How To Accept Credit Cards On Ebay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept credit cards on ebay, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept credit cards on ebay,

Method 1 – How To Add Payment Option To Ebay | Update Bank Account, Credit Card, Or Paypal To Ebay

Welcome back to inside the box today i wanted to show you guys how to update payment options in ebay. If youre wanting to add a bank account or paypal or credit card where to go to add that information. Ive had some questions in the comments below asking if you need a paypal account to sell on ebay how. To sell on ebay without a paypal account so the answer to that is with ebay managed payments you no.

Longer need a paypal account to sell on ebay so im going to cover that as well as we go. Through here but to get to payment options youre going to go to the top left of the ebay screen. Underneath your name and click on account settings then were going to scroll down and underneath payments youll see payment. Options and paypal account im going to click on paypal account to show you guys really quick that i do. Not have a paypal account set up this is where i can go to link my paypal account but ive.

Been able to sell things on ebay without having this paypal account linked so you do not need to link. A paypal account so i hope that answered some of the questions i was getting in the comments okay so. If we go back though and click on payment options this is where youll be able to add any bank. Account or credit card or paypal account that you wish to now blacked out here are different accounts i have. Set up with ebay but youll notice if i scroll down to the bottom theres this add payment option youre.

Going to click on that and this is where you can go you can choose to add a bank account. A credit card or paypal now if youre selling on ebay your bank account is how ebay pays you its. Used for payouts you cannot use a credit card for payouts and you no longer use paypal for payouts credit. Card and paypal are only used for checkout purposes if youre buying something on ebay so if youre wanting to. Sell something on ebay you would need to set it up with your bank account so im just going to.

Click on that hit continue youll be given a list of banks and go ahead and select which bank is. Yours if you dont notice your bank account on this list you can click here on all other banks available. And then you can scroll down until you find your bank once you click on a bank ebay reassures you. That your connection is secure and they will not take any of your bank login information and then you go. Ahead and just log into your bank account as normal and you should be able to connect it that way.

And if youre wanting to remove a bank account or credit card from ebay just go ahead and go to. This page and youll see edit or delete and you can delete that information i hope this video was helpful. If it was please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and follow along with my channel thanks everyone ill. Catch you in my next video you.

Method 2 – How To Add Payment Method To Ebay

Hi this is jason with daves computer tips with another how-to video for you this ones on how to add. Payment method to ebay now if youre like me i am now back on ebay you know betting on items. I want i started collecting nes games so im on there right now doing that but if you havent been. On a while or you just started out on ebay this will show you how you can add a payment.

Option a payment method to your ebay account so it could be a credit card a debit card a paypal. Account this is going to show you how you can actually do this uh in the video so before we. Get going please hit the like button for this video it really helps out our channel and please hit the. Subscribe button and the notification bell so you dont miss out on any new how-to videos okay lets get started. So how to add payment method to ebay now the way to do this you wanna go to so.

Were gonna head over there if youre not signed in already you can go to the top of the screen. And youre gonna see you wont usually see your name unless youve signed in before so its but you want. To go to sign in link right there click on it its on the left and then youre going to. Fill out your information here make sure everythings in and youre going to hit sign in button now once youre. Signed into your ebay account were going to go move over to now we want to go to the account.

Settings screen or window thats what were looking for so the way to do it theres two ways to go. You can go up to the top left and you can click just hover your mouse over the little down. Arrow next to your name and then you want to go to account settings now you also can get the. Long way which is sometimes good to know how to do so if you go over to the right and. Hover over my ebay you want to click on summary and that will bring it up thats how i go.

And then youre going to be in this section and then you want to go to account thats where we. Want to go click on account and thats going to open up the account settings screen and there it is. And thats the same place this up here to the left is going to take you to this screen also. So if you clicked on it its the same screen so thats the quick way that was the long way. So now you know both so what were going to look for here is the payments option area so right.

Here in the middle says payments under that payment options is the one we want so click on payment options. And here is where your cards your payment cards any payment method you have is sitting so lets say you. Have an expired card like i do i have one right there and i want to edit it and fix. It so we still have the card we just got a new card from our bank we want to click. Edit right here this is how youre going to edit your card click on edit now you fill out the.

Most the time when you get a new card youre updating it you only need to do the expiration date. And the security code those are the two things they mainly change when they give you a new card so. Sometimes they give you a whole new number and that would be that wouldnt be editing the card then thatd. Be adding a new payment option but since you have the same number youre going to go here and hit. Change the expiration date and then youll change the security code three digit code off the back of your card.

And thats how you do it here then if you have a new billing address you want to fill that. Out all here and once youre done putting the new information in its gonna turn this is gonna turn blue. Its saved the save button at the bottom right youre gonna click on that and that will update your payment. Option if you already have that payment option on your account now if you want to add a new card. Like they gave you a whole new card or you have a new card you want to use on ebay.

Youre going to go to add payment option right here its the plus sign right here youre going to click. On it and then its going to open up this add payment options then what were going to do you. Can do paypal too but i already have paypal connected were going to show you in this video with a. Credit card which could be a debit card also youre going to click the circle next to it and its. Going to turn this continue blue down here to the right click on it and then its going to pop.

Up here and this is where you put all your information your card number expiration date security code if its. An american express its probably a four digit security code and that usually on the front of it and then. Your name last name and if the billing address is changed you want to edit that here and then once. Youre done its going to turn blue here and then you hit it add and then youre done and you. Get a verification that its done a little green box will come up on the top here saying that you.

Added it and it will show up on this screen like mine does here so thats thats how easy it. Is to add a payment option and even update your payment option on your ebay account so thats it now. Yeah all you have to do is go out there and start shopping guys and enjoy yourself if you have. The money to do it go for it if you dont watch your budget its ebay it can get dangerous. Ive done it i bet on things and oh no i shouldnt have gone that high so just be careful.

So there you go guys thanks for watching watching make sure to check out daves uh where all our. Articles are and make sure to subscribe to this channel and thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Connect Ebay Shipping To Your Credit Card Cash Back Or Rewards

Whats up guys in todays video were going to go over how to set up credit card payments as your. Default payment method for ebay shipping and the reason youd want to do that is because you can earn cashback. On your shipping charges so i broke it down into four steps for you guys so i have now converted. All of my videos into articles so you can go to and you can go back and review all.

Of the different things that go over in each video so please help me out smash the like button share. It with a friend consider subscribing if you have any questions you can comment on my website or you can. Comment on a youtube video ill answer your questions any and all questions no problem so i broke it down. Into four steps for you guys so number one log into youll see here all my recent transactions are. Ebay shipping i only use this paypal account for ebay shipping to keep it simple so you can have multiple.

Business multiple accounts on paypal if theyre business accounts but i believe you can only have one personal account so. I have a business account thats just linked to this one credit card and it never has a balance so. You need to make sure when you go into your paypal pre-approved payments this page is really hard to get. To so i linked it in the article once you get here you click on ebay shipping and inside here. Itll show you your primary funding source is always your paypal balance so make sure thats zero then go in.

Here and step number four is click on the backup funding source and add the credit card of your choice. So if your paypal balance is zero it will always pull from this credit card thus giving you the points. Personally i use the capital one spark plus card it has unlimited two percent back so this month i spent. Three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars on this card so i get two percent back on that so im. Gonna get seven thousand eight hundred dollars in cash back rewards on this one credit card and the reason why.

I use the spark cash plus card is because it has no limit they basically judge your previous history and. How much youve spent in the previous month is sort of how much you can spend this month and it. Grows over time so there are theres one downside to this car which is its not a credit card the. Charge card you have to pay it off in full every single month um i do have a referral code. If you guys want to check out capital one cards either get the regular cash back card which is two.

Percent um or you can get the business card which the charge card which has no limit you have to. Apply it depends on your credit score but you get up to a thousand dollars in bonuses for your first. Year so this is the first year im using this card it actually just came out a few months ago. So i am enjoying unlimited 2 cashback and i already qualified for the thousand dollar cash bonus so just want. To mention that there is an annual fee on this card i think its 195 dollars but youll make it.

Up with the credit card reward and remember with most credit cards including capital one you can downgrade your cards. In the future to non-annual fee ones if you want to they usually have no problem with that because usually. Youre either paying up and using the card a lot or if youre not carrying a balance and youre not. Using your card at all they dont want to charge you an annual fee either so i recommend that you. Are responsible with your credit cards and i have to i cant stress this enough first you have to smash.

The like button number two if you cant pay off your credit card in full each month dont use your. Credit card youll nullify any benefits if you pay credit card interest so dont pay any credit card interest do. Not use your credit cards to buy inventory i strongly advise against that i used to do that when i. First started and it was really dumb because you dont want to over leverage yourself because if the inventory you. Buy ends up not being very good or doesnt turn over fast enough you end up paying credit card interest.

Which cuts into your reseller margins id rather you start slow sell stuff around the house sell stuff for friends. And then your money will compound very quickly you dont need to borrow money to grow a resale company so. I recommend you guys pay off everything in full i also recommend two credit cards that have no annual fee. The quicksilver 1.5 and the chase freedom unlimited 1.5 percent i use both of those cards so um i think. Right now with the credit card churning i learned about it on reddit i have probably 10 credit cards and.

I dont recommend that you guys um pick up like synchrony bank or any of those retail cards like starbucks. Card apples card all those cards are usually financed by this bank synchrony bank and they dont like credit card. Churning and they can cancel your card for basically any reason ive had a tj max card and a best. Buy card cancelled because i use them too much so even though i was paying off the balance in full. They dont like you with a you know say you have a five thousand dollar balance they dont like you.

Spending five thousand dollars paying it off spending five thousand dollars paying it off they consider that credit cycling and. Theyll possibly cancel your card so i dont recommend using a small bank id go with the big guys chase. Capital one citibank wells fargo american express shop around find out which credit cards giving you the best deal and. You can get to the point where you can basically pay all of your bills and credit card rewards which. I im i could do that if i was single but im married with the kids so my credit card.

Report credit card rewards cannot pay all of my bills yet but it depends on what level you are in. Your business and again as you develop more leverage banks start offering you capital as well so its really important. In my opinion to report a significant amount of income so a lot of resellers might tell you that you. Can just keep deferring tax into the future i dont recommend you do that because youll never be able to. Borrow money youll never be able to purchase assets that maybe give you a little bit more passive income than.

Reselling which is active income its an active sport youre buying stuff youre reselling it and i want everyone to. Maximize their returns by setting up a credit card to basically pay for everything this is just the cash back. That i have but i also use um cash back reward sites which ill go over in a different video. But because this video is getting kind of long but again make sure you maximize your spending and cash back. I definitely recommend the capital one spark cash plus card but the regular spark cards are great too and those.

Ones are more like credit cards this one is a little scary because if you dont have that money in. Your bank account to pull up to pay off the full balance they i think you you dont even get. A chance to um if youre late theyre going to charge you a very severe late penalty and i think. They just cancel your card so this is not a credit card but i use it because it has the. Unlimited credit i could i think im not quite sure what my limit is on this card but um i.

Think the maximum you could charge it one time on the spark plus card is a million dollars so i. Havent heard of anybody on the online forum spending more than that in one single purchase um but i think. Even then if you if something came up and there was a really good opportunity you could call capital one. And ask them if theyll let you charge 1.5 million dollars on like lets say youre buying out dicks sporting. Goods or something you want to charge the whole thing let them know if you have a history of paying.

Off really large balances they might actually approve that so again work with your credit card issuers also if you. Are carrying debt what i would recommend you do is once a month call every single one of your credit. Card companies and ask them to lower the interest it does work sometimes so if youre carrying a balance and. You want to you know increase the payoff how soon it is you pay it off definitely call your credit. Card company ask to work with them you dont need to pay for any credit repair services dont do any.

Of that just call your your lender directly and work with them sometimes theyll lower your rate and help you. Out so i appreciate you guys please smash the like button let me know if you like this new format. Talk to you guys later.

Method 4 – How To Get Paid By Getting Credit Cards On Ebay

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Get Paid On Ebay. Managed Payments 2021 Update

Everything changes hey whats up everybody welcome in september 1st 2021 when im recording this and people reminded me that. I havent done a 2021 managed payments tutorial or update or that ever since i got our account back up. And running and actually doing selling i promised that i would show you the inside view behind the scenes of. The transaction page the payout page the business information page everything you need on ebay to make sure youre set.

Up correctly also remember that in 2022 starting january 1st all third-party selling platforms that means ebay amazon poshmark makari. If they allow you to process a transaction through them and the money that they are going to be required. To give you a 10.99 if you do over 600 dollars in sales that doesnt mean that if you do. Less than 600 or previously less than 20 000 that you didnt have to report your income you still have. To report your income reporting income does not mean owing taxes it just means letting the irs know how much.

You sold how much you had in cost of goods how many expenses and deductions you had all of that. Sort of thing it doesnt necessarily mean youll owe money but the platforms are going to be required to give. You that 1099 at 600 and above um also you know talk to a cpa as always i cant give. You legal financial advice but uh your personal sales personal items those wouldnt count towards any business profits either as. Long as you either have receipts or explanations of that so theres all kinds of things you dont have to.

Worry about but with that said those of you selling on ebay of course youll provide your social security number. Or your ein your uh you know your company information whichever you know you operate under sole proprietor on the. Individual level or as an llc or an sc corp whatever you do have so ill show you that on. The back end as well so with that said lets go check out the 2021 update to ebay managed payments. How it works how you change things and how you update all of your information change your payouts get your.

Payouts get your expenses this is also to show you how youll get all of your transactions and a quick. Little explanation of how i do it for my accounting purposes so im going to take you over to my. Laptop that i have here and take you behind the scenes of ebays managed payments to see how it all. Works how it operates and how you make money and get paid directly from ebay now all right so this. Is the main ebay payment screen so from your seller help you just click payments and then it has all.

These options down the left-hand side this is just the main summary page right here at the top uh well. Show you the little boxes and what they all mean so one is available funds which is basically being transferred. To you in your next transfer its 86.85 right now my next payout is scheduled for september 2nd because i. Do this every day i dont have the weekly one turned on i have the daily shows my last payout. Of 6135 was september 1st which was today i have a 24 hold because we do have a return unfortunately.

Somebody has already returned an item that they it had measurements pair of pants they didnt read the measurements it. Doesnt fit i have free return so its fine they can return it i get enough discount from my ebay. Fees being discounted 10 from top rated plus uh along with the extra search higher ranking top rated seller plus. Badge etc to way offset the one or maybe two times a month that cost me a label of eight. Bucks or five bucks or whatever um you know that five to ten dollars and and return label costs dont.

Mean nothing to me im just gonna re-list and sell them again and so ill make up that five or. Ten dollars with discounted fees and extra search and sales you guys got to really think about it in a. Bigger picture people are like i dont want to do returns im not doing free returns make them pay but. Look im going to get one of these or two of these and spend 10 bucks on labels in the. Meantime im going to get 20 in discounts plus extra search and extra sales think about it guys the math.

Works out anyways under that is processing 90.33 what ive sold that is still processing for the next payout uh. Obviously when i buy labels its going to take that money out of that amount you can have that do. That to the right uh hopefully my bank is blacked out but its payment method you choose your bank and. Payout schedule daily you can click change and choose that or change that to weekly click that right there where. It says change and you will change it to weekly if you prefer otherwise uh you can do daily theres.

No reason not to do daily get your money get it flowing get that cash flow flowing dont think of. It as a paycheck that you want to take once a week thats silly dont ever let anyone hold your. Money longer than they have to they give you an option to send it daily send it daily theres no. Reason to let them keep it weekly okay second page all transactions you can click that right under here this. Is literally exactly what it sounds like it will show you every ebay fee every shipping label that youve purchased.

Etc so for example um i just sold a logitech harmony um remote control for 25 bucks and its a. 3.12 ebay fee that is the fee plus the 30 cent transaction etc through managed payments you can also come. Down here when you buy a label for something its going to show you 357 412 358 etc another thing. Is the jvc remote i sold here for 13 was 167 of a fee i also did promoted listings on. That so its an extra 26 so i paid 195 or 193 for this total if you were going to.

Input that into a quickbooks or uh godaddy or my reseller genie or your own spreadsheet you would put that. All as one fee for that item you could spread it out as two but honestly i just put it. All in as one fee paid to ebay as a do subscription so thats the all transaction page and of. Course you can come down here and change it to view 50 and you can see pages 1 to 10. Etc okay next is your payout screen this is just going to show you all of your bank account payouts.

And you can go into your bank and make sure that it matches hopefully my payment method is blacked out. There but anyways it shows you the date um clearly between the 27th and 31st is a weekend so youll. Always see those gaps on the weekends another one here the 20th through the 23rd occasionally theres times like the. 16th to the 18th 18th through the 20th either there was no money or theres kind of a delay it. Happens just you know bear with it you shouldnt need your money every single day if you operate that way.

You got bigger problems um 61 283 78 109 17 202. So you guys can see we have some really. Low days and we have some really big days i dont know why it just kind of happens that way. But were working up towards that average 150 200 a day so were at you know 45 500 500 all. Right this is your business info page where you can have your username treasure chest florida i uh my business.

Actual name is worldwide sales llc its my umbrella company i own uh rockstar flipper as a dba worldwide sells. Treasure chest florida i own a bunch of business names that i operate as legally so that i can operate. As them you know if i want to open an ice cream shop i might buy the name caseys ice. Creams incorporated or caseys ice cream cones or whatever it is but worldwide sales llc owns all of those names. So thats my actual business name and um and with that said uh you know i can operate under any.

Of these names so uh you know your email phone number i block those out you can change those account. Type business whats the advantage of having a personal versus business there really isnt any but if youre gonna register. In here as a llc or as a you know s corp c corp or even as a sole prop. Uh you know entrepreneur you definitely just want to have the business account if at all possible it doesnt cost. Any extra and its something good to have so thats your business information page you can also change your passwords.

And sign in security your address shipping addresses return addresses feedback all that sort of stuff you can change on. This page okay your seller hub this is where under payments you can do reports and you can actually find. Your reports you can run reports so transaction reports payout reports you can do available processing you can do all. Kinds of transactions you can do a shipping label report you could you know uncheck all the rest you can. Do refunds transfers so you can do all these different reports and hit create report and it will process it.

For you and then you can download it as a csv file so thats pretty cool too and then finally. And then finally we have our main ebay seller hub this is where you obviously see all of your important. Information our sales again you know my app shows that like my seven day total is 8.50 my 31 day. Total is 28 and my 90 day total is like 5 200 i dont know why theyre lower on the. Desktop versus the app its kind of weird anyways you can see those 230 days 158 80 116 108 today.

251 back on august 10th 123. 165. So a lot of hundred dollar and eighty dollar days uh were really. Working up to that 150 average so we hit 4500 to 5 000 in a month that is the goal. For september again we reopen this account in june i have another ebay account i sell higher dollar and personal.

Items on uh i have shopify our direct sales are amazon soon to be posh cross listed again um but. Yeah so this this ebay store is gonna be our four to five thousand dollar a month now according to. The app im pretty close to three thousand this one says 25 im closer to three thousand on the app. Um so easily should get to four to forty five 500 by the end of the month i really want. To get to a 5 000 a month for september and then i have october november and december fourth quarter.

Which should be the best um three months to you know take that fiv.

Conclusion – How To Accept Credit Cards On Ebay

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