How To Accept Apple Cash – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept apple cash, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept apple cash,

Method 1 – How To Set Up Apple Pay Cash And Instantly Send Cash To Friends!

Apple has officially launched apple pay cash a long-awaited peer-to-peer payment feature in ios 11.2 that allows users to send. And receive money from family and friends through messages to set up apple pay cash youll first need to enable. Two-factor authentication by navigating to settings icloud password and security and two-factor authentication next head into the wallet app youll. See a new apple pay cash card option at the top tap on it and hit continue to generate your.

Apple pay cash card once the digital cash card is created ios will ask you to pair a debit card. With the new service and you really should since transfers from credit cards incur a 3% fee if you already. Have cards connected to your icloud account theyll show up as viable options you can choose which ones to add. Or you can even add a different card manually after tapping continue the system will ask you to verify your. Cards once theyre added your apple pay cash card will now show up with a zero balance now lets add.

Some cash if you tap on the card youll only get some general information like the last transaction so youll. Have to go into the settings and then wallet and apple pay from here you can enable and disable apple. Pay cash lets tap into the cash card here we can see our latest transactions and we can also request. A statement tapping on the info we see an option to add money lets do that now just add them. Out and hit add itll now ask you to authenticate in this case were using face id once finished your.

Balance should instantly appear next to the apple pay cash card graphic now lets add some cash to a friend. Remember that both devices need to have a least ios 11.2 installed for person-to-person payments to work just head into. The messages app open a conversation with a friend then tap on the app icon an apple page should show. Up in the app drawer then choose the amount you want to send and tap pay youll get a preview. Of the payment once ready tap send and authenticate face id on knife 110 really makes this process easy your.

Friend will receive an apple pay cash pop up in messages which they can then tap on to view the. Transaction they can even a request cash again heading back into wallet your friend will instantly see the five dollars. Added to the applicants now when your friend is the one sending you money youll see a little apple pay. Loading notification within messages once the payment goes through you can tap to view the transaction and tap back to. View your apple pay cash settings youll have instant access to the cash for apple pay purchases but if you.

Want to transfer those so bank account tap transferred to bank account an ad bank account ios will ask you. For your routing number in bank account number you can find both numbers on one of your cheques or just. Give your bank a call to get that info once your bank account is added choose the amount you want. To transfer and authenticate transfers could take one to three business days so keep that in mind you can also. Set the apple cash cart as your default card by heading into the wallet and apple pay settings tapping on.

Your current default card and selecting the apple cash card if you ever want to delete your apple pay cash. Card just head into your apple id settings and tap on your device at the bottom of the screen at. The bottom of the device info page theres an option to remove all cards finally if you plan on sending. Or receiving transfers over $500 apple pay might require that you verify your identity to do so navigate to your. Apple pay cash card and wallet tap on the i icon and select verify identity you might be asked to.

Provide a social security number address date of birth and in some cases a photo of a valid drivers license. So be sure to have those ready try this out for yourself and let us know how well it worked. For you if you enjoyed this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide. Which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and apple products updated daily be sure to follow us. On social media and well see you in the next video.

Method 2 – How To Use Apple Pay Cash

Lets get rich today im gonna show you how to use apple cash in your apple pay wallet to send. Receive and request money and who doesnt love money but before we fill our coffers please take a moment and. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing how-to videos so lets say that youre using apple pay and you open. Up your messages happens to this little black oval at the bottom or this black card in your wallet app.

Apple cash not to be confused with apple pay or apple card aka apples credit card i guess it is. A little confusing anyway apple cash is tied to apple pick and lets you make purchases and stores and apps. And online or you could transfer apple cash to your bank account its very similar to bimbo or the cash. App by square except its tied to your apple id you can send people money people could send you money. Which is kept securely on your apple cash cart okay theres not an actual physical card more of a metaphorical.

One kind of like my canadian girlfriend youll see beach lindas real she lives in nelson and she loves me. Why cant you accept that whatever patrick hey so lets setup apple cashed in her phone open the wallet app. If you already have apple pay setup youll see the apple cash card tap on the card then select setup. Now on the next screen tap continue once confirmed an apple cash is set up window will pop up hit. Continue if you dont have a debit card on your phone youll be prompted to add one if you choose.

Not to add one you can always add a card later but you wont be able to send any cash. Because well you dont have any also if you havent already set up apple pay on your phone take a. Look at our how to set up apple pay video alright so to send cash open up your messages app. And then go into a conversation or start a new one tap the apple pay button below the message field. If you dont see it tap the apps icon to reveal the apple pay button next tap the plus or.

Minus button to add the amount you want to send then if you want add a message to go with. Your payment when youre ready to send tap the black circle with the y there any money you have an. Apple cash will be used to pay first now if you dont have any money the debit card type your. Phone will be charged also apple cash isnt limited to your phone you can use it on your apple watch. To do so open up the messages app and scroll down and tap the apple cash button turn the digital.

Crown to add or subtract money then tap pay by the way you can use siri to pay someone with. Apple cash siri paid beat some eighty dollars for its handmade quarter scale diamond all apple cash it doesnt stop. There oh no you can use it to request money from friends so if you bought two tickets to the. Mill valley massive truck jam for you and a friend you can request the $40 they owe you from the. Messages app tap the apple paid button next enter an amount and then tap request you dont have to but.

Its probably a good idea to add a message when youre done hit set next comes the fun part when. Somebody wants to send you money what you you want to send me money well whats stopping ya okay so. When someone sends you money its automatically received and kept secure in your apple cash but lets talk about how. To get that apple cash into your bank account dolla dolla bill yall so first youre gonna open up the. Wallet app and tap on the apple cash card on the next screen tap transfer to bay enter the amount.

You want to send and hit next then choose one two three business days if you dont have a bank. Account already set up follow the instructions on screen to add one next youll need to confirm with face id. Touch id or your passcode then comes the worst part waiting for your money to transfer if you have a. Visa debit card tie to apple cash you can use instant transfer to get money into your bank account fast. After you tap transfer to bank instead of hitting one to three business days tap instant transfer next select the.

Visa debit card you want to transfer money to and the billing information now your funds to transfer within 30. Minutes prove now laughs if you need to cancel an apple cash payment for example maybe the person you sent. Money to hasnt received it yet because they dont want to go to the mill valley monster truck jam no. Instead they want to go to south dakota on a road trip to go visit the corn palace ive said. Too much all right anyway open up messages and go to payments or find the payment on the latest transaction.

Stream in your apple cash card tap the payment to see its details then check the status field from there. Tap cancel payment the status field updates to say cancel if you dont see the option to cancel when that. Means the person has already accepted the payment in which case here comes the awkward part and you have to. Go and ask that person to send the money back instead so thats it for apple cash a very convenient. Albion complex system for sending and receiving digital cash if you liked our video give us a thumbs up and.

If you dont keep your damn mouth shut speaking of keeping their damn mouth shut.

Method 3 – Apple Pay — How To Send And Receive Money On Iphone — Apple

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Method 4 – ✅ How To Pay Someone With Apple Pay 🔴

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Method 5 – ✅ How To Transfer Apple Pay Cash To Bank Account 🔴

Hey welcome back guys so today on this video we are talking about apple pay cash and more specifically were. Gonna show how to transfer money from your apple pay cash into your bank account so lets go ahead and. Talk about this first off if youre not familiar with apple pay cash its definitely one of the more popular. Ways to send money the interesting thing is you can go ahead and send cash through your imessage to someone.

Else to pay for things like splitting a bill at a restaurant or the grocery store or birthdays things like. That but if you receive money through your apple pay cash from somebody via imessage how do you transfer that. Money into your bank account thats what were gonna talk about right now so let me go and open up. My apple pay cash and how you do that is you go to the wallet your apple wallet its right. Here it looks like a little colorful wallet this is not an app that you need to download its already.

Pre-installed on your iphone so im gonna go ahead and open it now right here i am in the apple. Pay wallet and you can see the various cards that i have associated with my apple pay wallet but if. Were gonna be withdrawing money from our apple pay cash you want to click on that card so you can. See its a black card it has a little icon logo right there mine has $10 in it im gonna. Click on the card now alright i went ahead and clicked on this and then here you can see my.

Apple cash i have $10 in it now i just did a video recently about how to transfer money from. Your cash app into this apple cash and i transferred ten dollars now i want to put that ten dollars. Into my bank account how am i gonna do that well its a pretty easy process this tutorial is gonna. Show you step by step how to do that and the first thing you want to do is go ahead. And click on this little button right here on the top right these three little dots with a circle icon.

Im gonna click there now alright next the screen pops up and then here on the screen you can go. Ahead and add more money into your apple cash if youd like to be able to send more money out. Via imessage or you can go ahead and just transfer it to your bank this is the icon that we. Want to choose this time im gonna click there now alright next on this screen you want to choose how. Much you would like to send into your bank account so im gonna leave a few dollars on my apple.

Cash but let me go ahead and just send out $3 and unless you know youre gonna have $7 left. Over on your apple pay cash balance once youve chosen how much you want to send out to your bank. Click on this button here on the top right its called next im going to click there now right next. Here on this screen you have two different options so one you can do an instant transfer to the a. Card thats associated with this payment method so here its going to show the last four digits of the card.

But if you want to transfer you to your bank you want to choose this option right here one to. Three business days and theres no charge for that if you want to forward it into your debit card then. You can choose this one theres a twenty five cent fee for that or one percent whichever is greater i. Dont really need the money the three dollars in my bank account immediately so im gonna go ahead and choose. The free option right here im gonna click there now alright next apple pay cash is asking for the routing.

Number and account number for the account that ill be sending this money to so im gonna go and enter. All that information and off screen now alright so i went ahead and entered in all of the required information. Next im going to click this next button here on the top right im gonna click there now our next. Apple pay cash is asking me to confirm the same information again the round number and account number so im. Going to enter that in one more time alright im gonna go ahead and click this next button again alright.

Next its just a few moments later the screen popped up again it says one to three business days now. Its saying that its transferring to my chase bank so that confirms that that information was accepted if everything looks. Good to you go ahead and click transfer im gonna go ahead and click transfer now alright next the screen. Pops up so i need to verify.

Conclusion – How To Accept Apple Cash

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