How To Accept Changes In Word – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept changes in word,

Method 1 – How To Accept (Or Reject) Track Changes In Word 2016

In this video im going to cover how to accept or possibly reject changes that an editor has made to. Your word document using the track changes feature we have a word file open here that has already been edited. Using track changes the first thing we want to do is click on the review tab because thats where track. Changes lives and theres a couple things we can see on the screen one is that theres some red mark.

Up to the left of the text and theres also an editors comment to the right the red mark up. Indicates places where the editor has made a change but because were in simple markup view we cant see those. Specific changes that the editor has made words sometimes defaults to the simple markup view were gonna change that to. All markup and thats going to let us see all of the changes that the editor has made deletions are. Red strikethrough insertions are red underline to start accepting and or rejecting changes we want to position the cursor at.

The beginning of the document and then hit next thats going to take us to the first edit and we. Can see oops we forgot an apostrophe here we need that apostrophe so were definitely going to accept that change. And we do that by clicking on the check mark up here thats going to take us to the next. Edit and we can see we accidentally wrote causal speech instead of casual speech an easy mistake to make so. Were going to accept the deletion and accept accept the assertion there now at this point the editor has written.

A comment saying this might be a little bit too wordy but im gonna say no i prefer the original. Wording and im going to go ahead and reject that change and we do that by hitting the reject button. The red x we dont need to go through the document in order if theres a change we see somewhere. Else the screen we can right-click on that change and choose to accept it or reject it at this point. We might be saying okay this editor seems to know what theyre doing im just gonna go ahead and accept.

All of the changes below the accept button theres a drop down menu that gives us more options we have. The option to accept all changes conversely we have the option below reject to reject all changes but were going. To accept all of the changes now our comments are still there we can go to the comment box right. Here and under delete comment we can choose to delete all the comments in a document and now we have. Our edited documents we do edit the document weve accepted planned or rejected that the changes that have been made.

And those are the basics of how to accept track changes in word.

Method 2 – Accepting Changes In Microsoft Word

Hello this is a quick video on how to use microsoft word servi feature today were going to show you. How you can accept the changes in the document delete comments and save that document so that none of the. Changes are showing when you submit your document on blackboard as a revision so first youll download the document and. When you open it it will look something like this or youve got on the right side deletions insertions comments.

Formatting changes all of that on the side here on the right so say you want to get rid of. All of the changes here that were made you agree with all of them you went through the entire document. And agree with everything that was changed what youll do is accept all changes in the document and that can. Be found in this area so this green button here you click the down arrow to accept changes and youll. Accept all changes and that removes everything all the changes that youve made so itll make those changes and have.

Them show clear and cleanly in your document but say you didnt agree with all the changes and you want. To go through them one by one you can do that here by im using this forward and backward arrow. You see its highlighted here deleted go on to the next one so as you go through these one by. One you can accept them i agree with that period yes our marrying i like the way that sounds yes. So you can go through them one by one or you can accept all but then you still got comments.

On the right side here so what youll need to do is remove them after youve addressed the change so. Perhaps add a sentence here ive made a change and added a sentence i had symptoms and i like how. It looks so im going to delete that comment and all you need to do is right click and delete. Comment right click and delete comment so now youve got a document that shows nothing on the right side no. Revisions but youve still got pieces that youve added in yourself and so again youll have to go through and.

Accept all your changes some people like to use the save this final or save as original but sometimes whenever. You open this document up or open a document up on another computer and itll show all the changes on. The right so its best to go ahead and accept all changes if you like how it looks and save. That document so if you ever want to get back to the review pane or want to see all the. Review formats here or formatting here just go to view go to toolbars and go to reviewing sometimes it wont.

Be showing so you just need to get to this spot where you can click it on and thats view. Toolbars and reviewing alright so now you know how to accept the changes in your document delete the comments and. Save that document so you can submit it to blackboard let me know if you have any questions alright.

Method 3 – How To Use Track Changes In Microsoft Word (Updated)

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Method 4 – Removing Track Changes & Comments In Microsoft Word

Hello i wanted to send you all a video to show you how to get rid of the track changes. That i included new your microsoft word documents when you turn in your essays so before you start revising or. If youve already started revising youre going to want to remove any of the things that i included as comments. Or any of the changes that i put into your document so the easy way to do that if you.

Have the same version of word as i do it should be super easy after seeing this video youre going. To go click on the review tab in microsoft word and when i reviewed your paper i clicked this button. Right here track changes and what that does is anytime that i delete something or insert something it does what. This does right here thats deleted or insert and then itll put the change that i made the actual comments. That i put in there i would highlight and then i click on comment so you have to get rid.

Of both of those things in different ways so to get rid of the track changes what youre going to. Do is youre going to click on either accept or reject so for this one im going to accept this. Comment and then it gets rid of that um the other thing that youre going to that you could do. The other option is if you want to accept all the changes you can just click accept all changes in. The document im going to go back that one back the other thing you can do is reject it so.

Im going to reject this and move on to the next one it looks like i made a comment down. Here so im going to a second alright so to get rid of the comments you literally just have to. Address whatever it is that i said there and then right-click on it and you can click on delete comment. You could also just click on the comment and click delete whichever way you find this easiest and you could. Also delete all comments in the back here if youd like another thing you might find is that i might.

Have highlighted something usually i highlight something after ive already made a comment about it and i dont want to. Keep making the same comment so ill just highlight it but if you dont know what the highlighted portions are. About just let me know and i will let you know so that is how you will let me get. Rid of that one you will get rid of everything if you dont if you see that youve gone through. And youve accepted all the changes it should get rid of anything thats over here in the other margin so.

If you have any of those little markings over there just know that it hasnt gotten rid of all the. Changes yet so rid of that so it looks okay if you have any other questions about that let me. Know but i wanted to point that out for those of you who werent aware.

Method 5 – Word: Track Changes And Comments

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Conclusion – How To Accept Changes In Word

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