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Method 1 – How To Accelerate Like A Pro-Driving Lesson

Hey everybody im here today to show you how to accelerate like a pro this will be a simple driving. Lesson so lets get right into the video tutorial right over here so as you can see right over here. I have my gas pedal and the gas pedal is going to be the pedal that youre going to be. Using for accelerating and if you want to be like a pro you have to practice so ill be going.

Over seven simple steps and seven things that you must keep in mind to make sure that youre accelerating better. Than ever before okay now were gonna do some high-end editing youre gonna see it in just a moment so. Please pay attention okay i cant even say that with a straight face lets get into the video number one. Is that you when youre at a stop and at a standstill youre gonna be holding your brake pedal like. This and then whenever you start to move youre going to push the gas pedal now what a lot of.

People do let me just roll up the window just a little bit i wanted some light there but i. Think im attracting some attention outside of the car with my voice what a lot of people do when theyre. Learning to drive is they take their foot off the brake and they just go right to the gas and. Thats not how you accelerate really well you want to be on the brake and then you want to release. Your foot from the brake let the car creep forward for just a moment and then youre going to deal.

With the gas pedal so thats tip number one and piece of advice number one number two is you want. To ease on to the gas pedal so you know if i have my gas pedal here i dont want. To just push it down really quickly and aggressively i want to easily ease onto it just like that so. You want to feel the gas pedal you got to remember a gas pedal is not like an on and. Off switch where youre just going to flip it on and off its a lever basically that can is controlled.

By pressure so you want to ease onto the pedal thats really going to help you make sure that youre. Accelerating better than ever before so what im gonna do now is im gonna just do my high-end editing you. Ready boom right there like that bam check that out see that smooth transition right there were gonna go here. Because were gonna end up driving for a little bit as well and i obviously dont wanna be holding my. Camera when im driving um its not what i do for the most part so number three is you want.

To and now i can speak a little bit louder number three is you want to estimate the pressure that. Youre going to need and the best way that you can do this is with practice okay youre going to. Need to practice accelerating what i suggest is that if you struggle with acceleration go to an empty parking lot. And just practice driving around that parking lot drive up and down the parking lot in circles make turns and. Just estimate uh help figure out how much gas pedal pressure youre gonna need to apply to get the car.

To get a certain level of acceleration okay so if i was driving okay im gonna just i got my. Notes over here if you see me adjusting them its because they like flew away or something if i was. Driving over here okay i i eased onto the pedal right there thats exactly what i did and now i. Stopped i stopped pushing the pedal further im holding it at this spot when youve reached your desired level of. Acceleration you want to make sure that you are holding the pedal in that spot okay very simple and straightforward.

Okay so estimate your pressure that you need the next thing that you need to do is look far ahead. You know youre gonna go where your eyes are telling you to go so if im looking directly in front. Of the car its gonna make it hard for me to estimate how much acceleration i need i can move. This down now that im done showing you the pedal um but by looking further ahead its going to allow. Me to have that professional estimation for acceleration to see how much i need to push the pedal down number.

Five is estimate the speedometer okay now this comes with practice and every car is gonna be different obviously if. I was driving a high-end sports car its gonna be going a lot faster when i push the pedal down. The same amount as in this vehicle so youre gonna have to know your car like i said go to. An empty parking lot drive around in circles drive around in straight lines up and down and figure out that. Gas pedal pressure to figure out the estimation of how much you need its no secret that when youre just.

Learning how to drive this how youre gonna its now youre gonna end up accelerating whoa okay whoa oh whoa. Okay thats what happens when youre first learning to drive the key factor is learning through that and getting getting. Out of that zone and being good at it eventually you dont want to be stuck in that zone forever. Okay so basically figure out your speedometer with regards to how much you need to push the pedal down to. Reach a certain speed okay um now if you notice number six is if you notice that youre accelerating too.

Much um ease off of the pedal okay and i always recommend that you your pedal is going to gauge. Your acceleration and the speed that you will reach okay so if i push the pedal down more its going. To give me more acceleration and i will reach a higher speed before the car stops accelerating if i push. The pedal down a little bit im only going to get a little bit of acceleration but event and im. Only going to reach a lower speed um before the car stops accelerating ill give an example lets say and.

You see what i did right there i released the brake and i waited a couple seconds and then i. Like a second and a half basically then i push the gas pedal thats how you drive like that i. Release the brake now im pushing the gas so if i push the pedal down a little bit just like. This im accelerating very slowly and this is pretty much the max speed that im reaching right now holding the. Pedal in that same position which is about 15 kilometers an hour instead if i was to come to a.

Stop okay and i push the pedal down a little bit more like this okay im accelerating a bit more. And im reaching a higher speed before it stops accelerating im going about 30 now and i can continue going. But that was only like i got to 30 kilometers an hour by barely pushing the pedal at all so. You need to really master the art of gracefully easing into that pedal if you want to accelerate like a. Pro um in addition number seven is that just the thought that you can always accelerate more right its easier.

To push the pedal down more than it is to release that pedal and potentially brake and also its disruptive. To traffic if youre always accelerating too much and then braking nobody likes being behind a driver that does that. So that being said you know i would recommend that you go too little in terms of how much pressure. Youre putting on the pedal and then you can always add more later right its better to go too little. Than too much its simple in life in general with objects its better to have too many than too little.

But with acceleration its better to have too little than too much acceleration its kind of the opposite thats it. If you like this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know what you think. Down below as a comment and of course be sure to subscribe for more great videos just like this one. And thats all i have for you today thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Accelerate In A Car (Smoothly And Safely)-Beginner Driving Lesson

Hey everybody im here today to show you how to accelerate in a car smoothly and safely accelerating smoothly and. Safely is one of the key factors to driving a car properly and effectively and im gonna show you exactly. How to do it in this video now lets get right to it im gonna be covering how to do. This in an automatic car okay if youre driving a manual car youre gonna have to take the instructions and.

Just alter them slightly to include the gas clutch balance now lets get right to first and foremost when you. Look down at the floor youre gonna have two pedals one is the brake pedal one is the gas pedal. When you push the brake pedal its there to slow the car down and bring it to a stop when. You push the gas pedal youre gonna hear the car the engine rev as long as the gear shifters in. Park like it is right now and the goal of the accelerator pedal or the gas pedal is to make.

The car move forward or backward to make those wheels turn to get power to the wheels now lets get. Right into it when you first get your license when youre first learning how to drive when you first start. Taking driving lessons theres a good chance that your acceleration is gonna sort of look something like this when i. Put my seatbelt on put the car and drive its probably gonna look something like this just really really rough. Acceleration okay and even so even more so really rough braking now the key to smooth and safe acceleration is.

That you want to do it gradually now your accelerator pedal has a range of motion lets say when youre. Not pushing it at all its right here when youre pushing it fully its all the way down here okay. When youre flooring in us all the way down here what you want to do is you want to gradually. Work the accelerator pedal down and then stop stop pressing it when it gets the acceleration level that you want. Because if i take the accelerator pedal and i just hold it like this the car is still gonna continue.

Going faster at this level of acceleration if i continue pressing it the car will once again continue going faster. But im gonna accelerate even more okay im gonna get more horsepower and more torque from that engine what you. Dont want if you want everything to be smooth and safe you want to get sort of the ideal acceleration. Which does not involve continually pushing the pedal so for example this is what im gonna do and im gonna. Show you how im doing it with my hand then im gonna actually demonstrate it right here in this in.

This parking lot with very little traffic theres no one driving around right here for the most part so im. The accelerator pedal im not pressing it im gonna put the car and drive and im just gonna ease into. It and hold it there when ive pressed it down just a little bit so im not gonna even i. Dont even want a good amount of acceleration i just want a little bit of acceleration and this is the. First step to accelerating safely and smoothly you want to press the accelerator pedal ease into it and just stop.

When you have a little bit of acceleration lets put the cart and drive and im gonna just use that. Example to go and make my way out of this parking lot okay so im gonna release the brake pedal. And ill show you roughly how much im pushing the accelerator pedal down ive released the brake pedal pushing it. Down holding it right here this im barely pushing it but im holding it im only pressed down about this. Much this is the level of acceleration that i want okay and im holding it there and as you can.

See im sort of maintaining the speed thats the first step thats what thats the first step to doing this. You want to just for practising purposes you want to ease into pressing the accelerator pedal and then just just. Just press it just a little bit and hold it there now im gonna come to a complete stop im. Gonna turn right and then it will continue once again with the next part so what im gonna do now. Im just gonna let this car go im gonna ease into a little bit more so im not pressing down.

The accelerator pedal at all what im gonna do once i see that theres no traffic because i dont want. To obstruct any traffic so you should be good to go right about now check my mirrors different blind spots. Were good to go all right pressing it a little bit more so now im ive pressed it that was. An over-exaggeration with my hand ive pressed it in about this much now okay and now im gonna release it. Because i have to slow down because of the car in front of me im gonna pull over will demonstrate.

You one more time because that one wasnt the best demonstration all right because theres cars and so forth now. Theres no cars on the road im not pressing you know i have my foot down on the brake releasing. The brake pad then impressing it right about there im at this level of acceleration im currently going about 30. Kilometers an hour 40 kilometers an hour and now im gonna ease off because i dont want to go any. Faster than this especially because of these speed bumps over here so im easing off a little bit so as.

You can see the key to accelerating smoothly and safely its basically easing into the accelerator pedal and holding it. When you get the acceleration that you want okay the goal is not to continue pressing it more and more. And more and more because with the car you know youre gonna keep getting more and more acceleration until the. Point where your flooring the accelerator pedal and thats not how you accelerate smoothly and safely by far its not. Flooring it at least for the most part im just gonna pull over here to explain the rest of the.

Video so the tow factors and i wanted to explain in this video are accelerating smoothly and safely to accelerate. Smoothly you have to ease into the the accelerator pedal so you want to ease into it and just hold. It when you find that sweet spot of acceleration that you want now part of accelerating safely is obviously making. Sure that youve done your safety checks making sure that youre using your signal youve checked your mirrors youve checked. Your blind spots theres no traffic theres no pedestrians and so forth but its also it goes hand in hand.

With accelerating smoothly the smoother that you can accelerate the safer that youll be and ill tell you why lets. Say i was putting the cart drive and i wasnt gonna accelerate smoothly once again were gonna do our checks. Lets say i was gonna accelerate in a very rough manner or something like this so the tires actually spun. A little bit there thats not the right way to accelerate safely and the reason that it wasnt safe is. Because i press the accelerator pedal too fast too quickly now on the other hand if i didnt touch the.

Accelerator pedal i lets say didnt like i literally i could just barely even touching it because i was afraid. To push it it would look something like this i wouldnt move fast enough i would obstruct traffic so dick. Celery safely you want to find that sweet acceleration spot which is between too little and too much you want. It to be smooth and you get that by easing into it and holding it there and you want to. Find that sweet spot to just get a nice smooth acceleration and thats basically it if you liked this video.

Be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know you think down below as a comment what are. Some other tips for accelerating smoothly and safely let me know as a comment down below and of course be. Sure to subscribe for more great car and driving videos just like this one and thats all i have for. You today thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Accelerate The Industrialization Of Additive Manufacturing? Thesis 6

A warm welcome from my site for our todays discussion about international collaboration garrett youre working on this field how. Do you feel about collaboration international collaboration on additive i think international collaboration is a very important topic and in. Additive manufacturing especially we have the case that the whole industry is from the beginning or was from the beginning. Really international and we see that in our community in achen that we are not restricted to german companies we.

Are really open we have asian companies in our community as well as american companies and that makes the collaboration. More fruitful in yang singapore famous well known for creating innovation friendly environment what is what is your view if. We look at additive manufacturing i could give you an example right so about about four years ago we embarked. On an additive manufacturing roadmap for the marine and offshore industry and we selected that because its an important economic. Sector to us in singapore but we also realized that if you look worldwide there wasnt really anybody who was.

Taking the space seriously where it came to additive manufacturing so all the focus on aerospace automotive med tech and. It felt okay but this space is important to us so if nobody else is working on it lets try. And and build out that space but more for additive so we brought in the local shipyard so sam caught. Marine we brought in classification societies so dnv from europe was brought in to support from an inspection standpoint because. They will be the ones to help the companies figure out what whether the additive manufacturer part is good enough.

Whether how it compares to conventional it can actually be installed on a vessel or in the oil rig for. Instance of course the ship is a manufacturer we brought in a local service bureau called 3d metal forge and. Them together the yard then could engage you know engine companies equipment companies in marine and so on to gain. Access to the spare parts manufacturing so you have asian companies visit singapore working for european technology and certification providers. They developed that certification pathway they brought out the parts they qualify to show that you can work and then.

Using that same network because youre working with global companies you bring it to another hub in houston right so. By nature it should be international right from the beginning from the design where if you think of it in. Such terms then everybody in this picture all the key partners can see that hey i can see the upside. For me its such a as you said a fantastic example of of collaboration and this scaling i think the. Challenge that im seeing from the world economic forums perspective is that its still a rare example and so i.

Think its something its a hurdle and a hump we need to get over if were really going to see. The full benefit of additive we need to be sharing these success stories you know as as you know you. Said bringing it from from the port in singapore to houston and really building this out and letting other people. See the advantages thank thanks ian and i only can emphasize what what you have said its really at the. End of the day about the openness the willingness to collaborate and in the last one and a half years.

I mean maybe even also you you covet covet is there uh how would you describe the impacts uh on. On the collaboration on an international level with regard to additive the biggest impact that ive seen is awareness i. Mean you you saw additive manufacturers stepping up in the early days of the pandemic to try to fill either. Gas in traditional supply chains or to support healthcare systems but i i think in in many ways that that. Put a renewed attention onto the sector from traditional manufacturers and potential end users are saying wow it seems like.

Theres been some some progress here in this space where i wasnt really sure if i should get involved and. Now i think i need to be looking and really trying to understand how i could implement additive into my. Own supply chains one of the big challenges in additive whether its for medical or for marine or aerospace for. Instance is that when you first start designing the part you dont really know how long its going to take. Before it gets approved and qualified for use you dont know how much its going to cost and to to.

Get to that stage and bring it to the market and then for car for company therefore this translates to. Very high financial risk but if from the beginning you had a certification qualification support you design around that you. Build it out and you have a high degree of confidence lets say you will take x amount of time. And y and y cost to get this design to market you you have you have a lot more control. Over the risk and the company can make an informed decision from the beginning is this worth going for because.

Otherwise its very difficult the risk is just not quantifiable yeah so i think that is a lesson that we. Learned under pressure that we need to replicate in more and more cases right thats a perfect example of what. Really can be done when the whole ecosystem collaborates and even you know you know when when additive manufacturers want. To help out in that situation but they dont have connections maybe to sterilized packaging suppliers you know how do. You how do you build that whole ecosystem together so again i think its a its a fantastic example of.

What can be done when we do collaborate and how we connect those two questions i agree i mean thats. A perfect example what are your experiences in the cluster especially in the in the first two months lets say. Last year march april there were really really a lot of initiatives coming up every week and they were all. Connected and we two three weeks moving in into the year more and more time they managed to get all. Those initiatives together like different mask production technologies um the nozzle swabs as well so there were many things that.

Came came up within a short period of time however what ive experienced is that still there was like those. Small islands and there was nobody really um putting that together is that at the end id say last summer. We had a couple of players who were really good they had a network of someone whos confident in medical. Products for example for mars they were confident in fabrics and textile technology and then he had someone who is. Able to to do the forms and tools and you had the whole the whole value chain properly set up.

And that was really cool to see that how how fast that went what role do governments play in accelerating. The industrialization of this fascinating technology the example indian gave earlier in sort of this the certifications accreditations um theres. That i think that proved that when there is sort of the the right amount of support and a well-designed. System and this was the example you gave was one out of need and necessity but that we can actually. Drive something very quickly and there can be a huge impact in a short period of time and i think.

That that that also speaks to what we we see is probably one of the biggest areas where where governments. Can play a role is around standards the the sectors and standards and certifications i think you know we we. Have certifying organizations i think you mentioned two sued earlier um and theyre theyre incredibly important but when governments start. Getting involved you start to to see these these transitions and shifts where then the market knows like okay this. Is the the box i have to fit i think thats also from a government perspective the power that they.

Can play in in in helping to align and set standards of how these systems are going to work from. Ip from from digital trade i mean that thats another huge place where we look at whats the future an. Interesting trend that i think is still on the horizon if youre just sending data files how do we calculate. Value add from a conference and i think these are really interesting places that government must play a role but. They have to do it in collaboration with with the the industry because if either of these sort of conversations.

Happen in a silo were going to sub-optimize what we we all hope to happen and and it could mean. That the the industry itself doesnt move as quickly as we need it to when when we talk about local. Governments um they are really supportive and theyre more flexible than probably state governments or or the federal government in. Germany um however especially in the covert times frugality and really pushing of individualized individual organizations has been the key. To to innovation and to success because while thats its kind of the the way how it is public funding.

Takes a long time and if you look at where we place the money so that largely went to three. Areas the first was talent training so at multiple levels so talk about training people at the phd also the. Level so funding their thesis projects so you come up with top researchers you talk about bringing in the top. Academics from around the world to work on research in singapore you also look slightly lower at maybe at the. Masters level and we also looked at okay but its not just about students there are also people there also.

The workers and employees in the traditional industries today who need to be retrained so how do we so we. Set up training centers for them as well so we put hundreds of people through all these programs the second. They went into was more on the research side so we set up we make sure we have the world. Class labs in singapore we make sure that we look at all the range of additive manufacturing technologies and we. All know there are so many we set up seven r d centers all across the island okay to do.

This each focus on different types of technologies different application areas and ones that we also funded and uh its. A bit of a cross between its a bit like an industry association and a technology transfer office at the. Same time its called the national additive manufacturing innovation cluster in singapore or namik for short the abbreviation so these. Are guys who kind of beat the ground meet everybody in the additive manufacturing landscape the ecosystem not just in. Singapore but eventually they expanded regionally in asia as well and the idea was for them to create a community.

Know everyone know what everyone is doing and where relevant can they can make the direct one-to-one connections so that. No cooperation can proceed and also very critically very vitally they are also the people who welcome new additions new. Entrants into the ecosystem into the community and if you are new no german if youre a german company in. Your you you come up with a you have a brilliant idea on added manufacturing you come up with a. Machine and you want to bring it to asia to find a market there how do you do that you.

Dont know anybody right so you come in you meet with namite and you say hey you know what i. Weve been speaking with company x and why and we think they might be interested in what youre doing right. We do maybe lets see we could set something up or if thats not appropriate no they have buy it. Every six months and its a conference in singapore its basically an excuse for everybody to come together and then. No interactions can happen engagements happen they bring it forward from there and its a very welcoming way to integrate.

New entrants get it embedded quickly in the community forums understand okay this is how the ecosystem works this is. Who i can work with this is what my potential partners and customers expect for me because if i want. To grow in the region i have to invest in the region and i have to think about what do. I invest in all that happened because when opportunity rose we knew exactly who to call we knew exactly what. To say to each person we knew what wow how their interests could be aligned and we knew this because.

We knew them well weve spoken many times weve discussed many times before so when so when so when you. Brought people together.

Conclusion – How To Accelerate

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