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Method 1 – Jordan B. Peterson On 12 Rules For Life

Tonights talk this is the most popular talk weve ever done in 15 years tonight is the third so its. Been a weekend of jordan peterson rich with has been a huge pleasure for anyone who doesnt know him and. Last night i think it was one ba.

Method 2 – Malcolm Gladwell | Talking To Strangers – What We Should Know About The People We Don’t Know

Thank you its a pleasure to be here although i noted with some alarm that this event is sponsored by. The new york times because i worked four years for the washington post the archrival of the new york times. So this is a bit like asking a tottenham fan to show up for an event supporting arsenal so im. Everything i say is under protest just so you know i wanted to talk a little bit about it a.

Paradox about human communication which i think is extremely important and relatively under-recognized and that is that everything that is. Good and meaningful and powerful about a human communication has a price as it turns out i think the price. Is worth paying but i think sometimes we overlook the consequences of the fact that there is this particular consequence. To effective communication and the best way to illustrate this paradox is to tell you a story from my new. Book which is called talking to strangers which i encourage you all to buy in triplicate and and to listen.

To the audiobook by the way which is a very special kind of audiobook but in the book i tell. A story that came from a man named brian mattel donatella is a former high-ranking cia officer he ran the. Latin american desk for the cia for many years and he wrote a memoir and i have a particular affection. For the memoirs of mid-level retired government bureaucrats because i find them paradoxically to be source of many great ideas. And he in the middle of his book he tells this incredible story about two men a man called the.

Mountain climber and a man called florentino a spiaggia and it was so striking that i called up brian attell. And went to see him lives in miami has all these guys do and i said you in your book. You write this incredible story about these florentine osbi on the mountain climber tell me more there must be more. To this who who is the mountain climber is why i cant tell you and i said well can you. At least tell me what his real name is this is no i cant can you tell me where he.

Is he says no no i saw secret i would have to you know so this is like waving red. Meat in front of a dog so i immediately set to work to try and find the mountain climber and. For a year and a half i put my you know every conceivable corner i put my name out that. I was looking for the mountain climber and then one day and this by the way im gonna warn you. Im about to engage in a egregious act of name-dropping so just forgive me in advance but on your phone.

When you get a normal phone call you see the number of the person calling you and then sometimes it. Says unknown id or you know someone has managed to evade this process what you may not know is theres. A level above that when someone calls from the deep state theres its not even unknown id its just a. Kind of string of nonsense words like blue and then if you get that blue you know anyway im on. The phone im looking at my phone one day rings and it says blood i think this is so exciting.

So i answer it and its this is the active egregious name-dropping and i hear malcolm gladwell i go yes. Barack obama now thats a story for another time youll have to have me come back you want to know. What that baby weight point is a week later i look at my phone and its bula again i think. Barack is calling me back so i answer it and this time its malcolm gladwell yes its the mountain climber. I hear youve been looking for me so who is the mountain climber mountain were was the most legendary cia.

Operative of his generation he was started out in soviet russia and he was the gold standard he spoke russian. Like a russian he was this incredible as tradecraft was impeccable he was the russians were so in all of. Him they taught a course at their spies training school on how to be like the mountain climber thats how. Big he was at one point the mountain climber is like eating lunch in moscow and these two kgb agents. Slide in that crossed the table from him take out a briefcase open it up its full of cash and.

They just say all this is yours if you just come and work for us mountain climber of course was. Of the generation of government official who was incorruptible and he says no does so well they promote him to. Be cia station chief in havana which doesnt sound like a promotion but it is because havana is the backdoor. To all of americas enemies its a crucial posting and he gets down he realizes the cias operations in cuba. Are in a disarray and so he systematically rebuilds the the the uss network of spies in cuba until he.

Has this very large incredibly high functioning network and langley the his bosses back and langley are absolutely thrilled with. His work and finally hes promoted to a very top job in the cia and one day he gets a. Call from someone way up high cia who says mountain climber you need to get on a plane right away. And fly to frankfurt and go to the cia the briefing center there theres someone you need to meet so. He flies to frankfurt and he walks into the debriefing center and who was there but a man named florentino.

Sp agha now who was florentino sp agha florentina la spiaggia is the cuban version of the mountain climber hes. This kind of dashing brilliant espionage agent who rose to the top of the cuban intelligence service and gets promoted. To the point where hes running the entire cuban intelligence operation in eastern europe out of bratislava but at a. Certain point florentino becomes disillusioned with fidel castro and decides that he wants to defect and this is 1987 cold. Wars still up so he says to his girlfriend marta also cuban but marta is it low-ranking cuban people at.

That point in eastern europe had their passports taken away so he has this government issue mazda and he drills. Holes in the tron puts marte in the trunk very strong relationship between two of them and drives to the. Border with austria talks us way across the border shows up at the us embassy says my name is florentine. Osb agha i am a high ranking member of the cuban intelligence service i have a story to tell they. Are thrilled and they say well were gonna take you to the debriefing center in frankfort where and he says.

Fine but ill tell you everything i know on one condition i will only tell it to the mountain climber. Right because he had known about the legend of the mountain climber from his time in havana so thats why. The two men meet and they you know they do the cuban thing and they kiss on many cheeks and. They have a big hug and i sit down and the mountain climber asks the question youre always supposed to. Ask when your debriefing a defector which is established tell me something that establishes your bona fides so the mountain.

Florentino says okay when you were cia station chief in havana you had a spy named juan who was very. High up in the personal staff of fidel castro and one used to take photographs of castros documents and send. Them to you and mount glamour is alarmed that that florentino noses says yes thats true i had a guy. Named juan he was one of my best sources and florentino says to the mountain climber juan was working for. Us he was a double agent the whole time and mount camera cannot believe this is his best guy and.

Florentine says wait im not done you would have got in pedro who is really high up in the cuban. Air force and who gave you chapter and verse on cubas military capabilities and once again the mountain cameras a. Little bit taking the bags is he yeah hired a guy named pedro and florentino says pedro work for us. Double agent whole time and now the mountain climber is having heart palpitations his entire career is like you know. Disappearing before his eyes and florentino says wait im not done you and a guy he was really high up.

In the cuban intelligence directorate and he told you everything you knew about cubas relationship with the soviet union and. Mountain-climber says i did and florentino says working for us the entire time double agent and now the mountain cameras. On the floor its like having a stroke this is like his this is the man who built one of. The most brilliant careers of his generation in the cia and it is now evaporating into dust and florentino says. Wait im not done and then he lists he keeps going and going and going until he has named the.

Entire network that the mountain climber ran when he was in cuba and identified every single one of those spies. As double agents working for cuba its the most one of the most devastating and embarrassing revelations of the cold. War the mountain climber picks himself up finally off the floor takes florentino back to langley tells the same story. To the cia brass and they are of course completely humiliated and then it gets worse because castro learns that. Florentino has defected and released his on cuban television a ten part documentary which is basically just a cuban television.

Crew following the cias operatives around havana and filming without their knowledge everything they did over the course of many. Years including and the thing the detail as someone whos now heavily into audio the detail that always gets me. Is the audio was perfect which meant that they had to have known in advance where the spies were and. Brought in some world-class sound crew to rig up some elaborate system to capture every bit of conversation perfectly it. Is as i said one of the most devastating revelations of the cold war now think about this story for.

A moment on the one hand its an espionage story about deception in espionage and that happens all the time. So you might think well so what but its weird in a number of key respects the first respect is. Generally when we think about who gets deceived we think that the person being deceived is to see because in. Some way they are vulnerable or naive right its a little old lady in the middle of nowhere who gets. The call from the you know someone claiming to be a nigerian prince whos found 10 million pounds of a.

Suitcase that has her name on it right and you think oh really right and she gets taken in thats. Our normal narrative about deception in this case these people are not naive or marginalized right this is the most. Sophisticated spy agency in the world not only that it is the best operative at the most sophisticated spy agency. In the world thats strange second thing we second part of our normal narrative about deception is that exception is. Something that happens once right you deal with you take your car to the auto body shop and the guy.

There cheats you and so you never take it back to that same you learn well in this case its. Not a didnt happen once and they learn it happens 48 times over the course of many many years and. They never learn right third thing is we have a notion that somehow this person doing the deceiving is capable. Of that act because they are some kind of evil genius so theyre the bond villain right theyre the people. With some extraordinary machiavellian talent that allows them to pull the wool over other peoples eyes in this case though.

The all those cuba really have 48 evil geniuses is cuba large enough to have 48 i mean it seems. Implausible that they were able to locate 48 bond villains within the country of cuba capable of hoodwinking the cia. In fact when you read im happen to be a huge aficionado of spy stories real-life spy stories if you. Read stories of people who have successfully committed treachery against their country for years and years theyre always hapless theyre. Never evil geniuses there i tell the story in my book as well about a woman named ana montes who.

Also was spying for the cubans who rises to the very top of the american intelligence establishment ana montes was. A terrible spy when they caught her she had her codes that she used to communicate with her handlers in. Her purse and when they searched her apartment they found the radio she used to communicate with havana in a. Shoebox in her closet who hides the radio in a shoebox in the closet right this is crazy the maybe. The most damaging spy the 20th century was aldrich ames of course who was the cia counterintelligence officer who who.

Was in the entire time he was managing the cias counterintelligence effort against the soviets was working for the soviets. And he handed over everything over the course of nine years to the soviets and the total value if you. Could put a value of the secrets that he gave the soviets is very clearly in the billions i mean. It was he compromised the entire intelligence apparatus directed the soviet union so how much did aldrich ames ask for. Giving away billions of dollars in secrets to the soviets well the soviets paid him about two hundred thousand dollars.

A year judas what an idiot this guy was he is literally in a position to give the soviets everything. No one has ever had more leverage over another country than aldrich ames had over the soviet they would have. Given him anything and he says well a couple hundred thousand throw in some football tickets and ill be happy. I mean my point is these are not geniuses right thats the third and most kind of crucial puzzle of. This so now you might say well maybe theres something about the world of intelligence that isnt you know its.

Different from the real world well thats not true i pick a domain where a major deception occurred and you. Will see the same three lessons in operation remember bernie madoff the men around the largest ponzi scheme in history. Who did bernie madoff cheat not little old ladies the most sophisticated investors in the world did he do it. Once and then everyone got wise to him no he did it over and over again for 25 years and. She never got caught he turned himself in remember he didnt get caught three was bernie madoff an evil genius.

No birdy bernies accountant was an 85 year old guy working out of a strip mall in rockland county in. New york for those of you who dont know new york rockland county is a is a is a rural. Area up to the west and you can go from new york city in many directions and run into sophisticated. Intelligence people rockland county is not that direction bernie didnt even did it wasnt even trying to to like project. The image of the successful hedge fund yet everybody falls for him right i could go on and on and.

On and on in fact all of you are bad at detecting deception i could do an experiment right now. Where i had a hundred people come up on stage and say something those are theyre true or a lie. True and say which is it right to ask all of you to judge who is lying or not and. When we if we were to tally up your answers and we would find that you probably get between 52. And 54 percent of them correct youd be slightly better than chance and the only who is even better than.

Chance is that a certain percentage of people are such terrible liars we all get them right but other than. That youre just flipping a coin right now why is that what should we make of the fact that were. Really bad at this you would think wouldnt you that evolution would have prepared us to be better at detecting. Deception evolution is supposed to favor those who are good at things that are adaptive right that advance the species. And nothing could be more adaptive clearly surely than being able to tell whether someone is lying or not well.

It turns out that thats probably not true so the guy named tim levine whose work i draw upon in. My book and levine argue is pretty persuasively that the opposite is true that evolution has not selected us to. Be good at detecting lies it has actually selected us to do to be gullible to be trusting engines to. Be the kind of person who has what he calls default to truth who just assumes that anyone theyre speaking. To is being truthful unless the gets absolutely overwhelming and the reason for that lemond argues is that its actually.

Better as a species if were trusting than if we are suspicious i mean think about it youre someone who. Has a choice of passing on your genes with two people one of them is paranoid and suspicious and one. Of them is loving and trusting and open who do you choose you dont say im very attracted to susie. Because susie has that lovely quality of paranoia and suspicion i can think of no one i would rather live. My life with and have children with then this paragon of darkness and paranoia no you go with the person.

Whos open and trusting now multiply that times a million years and you come to understand that people who are. Paranoid and trusting dont pass on their genes why because theyre miserable people to spend time with but more than. That the line argues its because it makes better sense as a species if were paranoid and if were if. Were not paranoid and trusting are not paranoid but rather trusting because think about it virtually everything that we do. A value in the world requires that we do have that kind of implicit faith in the honesty of others.

Right you cant have a successful relationship you cant cooperate with others you cant build civil society you cant start. A company you cant do anything unless youre willing to face place your faith in others and that has tended. To work over the course of human history because most of us are honest most of us are not like. Bernie madoff pulling the wool over peoples our lives but with that fundamentally adaptive trust comes a price which is. Once in a generation someones gonna come along and is gonna fool us right and were going to be helpless.

In the face of that deception but levines point is thats a pretty good bargain so think about the mountain. Climber the mountain climber is someone who gets fooled in a way that almost no one has ever been fooled. By fidel castro does that mean the mountain climber was a bad spy no the mountain climber went to havana. And he did what he was supposed to do is he found a group of people and he believed in. Them and he empowered them and he encouraged them and he built a vast network that generated an enormous amount.

Of information for his bosses back in langley it so turns out that in that instance he was fooled a. Hundred percent of the time by the cubans but 999 times out of a thousand thats not the way the. World works in 99 times out of a thousand thats the right strategy for getting what we want from society. And for participating meaningfully with other other people now i dont imagine that most of you will ever be in. A situation where youre dealing with spies or with ponzi schemers but i think the same principle holds true for.

All of us as we go about our lives we are called in numerous different situations to believe in others. That is the absolute best strategy if we want to lead a meaningful life and if we want to change. The world but it comes with a price it means that we will inevitably make a mistake right when it. Comes to people sometimes but when we make a mistake like that it is not a sign of what we. Are doing wrong as human beings its a sign of what were doing right thank you.

Method 3 – Will Self: How To Be Creative

Well welcome everyone um i always want to say good evening but it could be good morning or good afternoon. Depending on where youre tuning in from as we have people joining from all over the world but no matter. Where you are thank you for being here today we are joined by author professor and artistic polymath will self. Will is the author of 11 novels including shark and umbrella as well as seven short story collections and seven.

Essay collections this live stream is an open window into the mind of one of the most inventive agile and. Celebrated creative figures at work today it is my pleasure to welcome will self well good evening one and all. I dont know where you are i dont know what time it is for you uh its early evening for. Me uh and and i have to say not the the most creative time in my day but ill get. Back to that in a minute im gonna have to assume if youve tuned in for this talk that you.

Have some interest in my creative methods uh because if you dont i dont quite know what youre doing here. I i always find it particularly strange when i come into contact for example with creative writing students that they. Seem to have little engagement with what their teachers have actually written and you know a lot there are a. Lot of books and i im speaking primarily about creativity in language writing speaking this evening uh there are many. Different kinds of creativity and and i think i will touch upon some of the thinking and some of what.

I say will certainly be congruent with how people think about creativity in the plastic arts even how people think. About creativity just generally in life or even in relation to technological or scientific fields but im primarily going to. Be concerned with with writing um i think thats fair in the sense that its kind of difficult to for. Example sculpt about a novel or paint about a novel and we all know how dreary a lot of in. Classical music a lot of what is called program music can be so i think theres some its reasonable that.

If youve tuned in you must be interested to some extent in my creative method the other point i wanted. To make right at the top is that you know i dont want to er too far into the actual. Business of writing in terms of style or structure i think you know again if youre interested in somebody telling. You how to develop a literary style or how to structure your writing or how to structure your works rather. Than how to find your creative wellspring that there are kind of numerous guides out there for you i mean.

Im again im always rather slightly perplexed by them i remember doing a broadcast with stephen pinker the neuroscientist when. He published a book on you know kind of how to write or how to write well and i thought. Well yeah quite fond of you stephen even though youre a kind of egregious pollyanna-ish figure but you know i. Dont really want to write like you you know so why would i read and the same goes for stephen. Kings famous kind of style guide and and numerous other kind of how to write novel guides which you know.

Really are only going to tell you how to write a novel that might be written by the person who. Wrote the how to write the novel guide which seems a reductio ad nauseum so lets just talk about creativity. Because thats in a sense much more interesting and we have all sorts of ideas about what it is to. Be creative and and in a bit im going to talk about the distinction between being creative and being original. Which i think is a a different thing and theres a kind of bug bear really for anybody sitting down.

Trying to be creative its almost what gets in the way of creativity is thinking yeah am i going to. Be original at this or am i just tiredly retreading somebody elses creative formerly creative idea im gonna push that. Idea to one side im gonna reserve it as we say on cookery programs and return to it a bit. Later why be creative does it matter maybe we should just be uh think unreflectively and get on with our. Lives uh i think that the inception of the coronavirus pandemic of course has interrupted a lot of peoples habitual.

Uh uh go around and probably made people a lot more reflective because habit is an unreflective state so that. Throws us vis-a-vis the question of why be creative again im not really interested in addressing people who want to. Be creative in order to produce a product okay uh in order to produce a specific thing that thats their. Objective in a way and certainly i dont wish to address the problem of creativity as it were in relation. To the creative industries a ghastly phrase thats employed by policy makers here in the uk when they want to.

You know uh reduce all of bad use categories cultural capital finance into financial capital cultural capital social capital just. Make it all commoditized and fungible in that way uh i im not really interested in that im interested you. Know in in people who want to be creative because they want to be free in essence i i think. Of creativity as freedom uh first and foremost i think of it as a way into feeling free uh i. Think you know the i always remember the kind of archetypal early meme which was some uh even before the.

Web existed in some cartoon of somebody on the phone and then the things bubble says you know my body. Is in chains but my mind is still free and and i think that circumstance applies to us frankly in. Almost every area of our lives i think that we need creativity in order to exercise the only true liberty. We have which is between our two ears and the greater creativity we can exercise the greater and more radical. Our sense of autonomy in that respect the other reason personally im interested in exercising my creativity is because for.

Me its a form of practice its a fancy word for practice but a particular kind of of practice the. Kind of practice that engages with you with the world outside and indeed makes that world part of you and. You part of that world its a sort of counter-insemination your creativity allows the world to come in and impregnate. You with all of its incredible stuff your senses your perceptions the free play of your ideas as provoked by. Those perceptions and you go out to the world you mix your imagination with the world by imagining things by.

Leaping off from the world as given to the world as it might be the world is a temporal or. A spatial counterfactual you start to make a bit of the world your own and again that enhances your sense. Of autonomy and hope hopefully your sense of liberty the analogy might be with john locke the philosophers idea of. Primary accumulation which lies at the background of really uh the foundation of modern states the idea that if you. Mix the label your labor with the world you you know the farmer tills a patch of ground that patch.

Of ground becomes theirs in some way so creativity is i think a way of being at home in the. World as much as being free from the worlds claims the claims of the nagging flesh some of us are. Differently abled some of us may be impaired perceptually and of course all of us have very different life circumstances. Its just not comparable uh the state of mind as somebody whos kind of rich and powerful and the state. Of mind of somebody who is disempowered and poor but i think creativity is a way for one and all.

To enjoy the only real autonomy thats going okay how do we get to the business of being creative how. Do we work at being creative and its been my job now for a very very long time to try. And do just that well when i was at a university or if youre watching from the states college as. You call it over there or indeed as young folk call it here now uni uh an abbreviation that reached. Us from australasia about 20 years ago what an attractive word it is when i was at uni uh some.

40 years ago i studied the philosop.

Conclusion – How To Academy

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