How To Accept Ach Payments – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Ach Payments: Top 7 Processors For Small Business

Did you know you can save money while processing payments online thats right authorizing a bank transfer via the good. Old ach network can save you some serious bacon but before you go all in on ach how well do. You know the processors available well no worries because youre in the right place today well be reviewing the seven. Best ach processors that can save you money hows it going mavericks lets take a look at the best ach.

Processing companies for all types of businesses but before we get into it make sure to subscribe to our channel. And dont forget to hit that bell down there below so first and foremost if you collect online payments your. Customers are probably used to using credit cards paypal or digital wallets like apple pay or google pay however some. People may be open to authorizing a simple bank transfer via the ach network aka automatic clearinghouse these ach payments. Are commonly referred to as e-checks and youve probably already paid some of your personal or business bills this way.

For example if youve used direct deposit to distribute or collect paychecks or you received a tax refund directly from. The irs then you use the ach network as you might guess ach has some advantages over card-based transactions therefore. Making it a valuable option for low-cost recurring payments the merchant maverick team has reviewed a large number of ach. Processing companies to find the most complete and competitively priced providers out there so without further ado here are the. 7 best ach processors in no particular order we have payment cloud fat merchant dharma merchant services national processing

Stripe and braintree payment cloud is a high-risk specialist that offers ach processing besides having an excellent reputation this processor. Can be especially helpful to businesses that have a hard time processing credit cards payment clouds virtual terminal can support. Ach related features upon request the company also prides itself in being able to get ach service up and running. For you within 48 hours as long as you have a business checking account photo id and voided check ready. To go now lets jump right into the pros and cons pros high risk specialization no account setup fee reasonable.

Rates and fees excellent customer support cons no publicly disclosed pricing some businesses may have to accept tiered pricing fat. Merchant is much more than what meets the eye it offers its users transparent pricing but not without a little. Sense of humor fat merchant also stands out by being one of the only providers to offer membership pricing this. Means that merchant charges a higher monthly subscription fee rather than marking up your rate over the interchange rate in. Other words this makes fat merchant a better deal for businesses that process a high volume of car transactions but.

Before you say mary what about ach well that merchant has ach processing upon request so you can call your. Account manager and have it activated here are some pros and cons pros transparent membership pricing month-to-month billing with no. Early termination charge next state funding options quickbooks integration cons domestic merchants only and not suitable for low-volume businesses dharma. Merchant services shows up as a top choice in our list and for good reason i strongly suggest checking out. Our other video best credit card processing companies to better understand why we love dharma so much dharma offers ach.

Processing through one of several programs the first is mx merchant which allows you to accept ach payments to the. Same portal as your credit card processor the second is through telecheck for clover and thirdly you can also use. Dharma slash nmi gateway to accept e-checks if youre curious about their rates and fees make sure to check out. Our article linked below now while dharma merchant services is a great deal overall low volume merchants can probably get. Away with a cheaper service also it doesnt really work with high-risk companies and youll see that on the pros.

And cons list pros no annual fee or monthly minimum month-to-month billing with no early termination charge interchange plus pricing. Outstanding transparency cons no support for high-risk or international merchants ach support requires an add-on service and while national processing. Is one of the smaller processors on our list it definitely gets you a big bang for your buck this. Includes interchange plus pricing with reasonable month-to-month billing and ach processing as an add-on feature the company also offers a. Great deal if youre not processing too many ach transactions the only real downside to national processing is that it.

Does charge an early termination fee in some cases this is usually for customers who sign up for a long-term. Contract in exchange for getting a free terminal the pros and cons of using national processing include pros interchange plus. Pricing month-to-month billing in most cases good reputation cons long-term contracts required to get a free terminal early termination fee. Charged in some cases up next we have now is just a gateway nothing more nothing less but. With that being said many merchant services providers happily use as their gateway which means they must have something.

Going on for them offers ach processing through its optional add-on program called this service is also available. As a standalone in case youre not interested in everything else has to offer the most frustrating thing about. is that while you can sign up for the gateway individually its often cheaper to get it bundled with. Another service however its still nice to know that it is available as a standalone option so to summarize pros. Supports multiple currencies no long-term contracts can be paired with a merchant account from another service cons it may be.

Cheaper to use it when its bundled with another service expensive to get a merchant account through authorize.nets partners and. The all-in-one option may confuse customers stripe serves businesses in 36 countries and can process transactions in over a hundred. Different currencies stripe can also process ach payments without a fuss however its pricing system can be a bit confusing. You may want to check our article on the website for more info in the meantime here are stripes pros. And cons pros predictable flat rate pricing excellent international support excellent subscription services advanced reporting tools cons account stability issues.

Not suitable for high-risk industries and you need technical skill to implement braintree has a lot of the same perks. As stripe but dont take these two as one in the same the main difference here is that braintree offers. Individual merchant accounts to its customers braintree charges a fixed rate per transaction on all ach debits but with a. Capped fee and discounts are also available for enterprise level businesses i should also mention that braintrees gateway is a. Little pricey so we recommend signing up for the full braintree package if you decide to try out this processor.

With that being said braintrees pros and cons include pros predictable flat rate pricing excellent international support extensive integrations cons. Overpriced gateway only option not suitable for high-risk industries needs technical skill to implement if youre still left wondering how. To possibly compare any two ach processors have no fear because our ceo ahmad is here to save the day. Tune in to his maverick minute video where he breaks it down easy peasy link is in the description alrighty. Folks its been a pleasure but its time to bid farewell make sure to check out our website for all.

Your small business needs oh and of course like subscribe and share hungry for more small business info check our. Playlists and keep watching.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Quickbooks Payments And Accept Credit Card And Ach

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Method 3 – How To Receive Ach Payments In Quickbooks Online

Hi everyone im lori ellison from hudson valley bookkeeping todays quickbooks tutorial is on how to receive an ach payment. In quickbooks online please dont forget to like and subscribe and if you have any questions post them in the. Comments section okay so this quickbooks tutorial is on how to receive an ach payment its really pretty much the. Same as receiving a check other than you didnt go to the bank and you didnt fill out a deposit.

Ticket right so you logged on to your bank and you saw someone paid you they could have paid you. Via zell chase ach services this could even be a wire okay so you would go to the customer lets. Say this person right here paid you youre going to click receive payment the date and here you could add. New and say ach so this way you can there could be a reference number you would select this make. Sure its going to the proper account down click this down arrow save and close and just let me show.

You where that went the biggest thing when youre learning quickbooks online is to go look and see where your. Transactions it up especially if youre doing big feeds okay so you can see right here see i was doing. Some other prior things so um this is 2500 and it was received and it went into this you could. Click into it again you click edit another thing you can put right here in the memo is ach if. They sent you any sort of confirmation you could attach it right here and its really as simple as that.

All right please put any questions or comments in the comment section below and be sure to watch for our. Next video.

Method 4 – Using Melio To Accept Ach Payments….For Free

David whats happening now yeah it is working i tweeted about it no its all right its right if you. Disturb david thats all we had to do is you need to check twitter i i piled onto the twitter. Thread and now zoom fixed it like that because somebody else is experiencing the same problem not the other stream. Talk about talk about some clout yeah soon got it done you fixed you fixed twitter i mean you fixed.

The facebook live so apologize for the delay in getting the feed but apparently zoom and facebook live were not. Working well together always always a challenge uh when we try to do these events we never know what were. Going to expect and if you were expecting to see carrie today well youre sadly mistaken carries actually on vacation. And its her daughters 21st birthday on cinco de mayo so there has got to be some uh party yeah. If theres a if theres a reason to uh to drink corona or well dos equis well go with dos.

Equis because of the pandemic but um but welcome to another workshop wednesday uh our workshop today is going to. Be centered around uh melio and and how you can save some of the some of the funds uh keep. Some of the money for yourself uh because uh as you may or may not know uh quickbooks payments has. Now uh forced uh or changed uh their their fee structure for uh for all accounts uh using ach bank. Transfers so um the the the deal was is that uh ach used to be free when when setting up.

Uh bank transfers in quickbooks online uh and it but the the flip side of that coin is that it. Would be five five days to get your money right and so a lot of people thought okay well lets. Thats fine you know i ill ill wait uh for for the funds to arrive but um now uh with. You know i think every money transfer um and maybe david you can you could speak to speak to this. A little bit but every money transfer service uh wants to offer uh to be able to have the the.

Funds available like right away you know to increase your your cash flow next day funding two-day funding instant access. Everythings about as fast as possible yeah right like every time i get every time i get a request for. You know receipt of payment from you know other companies are like hey if you want any faster you know. Even on personal right even you know if you use it personally in venmo right or paypal they always the. Offer is there i want it faster yeah right if you need that yesterday we can pay we can we.

Can we can facilitate that for a small fee right so uh intuit has has lowered the the funding status. But now that comes at a charge and if you want it even faster than thats a thats an additional. Charge to get it in you know get instant access so um nothing causes higher in in accountants minds than. Than increasing the fees of of of transactions so uh i wanted to have david come on the the workshop. Today uh phil not filling in for uh for for carrie but you know um he had posted about a.

Month was that about a month ago april about first week of april yeah and it was it was actually. Something i was meaning to write for a long time like in faq and i finally when everything exploded and. I was like all right i need to really sit down with the coffee shops after for four hours and. Wrote this faq on how to do this for free in melio basically now um so some of the people. You know some people dont know who melio is so lets lets take a step back and talk about melio.

I mean youve got it all behind you in the in the virtual background there and youre wearing it uh. What what is uh melio um and and just talk a little bit about the the company or the app. Itself yeah um let me share because i think theres a couple visuals thatll kind of help a little bit. Okay and why why are you bringing that up um talk about talking about you know you have you have. A quickbooks resident resume as long as your arm you have somebody long arms uh here its coming into focus.

I see it perfect so well skip this slide here ill go to the next one and this is a. Teeny small like five minute deck but theres a couple visuals that are kind of important for people that dont. Know we just briefly talked about me the only other couple of things is uh coast to cloud accounting podcast. So if youre looking to stay on top of like all the weekly news and tech thats in our industry. Uh definitely tune in to that um after i left into it i did start my own company and two.

Major aha moments for me in that one was if i think about my career it was always in theory. Like oh in theory you can connect all these apps and then data is going to magically go from an. App and get into your quickbooks so when i started my own company you know i i opened a bank. Account i got my debit card the first thing i did is i went and bought business cards on new. Right so i charged using my debit card the business cards i got an email receipt i took the email.

Receipt i sent it to auto entry auto entry scanned it put it into my quickbooks online quickers online download. The bank feed and it all matched up and i was jumping up and down in my kitchen i was. Like this is amazing this stuff really works like when its when its something real right its just different its. Just different and then the second big learning because things are real now if i look at like when i. Was helping other testing apps or even when i was in quality assurance or even in tech support youre just.

Creating fake transactions fake vendor like when i do the demo today ill be calling things like fake vendor right. Things like that and its all fake and what happened and so if an app messed up my quickbooks i. Dont really care when i had my own company and that messed up my quick books i lost my mind. Like thats the end of that app and so now i have this new uh level of empathy with accounts. Of bookkeepers right because i know what its like for you guys now when an app screws up your clients.

Quickbooks data and its its just two major aha moments of being a business owner now um i was at. Auto entry automation got acquired by sage i didnt leave a big huge company to work in another big huge. Company and about the time i was fine discovering melio for the podcast um millio found me and so i. Joined about last january i joined the familio and ive been there since um really my role there is to. At one level be very outbound like oh emilios so great come use melio but the more important part of.

My role is to really go to our internal teams our product managers our founders our marketing teams our sales. Support teams and make sure everybody understands how important accountants and bookkeepers are so we build the right stuff right. And thats like theyre more important because i dont have to sell value to accounts and bookkeepers but if i. If i make millio do what it needs to do itll sell itself like i dont have to do it. That brings up a good point that you know it for for accountants and bookkeepers with you know what were.

Going to be talking about here today it whether you use melio or not you you will have you you. Want to have this knowledge so that you can actually speak to it because because of how integrated this this. Service or this this offering is inside of quickbooks online you know its its something you want to be familiar. With right yeah because i mean you ultimately like it or not your clients are probably going to be touching. Or using melio because its so deeply integrated in quickbooks and ill get into that in a little bit but.

Yeah you want to beat your clients with a punch like you want to know melio you want to understand. It so when they ask you questions youre very aware uh one thing we do is uh everybody that comes. On the melio accountants team has to become certified in quickbooks so when you reach out to the accountants team. Youre going to talk to that dedicated sales and support team theyve all been certified in quickbooks um you can. Reach uh you can do chat right inside of melio to talk to the accounts team you can actually email.

Us at and you have a home right like accounts you always have a home at melio um some. People ask about the name the easiest way to think about this is just melio equals better thats probably the. Easiest way to think about the word melio where it comes from and so what is melio answers its just. Super easy to use business to business payments and receivables so if you think when i say easy think venmo. I think paypal thinks out like all thats for peer-to-peer you cant really use it for business right so our.

Founders are actually not or youre not supposed to theyre not supposed to i think some of those apps now. Are offering business services but their fees are kind of high in their and the business stuff is like five. Six seven days right for the deposit and i think thats why a lot of people will use those services. Because theyll go with the friends and family option b to avoid said fee yes yes a lot of people. Will do this and weve talked about that i think before um and then but our founders were at paypal.

And paypal bought venmo and so they when they left they started melio and youll see a lot of things. From venmo come over to melio so if you use venmo its super easy to use melio super easy to. Use youve used venmo so in venmo um the basic money transfers are free if i send you money its. Free if you want the money instantly theres a fee right so anything special theres fees for same thing in. Value the basic fundamental payment ach to ach or ach to pay per check one business paying another is 100.

Free anything special theres a fee for if you want instant payment instant on debit card pay by a credit. Card deposit to a debit card if you want us to deliver a box of cash right anything special theres. Fees for but if its um just the basic money payments its free and then the third piece is picking. And choosing how you want to pay and how you get paid so dan if i pay you on venmo. I dont you dont care if i use my vengo balance my checking account a credit card you just dont.

Care and same thing when i pay you i dont really care what you do with it either if you. Deposit your checking account if you do an instant deposit if you you know just leave it in your venmo. Balance the same thing with melu as a business owner i can pick how i want to pay with my. Credit card personal credit card debit card checking account it doesnt matter and you being the business receiving can choose. I want a paper check i want an ach i want an instant deposit on my debit card so that.

Crisscross from uh venmo exists in value as well and so really who is it for quickly kind of go. Through this if you think about the free and easy options that i put ish because theyre not really free. Right theres an expense for the bank website theres expenses for paper checks right and then the expensive and complex. So this is your your software you need five approvers to get a bill payment out the door right for. A lot of pro advisors though and a lot of accountable keepers most of our clients are over here on.

The left right and sure theres some clients you have that need multiple approver type level stuff but most of. It with the left and so what happens is its kind of left a gap in the market right because. You as an account or bookkeeper you probably have clients that you cant justify the cost of that expensive and. Complex software so youve just been telling them for the last eight years use the bank website right and and. I think actually i made this slide with ninety percent i think its as high as like ninety seven percent.

An account on a hundred clients and theyll have ninety seven percent using the bank website because it doesnt they. Cant justify an expensive and complex solution but because nelio was free melio can be the solution you put all. Your clients on right also theres no more reason to use paper checks bank website etc you can just put. Those on this so youre going you might have a client that needs 25 approvers to get a bill payment. Out the door thats not the right fit put them on that expensive and complex solution but emilio is really.

Going to be the thing for everybody else right you find me you finally can offer a solution out instead. Of just telling people well deal with the big website anybody wants to tell a client that right now you. Can while theyre familiar yeah then you lose insight into uh into the bill payment process like if you dont. Have access as an accountant into their into their process and its not secure right youre youre having to get. Their logins the bank its just theres a lot of reasons not to do that um so its pretty straightforward.

You add a bill the best way is just put into quickbooks you pay the credit card or bank account. And the vendor gets choose how they want to be paid its pretty pretty straightforward again like theres no cost. Right as you said anything special theres fees for paying by credit card instant payments et cetera but in general. Theres no fees to use melro yeah thats i think that is that is probably the the toughest thing for. People to grasp i think when theyre when theyre introduced to it like well how how do you guys make.

Money if uh if theres no fees right and its the special stuff right its thats how we make money. You know if somebody wants to fedex a paper check theres a special fee for that if they want to. Do an instant deposit through their debit card specialty for that like everything specials theres a fee for them so. Its not its not 100 free but the basic tenant the belief that businesses should be able to pay each. Other for free that will always be there right that is a founding tenant of melio so im going to.

Escape out of this deck because um everybody gets mellie who gets a an accountant dashboard youll see me in. The accounts dashboard so im gonna put my accountants hat on here in a moment uh screen sharing is stopped. Okay figuratively hat because you wont fit over the headset thats that yes exactly i had to pull this out. And uh put this on and so another another caveat or you know thing thing to grasp is that the. Two different flavors of of melio and you just you guys just utilize those as colors so green versus versus.

Purple um you know and thats thats something to for for accounts and bookkeepers to to keep in mind that. There are so thats the distinction between the two so theres the quickbooks online bill pay thats powered by melio. Thats just a lot of words to say so its easy to say green melee its just easier and then. Purple yellow is all the million thats purple right now the nice thing is its the same product its the. Same train track so if the work you do in one shows up in the other and vice versa its.

Not where you have some clients and product a some clients with product b and youre always dancing and you. Dont know which clients and which product they all show up in the same product theyll show up on your. Dashboard theyre all connected to you like you dont have to play a lot of that dance in that game. And the nice thing is you can use the account or bookkeeper can dance between the two right whatevers convenient. But then you can solve for your clients you might have a client that has an in-house accounts payable clerk.

You just set them all up connect all the pipes let them do everything in quickbooks you have another client. That youre doing the bill pay for and they just need you approvals a basic level of approvals maybe you. Do that in purple right you get to decide where you want to work and whats right for each individual. Client on that but we should get into kind of the meat of why were here right which is yeah. So how does an accountant avoid ach fees using melio thats thats the thats the crux of our of our.

Workshop today and what ive done is i actually created its a an faq and its a little bit of. A workaround so its one of those um its not the perfect solution right its definitely i think you said. It best the workarounds involve work i think you said that weve talked earlier today around involved work but it. Gets you to the same end point because ultimately you probably have an authorization form with your clients theyve already. Given you their ach numbers you probably have those written down somewhere on some sort of authorization form right and.

So if you have that you can actually add your client to melio put in the bank account information pay. Yourself through melio and then the owner doesnt really have to even be involved if you dont want the owner. To be involved which gets you to the exact same spot in the end so so its a little bit. Of a workaround to get you exactly where you want to be which is i can automatically have my clients. Pay me through melio into my bank account right and it gets you there so let me um share again.

And im gonna share my whole screen now lets see and then as far as the the setup is concerned. Once it is set up like once youve gone through this faq or this workflow it it would it would. Be set it forget it it would be automated uh to a degree yes um and what ill show you. In this stuff theres actually an option at the end depending on how you how much control and automation you. Kind of would like to have in this um share my whole screen share we should be able to see.

The uh kind of a screen split between a lef.

Conclusion – How To Accept Ach Payments

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