How To Accept Apple Pay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept apple pay,

Method 1 – How To Set Up Apple Pay Cash And Instantly Send Cash To Friends!

Apple has officially launched apple pay cash a long-awaited peer-to-peer payment feature in ios 11.2 that allows users to send. And receive money from family and friends through messages to set up apple pay cash youll first need to enable. Two-factor authentication by navigating to settings icloud password and security and two-factor authentication next head into the wallet app youll. See a new apple pay cash card option at the top tap on it and hit continue to generate your.

Apple pay cash card once the digital cash card is created ios will ask you to pair a debit card. With the new service and you really should since transfers from credit cards incur a 3% fee if you already. Have cards connected to your icloud account theyll show up as viable options you can choose which ones to add. Or you can even add a different card manually after tapping continue the system will ask you to verify your. Cards once theyre added your apple pay cash card will now show up with a zero balance now lets add.

Some cash if you tap on the card youll only get some general information like the last transaction so youll. Have to go into the settings and then wallet and apple pay from here you can enable and disable apple. Pay cash lets tap into the cash card here we can see our latest transactions and we can also request. A statement tapping on the info we see an option to add money lets do that now just add them. Out and hit add itll now ask you to authenticate in this case were using face id once finished your.

Balance should instantly appear next to the apple pay cash card graphic now lets add some cash to a friend. Remember that both devices need to have a least ios 11.2 installed for person-to-person payments to work just head into. The messages app open a conversation with a friend then tap on the app icon an apple page should show. Up in the app drawer then choose the amount you want to send and tap pay youll get a preview. Of the payment once ready tap send and authenticate face id on knife 110 really makes this process easy your.

Friend will receive an apple pay cash pop up in messages which they can then tap on to view the. Transaction they can even a request cash again heading back into wallet your friend will instantly see the five dollars. Added to the applicants now when your friend is the one sending you money youll see a little apple pay. Loading notification within messages once the payment goes through you can tap to view the transaction and tap back to. View your apple pay cash settings youll have instant access to the cash for apple pay purchases but if you.

Want to transfer those so bank account tap transferred to bank account an ad bank account ios will ask you. For your routing number in bank account number you can find both numbers on one of your cheques or just. Give your bank a call to get that info once your bank account is added choose the amount you want. To transfer and authenticate transfers could take one to three business days so keep that in mind you can also. Set the apple cash cart as your default card by heading into the wallet and apple pay settings tapping on.

Your current default card and selecting the apple cash card if you ever want to delete your apple pay cash. Card just head into your apple id settings and tap on your device at the bottom of the screen at. The bottom of the device info page theres an option to remove all cards finally if you plan on sending. Or receiving transfers over $500 apple pay might require that you verify your identity to do so navigate to your. Apple pay cash card and wallet tap on the i icon and select verify identity you might be asked to.

Provide a social security number address date of birth and in some cases a photo of a valid drivers license. So be sure to have those ready try this out for yourself and let us know how well it worked. For you if you enjoyed this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide. Which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and apple products updated daily be sure to follow us. On social media and well see you in the next video.

Method 2 – Apple Pay — How To Send And Receive Money On Iphone — Apple

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Method 3 – How To Use Apple Pay — Apple Support

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Method 4 – ✅ How To Pay With Apple Pay At A Store Location 🔴

Hey welcome back guys so today on this video were talking about apple pay and actually apple wallet and how. To use the apple wallet so lets go ahead and get this started so first off if youre not familiar. With apple wallet or apple pay its basically a wallet where you can store credit cards and pay for things. Online or in real life this video is about paying for things in real life if you want more information.

On how to add credit cards to your apple wallet or to use it online be sure to check out. My other video but on this video were gonna do a walk through i had a chance to give this. A shot i was a little concerned that was gonna hold me up with the line but actually worked out. Really easily so lets go ahead and talk a little bit further about this so i was at six flags. Magic mountain here in california and i forgot my wallet so luckily i remembered that i have my credit card.

Attached to my apple pay and as i was walking through it gets pretty hot out there so i got. Pretty thirsty and i wanted to buy something to drink but with no credit cards i went to the stand. Not the little stalls that are along in the aisle way but the actual large locations they have terminals that. Will accept apple pay so that was pretty nice and also on the vending machines the coca-cola vending machines they. Have the apple terminal as well that can accept payment right there so that was a lifesaver considering it was.

So hot there so let me go ahead and jump into this video first off im gonna open up the. Apple wallet alright so heres what you want to do when you see one of these terminals let me go. Ahead and zero in on this right now so heres one of the terminals it doesnt necessarily clearly say hey. Come and put your apple pay here but this is what youre gonna need it looks like its an electronic. Terminal you can swipe your credit card but also if youre looking a little bit further you can pay with.

This thing it has this little button that looks like some sort of radar or something like that but if. It has that type of terminal then you can usually use apple pay you do need to set up apple. Pay before you go so be sure to go back and watch my other video on how to set that. Up all right so here i am at the vending machine and all you have to do is open up. Your apple wallet like i did choose the credit card that you want to use once youve chosen the credit.

Card you want to use bring your phone close to the machine once youre close to the machine then apple. Pay is going to prompt you to sign in to your apple wallet usually with your thumb code possibly your. Face code if you have one of the new iphones i do not so i went ahead and used my. Thumb to sign in to apple wallet once you sign in to apple wallet you just bring it close to. The machine again and it starts authorizing on the machine as you can see once its authorized then its going.

To tell you to make a selection or it will automatically pay whatever the fee is if you are at. A terminal so in this case i went ahead made a selection i chose this water right here and then. The machine says it starts to vend and bada bing bang boom theres my water ice cold and the machine. Is telling me to make another selection so you dont actually have to swipe it for each and every transaction. And because of that what you want to do is be sure to click cancel as you can see right.

There the button right there and that way someone doesnt come up behind you in order another water or order. Something on your apple pay all right and i also saw another terminal as i was leaving the park looking. For some funnel cake heres the video on that see right there it was clearly marked check out faster apple. Pay and another place that i saw this terminal was at subway so i took a screenshot here of the. Subway terminal this is outside of six flags but as you can see right there they have the same type.

Of terminal similar but also marked as apple pay if you look right there on the screen on the bottom. Left so you can actually use apple pay the same way at most subways and its pretty easy so there. You have it thats how to step by step show how to use the apple pay at the terminals if. You do not have a credit card for your wallet or cash or something like that a pretty convenient way. To pay for things if you use apple pay in a different way be sure to leave me a comment.

Below im always kind of curious to see how other folks use apple pay but hopefully you found the video. Useful if so click thumbs up and thanks for watching you.

Method 5 – How To Accept Apple Pay On Your Website – Part 1 – Setting Up

So in this video were gonna be learning how to accept apple pay as a form of payment on a. Website so what apple pay is is its a contactless payment system you can use it to pay with your. Phone in a shop but you can also use it to pay for things online all you have to do. Is put your fingerprint down and your credit card is automatically charged which makes it one of the best ways.

To pay for things online its also extremely easy to actually add your website i expected it to be a. Lot more difficult than it was but it actually only takes a couple of minutes to set up so hopefully. This signs interesting before we get started im just going to show you a quick demo of how it actually. Works so we already have a website here its just francis mcnamee comm and theres a special apple pay button. So all i have to do is top pay and as you can see this special dialogue pops up and.

What it says is it chooses the card you want to charge this is just one of the special task. Cards they gave you on their website below it it says pay heiko 210 pounds so if i put my. Finger on the fingerprint sensor itll charge the card if it was a real card anyway and then itll take. Me to the success page that will say that ive actually been charged so if i just hold down the. Fingerprint sensor now its processing and there we go it says payment made and though the payment has gone through.

Obviously this is only a sound box its a fake environment but if this was a real payment that would. Have been all i had to do to pay for whatever it was i was buying so lets get started. Actually implementing this it only takes a couple of minutes so to be able to accept apple pay the first. Thing you need to do is create an apple developer account there is a paid account and a free version. You can use were just going to be using the free version so you just click on a current and.

Sign up so you just go to create your apple id over here and once we have our apple id. We can create a sound box account which will allow us to accept apple pay payments and a special sandbox. Environment without using real credit cards so once youre inside of your apple account you youre not going to get. This big red box that i have yeah but what you want to do is you want to click on. Itunes connect and you want to click go to itunes connect then what you want to do is you want.

To click on users on roles and then you want to go to sandbox testers so here you can see. I have one special sandbox account set up its just apple pay at hoku org and its just one of. Kind what you have to do is click this plus and you create a special sound box account so once. Youve created your account you want to go to settings and you want to log into your icode account the. One you just created the special sandbox account so as you can see im logged into it the first time.

You log n its going to send you a verification email you just have to click on that link and. It will take you to the apple website and you can verify your account but once you do that youll. Be logged in and youll be able to see exactly what you can see on my screen here so after. You have that set up what you want to do is add one of the special sandbox cards to your. Phone you can only add these sandbox cards to a sandbox account so if you try to add one of.

These cards to your actual live apple id itll just give you an error and say the card is invalid. So what you want to do is you want to go to wallet and apple pay and you wanna click. Id credit or debit card you want to add your card details and were gonna add one of these tasker. Cards in a second so here i am on the apple website again and if we scroll down you can. See all of the cards youre able to use theres visa cards mastercard discover in american express the first card.

I used in the example was just this one here but im just glad this second card down below you. So now we just put in the expiration code which is november 2022 on the security code which is it. 5-1 and this is a kind of fit card when i actually work for anything other than this sound box. To actually test apple pay so we just agree to the terms and conditions and the card will be added. So you can see now we have to visa tester cards so now that weve set up our tester cards.

We need to actually create a server for us to be able to actually host our website to be able. To process the apple pay payments so im just going to use digitalocean for this so what you want to. Do is want to click on one click apps and you want to go to lamp on point o4 which. Is just linux apache mysql and php on ubuntu 16.04 were going to go to the five dollar-a-month one and. Were just going to pick the default were gonna give it a host name of apple pay dot frances mcnamee.

Calm so the servers just been created so here you can see our new server has just been created on. Its life now on the internet all i did was add a subdomain to my actual demand apple pay up. Frances mcnamee com so we can ssh into our server now we can say ssh root at whatever the server. Is we can give her the domain name or we can just put in the ip address just type in. Yes for this we see this the first time we log in to a new server and we just paste.

In our password its gonna ask us to change it and there we are were logged into our server so. Thats it for this video dont forget to like comment favorite and subscribe again as i said apple pay is. Really easy to set up so well probably finish the series in the next video but thats it for this. Video dont forget to like comment favorite and subscribe and ill see you next time.

Conclusion – How To Accept Apple Pay

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