How To Accept An Offer On Offerup – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept an offer on offerup, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept an offer on offerup,

Method 1 – Offerup Accepting Offer , Printing Shipping Label, Tips

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Method 2 – How To Buy And Sell On Offerup

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Method 3 – How To Make Offer On Offerup Tutorial

Hello guys i welcome you to my channel lesser graphics and multimedia my name is rafi yaku and in this. Video im going to teach you how you can make offer on huffer hub now the first thing you need. To do is to open up your offer up like this you can access offer hub with your google chrome. Or you can access it with via the offer hop up and all you have to do is to connect.

Your your vpn and then you launch the app or you go to and enter the site so when. You enter the site the next thing you have to do is to scroll down and search for the products. You want to make offer for now you need to take note of one thing before you can make offer. On offer hop website you must have verify your phone number that is the most important thing because without phone. Number verification you will not be able to have access to the features and you will be limited to do.

So many things on the website but if you are the type that finally difficult to verify your phone number. With a u.s phone number you can contact me via the phone number on the screen of this video i. Will be able to work it out for you and see how you can get your phone number verified successfully. And be able to use all the features on the on the website so now lets say i want to. Make offer for this desktop here you can see this desktop go for 200 right now before we make a.

File we need to read detail about the product so lets scroll down you click on see more when you. Click on see more you can see the product information itec or 3 8 gig ram 320 hard drive window. 10 and the wi-fi wireless mouse and keyboard webcam adobe photoshop has been installed 20 inch monitor and so on. And so forth so now if you you can click on the product picture like this and see more pictures. Of the products when you slide this way you see more picture right you can see okay this is a.

Workable and uh laptop so you can see its a window 10 now to make a file you have to. Do is to click on make offer so when you click on make offer its going to open up this. Way now instead of uh 200 i can come here and say can this go for 120 yeah then click. On make offer wow you can see offer as a sense i will be expecting the response from the from. This particular seller so this is how you make offer on offer hub and i hope you guys level one.

Or two things in this video if you want to verify your phone number so that will be able to. Have access to all the features on offer hub contact the phone number this screen let us talk business and. Thank you guys for watching this video from the beginning to the end hope to see you in my next. Video bye for now.

Method 4 – How To Sell On Offerup – Negotiation Skills And Tips To Close The Sale!

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Method 5 – Top 5 Common Scams On Offerup! 2021 | Tips, Tricks & Secrets!

Going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video im gonna go over the top five scams you. Are most likely to encounter on opera all these apply to facebook marketplace as well um as well as other. Marketplace apps like craigsl.

Conclusion – How To Accept An Offer On Offerup

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