering cell references is the key to creating formulas. That work for you and your data now you know how to use relative references absolute references and references across.

Multiple worksheets you.

Method 4 – Excel Cell Reference: Absolute, Relative Or Mixed?

In this video im gonna show you how and when you should use absolute relative and makes cell referencing in. Excel this is the sample data set that we have lets say we have sales information for these three different. Types of app for each quarter first thing were asked to do is to get the total for the year. For each app so im going to go to this cell and im going to use the shortcut key alt.

And the equal sign this automatically inserts the sun formula and its kind of smart because it realizes where it. Has numbers and it sums those values so in this case its correct i just have to press enter now. Im gonna push this down by double-clicking on the edge here lets take a look at our formula if i. Click on the first row here and i click inside the formula its summing b5 to e5 now if i. Go to the last one here and i click inside the formula you can see that its summing b seven.

To seven this is called relative referencing because the referenced cells are moving down as my formula moves down so. Now lets say my boss comes to me and says give me the percentage of each app in comparison to. The total for the year so first thing i need to do is to calculate the total so im going. To come here and again use the same shortcut key combination false and the equal sign and again this time. Its smart it notices that it has numbers on top so its going to sum those all i have to.

Do is to press enter so now comes the tricky part of calculating the percentage so im going to come. Here type in the equal sign click on the first total for the game app and divide that by the. Total here okay im going to change this to a percentage now can i pull this down just like i. Did before well lets try it i run into a problem why lets click inside the formula it says this. Divided by this right so the total value here shifted down which is correct because this percentage should reflect the.

Utility app but the total value shouldnt move down i need that to be fixed this is when you need. Absolute referencing that means you need to add dollar signs to the row as well as to the column reference. And you can do that quickly by using the shortcut key f4 that automatically puts in the dollar signs you. Can of course also put in the dollar signs yourself you dont have to use the shortcut key its just. Much faster to use the shortcut key lets pause for a quick tip if you click on a4 once you.

Get the dollar sign for both the column as well as the row if you click on it again you. Get the dollar sign only for the row once more it puts the dollar sign only for the column and. Click it again it goes back to relative referencing were gonna see the mixed referencing part in a second and. Why you might need it so when i press enter now and i pull this down i get the formula. To work properly because what these dollar signs do is they fix the column reference as well as the row.

Reference it doesnt move down so when im here we can see the first part is relative the second part. Of the formula is fixed to this cell now lets say my boss comes to me and says calculate the. Percentage of each quarter for each app so that we can quickly see which quarters we have the most sales. In which quarters we have the least cells for each of these apps what im going to do is to. Copy this information so ctrl c go here and paste this now im gonna remove these because instead of these.

Numbers i want to see percentages here and that percentage is going to be the value i have in quarter. One divided by the total i have in quarter one for that app so what do we need here relative. Absolute mixed referencing lets test it out first im going to say this equals to this number divided by this. Number right can i leave this like this not really right i mean for this value its gonna work fine. But when i pull this over what happens to this the same thing that happened before when we calculated the.

Totals here this number is going to keep shifting this way i dont want it to shift so do i. Need to use full referencing here so absolute referencing well lets try it what happens if i do im going. To click on this f5 here and press f4 to get it fully fixed now im gonna pull this over. Here and lets take a look lets go to this cell click on this this looks great right it has. This cell divided by this cell so perfect lets just pull this down is that our report could we give.

This to our boss lets check is this correct no because this doesnt even add up to 100% right so. Theres something wrong here lets just click on this cell click inside the formula and we can see its taking. This number that part is correct but its dividing it by the total for game app we dont want that. And its doing it because we fully fixed the reference to f5 so that doesnt move at all but we. Do want it to partially move right so what part of this do we want to move the rule part.

Right because we want the number 5 to become number 6 since were uncle row 6 here and then to. Become number 7 so the part that you want to move shouldnt have a dollar sign the dollar sign is. For the part that you want fixed so right here what do we want fixed we want the column to. Be free we want f to be fixed that shouldnt move to g shouldnt move to eat it should always. Stay on f but we want the road to move this means that the dollar sign stays with the part.

That we want fix so it stays with f and im gonna remove the dollar sign from the role here. Now if we pull this across and we pull this down we get it to work properly and the way. That you can test this is always go to the end of your data set and then just double check. That your formula referencing is correct so in this case its dividing this by this which is correct and here. We are using mixed cell referencing thats how you can use absolute relative and mixed cell referencing in excel if.

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Method 5 – How To Use Absolute Cell Reference In Excel

Hey everyone welcome to another high tech video tutorial in this video well be showing you how to use absolute. Cell references in excel absolute cell references are cells in a formula that stay anchored to a particular cell or. Range even if that formula is copied to other cells often youll want to copy a formula to different cells. But sometimes youll also have a cell youre referencing in the formula that you dont want to change even if.

You copy the formula well show you how to use absolute cell references to fix that problem select the cell. You want your formula to be in type in your formula the formula well be using for this example is. Equals c6 times j5 where j5 is the absolute cell after referencing the cell you want anchored press f4 or. Click in the cell reference on the formula bar and press f4 you can also manually add the dollar sign. Marks to a cell reference now in copying the cell the relative cell references change but the reference marked as.

Absolute does not change you can also press f4 a couple more times if you want to make the cell. Absolute in rows only or absolute in columns only if the dollar sign is before the number the rows are. Absolute if before the letter the columns are absolute creating absolute cell references is easy once you know how just. Press f4 on the reference in the formula bar or type the dollar signs in manually what other tips do. You think are essential to know when using excel thanks for watching if you like this video dont forget to.

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Conclusion – How To Absolute Reference Excel

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