How To Accept A Refund On Paypal – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept a refund on paypal, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept a refund on paypal,

Method 1 – How To Refund A Transaction In Your Paypal Account

Hi steve for web starts here in this video im gonna go over how to refund a transaction in your. Paypal account anytime a sale made within your store needs to be refunded and paypal was a processor for that. Sale youll need to refund the associated transaction within your paypal account lets go over that now now im already. Logged in to my paypal account so im ready to go if you havent done so yet just go to. and log into your account once youre logged in click the activity tab located at the top of the. Page here youll find all the recent transactions made within your paypal account locate the transaction you wish to refund. There it is go ahead and click on that and then decide how much of the total transaction youd like. To refund and then click continue it should refund the full amount by default but you can refund only a. Partial amount should you choose from here review the details of the refund and then click the issue refund button.

To complete and you should get a refund complete note and thats all there is to it any funds related. To the charge will then be sent back to your customer and you should be set if you have any. Other questions about refunding a transaction or the web starts in general be sure to reach out to our support. Team and wed be happy to help out.

Method 2 – 🤑Paypal Accept Pending Payment Before It Refunds Back | 💰💰Currency Not Supported

Hi guys in this video i am going to show you that if you have the payment pending into your. Paypal account then how you can accept that specific payment from your paypal account itself so basically i got an. Uh i got a payment from my client and he sent me twenty dollars so that dollars was in new. Zealand dollars right so uh i got an email so let me show you one email so here you can.

See that i got this email of twenty dollars which are new zealand dollars so this email confirms that js. Specific name and company with paypal to complete the payment you need to accept or decline it within 30 days. By clicking here so uh that means if i am not accepting within 30 days then that amount would be. Refunded to the person who has sent me the amount so of course i need to accept the payment as. Soon as possible because in that way i could able to accept the amount which he has sent so one.

More thing is like you can view the transaction details by logging into your paypal account and clicking the activity. Page all right so this payment is pending what was the reason of the spending payment is like this payment. Is pending because it was sent in a currency that you dont have in your account so as you know. That we can accept the currency we can set the currency uh in a in only two currencies we can. Set at a time for example i have indian rupees as a as a currency and another is us dollars.

So which are primary which is primary currency right so we can set um two currencies by default and if. We have any other type of currency then at that moment uh the people is just telling us that this. Currency is not supported by your paypal account so you need to manually accept that amount so that you get. Paid so thats this dollar was new zealand dollars thats why i got this email to accept the amount which. Was pending on my paypal account so you can see that here i have this amount uh this pending amount.

So let me click on this one so once i am clicking on this specific payment option then i will. Be redirected to uh the details page here you can see that all the details are over here like who. Has sent me and what is the transaction id and how much amount i got so at the end you. Can see over here like your payment is waiting uh like i have the i have two buttons which are. Accept and decline so if im clicking on accept so that means the payment would be accepted by me and.

The the amount would be transferred into my paypal account otherwise after 30 days that amount would be refunded to. The person who has sent the amount all right so let me click on accept so i have clicked on. Accept so lets see what will be happening afterwards so yeah so here i am getting this message that this. Much dollars were there and i received 18.43 new zealand dollars after a receipt fee of 1.57 new zealand dollars. Is deducted please select what you would like to do this with this payment i mean accept this payment in.

New zealand dollars and create a balance in the currency deny this payment and return the money to the sender. So of course i am interested to accept this new zealand dollars so that i get the amount into my. Paypal account so let me submit this one so i am clicking on submit button right now so once i. Will be clicking on this specific button then that amount would be transferred to my uh bank account to my. Paypal account and then automatically transferred to my bank account so you can see over here like payment accepted you.

Have successfully accepted this payment the new zealand dollars balance has been opened so what do you want to do. Next return to the account history view the details of this transaction go to my account so let me return. Back to my summary so if i am clicking on this summary so uh yeah you can see over here. The pending label has been removed and actually i had to i had another issue with the paypal account so. I had some pending amount that i need to pay to my people so that amount has been deducted from.

Here and uh 543 rupees are still pending to pay to the to add to the paypal account all right. So here you can see that this amount is received now so you can see here like we have the. Label payment received so currently i accepted the amount and that amount has been uh added to my paypal account. All right so this was what which i was trying to show to you and of course this was really. Helpful for you as well if you are facing such type of issues or maybe you are interested to solve.

This type of problem so basically what i wanted to make you sure is like in sometimes we try to. Accept the amount and we try to think about that we are not our amount is pending but someone has. Sent us the amount already so how we can solve the issue so this is the minor thing that we. Have to know about is like we need to accept and uh accept that amount which is not supporting to. Our primary currency so let me show you the currency which is supported so for example i am going to.

Yeah this is my bank account so can use you can so you can see over here like we have. The indian rupees which is primary currency and then we have the us dollars so this is also uh over. Here and this is new zealand dollars right so currently i have accepted this much amount 18.43 this was the. First time i have uh used this specif i have received the amount in new zealand dollars so in us. Dollars i had 1408 that i need to add to my account so uh 865 has been added to my.

Account and uh the rest of the amount is already reflecting over here like 543 so you can see that. Currently i have three currencies so if uh someone will be sending me the amount in new zealand dollars afterwards. Then that would be accepted automatically because i have accepted this currency now so this setting would be saved and. In future i dont have needed to click on that specific accept button because i have said that i am. Interested to accept this type of currencies as well so i hope you got the basic understanding of how to.

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Method 3 – Paypal Refund Process – How To Get Your Refund From Paypal?

Hi friends if you are a fond of online shopping you may have some good and bad experiences that sometimes. May not plan as we think well these can be product ordered never arrived not similar to the sellers description. So you need to go for getting a refund you need a refund if the payment has made through paypal. Then this video will help you in understanding the process before going further ill request you to like this video.

Share it within your french circle guys this will motivate us to make more such informative videos if the payment. Has made through paypal then you can take benefit of buyers protection scheme it includes all the available purchase amounts. Including the shipping cost up to the value of 20 000 there may be two possible scenarios that have covered. Under the buyer protection policy item not received items significantly not as described this policy also covers all the intangible. Items such as e-tickets now open a dispute to let the process begin in your paypal account go to the.

Resolution center to open a dispute within 180 days from the day of purchase tap on dispute or transaction choose. Item dispute the process of getting the money back from paypal is easy and the decisions or responses will take. Around 5-10 days and have typically ruled buyers favor now lets see what are the frequently asked questions relating to. The payback chargeback is there any payback chargeback fees no there is no fees or claim charges for getting money. Back through the paypal chargeback method can i get money back from friends and family disputes on paypal no guarantees.

Has given by paypal to get the money back from kit and kill even there is no such protection rules. Related to money transferred to any friend or family member can paypal payment be reversed yes it is possible to. Reverse the payments when the chargeback has claimed by the buyer the customer has the right to ask the credit. Card provider to get the payment back that has done via paypal account make all payments wisely and stay away. From scammers kindly mention all your thoughts always as questions below to clear out all doubts please voice the problems.

If any we are happy to assist you thank you for watching this video and have a nice day.

Method 4 – Paypal How To Refund Payment – Paypal How To Request Refund – Paypal How To Get Refund From Seller

Hey guys in this video im going to walk you through the steps on how you go about requesting a. Refund in your paypal account now this is different than filing a dispute in the resolution center so if youre. Looking to file a dispute of a separate video on how to do that linked at the top of the. Video description but this is just going to be requesting a refund from a merchant or a seller in paypal.

So what we want to do is head on over to ill also have their website linked down in. The video description over at paypal click login and then enter in your paypal email and password to log into. Your paypal account and then once were logged in its going to take us to our paypal summary page what. We want to do is go over to our activity to find the payment that were going to request a. Refund for so click on the activity tab and then in the activity area youre going to want to find.

The transaction that youre going to try to refund so just make sure that the start and end date are. During the time period that you made the purchase you can also try searching specifically if you know the website. For instance that you made the purchase from you can type that here into the search activities to try to. Find it and then once youve found the correct purchase just go ahead and click on that option so for. Me im going to click on this ebay purchase right here and then it should give you a drop down.

Menu that has all the different information thats pertaining to this purchase such as what you paid with the shipping. Address the transaction id and its also gonna have the seller info and this is the area where youre gonna. Get the information that needed to request that refund now since this purchase was made through ebay requesting a refund. Is gonna have to be done through the ebay website but a lot of the time depending on which website. That you made the purchase through with paypal itll have the seller info and an email that you can get.

In contact with them to request that refund through so this is going to be the area where you can. Find the seller info to request the refund through your paypal account and again guys if you want to escalate. This to filing a dispute and disputing the payment then ill have a separate tutorial video on how to do. That posted at the top of the video description so i appreciate you guys stopping by consider subscribing and ill. Catch you back here next time.

Method 5 – How Long Does A Paypal Refund Take To Show In Your Bank Account?

We bring you the answers to all your questions be better than others enjoy the benefits of knowledge accept the. Answers from us three to five days refund basics for purchases made with your credit or debit card the refund. Can take up to 30 days to show up on your account if you bought the item using your bank. Account or paypal balance the balance will be credited to your paypal account funds can take three to five days.

To arrive in your account our mission is to provide accurate answers we think without knowledge it is impossible to. Live a balanced life be competent be skillful thank you for watching dont forget to subscribe and hit the bell. Notification.

Conclusion – How To Accept A Refund On Paypal

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