How To Accept Calls From Jail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept calls from jail,

Method 1 – Phone Call From Jail Prank Audio

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Method 2 – Jail Calls Collect Calls To Cell Phone Inmate Call Solution Scam Free, Collect Calls Cheaper!

Hello youtubers im here today to tell you about how you can actually save some money on collect calls on. Your own theres companies out there who are actually charging people monthly fees to use a service that you can. Actually set up and use on your own for free were going to use google its actually google voice google. Voice is one of the tools that these companies are using to middlemen you and take your money for something.

You can do for free so were going to go and go to google voice the website im just going. To run you guys for this real quick ill take the time later to post up some some revised videos. And answer questions for you when i can okay so go ahead and go to google voice and youll need. To have a google account set up you can use your existing information or start a whole a whole new. Account but were just going to run through it here so go ahead and go to get started and its.

Pretty simple you just want to know whether you want to use an existing phone number or create a new. One youre going to want to create a new phone number and the idea is to get the phone number. Closest to the person whos actually trying to call you collect so if youre out of state and theyre youre. In new york and theyre in california well you want to use a california area code preferably the one thats. Closest to the facility or in the area code of the facility so were gonna use eight one eight here.

And go in search numbers its basically going to give you a number now so whatever numbers are available itll. Pull up lists here it also has the cities listed as well so its going to help you pinpoint the. Actual iphone number you want you know its going to work for you so im going to go and select. One and after you do this go to click continue and it will actually login the number so theres your. Number make sure you keep note of that write that down thatll be the new number and go ahead and.

Setup a pin so we got there and so what happens is these other companies that are trying to charge. You for this service they want to actually charge you ten dollars extra and sometimes even more just to add. An extra number in so here youll use your existing cell phone or existing landline and what this feature does. Here basically it just once somebody calls that first number like 8 when it number we just set up it. Just is going to forward to your existing number so this will be my existing mobile phone number and you.

Can actually add other numbers later so i just want to get this going now make sure its the phone. That youre you know right next to that you can set this up with real quick so once you do. That its actually gonna give you a verification code and itll call your number and you just type in or. Actually you just press in the verification code to verify the account so you could call me now type in. Whatever the number will be itll change for you mine is 32 and you go from there so that basically.

Is the whole setup process theres a couple more things that you need to do but thats basically it there. So now im gonna take you back to google briefly show you one of the companies let you know that. They are out there let you see one of the companies thats actually getting the fifteen dollars and in some. Cases more a month just to make that just to uh do what we just did basically something you can. Do in five minutes thats free to you free to the public theater charging you to set up for you.

Heres the company here were going to click on there and ill show you a couple things see here yeah. Theyre charging you $15 a month $20 if you go a month a month $79 for six months and $125. For a year subscription and yes folks it is google voice that theyre using so some of the features they. Offer there so these are these are the companies you want to stay away from that are doing this im. Such a bad guy for showing you what you can do for free right so okay so were gonna go.

Back to google and im just going to show you one of the companies that actually are already tied in. To the prisoners so when you get a collect call they offer you prepaid accounts well this is one of. The companies that are around also also called a pcs but its a separate company i do believe separate but. Now i know that in different states different counties whatever im sure they have their own services but im also. Sure that most of them do have online applications you can fill out to set up the account so if.

You have a cell phone – its going to tell you if you have sprint google voice gives you the. Option to use that new number that you set up that they give you they give you the option to. Use that to be able to let that show up on somebodys caller id when you call them so theyll. See that number instead of you know whatever your existing number may be and you can do that vice versa. So heres one of the companies you just go on the online application there wherever theres its listed and youll.

Set up a new account using that number you got from google and it will forward that call to your. Existing cell phone to your existing landline using the area code thats closest to the to the person whos calling. You and thats what theyve been doing to save you money on collect calls and im sure they have a. Disclosure there somewhere saying or you know some small print that says that you know the main id may not. Be guaranteed to save you money but this is what theyre doing folks so hope it helped you out go.

Ahead and post your questions and comments down below and i will try to get back to you soon as. Poss.

Method 3 – Call From Jail Tiktok Compilation

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Method 4 – 13 Investigates: Jail Phone Calls

They insist they are innocent but theres a huge problem their own voice tells a very different story tonight 13. Investigates has powerful evidence of police are using to keep violent criminals in jail youre about to hear disturbing jail. Phone calls that have never been released before our senior investigative reporter bob segall shows us how the calls have. Created an epidemic and how some counties are now fighting back when i first met him everything was just so.

Happy he was my best friend brooke campbell says the man she fell in love with nearly killed her when. It was bad horrible like eyes but to live he choked me to have a head spell when i was. Six months pregnant in march when brooke tried to leave the relationship thats when things got even worse late at. Night her boyfriend climbed through a window and assaulted her and two weeks later he came back again he beat. Me thought i had a concussion and i was unconscious he was just beating me for hours police arrested trey.

Boyett for the vicious attacks he faced 15 felonies and years behind bars with her boyfriend in jail brooke thought. The abuse was finally over but it wasnt this is a prepaid call from when inmate at the marion county. Jail a new round of assaults came by telephone from inside jail boyet did what many inmates do he contacted. His victim in a desperate attempt to influence the cases key witness he called just about every day and one. Phone call was he loves me the next one was you better not come to court he was basically just.

Clouding my thoughts i didnt know what to do what brooke did not realize is someone else was listening you. Needed the marion county prosecutors office monitored boyetts phone calls and discovered a mountain of evidence the value of those. Calls is phenomenal now we had recordings with admissions and with attempts of the offender to get the victim not. To come to court this is a game changer absolutely a game changer that case never had to go to. Trial because of the information that was provided in the jail calls linda major prosecutes domestic violence cases in marion.

County she got a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for boyett with help from his own phone calls she hears these. Kinds of calls all the time where violent offenders try to manipulate their victims into not testifying against them this. Defendant called his victim over and over and over again 600 plus times more than 600 times in one case. Yes they will do whatever is necessary to try to avoid accountability do these phone calls actually work oftentimes they. Do they know exactly what to say and how to say it prosecutors estimate each year in indiana thousands of.

Offenders go free back on the street to offend again because their victims are coerced into not testifying his main. Thing was always that he loves me and he would change when he came home it worked he tricked me. I think its a serious problem the prosecutor in madison county says its actually an epidemic thats why he has. A full-time investigator assigned to monitor jail phone calls every day he may listen to a week or two weeks. Worth of jail calls to find one word or one sentence that could make a difference in the outcome of.

A jury trial its worth it absolutely its worth it and these jailhouse recordings arent used only in cases of. Domestic violence in madison county they provide crucial evidence against drug dealers rapists even murderers when police discovered two people. Shot to death inside this home in anderson key evidence came from a jail phone call when one of the. Defendants nissan smith talked to his friends about the murder weapon and jail phone calls sent this murderer to death. Row frederick baer slashed the throats of a young mother and her four-year-old daughter near lapel he tried to avoid.

The death penalty by claiming mental illness but the prosecutor used jail phone calls to show the killers mental illness. Was just an act and that he was trying to trick a jury in descending him to the state psychiatric. Hospital in logansport you do sometimes hear what theyre saying in here can you really believe he just said that. So why do inmates say such incriminating things on the phone after all every jail call they make begins with. A message like this this call is from the correction facility and its subject to monitoring and recording the truth.

Is in some counties jail phone calls are not monitored at all and even in counties where they are only. A fraction of them are actually screened so inmates are willing to take the chance most of them believe that. They will get away with it and even if it mates are caught the penalties are relatively light usually six. Months in jail that means trying to coerce a witness brings little risk for defendants already facing serious charges the. Risk that youre taking isnt significant in relationship to the amount of time youre facing on the charge so i.

Believe that they weigh the pros and cons and for many of them they simply dont care these prosecutors want. That to change with tougher penalties for inmates who try to influence witnesses it definitely needs to change brooke agrees. Shes seen firsthand how these jail phones can be as weapons to target victims all over again its not safe. That theres such little punishment for that its just not safe indiana has one of the weakest penalties in the. Nation for intimidation of a witness in many states the penalty is four or five even ten years or more.

In prison here its just two years max usually only six months after learning of this investigation some state lawmakers. Are interested in changing that and area prosecutors say its long overdue it really is amazing about how many of. These calls these inmates are making over and over and over again actually last year in marion county alone 1.2. Million phone calls made from the jail if you are aware of an inmate whos using jail phones to intimidate. Or to influence a witness call your county prosecutors office to report the date and the time so that they.

Can investigate all right bob thank you we appreciate it.

Method 5 – Receive Prepaid Collect Calls From Jail To Your Cellular

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Conclusion – How To Accept Calls From Jail

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