How To Absorb Vitamin D – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to absorb vitamin d, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to absorb vitamin d,

Method 1 – How To Increase Your Vitamin D Absorption? – Dr.Berg On Benefits Of Vitamin D

We want to talk about how to increase the absorption of vitamin d its not just a matter of just. Taking more vitamin d or just getting a little sun and theres other things that you can do to increase. The absorption because vitamin d can greatly help with inflammation with your mood with insomnia with sleep apnea okay and. Autoimmune type of conditions and skin issues now one really simple thing you can do is press on your breast.

Bone this bone right here the sternum and see if theres any tenderness in there there shouldnt be any tenderness. In that bone okay and then you can press on your shin which is in the front part of your. Lower leg and if theres pain like bone pain that could be about a mini deficiency one really interesting thing. I used to do my clinic is i would have people test for that and then have them take some. Vitamin d3 and wait for 30 minutes that pain is gone completely gone so you might want to try that.

Its just a real simple way to see if you have a pretty good vitamin d deficiency because one of. The big symptoms is bone pain not just necessarily hip pain but when you press on the bone it hurts. So vitamin d is an anti-inflammatory first thing is are you getting enough sun get outside expose your body more. To the sun if you have a mutation or a genetic issue which a lot of people have and they. Dont know it theres some testing that you can get done on that you seem to take more vitamin d.

To create the effect because the vitamin d receptor is blocked and so the vitamin d doesnt absorb that well. But you can overcome that with higher amounts i did create a video to talk about if youre taking high. Dosages of vitamin d what other things you must do to prevent for other problems like with hypercalcemia higher calcium. In the blood theres a whole series of things you can do i created a video on that ill put. A link down below but it might be a good thing to watch that just because you want to take.

Vitamin k2 you may not want to take calcium like dairy when youre taking the vitamin d because we dont. Want to increase more but calcium in the blood if were doing this type of therapy but zinc helps absorption. Of vitamin d vitamin a is really important in vitamin d and this is why cobb liver is so important. Because cod liver has a nice balance 50/50 of vitamin a and vitamin d with omega-3 which also helps you. Absorb vitamin d so cod liver oil has vitamin d vitamin a the two versions of cacao mega 3 dha.

And epa so its its really they all work together magnesium helps you in the absorption of vitamin d it. Also will help regulate calcium as well vitamin d also can help absorb more magnesium as well not just calcium. In the small intestine vitamin d is made from cholesterol so if you go in a low cholesterol diet or. A low fat diet you could starve off the raw material to make vitamin d or even give you about. A minute so the cholesterol is in your skin and your body then can convert it from the sun so.

We dont want to lower cholesterol and by the way in certain drugs that actually block vitamin d and statin. Would be one of them because statin blocks cholesterol show you about how many levels plummet well guess what youre. Going to get inflammation and pain one of the big side effects from statin is muscle pain probably because also. Youre starving off the cholesterol to make steroid hormones too and the muscles kind of go downhill when you take. Vitamin d you should take it wet while youre eating some fat because itll be absorbed a little bit better.

Because its a fat soluble vitamin if you lower your stress youll increase the absorption of vitamin d because high. Stress blocks the vitamin d probiotics are important because they help to recycle the bile from thats stored in the. Gall bladder 95% of all the bile is recycled over and over and over again so its a very efficient. System and you need the bile to extract vitamin d from the food that youre eating all right bile salts. Taking bile salts when youre eating certain fats will help the extraction of vitamin d from your food intense exercise.

Can help increase the absorption of vitamin d boron which is a trace mineral can help vitamin d and help. Your bone formation it also is good for increasing testosterone vitamin k2 is really important with d3 because they both. Work together in the balancing out of calcium if you dont have enough of k2 the calcium tends to settle. Into the wrong places the soft tissue like the arteries vitamin d doesnt tell the calcium to go anywhere it. Just increases it in the blood and by the way it will lower your blood pressure too but if you.

Take k2 well take all that extra calcium and drive it into the bone where it should be and take. It out of the joints and put it into the bone but k2 is also really really important in improving. Your endurance when you exercise so it helps the output of energy from the mitochondria anyway heres a summary of. Things you can do to increase the absorption of vitamin d ill see in the next video so if youre. Enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it.

Method 2 – How I Increased My Vitamin D Absorption! Easy To Do!

Ive been enrolled in a vitamin d study for several years i wanted to supplement with vitamin d but i. Was concerned about not getting my blood test so now my blood is tested twice a year and ill link. In the description box below the video to grassroots health does the organization doing the study and they also record. On all kinds of research going on out there indeed and that if a persons level in their blood stays.

At a certain level between 40 and 60 he tend to have better results whats not getting sick if people. Have cancer and then keep their levels up afterwards or or even while going through cancer treatment theyre finding that. The vitamin d helps prevent cancer so somebody first started out my d levels are a little on the low. Side so i started taking this vitacost brand of vitamin d3 5,000 milligrams a day so then my numbers started. Getting better and i take this amount whether it was summer you know where im out getting a little more.

Sunshine or winter when im getting less sunshine so so my numbers started getting better and ill show on the. Screen a screenshot of my results anything in the green is between 40 and 60 and they consider their good. Well then my numbers started going higher one time it was eb 83 which is way too high and i. Talked to them about it i was on the tail end of four league clubs so my body was absorbing. My d really well there so but even after that my numbers started getting higher so finally i just realized.

My bodys just absorbing it better so i cut back to taking the five thousand four days a week instead. Of three well then my numbers were still high and i found well while i was doing the four i. Decided to do two other things which really are important from the absorption of the d the first is that. For vitamin d to be absorbed properly you really have to take it at the same time that you eat. Or drink some kind of proteins and being vegetarians little harder but my director said you it can just be.

A miniscule amount of proteins so guess what i just take some kind of a nut holloman or i take. One cashew or mommy well not or one pecan just one and i eat this and then i take my. Supplements so that helped with the absorption the second thing that helped me absorb the d eating better was that. I take and being better about taking this – at every meal i take an enzyme and originally when i. Started taking enzymes years ago is through a shock kind of 30 miles away from these super gel and their.

Proprietary so i found from another healthy person i follow this rainbow light this is rainbow light advanced and sciences. I found them on vitacost i also found recently a really good price on amazon with a 2-pack and it. Was in crime so these are really good i take one at the beginning of each meal so before i. Eat started eating or right after i start eating breakfast lunch and dinner between this and eating one nut at. The same time im getting so much good at sorption i was able to cut back taking a 5,000 milligram.

D3 three times a week so thats what ive cut back to now and well see the next i test. In spring and fall so well see how my numbers are again just trying to get them so my camera. Turned off just trying to get my numbers between 50 and 60 its all im trying to do but now. Im able to cut back on the amount of d3 im taking five thousand international units a day by taking. Some kind of nut in the morning for protein and a nuns im at every meal and im getting such.

Better absorption thanks for watching please subscribe check out some of my other healthy videos on the healthy video playlist. Which maybe ill put right here or if youre on mobile itll be in the corner and thanks for watching. Please subscribe i im so excited to tell you about this new book i just published it its called how. I changed my diet lost weight and gained health and you can too its available in kindle formula now.

Method 3 – The 1 Mineral Your Body Needs To Absorb Vitamin D | Dr. Mandell

Im sure that you know the importance of vitamin d particularly whats going on right now in the air with. Those viruses vitamin d helps build your immune system but it has so many other important functions like helping to. Get calcium into the bones helping to build steroids in your body helping you sleep better as well as many. Others yes vitamin d is that sunshine vitamin and that sun is so important when it comes to our body.

Manufacturing vitamin d although there are downsides too much sun can eventually lead to skin cancer if you have skin. Protectant and lotion over your skin youre not absorbing those rays so your body can convert it into vitamin d. Well i will tell you to get it from your foods but its also very difficult to get enough of. It so therefore what do we do and the research has shown that those people who have contracted that virus. Have low vitamin d levels that means a weakened immune system making their body more susceptible to get infection and.

Ill health but there is something more important theres one mineral called magnesium its the fourth most abundant mineral of. The body after calcium potassium and sodium and it activates hundreds of different enzymes that are involved in important biological. Reactions including the enzymes that play a role in vitamin d metabolism thats right vitamin d cannot do anything unless. Magnesium is present and those foods that contain magnesium include almonds bananas beans broccoli brown rice cashews egg yolks fish. Oil flaxseed green vegetables milk mushrooms nuts oatmeal sunflower seeds tofu whole grains as well as pumpkin seeds but heres.

The problem how do we know how much magnesium were getting from the soils where its grown theyre depleted things. Have changed today but medical institutions and hospitals are now catching on they see that sick people are coming in. With low vitamin d levels and as they increase the vitamin d levels they realize that theyre not all going. Up like they should thats because magnesium is low and now theyre increasing magnesium levels as well as vitamin d. Which patients now are seeing amazing results so here is the important message many people who take vitamin d notice.

That their vitamin d blood levels are not going up most likely because theyre not taking their supplement correctly it. Must be taken with fat or with a meal because vitamin d is fat soluble so if youre taking your. Vitamin d on an empty stomach its not going to get assimilated and secondly and very importantly because of the. Fact that probably half the world are deficient to a certain degree of magnesium by increasing your magnesium through foods. Or supplements you will notice that you will not even need to take as much vitamin d and your levels.

Will start to go sky high i hope you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends and family. And most important make it a great day im dr alan mandel you.

Method 4 – How Is Vitamin D Absorbed? (By Abazar Habibinia, Md):

Welcome to the c system channel our topic for today is how is vitamin d absorbed my name is abuzar. Habibinya i have an md degree and im the director of the canadian academy of sports edition subscribe to this. Assistant channel on youtube to enjoy the information that we share on a regular basis about medicine weight loss fitness. And sport ownership okay we have published uh three videos about vitamin d in the past after publishing those videos.

We have received many questions about vitamin d questions such as how vitamin d is really absorbed what are the. Differences between vitamin d2 and d3 what forms of vitamin d should i take how much vitamin d do we. Make in the skin in the sun and what are the possibilities of vitamin d toxicity definitely we will answer. Every single of those questions but today im going to show you how why diamond d is exactly absorbed okay. I have already done some drawing on the board for you this is basically the esophagus then we have stomach.

Then in here we have a diodium the odium is the first part of the small intestine and then we. Have jejunum which is the second part of the small intestine then we have here the liver and the green. One the gallbladder after having a meal when fat reaches to the dorodium a unique hormone will be released from. The dodonome that hormone is called im going to put in here for you c c k c c k. Stands for cholecystokinin this hormone is released from the dodenom is going to stimulate the gallbladder to contract to release.

Bile into the dodenum the liver average produces about 600 milliliters a day bile which is going to provide us. 6 grams by salts bile and biosalts are essential for adequate absorption of fat and vitamin d according to textbooks. Of medical physiology if there are no bile and bile salts in the deodorant about 50 of ingested fat will. Be lost in this stool so not only is bile essential for the absorption of vitamin d but also the. Primary root of why dont the excretion is the bile now if someone doesnt have gall bladder you can guess.

What can happen if someone doesnt have the gall bladder there are many people out there that they dont have. Their gall bladders their gallbladders have been removed for some reasons because of infection inflammation maybe because of the stone. Those people because they dont have their gall bladders they will not be enough bile and bile salts in the. Dodenum thats why those people they have difficulty absorbing fats and vitamin d and also there are one more group. People that they can have difficulty absorbing fat and vitamin d those people who undergo basically gastric bypass surgery gastric.

Bypass surgery is one of the most common procedures for obesity in gastric bypass surgery theyre going to connect the. Esophagus directly to the judgment so if someone has gastric bypass surgery when the person eats something food and fat. Is gonna go from esophagus directly to the juicino theyre gonna bypass the stomach and dodenom thats why there is. No fats to be reached to audinum to stimulate the risk of cck gallbladder contraction bilinear thats why those people. That they have gastric bypass surgery uh they have difficulty absorbing fat and vitamin d when fat and vitamin d.

Reached to the dodenom lets see exactly what happens in here in medicine and nutrition vitamin d comes in different. Forms we have vitamin d3 d2 and at least eight analogues of vitamin d two famous ones are calcifidiol and. Calcitriol calcifidiol is the form of vitamin d that has been processed by the liver and calcitriol is the active. Form of vitamin d that has been processed by the kidneys there are six more analytics of vitamin and i. Didnt put him in here because it is not common in medicine to prescribe them so for now lets go.

With this four uh oral forms of vitamin d depending on conditions and situations practitioners may prescribe any of these. Four types of vitamin d and of course they dont have the same mechanisms of absorption as you can see. In here vitamin d3 and d2 will be absorbed into the lymph and through lymphatic system they will get to. The liver but calcifidiol and calcitriol they will be absorbed into the blood and through portal system they will get. To their liver lets go with vitamin d3 and d2 first vitamin d3 and d2 will be absorbed actually equally.

But definitely they have differences in our next video im going to explain the differences between vitamin d2 and d3. Then vitamin d3 and d2 they arrived in the intestine they will be absorbed through two different mechanisms we call. Them active mechanism and passive mechanism most of the vitamin d3 and d2 will be absorbed through passive mechanism only. A very small fractions of vitamin d3 and d2 will be absorbed through active mechanism let me show you how. Passive mechanism works you see fat comes here this is fat fat cannot be absorbed into the lymph system fat.

Has to become some sort of water soluble here comes bile bile contains bile salts buy salts theyre gonna cover. Fat like this these are bile salts bile salts theyre gonna cover fat to form a complex that complex in. Medicine is called im going to put in for you missile so missiles are small complexes made of fat and. Bile salts why diamond d doesnt matter d2 or d3 will bind to the missiles missiles are water soluble theyre. Going to pass easily through the intestinal wall and they will get into the lymph in the lymph fat and.

Vitamin d will be released fat and vitamin d after being released they will incorporate into kylo microns chylomicrons are. They are lipoproteins that theyre gonna carry fat and vitamin d for lymphatic system to deliver but what happens to. The boiled salts in here boiled cells theyre gonna go back to the gut lumen to bring another molecule of. Fat basically over there we have some sort of uh like cycling thats why medicine we say bile salts they. Have fitting function as i said most of the vitamin d3 and d2 that you take will be absorbed through.

Passive mechanism and you can see in here that we need fat and bile but in active mechanism there is. No bile in active mechanism we have some carriers im going to put in here carriers sometimes they are called. Transporters they are located in the intestinal membrane so far they have identified three of them so those carriers or. Transporters theyre going to carry small portions of vitamin d2 and d3 from the gaucho man into the lymph but. Calcifidial and calcitriol to be absorbed properly they dont need fat they dont need bile they will be absorbed directly.

Into the blood and through the portal system they will get to the liver here comes two important questions first. One can all forms of fat help with the absorption of vitamin d the answer is no only long chain. Fatty acids will enhance the absorption of vitamin d and not medium chain fatty acids you see long chain fatty. Acids are those the one that they contain more than 12 carbon atoms in their structures and you can find. Them in butter cheese egg yolk fish olive oil sanford you see a long chain fatty acids to be absorbed.

Properly theyre gonna need bile and also theyre gonna need missile formation which is gonna bind vitamin d long chain. Fatty acids they will be absorbed into the lymph but medium chain fatty acids because they contain less than 12. Carbon atoms in their structures could be eight carbon atoms or ten carbon atoms medium chain fatty acid they dont. Need bile they dont need missile formation to be absorbed medium chain fatty acids will be absorbed directly from the. Gut domain into the blood and the portal system they will get to the liver and medium chain fatty acid.

You can find in coconut oil and palm oil and of course coconut oil contains some medium chain fatty acids. And some lung chain fatty acids but there is a kind of oil which is famous in fitness uh and. In sport and lots of people they use during their uh keto diet its called mct oil mct stands for. Medium chain triglyceride because mct oil has medium chain triglyceride is going to be absorbed directly from the guthroman into. The blood so medium chain fatty acid they do not need bile to be absorbed properly thats why mct oil.

Will not enhance the absorption of vitamin d the second question how much of those uh four oral forms of. Vitamin d will be absorbed the net absorption of vitamin d3 and d2 is somewhere between 55 to 95 percent. But the net absorption of calcifidiol and calcitriol is between 81 to 100 percent and also for vitamin d3 and. D2 uh its gonna take six to 16 hours for them to reach their maximum concentrations in the blood but. Calcifibull and calcitriol because they have faster absorption its gonna take for them four to ten hours to reach to.

Their maximum concentrations in the blood this is how vitamin d is absorbed i am well aware of the fact. That this was a complex subject and i did my best to make it as simple as possible i really. Hope that youll learn something interesting today because we make science easy to understand now you know in our next. Video were going to discuss the differences between vitamin d2 and d3 on the next time stay safe stay connected.

Method 5 – How To Increase Vitamin D Absorption

How to increase vitamin d absorption did you know that nearly every cell inside your body has a vitamin d. Receptor which helps in the expression of genes and thousands of chemical processes vitamin d can help to regulate inflammation. In your body keep your mental health stable and so much more unfortunately statistics show us that at least one. Billion people worldwide are deficient in vitamin d low vitamin d levels make you more likely to catch a cold.

Often suffer with bone pain depression and low mood insomnia or autoimmune diseases in todays video im going to share. With you nine things that you can do to raise vitamin d levels and help your body to absorb it. Properly so that you can live a healthier and happier life 1. Get more sunshine your body makes vitamin d. When your skin is exposed to uvb rays in the sunshine spend more time outdoors of at least 20 minutes.

Per day to help your body produce more vitamin d if you live in the northern hemisphere then you most. Likely will need to take a supplement in the winter to meet your requirements 2. Supplement if you do live. In the northern hemisphere then its very difficult to get enough vitamin d during the winter time because of the. Angle that the sun hits the earth we recommend taking a daily supplement of at least 10 000 international units.

Of vitamin d3 this version is better absorbed than the regular d2 and can help to protect against winter cold. Flu and winter blues 3. Vitamin k2 if you do decide to take a supplement of vitamin d3 you should. Also take vitamin k2 with it in the form of mk7 vitamin d allows your body to absorb calcium from. Foods that you eat whilst vitamin k2 helps to direct this calcium into your bones k2 also helps to remove.

Calcium plaque from your arteries and stiff joints mobilizing and moving it into your bones 4. Refined foods cut back. On refined foods especially grains like cereal biscuits pastries waffles and other flour-based foods these foods along with sugar and. Alcohol can deplete your vitamin d reserves and make it harder to store in your body eat lots of salad. And leafy green vegetables instead these contain magnesium which helps your body to make vitamin d 5.

Bile salts those. Who suffer with digestive problems liver disease or gallbladder issues can really benefit from taking purified bile salts ox bile. Supplements help your body to break down and absorb nutrients from fatty foods such as vitamin d a e and. K we recommend taking a digestive enzyme supplement after each meal which contains ox bile this will help your body. To extract vitamin d from foods that you eat in order to absorb it properly 6.

Boron and zinc boron. And zinc are two trace minerals which your body needs in small amounts both of these minerals can help your. Body to store and use vitamin d for longer so that your body requires less from the sunshine and your. Foods we recommend getting your trace minerals from eating shellfish like shrimp mussels oysters clams and crab meat 7. Cod.

Liver oil although you can never get enough vitamin d from your foods icelandic virgin cod liver oil is one. Of the best natural sources that you can take it also has a balance of vitamin a and omega-3 fatty. Acids which work together in boosting absorption of vitamin d eight probiotics probiotics are friendly microbes that live in your. Gut and these help to recycle bile the bodys natural detergent that breaks down fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin d you. May take a supplement of probiotics for a few weeks to support your microbiome if you wish these microbes also.

Help to make b vitamins that support your mood energy levels and metabolism as you can see there are many. Things that you can do to improve the health of your body and also absorb more vitamin d remember that. Vitamin d is made when your skin comes into contact with the sunshine so try to get out as much. As you can taking long walks in nature and wearing shorts for example also helps to lower stress hormones which. Can help you store vitamin d for longer as soon as you begin to raise your vitamin d levels inflammation.

In the bones and muscles tends to go down you will feel less lower back pain or bone pain in. The shin and sternum in our previous videos we discussed 9 reasons you are deficient in vitamin d and also. Its many health benefits please see a link to these below if you wish to learn more thank you very. Much for listening a like is always appreciated and remember to subscribe and tap the bell for more healthy videos. I wish you great health wealth and happiness.

Conclusion – How To Absorb Vitamin D

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