How To Absorb Magnesium – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to absorb magnesium, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to absorb magnesium,

Method 1 – 4 Ways To Absorb Magnesium | #Ashwednesday

Hello and welcome back to another ash wednesday and today im here with dr. Rea min minh he is a. Member of our scientific advisory board here at jigsaw health and also he is a pain relief specialist so hey. Ari how are you i am awesome thank you were always awesome yeah so today i want to talk about.

Magnesium there are different forms different ways to get it into your body and kind of your expert opinion on. That i know you can get it through food mm-hmm and you can get it through supplementation mm-hmm and you. Can also get it intravenously absolutely through an iv so when youre dealing with your patients what is your protocol. For making sure theyre getting what they need well ashley its an awesome question its one that honestly do you. Get a lot just in general you know how should i get my vitamins and minerals so i like to.

Think of as a three-pronged approach which is exactly what you just talked about so food oral supplementation and then. Ivs so lets talk about the first one so you should be getting the bulk of your nutrition through your. Food that youre eating right thing is a lot of us are eating on the go were eating nutrient poor. Food and a lot of that is leading to our digestive tracts may not be working at their optimal capacity. So you just might not be getting everything that you need from your food and then lets just jump ahead.

To the iv because i think thats an interesting one and it kind of plays into this so when you. Bypass the digestive tract when you go straight into the blood supply youre able to saturate the tissue youre able. To get every cell in the body a mega dose of vitamins now thats fantastic the thing is is that. Youre not going to walk around every day with an iv in your arm i like to use ivs when. People are coming down from a cold when its coming up on cold and flu season like if co-workers or.

Funny members are sick or if youre traveling because thats one of the worst places to be is sitting in. Like a little cigar 30,000 feet up breathing everyone elses really yeah and thats when your immune system is really. Under attack the most right so you got to call in the big guns absolutely so i like to think. Of the iv as the er you know its something emergent and you need it done today now the oral. Supplementation is kind of like working with a wellness professional to make sure that youre working at optimal capacity preventative.

Maintenance exactly so by taking a really high-quality supplement youre able to give your body that constant drip drip drip. Of nutrition and so thats going to be where youre able to overtime keep those levels of vitamins and nutrients. At their optimal dose sometimes if someone comes in and they maybe havent been taking the best care themselves for. The past year or so you were going to start them off on the iv and then you work into. Making sure that theyre eating like nutrient-dense foods eating the whole rainbow getting the phytochemicals from dark leafy greens and.

Vegetables and fruits and then thats where you start the oral supplementation and thats a really important point to make. Is that you need to make sure that youre taking a high quality nutrient thats absorbable absolutely and for vitamin. C and magnesium in particular its hard to take oral therapeutic doses which honestly is one of the reasons that. Im such a huge fan of jigsaw i can take massive amounts of magnesium when im feeling that like tax. Of right exactly its just i can actually i can see the amount that i can comfortably take go up.

Based on how much stress my body is under without sending it running to the bathroom right so goals youre. Too busy for that i dont got time for that perfect and before we go i know that there is. Also a topical way to use magnesium as well yeah and just like some of the topical you know strong. Pain relieving drugs which you wouldnt want to take orally the topical magnesium is really really fantastic because you can. Put it exactly where you right all right well thank you so much dr.

Mittman for joining us today and. We will see you next wednesday thank you hey guys thanks so much for tuning into this video if you. Liked it please share it and well see you next week.

Method 2 – Nutrition : How To Best Absorb Magnesium Supplements

My name is christine marquette and im a registered dietitian with austin regional clinic and ive had people ask how. Do they best absorb magnesium supplements magnesium is actually best absorbed if it is taken with calcium and vitamin c. And this happens to be one mineral that actually is absorbed best if taken on an empty stomach the problem. If you already have eaten a meal that has protein or fat or a lot of fiber is those items.

Actually slow the absorption of the magnesium so it is best to take it either first thing in the morning. Or before you go to bed another thing to keep in mind is you do want to avoid excess alcohol. Because alcohol can actually cause your body to excrete a majority of your magnesium and another thing to keep in. Mind is you want to avoid soft drinks soft drinks often have a very high amount of phosphates and the. Phosphates will actually bind your magnesium so again you wont be absorbing very much of that supplement so just remember.

When taking magnesium choose a magnesium supplement with calcium and include vitamin c as well and take on an empty. Stomach either in the morning or before you go to bed.

Method 3 – Low Magnesium? These Foods Are Destroying Magnesium Absorption

Its really kind of a bummer that we have natural bandits natural bandits that take our magnesium and make it. So it cant really utilize it within the body its our job to figure out where these bandits are hiding. And theyre hiding in a lot of the foods that we eat so we just about to figure out what. The substitutes are so what todays video is about is foods that destroy magnesium absorption and it sounds like this.

Fear mongering title because it kind of is because these things exist so well talk about them well give you. Solutions and well talk about some other ways to enhance magnesium absorption so you can get the most out of. This epic mineral thats involved in over 300 different enzymatic processes within the body all right so hear me out. But first please do hit that red subscribe button thats down there in the corner and then please hit the. Bell icon and select all notifications so you can see our daily videos i really appreciate you guys subscribe it.

And making this channel possible all right lets go ahead and rock and roll first thing i will talk about. Is something known as oxalic acid or oxalates okay oxalates are chelating agents that bind to metals to ultimately form. A water-soluble component that can get excreted okay so it forms a water-soluble complex so in essence whats going on. Is oxalic acid combines with certain minerals like magnesium to form a unique complex that can be excreted out of. The body there you go so it takes magnesium binds to it makes it so you can absorb it it.

Tends to have a strong affinity to magnesium binds so strongly the magnesium in our body that the enzymes that. We have within our gut dont have the ability to break it down they cant separate this bond okay which. Means the magnesium cant cross through that epithelial layer it cant cross through the intestinal wall and it cant actually. Get utilized in the body so we end up at a magnesium deficiency now theres an interesting study that was. Published in the british journal nutrition that took a look at magnesium absorption in the body when combined with either.

Spinach or kale so they had subjects consume spinach or kale two times a day on days 1 and 3. Of this protocol okay and they determined that those that consumed the spinach ended up having less magnesium in their. Body they ended up having less blood levels of magnesium thats a very short amount of time to already be. Developing somewhat of a deficiency and it clearly indicates that spinach which are just very high in oxalates is definitely. Going to be a contributor to why theyre not absorbing magnesium so what look at here is what are some.

Substitutes for things like spinach things that are high in oxalates well first off lets see whats high in oxalic. Weve got spinach ok raw spinach is very high in oxalic acid maybe weve got peanuts so yeah unfortunately if. Youre worried about magnesium and quite frankly you should be you probably want to ditch the peanut butter or at. Least slow down on it then additionally weve got beets weve got chard weve got a couple of these other. Things you can do a quick google search on vegetables that are high in oxalic acid youll be able to.

Get a wide list the thing that a lot of people dont tell you is that if you simply cook. A lot of these vegetables it does break it down so a raw spinach goat cheese salad might not be. The best thing but having some wilted spinach with a little bit of coconut oil on your eggs thats probably. Just fine but either way what can you sub it for well spinach sub it out with kale or a. Regular spring mix then additionally you can have things like broccoli have things like artichokes which surprisingly enough have a.

Little bit of magnesium in them to begin with so you get the best of both worlds you dont have. The decrease in absorption but you also get well it has it inherently so you get magnesium coming in -. Alright now lets talk about the other piece of the equation phytic acid so phytic acid is another compound that. Were gonna find in a lot of plant foods that makes it so that magnesium doesnt get absorbed now people. Get oxalic acid and phytic acid confused a lot theyre very similar but whereas oxalic acid is working more in.

Sort of a chelation method to form a water soluble complex phytic acid just has a strong affinity for different. Minerals and just locks them up it doesnt have like a solid chelation purpose its more protective and thats why. You see it in animal species and things like that so that nuts can pass through the intestinal tract and. Stay intact so that they can germinate and grow right when you look at animal droppings youll see chunks of. Seeds and things like that case in point it makes it hard to absorb magnesium now theres an interesting study.

That was published in the american journal of clinical nutrition very similar to the british journal nutrition study that i. Referenced earlier this took a look at test subjects that were consuming fortified bread or regular bread or bread that. Didnt have any phytic acid in it so basically it looked like this subjects were to consume either bread that. Had no phytic acid in it whatsoever bread that had a naturally just moderate amount of phytic acid in it. Or bread that was enriched with phytic acid well they discovered in this study that there was a dose-dependent relationship.

With phytic acid and magnesium absorption so basically the more phytic acid that was in a compound and a piece. Of bread the less magnesium was absorbed so the group that ended up eating them the bread that had no. Phytic acid absorbed magnesium relatively well so i guess we need to get rid of phytic acid too well where. Are you gonna find phytic acid well spinach okay i guess thats 2 for 2 is spinach maybe we should. Just 86 that one altogether youre gonna see it in a lot of whole meal brands so a lot of.

Brand a lot of whole wheat products youre definitely going to see it in almonds and youre definitely going to. See it in cashews so i talked to the keto community a lot because theyre eating a lot of almond. Flour a lot of almond butter a lot of cashew butter and unfortunately its making so theyre not getting all. The minerals that you really should be getting so what youre gonna want to do is you want to soak. Them for like 10 hours so youre breaking down the phytic acid and then you can put them under a.

Broiler or put them in the oven and bake them for a little while so you can dry up all. The water but anyhow thats neither here nor there the nuts that you really should just be focusing on were. Gonna be things like mac nuts macadamia nuts and pecans and occasionally some pine nuts super super low phytic acid. Content so that way youre able to get the fatty acid profile without the phytic acid making it so youre. Not absorbing magnesium and once again as far as the veggies go kale and lettuce are going to be much.

Much better than spinach i will make a note too i have assembled some groceries through thrive market if you. Want to check them out so down below in the description there is a link to thrive market which is. An online membership based grocery store so it allows you to get groceries that i would recommend deliver directly to. Your doorstep so no more going to the store for pantry staples all that fun stuff its like youre going. Grocery shopping with me and i get to help you choose exactly what you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

So theyre a big supporter big sponsor of this channel highly highly recommend you check them out really its better. Than going to the grocery store in my opinion saves you a ton of times youre not going to the. Grocery store getting in the car etc and anything that im talking about my videos youll typically find in my. Thrive boxes so highly recommend you check them out after we finished up this video because theres another piece we. Need to talk about which is the world of insoluble fiber you see we come from this world but weve.

Been constantly told eat more fiber eat more fiber eat more fiber when in reality that might not be what. We need at least in the way of insoluble fiber you see the american journal of clinical nutrition published yet. Another study that demonstrated that when there is a high amount of cellulose of popular insoluble fiber magnesium levels increased. In the fecal matter thats not where it should be should be in our bloodstream not in the fecal matter. Now this is probably just because absorption was slowed down because motility improved right everything was moving through the intestinal.

Tract really fast well thats good in some ways but bad in others because were not absorbing these minerals that. Have a certain molecular weight that might take some time to properly absorb so if we have soluble fiber we. Allowed the roughage to occur in sort of a more gelatinous way that allows us to still absorb those minerals. Without just pushing them through too aggressively now another thing that you can do to increase magnesium absorption is theres. Some evidence that shows that a higher protein intake increases magnesium absorption does this have to do with the fact.

That it takes longer to digest it very well could be so generally speaking were seeing in studies that a. Protein is a little bit higher magnesium levels are usually a little bit higher it could just be because theres. More magnesium in different animal proteins and things like that one other thing thats been shown to help out with. Magnesium absorption is going to be resistant starches so resistant starches are given starches that dont break down well in. The body and the reason that that is a good thing in this case is because it allows the gut.

Microbiome to grow okay so when you have different starches that dont just absorb they get fed on by the. Bacteria within your gut and that creates these different intermediary bacterias and that creates these other short chain fatty acids. And all this other stuff thats going to allow you to have a more diverse gut microbiome which could play. A role in defeating the whole oxalic acid issue that we talked about earlier in this video now i know. Thats complex and i dont want to go down that rabbit hole but the point is the more diverse the.

Gut biome the higher potential you have to absorb your magnesium casein put all of this though is avoid the. Raw spinach sub it out for kale whenever possible avoid the almonds avoid the peanuts avoid the cashews unless theyre. Absolutely sprouted and make sure that you just doing what you can to get the foods that are rich in. Magnesium without the key lehder or without the phytic acid ill see you tomorrow.

Method 4 – Calcium And Magnesium Absorption Basics – Dr.Berg

Hey guys dr. Burke here in this short video i want to talk about calcium magnesium so lets talk about. The function first of all calcium yes we know its for your bones its for your teeth but really its. For the muscles the nervous system and mainly cellular communication its one of the main minerals that helps the cells.

Communicate okay and so many people have either too much calcium or not enough okay if you have too much. Calcium you have soft tissue calcium you have heel spurs kidney stones tartar on the teeth hardening of the arteries. Youre going to get blood pressure that goes up youre going to get stiffness in the joints youre going to. Get arthritis bursitis tendinitis all the itis and thats coming from too much calcium now if you did not take. Enough magnesium with it the calcium will build up in the body thats why you should always take it together.

So for someone to take just straight calcium i would never recommend that okay so because you need magnesium to. Help mobilize and make calcium function so it controls the muscle the nerve function even blood clotting as well so. Magnesium on the other hand helps the muscles relax helps the nerves transmit especially in the heart if youre deficient. In magnesium youll typically have arrhythmias atrial fib and problems with the nervous system in relationship to connection with with. The muscle itself its a central nervous system brain relaxer okay so its great for sleeping so now in order.

To absorb these two minerals you need vitamin d c people are associated by dan in d absorption with just. Calcium but you magnesium needs it just as much as calcium so what is vitamin d do it helps absorb. Calcium magnesium by 20 x in these in the small intestines so it absorbs it and it brings it up. Into the blood and by the way as a side note when youre deficient in vitamin d3 you can get. Nosebleeds and you can have excessive bleeding of the menstruation like the menstrual cycle so just realize one of the.

Remedies to help heavy bleeding or nosebleeds is take some vitamin d3 you can get it from the sun or. Just take it as a supplement okay so thats what vitamin d does it helps to transport these minerals and. Up into the blood but you also need to go further into the bones right and to do that you. Need another vitamin called vitamin k2 okay vitamin k2 is a fat soluble vitamin so vitamin d3 so vitamin k2. Is different than vitamin k1 it transports calcium from the joints from the arteries into the bone so if you.

Have soft tissue calcium buildup it could be that your magnesium is fine its just that you need vitamin k2. So how do you become k2 division well just avoid all fats because vitamin k2 is in all the grass-fed. Butter in animal products okay its also in a vegetarian product called nato which is a fermented soy make sure. You get non-gmo but the point is that vitamin k2 is essential in the full transportation of these two minerals. Into the right place okay so we need we need these two in a certain balance we need these two.

In the body but we also need this last thing right here which is an acidified stomach so many people. As they age if they have heartburn gerd constipation they have an alkaline stomach its too alkaline they need an. Acidic stomach to be able to absorb these minerals so if you have heartburn for example or indigestion we know. Your stomach doesnt have enough acid and that valve wont close so if the valve wont close the acid comes. Up so if you have a nice enough of strong acid in your stomach the valve closes and everything is.

Cool but if you have that problem that means you dont have enough acid so you cant mobilize these minerals. And they dont really get absorbed so what you have to do is take some upside of vinegar pills or. The actual apple cider vinegar and some water drink with a straw and start to acidify the body to pull. These minerals into the tissues okay now what are the ratios calcium magnesium number one you know people say well. You need two to one ratio too much too – two times as much calcium as magnesium well i disagree.

Because so many people that ive come across they have i already have too much calcium theyre like they have. Their stiffness they have joint issues they have spurs they have all sorts of calcium issues we dumped more calcium. Into the body were going to have a problem unless they have osteoporosis if they bas prosess i might do. A two to one but everyone else i would do 1:1 ratio why because not very many people get enough. Magnesium because they dont have enough leafy greens thats where you get it from all the vegetable family you get.

Calcium from broccoli and other things but realize that broccoli and even kale have theyre a little bit higher in. Oxalates so sometimes that might block the absorption of calcium so an even spinach as well so thats why you. Need the lemon juice i have that in the other video so theres a i dont want to confuse you. But heres the point i like to get my calcium from a little dairy so maybe there are some grass. Fed you know cheese or something like that a little bit each day and you have enough calcium so i.

Dont like to take too much calcium but if youre going to take it take a small amount one-to-one ratio. And you can take more of it if youre doing some program or detox or you know you have osteoporosis. Or youre maybe youre trying to sleep or get rid of a cramp in your calf which thats an indication. That you need this but the point is that i want you to understand that theres a lot of different. Factors involved in the balancing of these two minerals the absorption of these two minerals from the stomach having the.

Stomach ph its not just a matter of oh im going to take this vitamin because someone told me to. Take it you have to think with it and take it when you need it and so youre not taking. Too much alright so i just wanted to kind of review all that ill put some notes below and definitely. Continue to watch my videos and make comments below ill see in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Best Absorb Magnesium Supplements

My name is christine marquette im a registered dietitian with austin regional clinic and ive had people ask how do. They best absorb magnesium supplements magnesium is actually best absorbed if it is taken with calcium and vitamin c and. This happens to be one mineral that actually is absorbed best if taken on an empty stomach the problem if. You already have eaten a meal that has protein or fat or a lot of fiber is those items actually.

Slow the absorption of the magnesium so it is best to take it either first thing in the morning or. Before you go to bed another thing to keep in mind is you do want to avoid excess alcohol because. Alcohol can actually cause your body to excrete a majority of your magnesium and another thing to keep in mind. Is you want to avoid soft drinks soft drinks often have a very high amount of phosphates and the phosphates. Will actually bind your magnesium so again you wont be absorbing very much of that supplement so just remember when.

Taking magnesium choose a magnesium supplement with calcium and include vitamin c as well and take on an empty stomach. Either in the morning or before you go to bed.

Conclusion – How To Absorb Magnesium

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – what is the best way to absorb magnesium? – video #48 – itl health, which form of magnesium should you take?, magnesium absorbency: our clinical trial results- thomas delauer, epsom salt baths: magnesium absorption- thomas delauer, magnesium disorders, 3 mechanisms for magnesium deficiency, magnesium absorption, 8 tell tale signs of a magnesium deficiency, magnesium, 10 signs your body needs more magnesium, low magnesium (hypomagnesemia) | causes, symptoms, treatment | & role of magnesium, dietary sources, absorb your magnesium with a relaxing bath, the best and worst types of magnesium, how to choose the best magnesium supplement, eat more magnesium foods and you’ll feel a lot better.

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