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Method 1 – How To Accept A Job Offer

Hi welcome back this is austin kelly from how to get hired and today were going to be talking about. How to accept a job offer well congratulations youve made it this far through the interview process and you finally. Got a job offer this is no small feat and calls for a little celebration now there are five simple. Steps you can take during the job acceptance process to ensure there is no confusion on either end of you.

And getting everything youve expected out of the offer step one is you want to start by setting expectations its. Always best to be timely in your response to the job offer so you want to be sure to send. A note upon receiving the offer stating the steps you are taking and when they can expect a reply step. Number two is you want to carefully review the offer ensure you review all aspects of the offer and consider. How each section relates to you your current role or any competing offers you may have if available have a.

Mentor a friend or family member review as well its always helpful to have a second opinion on a decision. Thats this important step number three is you want to decide how you will respond if the employer sets you. An off official offer through an email its acceptable to send your acceptance back in an email reply if they. Sent you a physical offer letter consider sending one back if you dont do opt for a physical mailing address. You may consider also sending the same message via email to ensure they see it in a timely manner step.

Number four is you want to begin drafting a reply after you carefully review the offer terms are and everythings. Ready for your acceptance begin drafting a reply if youre wondering how to begin a response look at the communication. From the employer and follow the same tone in your acceptance start by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and. Restating the final offer details as you understand them this can include your expected title a summary of the salary. And the benefits youve agreed to an expected start date then clearly explained that you officially accepted the companys offer.

Of employment conclude with well wishes and any questions you have ahead of your start date if youre sending a. Job acceptance email make the subject line clear and easy to find like job offer acceptance – austin kelly step. Number five is you want to proofread your response be sure to reviewers your response several times in order to. Spot any errors its always helpful to again enlist a friend or a mentor to help you through this process. Remember you want a second opinion and drafting a response is helpful when you have another persons you know ive.

You if you are accepted via phone or in person be sure to practice your response and prepare for any. Questions or any further negotiations and thats it those are just a few tips on how to accept the job. Offer now if you havent already subscribed and youre interested in getting ahead in your career click the link below. To order our brand-new book how to get hired available on amazon barnes & Noble and at austin kelly books. Comm use coupon code youtube 3 5 on our website to receive 35 percent off our new book to get.

The latest and greatest career tips to advance your career i want to thank you for watching and ill see. You on our next video.

Method 2 – How To Accept A Job Offer: All You Need To Know Before Taking A New Job

In todays video well talk about the most exciting yet still tricky part of your job search process when you. Receive a job offer stick to the end of this video because ill walk you through the key things you. Need to take into account to decide whether its the right opportunity for you and how you can handle communications. With your soon-to-be employer hi everyone its anna from cv labs and were back talking about how to make your.

Job search process easier and get you hired for that fantastic job you deserve if you want to make the. Most out of your career make sure to subscribe to this channel and dont forget to hit the bell to. Be the first to watch my new video every single week i have so many great videos coming up for. You trust me you dont want to miss it so congrats you received a job offer what do you do. Next number one you want to make sure to give a timely reply to the employer even if you need.

Some time to think it over thats okay but you have to let them know when youre going to get. Back to them and of course make sure to actually stick to that promise now its time to review the. Terms and conditions of the offer to make sure that you actually understand whats going on this is a really. Important stage because you need to look at all of the details mentioned in the offer and read it multiple. Times if you need to you can ask somebody else for a second opinion and advice and if you have.

Any questions at all prepare a list of questions youre going to ask the hr department or your soon-to-be new. Boss because its always better to ask than to regret not asking later now that you understand the offer its. Time to evaluate whether its actually the right move for you at this stage in your career because it doesnt. Make sense to start negotiations or ask a ton of questions if deep down you know that this is not. Going to be the right call and this will only get you further away from your actual career goals so.

How do you decide first evaluate whether this new opportunity is actually a step up down or at the same. Comparable level to what you already had before at this point its important to consider multiple factors because its not. Just about the formal job title its also about the size of the company the industry your exposure to decision. Making and a lot of other things that come into play also consider the breadth of your job duties and. By that i dont just mean reading the job description but actually thinking about the things youre going to be.

Doing on a daily basis what kind of problems youre going to be solving and how you will be leveraging. Your skill set and your core strength in the process another important thing to consider is company culture i hear. From so many people who disregard this and then regret joining the wrong kind of organization where they cannot really. Thrive so when it comes to company culture its important to take a real objective look rather than fall for. Stereotypes because a lot of the times people think of big companies and well-known brands and they imagine a certain.

Culture and then they are completely shocked when they get there and they actually see something completely different so when. It comes to figuring out whether its the right fit for you and you actually want to join that kind. Of environment trust your gut and dont just blindly rely on someone elses opinion or advice or whatever it is. That everybody believes about this company a really good idea is to talk to you people who used to work. In this organization so go browse through your network alumni network linkedin network social media and see if you might.

Know someone who has already worked in that organization and can actually tell you what its like to be part. Of that environment and finally compensation its also a really important criteria and remember that you can negotiate your salary. You wont know whether youre going to get it or not until you actually ask its interesting that actually recent. Studies show that 70 percent of managers expect a salary and benefits negotiations but they will never actually tell you. That the offer is flexible what is interesting is that 46 of men according to recent studies do take the.

Risk and negotiate compared to only 34 percent of women so ladies step up your game because its going to. Be worth it and why the same studies show that when you actually counter the initial offer on average youre. Gonna get more than seven percent over what was initially offered in the job offer by the way do you. Want to learn to negotiate your salary like a pro let me know in the comments below if you want. Me to make a video on expert salary negotiation tactics so obviously there are some other perks and benefits besides.

Pay but at the end of the day there is one really important thing that so many job seekers forget. To consider seriously how excited are you about taking this offer be honest with yourself by taking this job offer. Are you running towards something something new exciting challenging or are you simply running away from a really negative and. Dull situation finally if the job offer has passed all of your criteria and you checked all of the important. Points off of your list how do you accept you want to accept in the same format how they initially.

Made the offer to you meaning if you received a phone call you give them a call back if they. Emailed you you email them back or if they texted you you accept view text so most often its going. To be email how do you accept your job offer over email first of all in your subject line you. Want to put your full name dash job offer acceptance so that right away people know what this is going. To be about and can see that its good news also you want to start with your email with saying.

Thank you and showing appreciation to the entire hiring team who took part in the process and not just your. Soon to be boss because youre going to be collaborating potentially with all of those people and you want to. Make sure that you show appreciation to them as well also you want to make sure to include your written. Acceptance so for formal purposes you want to actually write out that you accept formally the job offer and finally. You also want to summarize the key terms and conditions such as your job title and your starting date and.

Things like that again to make sure that you and the employer are on the same page hundred percent if. Something is unclear and you want to ask a question at this point by all means do it just keep. In mind that the employer needs to know that you are committed so when youre asking a follow-up question include. Some language to reinforce your excitement and motivation for the position so you might be thinking that this is not. The right time to be discussing choosing between multiple offers and figuring out whether its the right one to accept.

Because well things have not been going so well in a lot of countries and the economy is really down. Right now well i can tell you that some of my clients have recently been you know choosing and picking. From multiple job offers so that opportunity is still there but you want to make sure that it all starts. With a well-written well-crafted resume and a smart proactive networking strategy so im gonna link two videos in the description. Below with some awesome tips to revive your resume in 2020 and to learn to network like a pro online.

Using linkedin if you have any questions start typing in the comments below and also let me know in the. Comments if youve ever been in a position where you had to choose between multiple job offers and what helped. You finally come up with the decision thank you for watching todays video if you liked it dont forget to. Hit thumbs up if you loved it subscribe to my channel and ill see you again soon.

Method 3 – 8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A New Job

Hey everybody its annie welcome back to my weekly show where i help you build a career you love today. Were gonna talk about the most vital areas you need to investigate before you take any new job specifically these. Are eight great questions that you need to ask yourself before you accept a new position and i was inspired. To give you this i thought about this about a month ago it was actually inspired by one of my.

One-on-one coaching clients frank hes a senior vice president of sales he was about to accept a new position he. Called me up he said id like to have a coaching session because i want you to look at this. I want to make sure im not missing anything really just kind of surfaced the red flags so i got. To thinking as we went through his his process i thought god would be a great topic to share with. My community and then and then ive got to share this story with you about victor victor is one of.

My boot campers i love this story he was living in rural pennsylvania he had an operational position he decided. He wanted to quit in the fall he ended up finishing it out through the end of the year he. Goes on to join my job search boot camp in january runs through the program then decides maybe its better. That i moved to a more populated city where theres more opportunities so he grabs the networking templates that we. Give him as part of the boot camp he moves to parkss but in washington dc starts circulating these networking.

Templates gets some interviews and then has one for a chief financial officer position at a financial services company of. All things so he reaches in to me and he says hey ive got an interview with the ceo id. Love for you to prep me because this is really important so we have a session he goes into the. Interview he crushes it gets a job offer gets a twenty five percent pay increase and then a few days. Ago he emails me and he says can we have another session so that you can help me make sure.

That im thinking through this properly and im not missing anything so 18 hours ago yesterday last night this is. The exact agenda that he and i went through that we talked through to make sure that he was making. A good decision i want to be really clear about what were talking about today and the value of it. Couple of months ago about eight weeks i did a session on how to choose the right job now that. Session was built based on your own self reflection becoming self-aware identifying your criteria and what makes you happy and.

Then identifying questions that you would ask an employer to determine if the employer could actually satisfy what you need. Thats very very specific to you as the individual today its going to be a blueprint that all of you. Should use to make sure that you are stepping back at the end heres whats happening youve been through the. Interview process right its kind of like a war you get to the end you know youre gonna get the. Offer now think about how distracted youve become they rearrange your thinking so a lot of things going on this.

Is very emotional everybody is wearing these smiles on their faces they cant wait to hire you this is about. You stepping back and becoming sane for a minute having some clarity and objectivity and stepping back and saying now. I need to think this through to know exactly how long the smiles on their faces are gonna last are. Gonna last so thats what its gonna be about so im gonna take you through these eight questions some of. Them are gonna be easy some of them are gonna be a little deeper but i think its gonna be.

A lot of fun and so lets get into this lets get into this now the first one and by. The way let me preface this by saying some of you throughout your interviewing process will ask questions related to. These things that you should be asking yourself but i want you to make sure that if you dont feel. You have the information you should make sure that you ask it before you accept the job the first one. Is on the company itself so lets start with the company and really the company and the market so first.

Thing you want to make sure that you do is you take step back and you look at the organization. Now you probably have already done your research even before you went into the interviews and youve gained more insight. Throughout the interviewing process is this company a leader in its space thats great or if they are a leader. Will they be able to stay a leader what are their plans to do that if theyre not the leader. Do they have plans to catch the leader is that reasonable now these kind of things and along these lines.

It was very important for you to ask right and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with. Where they sit but and thats kind of obvious and if you if theres lots of competition in that space. And kind of see where they sit where theyre going in the market but what if its a new market. What if what if its a startup organization or a small organization or theres not really a lot of competition. In the local area there could be many other factors right not everybody joins large organizations ill give you a.

Quick story about what i mean about ten years ago so it was 2009 i was getting together for lunch. With with a i would call him a dear friend i would call him a business colleague i would call. Him a mentor hes mentored me ive mentored him but during this stage in his life i was giving him. Some coaching about his career and potentially helping him with his jobs he was working for a technology consulting company. And for a couple of years i had been talking with him about how i thought and this is somebody.

Ive known for a very very long time since i was in my early 20s we had a great relationship. And i said you need to take more chances in your life you need to shake yourself up a little. Bit go out and have some fun for goodness sake so we get down we sit down for lunch he. Says i want to let you know you i know youve been pestering me for years i decided im going. To take a new job with a startup organization i said great tell me about it he said well theres.

Somebody i used to work with at one of the consulting firms he is starting to build this social media. Agency kind of a consultancy around social media for businesses and its like five guys in a garage so im. Gonna im gonna participate and im gonna come in as the president and so on now this is five guys. In a garage but its 2009 now i joined facebook i dont when you joined i joined in like 2007. So the linkedin only came out in about 2004 so think about as individuals we were starting to get comfortable.

With social media but businesses hadnt really gotten there yet but one thing i did know in 2009 is that. People buy whats in front of them on line and businesses had yet to tap social media and all the. Various platforms this goes well beyond you know the facebooks of the world but they had yet to tap into. That arm marketing and i knew that was going to be the wave of the future i could process that. In 10 seconds and those five little words came out of my mouth as i looked at him and said.

Do you need any money because i knew that that was something that the market needed but didnt have yet. Now there was only one other company at the time who was even thinking about doing this and doing this. A little bit so all i needed to know was is the ceo thats going to be running this company. Is he is he a you know thoroughbred is he we do we have the horses to do this whats. The strategy and so on and he said yes well use some money i said ill take it all and.

Were gonna call my sister my brother-in-law and a friend or two and we raised some capital and off this. Went hugely thriving so it doesnt just have to be a leader in its space but there needs to be. A number of things about the company and the market that you can assess so its not just as simple. As where do you sit the other thing is is there enough market demand so it almost didnt even matter. If there were ten other companies doing this the fact of the matter was the entire planet was eventually going.

To need this so if we have something you know technology consulting companies things like that there will always be. Need for those types of organizations but thats something that you got to assess initially is wheres the company sit. And what does the market look like when you are joining it all right second thing how about the product. How about the service so lets think about this do you enjoy servicing that do you enjoy building that product. Is there a need in the market for that product is there a need is there demand so much like.

The space that the company is in the company might have several products and this this is where we have. To kind of trickle down the little tree here this particular product or service that you are being hired to. Support doesnt matter if youre in the accounting department youre accounting for that product so its still about the product. Itself is the organization building a product or offering a service that you can get behind are you the salesperson. Thats got to go pitch it can you get behind it with a big old smile on your face are.

You the technologist or the man you or the product developer that wants to design it and put it together. Will you enjoy that thats something you need to step back are they going in the right direction are they. Going to be building products that you will enjoy so you need you need to make that assessment here i. Was saying about the tech the technology consultancies that are services theres lots of them in the world and there. Will always need to be lots of them because companies will need always need help with that and then and.

And also technology itself is a very dynamic solution so its constantly growing getting better getting cheaper getting faster and. So on and more creative so you know do you want to be part of something thats evolving its another. Thing to think about then the unit that they are hiring you into is that unit vital in the long-term. Success of the organization is it a strategic arm of the company and will they continue to invest dollars in. It this is very very important lets say you are a programmer and one of the large tech telecommunications companies.

Wants to hire you and you know cobol programming and they have some systems that are you know developed in. Cobol theyre just legacy systems for them theyre not really going to build or invest those they just need somebody. To babysit them for a while now your personal situation and needing a job aside im just talking about the. Overall healthier decision here go in eyes wide open knowing that that is not a unit that they are going. To continue to invest in its very important or do you want to get into one of the signalling areas.

That is going to be the wave of the future in the next generations and all that other good stuff. So you just want to make sure are they actually going to continue to put money into the area that. You are diving into its incredibly important that you recognize where youre getting in in the organization just because the. Company is great and just because theres a huge market for a lot of the products that they offer does. Not necessarily mean the unit that you are being hired into is going to be around for a long time.

Is going to be around for a long time so thats something that you want to make sure that you. Are thinking about the other thing this one you probably asked why is the position open now this is something. That you should have asked in the screen in the screen so you want to make sure that you have. An appreciation did somebody vacate the seat because they got promoted did somebody leave for a different job a better. Job perhaps did somebody get canned did somebody quit because the boss is a psycho right i mean this is.

This is the stuff that you need to make sure that you know thats a fairly straightforward one now this. Next one number five i absolutely absolutely love this one and those of you that have followed me you know. How much i love this are the expectations clear are the success metrics clear so for those of you that. Go to the andy lau aveda school of interrogating employers when its your turn to ask questions you know one. Of my favorite questions for you to ask in a job interview it probably is my damn favorite is if.

You were to offer me this job and i was to accept it or anybody was to accept it whoever. Accepts this in a year from now what does success look like specifically what will i have accomplished or whoever. Have accomplished that you would consider a raging success that gives you the success metrics and you know that theres. Clarity behind what youre signing up for and you know what your goals are now thats kind of where i. Left job i shot a whole video on that one you can go check that out on the channel but.

There is a huge difference between having clarity on what your success metrics looks like and the sanity of that. Metrics i mean is that metric actually attainable so give you a great story were recruiting for a start up. And starts been in business for a few years but but roll with me on this one and they would. Like their salesperson to sell a million dollars in revenue in the first year and that would take about ten. Clients ten new clients so im thinking as could anybody whos coming into this position has anybody her in the.

History of the company ever generated a million dollars any year or gotten 10 new clients anybody ever in the. History of the company let alone somebody who was just starting and going from cold and going from cold so. So the million dollars is clear the ten new clients is clear but is is that actually reasonable where did. You come up with the metric to determine that you want that project implemented by such and such a date. What makes you think that we could get that in by such and such a date when i know its.

Gonna take 12 months and you think its gonna take nine months something like that so you want to make. Sure that you have clarity that the expectations are known and reasonable and reasonable okay all right next how about. This one so i talked about are they going to invest in the unit that youre going into but what. Level of support in your particular little universe within the organization are they going to give you how committed are. They to your area how committed are they to you so lets get specific are you that mark chief marketing.

Officer whos coming into the organization they tell you we want you to build out the marketing team we need. To get the engines going and you got to build up the events and the content management and all this. And that great how much budget is there to hire the seven you know ponies i need you know the. Thoroughbreds to run the race with me so is their is their budget how much time do i get to. Build that right all of these things need to make sense are you the technologists that has to go in.

And implement a technology solution are they going to properly unboard you and familiarize you with their product are they. Going to pay the $12,000 for you to go take the sand training and get certified so your resources come. In the form of people their dollars to support people to support education to support the tools are you the. Are you the vice president of sales whos going to build out that sales unit and get it hummin but. Theyre not gonna give you the money to buy the salesforce automation system that you in order to run it.

Effectively so thats what im talking about so how committed are they and then heres some other things lets not. Split hairs here but heres another thing what is their timeline on that so they can be committed to something. Is their timeline reasonable so how long do i get to implement the solution what happens if we dont make. It on time what happens if we dont make it a time what challenges d.

Conclusion – How To Accept A Job

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