How To Accept A Gift – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept a gift,

Method 1 – How To Accept Gifts Graciously

Oh thank you but i didnt get you a gift how often has that awkward response ruined a nice giving. Moment sometimes its hard to accept a gift without feeling the need to give one back for a long time. It was difficult for me to accept that sometimes i didnt give gifts that i wanted to because i was. Afraid of imposing an obligation with the gift how silly it took a while for me to realize not everyone.

Thinks the same way some people can accept gifts graciously i learned that when someone has the desire to say. Thank you happy birthday merry christmas or happy arbor day with a gift my gratitude is usually all thats needed. To make the gift gesture complete the best gifts in fact might not even arrive in a package last week. For a special occasion i wanted to give my toastmasters group a gift to express in 10 minutes how the. Program and its members had enhanced and changed my life the response to my thank-you speech was overwhelming appreciative tears.

All around i gave a gift and immediately unexpectedly i got 30 gifts back in my past i would have. Said thank you but i wasnt that good or deflected the praise to my mentor my colleague or my family. Member not very gracious perhaps because im 15 years older now than when i joined or perhaps because of the. Work i do on my own emotional intelligence perhaps because ive been hanging out with the right people or it. Was the right day i soaked it up with as much grace courage and humility as i could muster because.

I allowed that to happen the exchange felt complete i left the meeting on an emotional high and i hope. Everyone else did as well this season if you feel yourself moved to be a generous gift giver check are. You doing so without expectations as my tennessee grandmother would say at the goodness of your little old heart conversely. If you find yourself overwhelmed with someone elses generosity intangible tangible or financial how will you handle it will you. Graciously accept honor the givers gesture and allow the exchange to be complete with so many messages about self-determination independence.

And not needing other people in our lives to get by it can be easy to forget how exchanges of. Gifts if handled well on both sides weave the fabric of our support networks tighter and make them more beautiful. When not handled so well we begin to take that fabric apart i invite you to think about what youre. Giving and receiving this season will do for you and for those around you whether theres money involved or not. You have the potential to enter 2016 feeling a whole lot richer im holly thomas thats mindful monday have a.

Great week.

Method 2 – How To Receive A Gift Well (In 4 Steps)

Were kind of in the season of gifts were the season of thanks for the season of presents i dont. Know if were going to see some presents yet maybe you dont get any presents reminds me hi my name. Is father mike schmitz and this is ascension presents a number of years ago it was a christmas and uh. It was christmas so presents were happening i got a bike it was great it was one of those fat.

Tire bikes like super awesome like really incredible and this one from my parents and at one point my mom. Said shes like i was like ive wheeled it out oh my gosh this is incredible this is an amazing. Bike and she said do you like it i said absolutely this is great thank you so much and she. Said will you use it and i said no and shes like what it was a bad day bad scene. Not because of my mom but because my sister and my brother-in-law had driven hours and hours multiple times back.

And forth between my hometown and the twin cities of saint paul minneapolis to get this bike and they had. Gone way out of their way to get this bike and i was like i love it i im telling. You thank you so much but im also telling you that i have no place to store it like you. Probably you guys youve seen my garage the garage is what we have our mass no matter how great this. Bike is i cant keep it because theres no place for me to put it that was a rough scene.

For i think i dont know if i dont know if those two particular family members have ever been that. Mad at me or upset with me as they were rightly so so it got me thinking about how do. You receive a gift well i mean i tried to receive that well but i didnt and its very important. Why to understand why i think that there are four movements maybe more four parts of how we can receive. A gift well because if we realize that we stop to think about this all of life is a gift.

I mean truly right everything in life is a gift and so if i dont know how to receive a. Gift well one of the things that could mean is that i dont how to i dont know how to. Live well what are some of the key categories or essential elements four parts of receiving a gift well i. Say the first thing is noticing i mean that can be that might be obvious but i dont think it. Is because how often do we notice the fact that we are surrounded by gifts i mean i think we.

Sometimes maybe not you but myself i can become so numb to the fact that everything in life is a. Gift like you flick on a switch and the lights come on you flush the toilet and the stuff thats. Supposed to go away goes away like that is a gift years ago i was a priest ive been hipping. Minnesota home with bob dylan and kevin mchale and of me for two years the power went out and not. Just like the power in the sense of not just the electricity the grid for the city went out so.

There was no electricity there was no heat there was no plumbing there was nothing and it was in the. Middle of winter and i remember thinking so clearly and distinctly that theres not even snow plows that can run. Right now that that that how much how fragile eh we are um how fragile our existence is and how. Every single thing that keeps us alive in so many ways is a gift and it just it goes unnoticed. So the first step in receiving a gift well is i have just notice this the second step is i.

Have to appreciate it so first step notice second step appreciate and what i mean by appreciate is um i. Know the value of the thing like i know what it costs someone now you might hear the five love. Languages and theyre you know theyre uh you know what they are among the five theres one language that is. Gift giving now im not typically uh thats not one of my top i was gonna say its not even. More than i top five but its not the top one of the things i have to do when i.

Receive a gift is i have to stop and consciously think wow this person whoever the person was they took. The time to think what do what will he want to go get the thing to wrap it up or. To deliver it whatever the thing is and now i realize okay this is this is this is what it. Costs right this is the value of the thing this is what it costs them this is uh the attention. That they put into it the love they put into it the time they put into it i have to.

Appreciate the gift i mean another way to say it is have to know what it cost often times when. We we skip this one because why because when someone gives you a gift you know you dont deserve it. Thats the part thats the heart of the gift right is that you know you dont deserve it and so. Its sometimes hard to receive something like this because its its if you really stopped to weigh up the value. And really knew actually what it cost them uh itd be hard to look them in the eyes and just.

Receive with gratitude so the first step is notice the second step is appreciate like know the value of the. Thing the third step is kind of the most obvious maybe it would be where you and i would begin. It is to express thanks its to give thanks and i think that that is that cant be overstated the. Fact that uh here we are called to give thanks at all times whenever we see we receive a gift. To be able to look the person in the eye and just say thank you its easy to rush past.

That part its easy to just kind of and i think we rush past it when we dont notice or. Secondly you know as i said when we dont appreciate the real value of the gift but when theres something. Thats been significantly paid for i guess something that has has cost the other so much i just i cant. I keep coming back to our salvation and the fact that jesus christ gave everything so that you and i. Could have access to the father that jesus christ gave everything so that we could become adopted sons and daughters.

Of the father i cant cant we cant but say thank you so the first step notice the second step. Is to appreciate the thing the third step is to give thanks and the fourth step is if we really. Want to know how to receive a gift well this is this is the key if we really want to. Know how to receive a gift well its one thing to notice it its one thing to appreciate it this. Is great its one thing to even say thank you for the i did that for the bike i said.

All i noticed it i appreciated it i knew it was an awesome bike an incredible bike in fact i. Wish i kept it um the third thing i said thanks so much i was i was very grateful but. The fourth thing the fourth way we can receive a gift well is to use the gift i think theres. Probably nothing no way to honor the giver better than that fourth thing that to actually say okay youve given. Me this gift i will use it you made me a bundt cake ill eat the bundt cake i dont.

Know why i thought of bundt cake you gave me a bike im gonna ride the bike you gave me. A flute im gonna play the flute whatever that thing is you give me a towel im gonna use the. Towel theres no better way to receive a gift than to use the gift and so as i mentioned before. I can thank god for making us through his son jesus christ into his beloved sons and daughters but then. I can live that way i can thank god for giving us the gift of his mercy and i can.

Actually appeal to his mercy through confession i can thank god for the reality of the eucharist and i can. Actually go to mass and offer up the sacrifice of the eucharist and receive the eucharist and let that change. Me let him change me i think theres nothing better than that all of life is a gift the best. Way to receive a gift is to notice it to appreciate the gift to be thankful for the gift and. Above all to use the gift from all of us here at ascension presents my name is father mike god.

Bless you.

Method 3 – How To Accept A Gift: Southerners Vs. Everyone Else

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Method 4 – Accepting Gifts With Grace

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Method 5 – How To Accept A Steam Gift!

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Conclusion – How To Accept A Gift

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