How To Accept An Offer On Ebay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept an offer on ebay,

Method 1 – How To Accept A Best Offer On Ebay For Beginners (How I Accept, Decline Or Counter Offer Best Offer)

Welcome back to inside the box today were going to go over what you should do when you get an. Offer on an item youre selling on ebay i just received an offer so i wanted to walk through this. With you guys on my ebay account to show you my process on accepting declining or counter offering on an. Item so if anything is blacked out on my screen nothing is wrong with your computer im just trying to.

Keep personal information private so were on ebay and if we go over here to the notification tab you can. See i received an offer on these skullcandy headphones so im going to respond to this offer so its going. To show me the name of the buyer which i will block out and the amount that theyve offered me. So originally i was asking 1050 for these headphones and you can see on the left i sent an offer. To the buyer for 9.50 giving them a dollar off and they decline that offer but then the counter offered.

With 7.50 so i can look here and i can decide whether to accept that offer or decline the offer. Or make a counter offer if i decline the offer i lose all chance of making that money if i. Accept the offer i make 750 but maybe i can make a little bit more if i counter offered counter. Offering is risky though because i could also lose the buyers interest if 750 is their max then theyre not. Going to pay more than that if i counter offer and ill have to wait for a new buyer to.

Come along now me personally for these headphones i wanted at least five dollars so 750 is a great deal. For me but before i accept the offer im going to come to this left and i see this buyer. Has 44 stars but i want to check their reviews i want to see if theyre good at paying on. Time or if they take a long time to pay for things because ive had scammers before ive had people. Send me offers before and theyve had negative reviews and theyve been trying to scam people sometimes if theres zero.

Reviews there you have to keep you have to be kind of weary because they could have just made a. New account to start scamming people and thats not always the case sometimes people with zero stars have been shopping. On ebay for a while and are great honest people and they just dont have any feedback yet so you. Kind of have to make the judgment call but lets click on his name and we see that its 18. Positive feedback and someone says goodbye or i want to see all feedback because sometimes people leave positive feedback but.

The things they say are really negative and theyve just forgotten to click positive or theyve used the app and. Its hard to figure out how to leave negative feedback but everything im reading says goodbye i hope to deal. With you again a perfect transaction quick response and fast payment thats what were looking for and that had opened. A new tab uh i dont think you guys can see my tabs but im going to go back to. The previous tab and im going to go ahead and just click accept offer and its going to let me.

Verify that again 750 accept offer so thats what i do thats my process and deciding whether or not to. Accept an offer if that person had negative feedback i would not have accepted their offer and if the offer. Was lower than the five dollars that i wanted i would have countered offered with something greater all right everyone. So thats kind of just what i do when i accept an offer i hope this helps new ebay sellers. And now i just wait to be paid the buyer has 48 hours to pay me if the buyer never.

Does pay me i can open a case with ebay its really simple to do that let me know if. You want any more videos like this if this was helpful please hit that like button and subscribe to my. Channel im trying to reach a thousand subscribers guys im almost to 50 help me get to at least 50. Thanks so much have a great day and ill catch you in the next video you.

Method 2 – How To Accept A Best Offer On Ebay (Counter Offer Or Decline) For Beginners Full Walkthrough

Welcome back i hope that you are doing well by the end of this lesson you will be able to. Accept or counter offer or reject any offer that you receive for an item that you have for sale on. Ebay lets get started so i have ebay open and ive received an offer for an item that i have. For sale now i received an email letting me know that i received an offer for that item you the.

Easiest way would be just to click that email theres a button in there says respond so you just click. Respond and it would take you to the page that you could respond or if you are on ebay you. Can find your offers up by the left hand side you should have received a little notification and you can. See ive got two offers here and so its asking me to respond so the easiest way is just to. Click on one of those as respond so that will take you to the page now before we go through.

The offer i wanted to show you one other way is to go to my ebay selling and then itll. Take you to your seller hub and once youre on this page you can come down here to respond to. Offers and you can click on respond to offers that will also get you there so lets say im on. The one offer here and it tells me the item and the person who is waiting for the response ill. Scroll down and it will tell me who made the offer and it tells me information on my uh item.

For sale you know how much it is listed for and so on so the offer amount is listed here. And the quantity that they would like to purchase they tell you usually have about 24 hours to respond to. An offer so you can see ive got seven and a half hours left on this one and then when. It says offers remaining what that means is is if if you counteroffer and then they counter offer back so. They can you can go back and forth uh in this auction it looks like or in this buy it.

Now you you could go back and forth five times so um so thats one idea so with this one. Um it tells me where its going to ship to so i get an idea of how much the shipping. Might be because i have free shipping on this item so again once i feel that that is a fair. Offer what i do is i just click on accept offer so again you can see ive got accept offer. Make a counteroffer decline so if you click on accept offer that will take you to another page to confirm.

Make a counter offer and that will ask you what price you would like to counter at and then decline. Would decline the offer now in i find the best practice is to never decline an offer even if it. Seems like a lowball offer um you know do not be offended by any low offers go ahead and just. Make a counteroffer for what you seem fair and and go from there so for this one im going to. Accept and so ill show you what happens so ill click on accept and then it just asks me again.

By tapping accept youre agreeing to and entering into the you know contract to sell this item to this person. So im going to click accept and now its going to take me to the this page which just says. Now the item has ended and that ive accepted their offer tells me when i the date and time i. Accepted it and the price so thats how you accept an offer let me show you how to counter offer. So if you remember we go back to this notification and now it tells me that thats sold so thats.

Good so im going to go up here to the respond to this offer and so this is another offer. That i have for a different item and i go down it has the same uh information and so the. Um it just tells me again the same information so you can see this is a similar offer price i. Am going to go ahead and make a counter offer on this one so i could accept counter offer or. Decline so im going to make a counteroffer and it will ask me how much would i like the counter.

Offer to be and im going to put in a price that i think is fair for this item and. Then i will say review the counter offer and then once i feel that everythings good i will click on. Submit counter offer so once the counter offer is submitted then uh the um the person whos looking to buy. Has again i believe its um looks like this offer expires in one day and 23 hours so they have. Two days to respond to your counter offer again they may not respond once that timer has gone up then.

Um they can no longer buy it at the price that you counter or they might send a counter offer. Back and again you can do that back and forth as many times as the listing says you can um. So thats how you do that and then you can also reject retract your offer under certain circumstances ive never. Retracted one but you could look into that to see if if you would need to retract and again lastly. To decline an offer you would just again click on that button that said decline offer and it would ask.

You to confirm that youre going to decline i also wanted to point out that whenever you have an offer. That is active that your item can still be purchased by another bidder for the buy it now price that. You have listed so again you can have the offers going back and forth while still having the item for. Sale so someone could purchase it outright if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments. Section below i do my best to answer those i have other ebay videos that you might want to watch.

Ill put the links on this video if you enjoyed this please leave a like on this video as well. As subscribe to my channel where we talk about side hustles passive income and entrepreneurship i thank you and ill. See you in the next video.

Method 3 – How To Handle Offers From Ebay Buyers! Expert Ebay Tip!

Its the refined reseller thank you for tuning in to my youtube channel where i give you tips tricks and. Advice on how to be the best ebayer you can possibly be so please like this video subscribe to my. Channel and lets get started so today a video about how to handle offers sent to you by buyers you. Have three options number one you can accept it number two you can decline it or number three you can.

Make a counter offer what should you do thats the question and im going to give you some insight into. Exactly how to handle an offer so lets go to the computer and ill show you some items that i. Have offers on and exactly what im going to do okay so here i am on seller hub if you. Scroll down just a little bit it will say respond to open offers there is a two right next to. It that means i have two items that i have offers on it they are in red and im going.

To go ahead and click on that and then when i scroll down you will see that i have a. 45 record and i also have a drill diamond painting cross stitch kit that i have an offer on im. Going to go ahead and do this one first and ill go back to the 45 record and show you. Some things about that one that are actually kind of weird so all i have to do is hit respond. To offers and once i do that i have the option of accepting it declining it or making a counteroffer.

So the first thing i do is i see that i have it for sale buy it now for 12.99. I have an offer of 10.69 now to be honest i bought about 50 of these at an estate sale. I paid 10 for all 50 of them i didnt pay much at all i sold some of them i. More than made my money back so of course i am very happy to sell this for 10.69 so all. I have to do is click accept offer but let me show you what i would do if i was.

Going to make a counter offer i would click make a counter offer and then i would come in here. And press in the amount lets just say im going to do it for eleven dollars and uh 99 cents. Well for some reason that did not work okay 11 and 99 cents it worked that time now heres something. Thats very important i put a message in here and generally when i do this it probably gets accepted about. 80 of the time so let me show you exactly what i put i put thanks for your offer and.

Interest in this item i am more than happy to sell it to you at this price let me know. Thanks again i can kind of spell here and have a great evening in this case so i will send. That to them and again generally about 80 of the time my offer is accepted now this is kind of. Close 1299 1069 its 2.30 cents you know um less than what im asking for but again i dont have. Anything in this item so i i am going to accept it now lets say the item was 50 and.

The person offered me thirty which is twenty dollars less than the fifty dollars what i would do is i. Would do a counter offer exactly like i just showed you and i would go to forty dollars which is. Meeting them halfway so i would kind of adjust my message and say thanks for your interest and offer on. This item ill be more than happy to meet you halfway at this price uh thanks let me know and. Have a great evening or whatever so uh thats basically how i do it its a very simple process and.

I think there are three things you should keep in mind the first thing is how much did you pay. For the item exactly how low ball of an offer is it and do you really want to accept it. Or do you want to wait longer to see if somebody will offer you more or somebody will buy it. At the actual price and also that something that comes into play is exactly how long have you had the. Item listed if its been up there for more than a year or two i would say get rid of.

It so uh 1069 for this im going to go ahead and accept the offer and i have to click. It one more time i have the option of adding a message i really dont want to so im going. To click accept offer and it is done the offer was sent it was im sorry the offer was accepted. And now i have to wait for them to pay so i can go ahead and ship it out okay. So heres one more that i want to show you its really kind of strange and i think i know.

Why this happened um but theres one thing i dont understand so let me go over this with you i. Have this listed for 149.99 i have a offer lets go to manage offers here and the person offered me. 100 dollars for it okay now i was going to accept this offer but when i went to accept it. Ebay did not allow me to do it because the person had two strikes against them and i have my. Ebay store set to where if someone with more than two or more strikes tries to buy one of my.

Item items i do not sell it to them so i was not able to sell this to them however. Heres whats really weird i declined this offer or or it expired on october the 13th and today is november. The 5th so its been almost a month and every time i go to uh offers uh its there and. It shouldnt be it should be gone away it is not and thats some kind of glitch that ebay has. But anyway thats just a quick view on how to accept or make a counter offer of course i could.

Have declined it if i wanted to but there are a couple of other things you really need to know. And you really need to be careful of and im going to go and tell you about that in just. A second but listen if youre getting some value out of this video and youre learning something please click the. Subscribe button right down there in the left hand corner and ill tell you something to watch out for so. Heres something that happened to me and you need to watch out for it as well i had an item.

For sale i paid 20 for the item i had it listed for 75 someone offered me 50 and i. Accepted the 50 offer now let me tell you that all of the items that i have for sale i. Do not do free shipping the buyer always pays shipping so after the item was sold you know the invoice. Goes to the buyer and the buyer pays you well shortly after i made the sale i got a message. From the buyer saying please revise the invoice reflecting the deal we made that you would ship it out free.

Shipping well i never said i would do free shipping however when he made me the offer he wrote on. The offer i will pay this price if you will do free shipping and of course i didnt see it. I overlooked it and i accepted the offer so you know im not saying it was a scam but im. Telling you that buyer knew exactly what it was he was doing and he probably figured i wouldnt look at. That and sure enough i didnt so the item cost me 25 i sold it for 50.

It was a. Heavy item it cost me 20 to ship so i ended up losing money so again its something you need. To look out for make sure that the buyer doesnt put something like that by your did to the effect. That i will pay this price if you give me free shipping always look out for that it happened to. Me one time i noticed it on another item a short time later believe me i caught it and i.

Declined the offer so be careful of that and heres one more suggestion that i can make for you that. Will help you but i need to go to the computer to do it so lets go ahead and do. That so here i am just about to complete a listing i have everything filled out and i want to. Scroll down to where the pricing is i have this item price to 27.99 with the best offer if you. Notice right underneath best offer there are two boxes one has automatically accept offers of at least whatever amount you.

Want to put and automatically decline offers lower than blank i highly suggest that you do not click either of. Those boxes because heres why i have the item listed at 27.99 or best offer so lets say im going. To automatically decline offers lower than 20 dollars what if somebody offers me 19 well if i have this automatic. Decline on here i will never know that buyer offered nineteen dollars and i would love to have the opportunity. To counter offer a buyer who makes an offer of nineteen dollars i mean if somebody offered me five dollars.

You just cant get mad about it you have to just move on maybe just decline it or you know. Make a count of our offer do not take a low offer personally if somebody offered me five dollars i. Would come back with a counteroffer of lets say 21. And see what happens so again my suggestion is do. Not automatically decline an offer at a set price because you will never know what the person might have offered.

You he could have been 50 cents lower than what you would have accepted and you would never have been. Able to find that out as far as for automatically accept offers of at least a certain amount yeah you. Can do that i mean i might put like automatically accept an offer of 24. Im willing to take a. 3.99 hit no problem it saves you a little time but the important one is do not automatically decline offers.

So theres my advice on how to handle offers made to you by potential buyers what to do what not. To do and what to look out for i hope you found this video informative and you learned something if. You did please hit the subscribe button right over there in the corner and this is the refined reseller saying. Do like me buy low sell high good sourcing good selling and ill see you next time.

Method 4 – Accepting, Countering Or Declining An Offer On Ebay | Best Techniques

Accepting countering or declining what is the best option to do when you get an offer in on ebay hey. Its don today i wanted to talk about offers specifically i get them constantly i send offers to watchers all. The time even with my offers to watchers i still allow those people the watchers that i sent the offer. To to be able to counter in most cases to be able to accept something or not accept something is.

Is dependent on your specific business and your specific needs now were going to hop over right now and look. At something and discuss options what works and what doesnt work in the best bets for you depending on your. Business skill what your needs are and things like that okay so here is an example right here of an. Offer that i got its a record set i know its not shown in here but the information is the. Aspect of the offer itself thats the biggest factor were talking about today its a 78 bing crosby set i.

Did accept the 75 offer now if you look here theres been three other offers that were either sent by. Me or offers that i got on this two of them are lower than this offer right here declined unaccepted. Whatever the case may be another one is the exact same amount as this offer here may have been one. I sent out may have been what i received it doesnt specifically say most of the time on here now. I did remove the username on here of the buyer i dont think its proper to put that out there.

Now the initial price on this item was 125 thats what i listed it for you can see its going. On 600 days this has been on the site i paid five bucks for this item at a sale somewhere. Its been in my inventory for a little while i dont worry about the amount that it costs to list. Or the length of time that it was on now i know people talk about sell through rate and all. That sort of thing its a little harder to judge a cell through rate on vintage and things like that.

Especially if theres no other ones to compare it to most all of what i do in the store that. I share with you is not based on any type of sell-through rate i put it up and i forget. About it basically the only thing i worry about is how much im spending per month versus how much im. Making per month if im spending say a thousand dollars in list fees on ebay a month but im selling. Fifteen twenty thousand dollars initial take home twelve thousand dollars a month its a no-brainer to not worry about whats.

Going up or any type of sell-through rate so for these types of things i dont have that sell-through rate. Everybody pushes and talks about a sell-through rate only really matters depending on what you are selling or how you. Are running your business i run mine like an old school antique mall or antique store where you just put. The stuff out there someone comes in and looks at it and hopefully buys it you have enough different variety. Or enough in a specific niche to draw enough people in to have continuous sales all the time we sell.

A bunch of stuff every single day of the week day in and day out mass quantity so i dont. Really worry or even look at a sell through rate in this store you can see here it took four. Different offers four different attempts either from somebody or from me to get this to sell i could have listed. This at an auction for 10 bucks and maybe blown it out for 40 or 50 bucks if im lucky. I dont worry about stuff like that now the end of this story here is even before ebay changed it.

Where im not really paying any extra to list stuff like this it was only 60 cents extra to list. Extra items over the initial 10 000 listings i get with my anchor store or used to get now we. Get 75 000 with the new zips zero insertion fees that ebay gave with managed payments so theres even less. Reason for me to worry about these pushing these out or anything like that i do run a sale on. These so again there was a small sale off i believe it was marked down to 95 bucks i took.

The 75 offer as you can see i dont care if somethings turned down if i dont feel that that. Offer is appropriate or i do honestly think from selling certain items that i can get more out of a. Certain item im just going to counter back for what i want out of the item now of course this. Is my business this is how i handle my business im not telling everybody to counter every offer it really. Depends on where youre at in your your business and what you want out of an item if youre just.

Starting off you may have the need to get money coming in as quickly as possible you may be willing. To take half of what you think you may get for an item just to have that revenue coming in. At this day and age pandemic in the whole works completely understandable its something i did we used to take. Offers that werent the greatest sometimes because we needed the money to pay a bill or something like that so. Dont think of that as a bad thing think of that as bringing money in you know as you get.

Better as youre making more money you can afford to counter on offers if that is the stage that you. Are in if youve had it up for a long time as well lets say youve had something up for. Three or four years ive got things up that have been up for four years in our store now and. That doesnt bother me as well either because i still sell stuff constantly that have been up since the days. I went full time on ebay again no big consideration at all to me in any aspect if it sits.

There like i said a few minutes ago i more worry about the difference between my fees and my profits. Thats what matters to me as i said before if youre selling fifteen or twenty thousand dollars a month your. Fees are a thousand dollars a month youre still after everything is said done even if youve got labor in. There like our case you still are probably bringing home bottom line twelve thousand dollars profit after cogs after everything. Is done cogs cost of goods sold everything that youve got invested into those items thats the number that i.

Look at and even when i expand out from my business there whats more important isnt necessarily a specific site. Anymore at all its my overall combined revenue from the various sources weve got money flowing in from as long. As that number is going up and my revenue is still consistent now any of the platforms im doing things. Are going in the right direction again everybodys not in the same spot everybodys business isnt in the same stage. Everybody is in a certain spot thats different than anybody else so dont always judge what you do on what.

Somebody else does or what they say because that may not work for you again things that i say may. Not work for your specific business youve got to look into them i look into everything any kind of recommendations. That i think may help us or anything i see it doesnt work for me or it doesnt look to. Be feasible i just wont mess with it its got to be tailored to your specific business the offers if. Youre in a good stage or youre in a good spot in your business things are going great and flowing.

In i counter all the time if i dont get what i want for an item im not going to. Take it if i counter back and forth i go down a couple dollars they go up a couple dollars. And im still not happy i will decline it another aspect i see a lot of people falling for when. Theyre getting offers is you know i dont have much money uh something my grandmother had or something my mom. Had as a child i tried to keep this all business so any of that statement doesnt deter me from.

Going up or going down in a price if i want a specific amount for it nothing the buyer says. Unless its say a condition issue that maybe i missed has any bearing on what i want out of an. Item thats sticking to your guns on this you know youve got to have something in mind that you want. Out of something it comes right back down to when youre buying things if i go to an auction and. I only want to pay this amount of money the minute it hits that set amount im not going to.

Go over it even if its a dollar because if you go over a dollar you might go 2 3. 4 5 10 and then youve just spent way more than you should have on many things one of the. Biggest mistakes that i see when i go to auctions and things is folks that are new into this industry. Spending way too much and not you know chec.

Conclusion – How To Accept An Offer On Ebay

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