How To Accept A Bid On Ebay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept a bid on ebay, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept a bid on ebay,

Method 1 – How To Accept A Best Offer On Ebay For Beginners (How I Accept, Decline Or Counter Offer Best Offer)

Welcome back to inside the box today were going to go over what you should do when you get an. Offer on an item youre selling on ebay i just received an offer so i wanted to walk through this. With you guys on my ebay account to show you my process on accepting declining or counter offering on an. Item so if anything is blacked out on my screen nothing is wrong with your computer im just trying to.

Keep personal information private so were on ebay and if we go over here to the notification tab you can. See i received an offer on these skullcandy headphones so im going to respond to this offer so its going. To show me the name of the buyer which i will block out and the amount that theyve offered me. So originally i was asking 1050 for these headphones and you can see on the left i sent an offer. To the buyer for 9.50 giving them a dollar off and they decline that offer but then the counter offered.

With 7.50 so i can look here and i can decide whether to accept that offer or decline the offer. Or make a counter offer if i decline the offer i lose all chance of making that money if i. Accept the offer i make 750 but maybe i can make a little bit more if i counter offered counter. Offering is risky though because i could also lose the buyers interest if 750 is their max then theyre not. Going to pay more than that if i counter offer and ill have to wait for a new buyer to.

Come along now me personally for these headphones i wanted at least five dollars so 750 is a great deal. For me but before i accept the offer im going to come to this left and i see this buyer. Has 44 stars but i want to check their reviews i want to see if theyre good at paying on. Time or if they take a long time to pay for things because ive had scammers before ive had people. Send me offers before and theyve had negative reviews and theyve been trying to scam people sometimes if theres zero.

Reviews there you have to keep you have to be kind of weary because they could have just made a. New account to start scamming people and thats not always the case sometimes people with zero stars have been shopping. On ebay for a while and are great honest people and they just dont have any feedback yet so you. Kind of have to make the judgment call but lets click on his name and we see that its 18. Positive feedback and someone says goodbye or i want to see all feedback because sometimes people leave positive feedback but.

The things they say are really negative and theyve just forgotten to click positive or theyve used the app and. Its hard to figure out how to leave negative feedback but everything im reading says goodbye i hope to deal. With you again a perfect transaction quick response and fast payment thats what were looking for and that had opened. A new tab uh i dont think you guys can see my tabs but im going to go back to. The previous tab and im going to go ahead and just click accept offer and its going to let me.

Verify that again 750 accept offer so thats what i do thats my process and deciding whether or not to. Accept an offer if that person had negative feedback i would not have accepted their offer and if the offer. Was lower than the five dollars that i wanted i would have countered offered with something greater all right everyone. So thats kind of just what i do when i accept an offer i hope this helps new ebay sellers. And now i just wait to be paid the buyer has 48 hours to pay me if the buyer never.

Does pay me i can open a case with ebay its really simple to do that let me know if. You want any more videos like this if this was helpful please hit that like button and subscribe to my. Channel im trying to reach a thousand subscribers guys im almost to 50 help me get to at least 50. Thanks so much have a great day and ill catch you in the next video you.

Method 2 – How To Accept A Best Offer On Ebay (Counter Offer Or Decline) For Beginners Full Walkthrough

Welcome back i hope that you are doing well by the end of this lesson you will be able to. Accept or counter offer or reject any offer that you receive for an item that you have for sale on. Ebay lets get started so i have ebay open and ive received an offer for an item that i have. For sale now i received an email letting me know that i received an offer for that item you the.

Easiest way would be just to click that email theres a button in there says respond so you just click. Respond and it would take you to the page that you could respond or if you are on ebay you. Can find your offers up by the left hand side you should have received a little notification and you can. See ive got two offers here and so its asking me to respond so the easiest way is just to. Click on one of those as respond so that will take you to the page now before we go through.

The offer i wanted to show you one other way is to go to my ebay selling and then itll. Take you to your seller hub and once youre on this page you can come down here to respond to. Offers and you can click on respond to offers that will also get you there so lets say im on. The one offer here and it tells me the item and the person who is waiting for the response ill. Scroll down and it will tell me who made the offer and it tells me information on my uh item.

For sale you know how much it is listed for and so on so the offer amount is listed here. And the quantity that they would like to purchase they tell you usually have about 24 hours to respond to. An offer so you can see ive got seven and a half hours left on this one and then when. It says offers remaining what that means is is if if you counteroffer and then they counter offer back so. They can you can go back and forth uh in this auction it looks like or in this buy it.

Now you you could go back and forth five times so um so thats one idea so with this one. Um it tells me where its going to ship to so i get an idea of how much the shipping. Might be because i have free shipping on this item so again once i feel that that is a fair. Offer what i do is i just click on accept offer so again you can see ive got accept offer. Make a counteroffer decline so if you click on accept offer that will take you to another page to confirm.

Make a counter offer and that will ask you what price you would like to counter at and then decline. Would decline the offer now in i find the best practice is to never decline an offer even if it. Seems like a lowball offer um you know do not be offended by any low offers go ahead and just. Make a counteroffer for what you seem fair and and go from there so for this one im going to. Accept and so ill show you what happens so ill click on accept and then it just asks me again.

By tapping accept youre agreeing to and entering into the you know contract to sell this item to this person. So im going to click accept and now its going to take me to the this page which just says. Now the item has ended and that ive accepted their offer tells me when i the date and time i. Accepted it and the price so thats how you accept an offer let me show you how to counter offer. So if you remember we go back to this notification and now it tells me that thats sold so thats.

Good so im going to go up here to the respond to this offer and so this is another offer. That i have for a different item and i go down it has the same uh information and so the. Um it just tells me again the same information so you can see this is a similar offer price i. Am going to go ahead and make a counter offer on this one so i could accept counter offer or. Decline so im going to make a counteroffer and it will ask me how much would i like the counter.

Offer to be and im going to put in a price that i think is fair for this item and. Then i will say review the counter offer and then once i feel that everythings good i will click on. Submit counter offer so once the counter offer is submitted then uh the um the person whos looking to buy. Has again i believe its um looks like this offer expires in one day and 23 hours so they have. Two days to respond to your counter offer again they may not respond once that timer has gone up then.

Um they can no longer buy it at the price that you counter or they might send a counter offer. Back and again you can do that back and forth as many times as the listing says you can um. So thats how you do that and then you can also reject retract your offer under certain circumstances ive never. Retracted one but you could look into that to see if if you would need to retract and again lastly. To decline an offer you would just again click on that button that said decline offer and it would ask.

You to confirm that youre going to decline i also wanted to point out that whenever you have an offer. That is active that your item can still be purchased by another bidder for the buy it now price that. You have listed so again you can have the offers going back and forth while still having the item for. Sale so someone could purchase it outright if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments. Section below i do my best to answer those i have other ebay videos that you might want to watch.

Ill put the links on this video if you enjoyed this please leave a like on this video as well. As subscribe to my channel where we talk about side hustles passive income and entrepreneurship i thank you and ill. See you in the next video.

Method 3 – Sold! How To Accept A Buy It Now Or Bin Offer On Ebay

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Method 4 – How To Accept Best Offer On Ebay | What To Do When Buyer Pays | How To Ship Item | Ebay Beginner

Welcome back to inside the box today i want to walk you through what to do when you receive a. Best offer i want to go through the steps of accepting the offer waiting for a payment and even showing. You how i ship out the items a while back i had this question asked to me what to do. After youve accepted a best offer and since i just received an offer today i thought this would be a.

Great opportunity to pull out my camera and show you what i do so here i am on ebays home. Page and i can see i have a notification in the top right corner by this bell it says respond. To offer im going to click on it so it takes me to this page it says offer received and. It has the name of the buyer and im going to block out any private information here okay and this. Says you have 23 hours and 52 minutes or until your listing is to respond to the offer so i.

Need to move kind of quickly if i want to accept this because in 23 hours-ish it will expire so. I was selling a lot of three children books and i was asking 950 for them the offer that was. Given to me was six dollars i can see that down here so theyre offering me three dollars and fifty. Cents less than what i was asking for but i think this is a good price for me still im. Still going to make a profit on these books this is the first bite ive had on them since listing.

Them theyve been sitting for a week or so and id just be happy to get them out of my. House so what i want to do is i want to come over here to the left and im going. To click im going to have the name blocked out here but um next to this 52 i can see. How many reviews this this buyer has and im going to click on their name to see if these are. Positive or negative reviews and why im doing this is because this is one of the best ways ive found.

To prevent scams for myself because a lot of times scams happen when you receive best offers i will link. In the cards above one of my older videos about how i was scammed on ebay so you can know. Some signs to look out for but basically what i want to see is how long these people have been. An ebay member and it looks like theyve been a member since 2018 at the time of making this video. It is 2020 so they have been on ebay for a while and thats good because a lot of times.

People who are scamming they just open an account so itll be like that same day or same month that. Their account is new now it could be a coincidence it could be a new ebay member that just actually. Signed up for ebay that month and they might not be a scammer but thats thats a sign that they. Could be so you want to look at that date and then compare it to the reviews positive neutral negative. Now this says 13 positive reviews and you think yeah thats great but you always want to click in here.

And read what they actually say you always want to make sure to read what was actually written in the. Reviews though because ebay does not always let you classify whether to leave it as a positive negative or neutral. Review because ive had an experience and i talk about that in that scam video where all the reviews were. Positive but when you actually read them they were saying negative things so im going to scroll down here and. Read these reviews and im not seeing any red flags im seeing fast payment great buyer good buyer awesome ebay.

Buyer so i think this person is safe to accept their offer theyre theyre not a scammer they wont scam. Me if i accept this offer so im just going to go back to the previous page back again to. Where i could accept their offer im going to scroll down here so i could send them a counter offer. But if i do that i run the risk of them not accepting my counter offer and i lose the. Sell so i will only do that if the offer is so low that im not comfortable selling it but.

This offer is okay i probably wouldnt have gone lower than six dollars so im going to click accept offer. And its having me double check this by tapping accept you are agreeing to and entering into a legally binding. Contract to sell this item to the buyer so i have to sell it to the buyer and now i. Wait for the buyer to pay now the ball is in the buyers court i am waiting for them to. Pay and they have 48 hours i believe it is to purchase this item if they do not purchase this.

Item in that amount of time i can file a claim for an unpaid item and i have another video. About that i will also link that in the cards above so now im waiting and i will show you. What happens if they pay for this item and i will show you how i ship it out okay got. The notification the buyer paid ship now so once the buyer has paid and youve come to this page over. Here on the right you can see their address it ships to ive blacked this out for privacy but it.

Shows me my buyers address here and i can do one of two things at this point i could take. This address to the post office and package my item there and pay for my shipping label there or i. Can purchase my shipping label here in ebay but in order to do that i need to weigh my package. Before so im going to do that really quickly and then im going to come back here and make sure. These dimensions are correct and proceed okay so here are the books let me know in the comments below if.

Youve read these theyre from the series there was an old lady who swallowed a fly okay so theyre all. Paperback and im going to show you two different packages i could use to ship these books in the first. Is a free thing this is just recycled it was an amazon brown paper bag i could just put the. Books right in there now i want them to be a little more protected than that though because water could. Leak through here so i would wrap them up in something plastic like bubble wrap or even plastic wrap from.

The kitchen and then i dont want them to bend either so i might like put cardboard around them so. This was free to me shipping materials so if you get packages in the mail boxes or bags like this. You can always use them and reuse them to ship your own ebay inventory so thats one option that i. Have another way to ship this which i think looks more professional is in a poly meller you can get. These poly mailers off of amazon ill leave an affiliate link in the description box below but you can buy.

Them in in packets like this so you can get a lot of them at once and then use them. For your items we im going to try and ship it in this but the books are kind of wide. So i dont know if itll fit and so if it doesnt i will use the recycled amazon bag but. I like these because theyre more waterproof theyre not going to seep up water like that brown bag well to. Make sure the books dont bend im going to put them in between some pieces of cardboard this cardboard came.

From one of my thread up unboxing videos its the lid to the thread up box i just took the. Tape and label off of it and now im going to cut it in half and put the books in. Between it and set them inside of a polymer okay now the books will be better protected i could just. Tape the sides of the cardboard down but i run the risk of the book sliding into that tape and. Getting stuck so im going to wrap this up in some bubble wrap and this bubble wrap i did not.

Purchase i just am reusing bubble wrap that it got in another package so im going to wrap this up. And bubble wrap so that i can tape it together and the tape wont stick to the books all right. So those fit in there i could take the package to the post office with the buyers address and pay. For shipping at the post office or i could weigh this on a postal scale at home enter the dimensions. Into ebay and buy and print my shipping label from the comfort of my own home i will leave a.

Link to the shipping scale in the description box below im going to want to add a small piece of. Paper to account for the shipping label weight so its 13.8 ounces im going to round up to 14 ounces. You always want to round up with this im also going to want to measure the dimensions of my package. So i have the weight of my package and the dimensions here and im going to scroll down and i. Can see that the buyer selected usps media mail because these are books i can send them through media mail.

And that is going to cost 2.89 you can see that if the buyer had a selected first class or. Priority mail i would have saved by printing my label on ebay so thats why i prefer to just wait. Things and put them at home because it can save you money versus going to the post office now media. Mail however it does not give you a discount for that but its pretty cheap so 2.89 and the buyer. Paid for shipping so im just using the money that the buyer paid for and to find out how to.

Pay for your shipping label with your ebay pending payouts i have another video about that and ill link it. In the cards above okay so im going to hit purchase shipping label im going to black this out because. It has addresses on it but this is my shipping label im going to select my printer and im going. To print it so i printed off that shipping label it came on a full sheet of paper i cut. Off the instruction part and i can keep this as a receipt to show what i paid for for the.

Shipping label so im going to just file this piece of paper away but the other half i taped on. Here i was careful not to tape over any of the barcodes so now all i have to do is. Take this to the post office and drop it off you could also schedule a package pickup and i have. A video about that as well so make sure you guys go check that out if you dont want to. Go to the post office and you just want this picked up at your home now because this is media.

Mail i would need to have a first class package with it in order to schedule that pickup but there. You have it so thats what you do when you accept an offer and a buyer pays for the item. That is how you get it ready to ship and you send it off and take it to the post. Office thanks for watching if this video is helpful make sure you give it a thumbs up and hit that. Subscribe button if you want to learn more ways you can make money with the skills and tools you already.

Have the things that are inside your box thanks everyone take care and ill catch you in my next video.

Method 5 – How To Bid Like A Pro On Ebay!

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Conclusion – How To Accept A Bid On Ebay

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