How To Accept Being Alone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Be Comfortable Being Alone | Robin Sharma

Hi its robin sharma and welcome to this mastery session and here is my opening question how good are you. Being alone look at the great geniuses youll look at the great women and men of the world youll look. At the most creative people you look at people who are building great businesses they all have one thing in. Common they spent a lot of time thinking and you will never get your best insights in a noisy restaurant.

Or being surrounded by your best friends we live in a world that in many ways says well if you. Want to be liked and if you want to fit in make sure you have a lot of people around. You and your life is layered with lots of complexity and shiny toy toys and bells and whistles blaise pascal. The french mathematician said something ive never forgotten he said most of mans miseries derived by his inability to sit. Quietly in a room by himself tranquility is the new luxury im gonna repeat that again because its so important.

Tranquility is the new luxury most people in the world right now are so addicted to distraction theres so much. Going on theyre exhausted and so one of the single best moves you can do to get your best thinking. Done to get your best insights to be more intentional as you go through your days to amplify your productivity. Creativity and prosperity is this make more time to be alone and to go even deeper make the time and. Develop the ability to like yourself more you know you are the only person who will be with you your.

Entire lifetime were gonna loose loved loved ones people come and go you are the only person that will be. With you as long as you are alive and so why not build into see and fluency with you your. Relationship with yourself powerful point here your relationship with yourself sets up your relationship with your spouse the rest of. Your family your relationship with yourself is really what drives your relationship with your teammates and co-workers your relationship with. Yourself sets up your relationship with money because you will never have a higher income than your self-identity your relationship.

With yourself drives your performance in your career your relationship with yourself sets up your entire relationship with your world. The doorway to success then swings inward not outward and as you build that relationship with your finest self as. You build a relationship with your values as you build the relationship with your gifts and your talents as you. Meditate and contemplate and reflect on your true wisdom what starts to happen is you peel away your ego which. Is simply the voice of your fear and you get to know that inner warrior and that primal genius that.

Lurks within every human heart you have it but is your ego screaming more loudly than your inner hero and. If thats the case then youre not intimate with who you truly are lifes greatest betrayal is not knowing who. You truly are so where do you get to know your best self in the twilight of quiet it is. In the tranquility of the early morning hours or maybe those quiet hours before you go to sleep where you. Can pull out a journal and write about the person youve always wanted to be it might be where you.

Meditate on the person you want to become you might want to pray in your quiet hours alone about what. You want your life to stand for i spent a lot of time early in the morning with my eyes. Closed visualizing the life i want to create all i know is my best thinking mike my greatest self excavation. My highest personal growth doesnt happen when im in a room full of people it happens when i have carved. Out the time to be alone thats when i can hear the silent whispers of my greatest self well you.

Cant be alone and you wont make time to be tranquil if youre scared of yourself you see i believe. A lot of people the reason why theyre on their phones all day long or watching tv all day long. Or busy being busy or addicted to alcohol or medication or gossiping those are simply flights and escapes from intimacy. With who they truly are you see what im really saying is most people have all this pain and self-hatred. Deep within them so because theyve never processed through that pain they need to structure their life to be busy.

Where theyre always doing things because they were scared of being alone because when youre alone you not only start. Thinking you start feeling im gonna repeat that again because its so fundamentally important when you are alone all your. Deepest feelings that youve been resisting come up well is that hard and uncomfortable it is but thats where your. Growth is theres a concept i teach not only mindset which everyones talking about theres a word ive introduced for. The past few years in my work called heart set and also health set and soul set but on the.

Heart set point when you start to feel that pain and get to know that pain you release that pain. The way to heal a wound is to feel wound and trust me every single human being on the planet. Unless youre enlightened has wounds and associated pain and so in the quiet times yes you could read and yes. You can meditate and yes you can think and yes you can grow but you can also go into your. Heart set and start processing through the toxic emotions that are actually limiting your performance your creativity productivity prosperity and.

Impact on humanity so i just want to remind you a great life has times out in the world and. Periods alone in the wilderness and if you want to be thoughtful if you want to be a heavyweight on. The planet you want to dominate your domain if you want to rise to legendary if you want to live. A beautiful lifestyle it starts with getting to know who you truly are your gifts your talents your ego voices. Your weakness its about being alone so you know your values how you want to live what your mighty mission.

Is what your high-value targets are and ultimately its about connecting im gonna get a little dangerous here but being. Alone is about pondering and reflecting on your mortality you see the more you think about how you will have. Wished you all have lived when youre no longer here the more intimacy and fluency you build with the shortness. Of life and your mortality the more and if you do it every day alone each day will then be. A platform to get closer to how you will have wished you will have lived at the end thats called.

An intentional life a clear life a heroic life and a leadership life and thats my great wish for you. So make the time to be alone a lot more often and get comfortable being alone and then do the. Work required so you excavate who you truly are and bring that light talent genius and love to a world. Absolutely aching for true heroes so i hope this mastery session has helped you a lot ive given my heart. And soul in this one so i hope you feel how much i care and i really want to help.

You heres what i would encourage you to do if you have found this mastery session yubel please share it. With three people as quickly as possible and then start the conversation with them about everything that you learned number. Two if you would like me to mentor you and you want to go a hundred x deeper into this. Kind of material that ive shared on whether its neuroscience or the philosophy or greatness if you really want to. Multiply and accelerate your productivity if you really want to bring your fire and your primitive and primal hero is.

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Method 2 – Feeling Lonely? This Might Help… | Russell Brand

A vast survey of 55,000 people found that people aged between 16 to 24 are the loneliest of all age. Groups why are millennials incapable of achieving connection is it due to their immersion in social media platforms we have. Followers instead of friends where everyone is little more than a thumbs up a smiley face or that thing with. A nuclear explosion coming out at the top of it have we transposed our relationships into the cyber domain a.

Nihilistic capsule istic space that does not love you and regards you as big data with no soul how do. We return to a world of human connection in our post matrix apocalyptic nightmare that weve achieved through the wonder. Of technology what simple systems will we apply when was loneliest part of your life mine was i remember a. Terribly lonely part after this girlfriend left me when i was about 24 been thrown out of this drama scores. Living in finsbury park those of you that are english particularly those of you who live in london will know.

Finsbury park werent very good then its about 20 years ago i suppose i remember just the impact noodles can. Of tuna i was pescetarian in and bit of mayonnaise and going off for a pee our in a spanish. Bar in stoke newington it wasnt a nappy our eva its about 4 oclock in the afternoon drinking margaritas or. Not having the courage to talk to anybody bleak bleak lonely times getting friends out on video video to assuage. The loneliness that was some ancient sounding bleakness right there i still have this propensity for loneliness but guess what.

Ive started to think now since ive become a bit more of a religious nut when youre on your own. This is the opportunity to really experience yourself and to experience aspects of your consciousness that may be beyond your. Previous understanding of what and who you are the first assumption that all of us make is i am me. Right its you thats watching this video and it youre pretty certain about that well let me newsflash baby you. Took some lsd right now your ideas about what your selfies would be radically altered there are many many things.

That can radically alter who you believe yourself to be you find out someone youve known for long times lying. To you your whole perception changes bhoja hard to tell you wouldnt be that your conception of whats real has. Been provided to you by ongoing media bias that youve been deluge your whole life with images of what reality. Is meant to mean what a friendship circle is supposed to be like what a jobs going to be like. You yourself walking through greenwich village manhattan with a coffee cup in your hand and the spring in your step.

On your way to a date with someone or another we already live in a fabricated reality we have imaged. Ourselves in stimulus that is if not false then certainly questionable i mean to say that we have no idea. No real idea of the sacred and the sublime has achieved through meditative practice time in nature deep love sometimes. Sexual ecstasy sometimes psychedelic experience were losing our connection to the ulterior realm all of these issues loneliness despair drug. Addiction these are all spiritual issues in that they are issues with dealing with the way that you feel the.

Way that you feel is a spiritual issue and you feel the way you do in a material world that. Provides you with the relationships provides you with solutions and to return to our man baudrillard once more primarily we. Choose to absolve ourselves of these feelings through consuming through purchase we live now in this age of commodity where. At the end of our arm theres a constant more constant opportunity to communicate but its somehow numbing and unreal. And unreal space the feeling of loneliness is the beginning of an awareness that we are under chert that we.

Are living unconsciously in unreal environments what i reckon you need to do start looking at different types of connections. Firstly with yourself through prayer and meditation if you dont like practice too old-fashioned dont bother with it just do. The meditation and think deeply about what youll try to achieve think deeply about who you are why you believe. Yourself to be that way see what you discover in there be open to trying different things to belonging to. Different types of communities the loss of community when the great curse is about time that we see ourselves atomized.

Individualized and alone solitude can be beautiful loneliness is a desperate state it is natural for us that belong to. Communities its for a relationship that we discover so much of who we are if were in a position to. Relate to other people or finically i reckon this get to be friends with your loneliness see whats on the. Other side of it because often really when we describe loneliness i think what were saying is when im on. My own i feel bad about myself i feel like im not loved enough i feel like im not good.

Enough you know some people 11% of people according to the same survey feel that they are always alone always. Lonely i dont like that idea this makes me think that perhaps one thing we should prioritize is reaching out. To other people just inert you know how you just see people that around you in crowds as a kind. Of anonymous landscape that what they non-player operatives whats that npr non player roles you know like in a computer. Game a relevant scenery just androids but everyone around you is a new seat of consciousness everyone around you is.

Affected by the same mind viruses that we all are loneliness inferiority inadequacy all of these things inhabit the modern. Human psyche because in my opinion and baudrillard late capitalist civilizations create these phenomena so if you feel lonely in. The sense you are rationally or realistically or honestly responding to a society that dont provide you with spiritual nurture. In terms of a solution learn to love the aloneness learn to love the solitude and from this place think. How you can belong to communities think how you can find purpose beyond your own satisfaction the pursuit of happiness.

Is nothing the pursue of contentment through service to others noble pursuit and more likely to deliver you to these. Goals if you are lonely give me a ring im always a little bit lonely i mean i live of. A family now theres always a dog or a baby on me or something but frankly ill be grateful to. Get out of the house hello im doing these new videos more frequently now please hit the notification button at. The end of this video cuz then youll get a like a little bell when there i post a new.

Video and id like you to get a little bill when i post the video then i can i dont. Know be buzzing away in your pocket sounds like id be like a little pocket mosquito anyway subscribe click the. Bell i want more people to watch their youtube videos you specifically.

Method 3 – You Might Be Alone For The Rest Of Your Life – No Big Whoop!

Im alan robarge a psychotherapist and a relationship coach welcome to improve your relationships where i like to talk about. Attachment injuries and healing attachment trauma and on this video lets talk about the fear of being alone for the. Rest of your life and i am not going to sugarcoat this message and immediately jump in to care take. And make everyone feel good and to create some kind of empty platitude that says oh of course youll meet.

Someone of course youre going to be in loving healthy fulfilling relationship you know you wont be alone for the. Rest of your life i do not have a crystal ball so i dont know i dont know really whats. Possible but what we are going to talk about on this video is what is really going on when we. Look at that phrase the fear of being alone for the rest of your life and im going to turn. It into a statement a very provocative statement that says yes you are going to be alone for the rest.

Of your life and then i will join you and ill say i – im going to be alone for. The rest of my life so we have to begin to uncoded uncover what the heck are we really talking. About so at face value were talking about having a romantic partner significant other and living a life like the. People we see on facebook with all the smiling smiley faces and you know jumping up and down on the. Beach and sitting in the stands of a baseball game with your partner and everyone you know your your your.

Head is tilted in towards each other and you got that big fake smile on and you take a selfie. And you post it on facebook and we are so happy that we are living the life and if you. Dont have that you can feel left out because the culture says that too to not have that and to. Not live that type of romantic narrative playing out in your life that youre somehow less than and youre missing. Out on something and many of you / many of us many of you believe that you believe your life.

Is less than and that we then have this core fear of being alone and theres certain layers of what. This means you know some of this is about you know real isolation and abandonment and rejection a kind of. Alone were not so much afraid of being alone in the sense on a day-to-day basis of not having a. Partner were afraid of our own feelings were afraid of that deep dark place of emptiness and how it just. Can feel so incredibly like we have this a strong rash theres really strong poison ivy that just makes us.

Itch we we just do not or or were in the fire in a cauldron in a fight we cannot. Go to that place of really being alone now for many of us it links us back to some childhood. Feelings that were so overwhelming that we are accessing them from the point of view of the child so that. Im really entering the fear of my five-year-old self im really entering being frightened you know when i was eight. Years old and those moments of complete disconnect where i realized wow im really alone here and that perhaps you.

Have some history similar to that you have some history where as a younger self you really truly were abandoned. You really truly were ejected rejected you really really true truly was ignored and that is painful and your little. Girl self your little boy self your younger self your child so the part of you that still remembers what. Its like to be flooded and overwhelmed with the absence and the lack of connection and usually there is a. Very strong this is goes beyond a psychological awareness or psychological function it is a physiological neurobiological function where our.

Attachment system our nervous system is flooded with hormones and flooded with panic of disconnect because attachment attaching and bonding. And feeling connected is linked to our survival as a species so if you dont have that and youre in. This moment where youre realizing wow i am really abandoned here im really rejected here it can activate this core. Primal survival fear to say i need people i need connection i need to camaraderie i need to feel that. Im part of the community i need to feel that im part of the tribe i need to feel that.

Im part of the family and if we dont have this if we dont have this it can frighten us. So if we know this and we perhaps have this history it just seems completely illogical to ever embrace or. Even entertain the phrase maybe ill be alone for the rest of my life i mean it makes sense that. So many of us are going to completely have an aversion a strong aversion avoid it you know like in. Extreme disease like the plague something you know like i am not even going to entertain in my brain in.

My mind i am not even going to think about this idea that i could be alone for the rest. Of my life because it is going to link me to this history and to the feeling state and activate. My nervous system around survival and needing needing secure attachment and if i dont have that then i just totally. Implode meltdown come undone and life is too frightening and i you know i cant operate from that but so. Therefore i need to put blinders on i need to buffer myself from this reality this potential reality so heres.

The point of this thats a setup i mean all of what i just said is the setup to this. Video this part of the video is when we have the wherewithal the strength the psychic capacity to really drop. Into the potential that in fact you know what you you might you know you really might be alone for. The rest of your life and i join you im there with you i might be alone for this my. Life heres why im sharing this if we can move beyond how frightening that is based upon seeing it through.

The lens of our history and we try to see it as neutrally as possible as grounded as possible from. A contemplative observer self place to assess reality to say were not surprised some people are in relationships some people. Arent some people you know feel connected and some people dont if we really are able to be honest with. That reality and we drop down into saying stating i might be alone for the rest of my life something. Very interesting happens i have choice theres a spaciousness theres a freedom i can begin to not be frightened by.

That whole idea and i begin to put it into perspective to say well its not that shocking its not. That original of an idea if you went on the street and you said i want to tell you eating. Went to a stranger and you said hey i want to tell you i want to tell you something im. Aware of some people in this world will be by themselves and will will not have a partner and will. Spend the rest of their life if you said that to a stranger it isnt you would be really hard-pressed.

To find anyone who is surprised because we all know this this is not news so if we can drop. Into a more grounded place of neutral observation and we let in not the frustrating your based aspects of that. Statement but we really look at it honestly a hey you know what i might be alone for the rest. Of my life and hey you know what you might be alone for the rest of your life what i. Am sharing with you here is that even if that is a personal loss and you would prefer that not.

To be the case i challenge you to notice how to even say that from a neutral place all of. A sudden creates some relief and spaciousness that we do not need to be tortured by the history of that. Fear and abandonment and we do not need to be tortured with this idea of being deprived and left out. Of something and when were not tortured and when theres some spaciousness in our mind that we can we can. Welcome that idea it is not shocking its not a big deal maybe youre going to be alone the rest.

Of your life its you know big whoop maybe i am going to be alone for the rest of my. Life thats just you know one possible reality and if we can be so casual about it the way that. Im presenting it here it can greatly diminish linking into that history where were frightened from the point of view. Of our child self and we actually discover that there is some spaciousness some choice and we actually discover that. We can can can summons our own agency our own asserting our will well if this is true if it.

Is true that i very possibly will be alone for the rest of my life how the heck do i. Want to live out the next 30 years how the heck do i want to live you know depending on. How old you are how do you want to live out the next 20 years do you want to frame. It from the point of view that youre somehow lacking and missing something and that youre going to be tortured. And frightened by this very reality or is it possible that you can expand your understanding of you might not.

Get this one special is relationship of the special significant other where youre going to live together but you very. Much might be able to invest in friendships and community and other family relationships and realize that while life might. Not deliver and meet you in the way that you thought it would you still have a lot of life. Left to live and so to enter the frightening place and the distasteful place and the haunting place to really. Look in the mirror and say you know what its very possible this is as good as it gets im.

Not going to find you no i dont really think im going to find a partner for whatever reason i. Really dont think that you know im going to play out the romantic narrative and find someone to live happily. Ever after with and i might grieve the narrative i might grieve the story i might grieve the grasping of. Having wanted that so much so much but when were able to take a break from frightening ourselves with the. Possibility that this is not happening we can drop into a bit more of spaciousness and choice to realize we.

Still have life left to live and there are many many many many many other ways to find and create. Meaningful relationships it does not have to be in that one form so in fact to say i might be. Alone for the rest of my life i.

Conclusion – How To Accept Being Alone

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