How To Accept Credit Cards – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept credit cards, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept credit cards,

Method 1 – How I Accept Credit Card Payments For My Business

Whats up guys should boy a dug in with another one before we get started dont forget to like this. Video to help you shine a lot a lot subscribe to the channel thatll help the channel out a lot. Dont forget to go visit allen a wacom and buy some channel merch itll help the channel out a lot. And thats what were trying to do help each other out now guys lets just jump into it all of.

Us start trying to start our own business trying to be self-sufficient and the key to being self-sufficient is to. Getting to the dollars collecting your money and collecting your money in a convenient way a lot of people dont. Carry cash on them so when youre offering a product to them and they its time to purchase they might. Say something like hey i dont have any cash on me so im sorry or something like that or can. I get it later you want to get that cash and get them in a moment right now so what.

You can do that is to collect credit cards offer your customer a different way of collecting or paying you. For your product or service whether youre selling cds whether youre selling t-shirts whether you are cutting somebodys grass whether. You are mowing their lawn whatever your business is whatever your hustle is you want to give them a different. Means to paying you now with that being said the thing that i use is an apple device started off. Small and i graduated to this new device that im gonna show you right now you can use my link.

Down the description to purchase one itll help the channel out a lot i appreciate that or you guys can. Go straight to and check it out plenty of youtube videos available on these devices to show them how. To you show you how to use them but im not gonna get into the technicalities of it just know. That if i can do it you can do it its very very very simple to use of devices and. Enables you to collect credit cards with the chip on them or in an 8 or it also takes apple.

Pay where you can just hover your phone above the device and it collects the money that way if you. Go on youll see they have different devices the first device that i recommend that you is the square. Reader yeah its the square reader i like because its small it can fit in your pocket it charges up. Via a usb mini usb just like if for those of you guys have android phones or something like that. Those usb theres a little flattop thats mini usb and you can people can use apple pay which means they.

Can like just hover their phone above the device when theyre making their payment or if they want to use. A credit card it has an insert at the top of it where people could just insert their credit cards. Which is really dope this device is just dope all together and for the price you really cant beat it. 49.95 it also has a little button on the side that you can push and itll tell you how much. Power is remaining the charge lasts for a long time and its just a small sleek device that i like.

It a lot i liked it so much that i went ahead and i bought this other device for it. Which is the dock the dock for the square reader and dock for the square root of what it does. Is you can its a real real heavy bass its when i say its heavy like this thing has some. Weight to it so like you can put your square reader you can insert your square reader into it and. You put this little clip at the top to secure it and you can plug it up plug up this.

Square reader base to like a wall or something like that when you add your apple block apple brick to. It and like you can have that thing plugged up all day its just a professional look if you have. Like a setup like a theater t-shirt meet or swap meet as they call them or like a flea market. Or if you have a little storefront thatll just make make things look more professional than just having little tiles. A little apple square you can also integrate this with the apple base if you want to go that way.

But i highly recommend buying the square reader and the dock but this other thing right here which is the. Base the base right here the square stand for the ipad now if you have all this stuff you can. Have the square stand for the ipad and then you get and get yourself an ipad and the square stand. And you can um really really really live professionals this is the look that you see at a lot of. Stores guys im a lot of small businesses use it so if you wont have a like a little storefront.

Or something like that then thats not a lot to invest to get yourself looking that professional way like you. Have a cash register something they even have cash registers but i dont know if they have it on the. Site they actually didnt have it on the site somewhere but i think you got a column for that im. Not sure but if apple doesnt sell it then they have it must be a third-party company to sell tells. It because i dont see it on a site actually so um yeah guys get yourself a square reader get.

Yourself the base for a square reader and youll be good to go now if youre really on a budget. And you dont want to spend that much money investing in this stuff you can get yourself a square reader. Mag strip this thing is only $9.95 and this is how i started off with this little square reader mag. Strip but now they have them for the newer phones with the usbc plugs right directly into the bottom of. The phone so you dont have to worry about any dongles or anything like that like i said its only.

995 this is small enough to fit in your pocket and it can also accept credit cards with the chip. You can swipe the credit cards just like that insert the battery phone like i said and um yeah its. Really dope device you can also insert this into your ipad if you have a you know if you have. An ipad and just walk around you want to be mobile and these all different type of payment options guys. Cuz the number one thing when running your business number one thing is accepting payments and giving people different options.

To pay you the point of everything that were doing right here trying to be self-sufficient trying to be our. Own bosses is to be able to accept payment accept payment and get people to give you money and you. Want to give them options you want them to be safe you want to information be safe and i just. Thought on what i want disguise chicken with what you guys to give you guys a quick option that you. Can make your product and boom you could be out on a street selling your product you know whether its.

Music whether its cds anything they like oh man i dont have any cash on me i dont carry cash. Or whatever they have the option to pay you using their credit card or their debit card and the even. The app they have an app that they use with these devices very very friendly user-friendly thats for another video. Because i dont want to make this video too long you know its the apple point-of-sale app its and i. Said apple store will make another video for that at another time guys but just a quick video im going.

To share with you guys that i thought was very very very very useful especially when starting your business so. You can be self-sufficient and quitting your 9 to 5 because remember we dont have to get like a million. People to support us as individuals trying to make our own income to sustain our way of living we only. Need a group of a small amount of people to support us consistently a small amount of fans to support. You consistently can get you to leave your nine-to-five like im on my way to guys thank you guys for.

Watching this video i hope you found it helpful if it was give it a thumbs up share with your. Friends a lot of people know about these devices a lot of people dont know about these devices so share. It with your friends give this video a thumbs up and comment if you comment in the comment section on. How you accept your payments and what things you use i know paypal has something but i dont think they. Have anything like this i think apple does it best and apples now they have some type of credit card.

Theyre coming out with but were not getting in all that this is just about the payment system that they. Have the option that you have because prior to this you get to like i remember when i first started. My production company paid up productions doing music by the way another video get into that another time this company. Wanted to charge me a monthly fee they were gonna give me this this machine with the numbers on it. And it was just a whole legal thing that sign up is just too much but 4995 how much is.

This thing this thing is dirt cheap and you can bike and you can start collecting money straight to your. Bank account just like that guys boyd hope this is helpful like comment subscribe peace out aid up i get. Up while i listen to arrest me rageh with the best baby.

Method 2 – 7 Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments Without A Website Do You Need A Website To Accept Credit Car

So the question is do you need a website to accept credit card payments online the short answer is no. You dont and its sometimes not as simple as just a yes-or-no so im gonna go over 7 ways that. You can actually take credit card payments online without a website and im gonna give you the specific tools that. Youre gonna need in order to accomplish that so this is a great question i get asked this question in.

Comments and emails all of the time you know do i need a website how how in-depth do i need. To go with programming and things like that and this video here is one segment of another video that i. Did which covered the five broad topics or the five broad ways to accept credit cards online and on your. Website so if you havent seen that video ill link it in the description and in this video were gonna. Go over seven specific software tools that you can use that will allow you to take credit card payments online.

In general without having a full-blown website so one of the main considerations to ask yourself in terms of deciding. The solution for you is how are you taking the payment from your customer are you filling manual orders or. Do you have some sort of automation in process where you want a page out there online that your customer. Can fill out all on their own and then you get an email notification or some sort of notification once. The payments made or are you talking to them over the phone or maybe in person and youre fulfilling manual.

Orders so you dont need a website through wix squarespace or any other payment page builders you dont need a. WordPress website and you certainly dont need a custom site these are all off the shelf tools and heres the. List of seven and im gonna talk to you about how you can utilize each of these solutions and how. Theyre gonna play into your payment collection process so with that heres the list number seven is paypal theres a. Couple different ways you can use paypal im sure none of you are surprised that that one made the list.

Because its been around forever but paypal dot he is an invoicing tool and you can go and sign up. For that its part of your paypal account right now so if you have one just go to then. It gives you an option to set up open-ended payments where your customer can type a dollar amount in and. It gives you the ability to invoice so if youre just starting out theres no setup costs you pay only. The transaction fee when you accept a payment so its a great starter solution number six is an integration with.

Stripe and the software is called simply pay and you can find it at simply paid em ii it is. Also in invoicing solutions so you connect a stripe account which also is free to maintain every month and to. Set up again you just pay roughly 3% when you accept the transaction and simply pay is a subscription software. Check the links in the description for different monthly packages depending on whats right for your business but it gives. You the ability to log into the software connect your stripe account and then you can send out as many.

Invoices as you would like number five is probably one of the most cost effective options because it is the. Merchant account hosted payment page and with this option youre not actually buying a third party software because theres a. Lot of merchant account companies that will give you a payment page thats hosted by the the gateway company and. Its free to use so the drawback is that theres limited functionality in terms of customization with the design and. Everything that you can put on the website but it is a fully functional page and itll capture all the.

Necessary information to process a credit card from one of your clients so again that hosted payment page you just. Sign up for a merchant account average costs are ten to twenty-five dollars per month in holding cost then you. Just pay processing fees which are typically two to two-and-a-half percent depending on your average ticket and a couple other. Variables number four is a virtual terminal and this is an online environment but its not customer facing and this. Is the only option out of the seven that im giving you thats not it doesnt have a payment page.

Out there but it does still allow you to take payments online if for example youre talking to your customer. Over the phone and youre able to open up a web browser and type the credit card number straight into. A web portal thats what a virtual terminal is so its username and password protected you log in you can. Create a customer profile securely and properly within pci compliance and you put the customer data in there process the. Credit card in it and in most cases a good virtual terminal will give you the option to store that.

Customer data securely so that its not on your servers or anything like that so youre reducing your liability and. Risk so the virtual terminal with the merchant account is a great option number three is a payment page builder. Called leadpages and strike payment processing so leadpages is a landing page and mini-site payment service where you can go. In and create unlimited number of pages so you buy a subscription to leadpages and you build the entire page. Out with leadpages connect the payment module and then you have hosted payment links that you can send out so.

Just to clarify you get the ability to log in create a page and then that service gives you a. Hosted payment link thats hosted by that company its nothing you dont need a hosting account you dont need any. Servers or anything like that you just need access to that payment page builder service and thats what gives you. The ability to have a payment page out there on the web and you can send that link to anybody. You can treat it as though its a little mini website or you can email it to people you could.

Text it to them you can read it to them over the phone its hosted for you and therefore all. The securities taken care of for you as well so thats leadpages plus stripe number two is thrive cart plus. thrive cart is the software application that allows you to build the nice-looking pages so you have thrive cart. Here in the middle is the payment gateway and then you have the merchant accounts so with these softwares you. Have the merchant account holding costs with with the merchant account plus the gateway then you set up all the.

Pages through thrive card if youre not familiar with thrive cart ill link in the description to another video that. I did that goes over all of the features and benefits of that software its extremely easy to use and. Again it gives you that hosted link that you can put in any sort of sales automation that you want. And you can coupon codes and a whole bunch of stuff so its a really good option and a very. Very easy tool to use and last but certainly not least my number one is infusionsoft crm plus a payment.

Gateway called nmi and a merchant account so infusionsoft is the most elaborate and will allow you to do the. Most out of all the solutions that ive given you today theres certainly lots more options out there which ill. Cover in future videos in pertaining to options to take credit cards online without a website but infusionsoft gives you. Access to not only payment processing pages but it also gives you landing pages and lead capture pages its an. Email marketing and crm tool so it is a full-blown marketing automation tool for you and its a monthly subscription.

Itll allow you to track all of your customer data and it gives you an invoicing functionality so you can. Actually do custom invoices plus you can have those hosted payment links thatll thatll house all of your products and. Your services that people can go right in and pay you and then you get notifications via email or however. You decide to set that so in closing theres the seven ways to accept credit card payments on your website. Again check the links in the description if you found value with this video or something helpful please share it.

With your friends and comment below if you have questions leave a comment below id love to hear what kind. Of payment page tools youre using and what kind of services youre using to accept credit card payments from your. Customers right now if its not already on this list and if you want more videos like this that cover. Topics like merchant accounts payment pages and payment automation along with making the process of collecting payments from your customers. Easier go ahead and hit that subscribe button so youll get notified when i release new videos until next time.

Im brian manning and have a great day.

Method 3 – Should My Business Accept Credit Cards?

Arthur is in california hey arthur welcome to the show how can we help hey dave i am a did. Your financial piece a eons and decades ago and became dedicated to not using credit cards and i am a. Small date grower group dates and do farmers markets i have resisted taking credit cards because of the three and. A half percent that it cost me thats three and a half percent its a hundred percent profit thats out.

Of my pocket and also just because i believe in the philosophy that you guys teach which is not using. Credit cards but increasingly im starting now in this last year especially starting to actually lose sales because people dont. Have anything the plastic is there an alternative to credit cards that doesnt cost me three and a half percent. And where i am still protected against fraud credit card you know you limited on fraud at twenty five bucks. But is there something like that another vehicle that we can use as far as a merchant yes yeah thats.

What im making sure youre talking about that side of the equation yeah as far as a merchant im not. Aware of one we take debit cards here at ramsey we do not take credit cards and our service that. We use allows us to do that but we do pay the fee i dont remember if its three and. A half on our volume or not but on small volume it is three three and a half so thats. Fairly normal and that is a you know a lot of our sales the vast majority of ourselves are online.

So to not be able to take plastic in the debit card form would put us out of business we. Are it does cost us business that we dont take credit cards but were willing to take that because we. Tell people not to use credit cards were not in this but were in that the business of teaching about. That youre not so if you were to just get a something like a square that pops into your phone. And you can just run a card down it i dont those are probably three three and a half percent.

– yeah theyre better but the its a very easy way in a farmers market setting for you to take. Plastic but youre gonna have the fee i dont know of anything that is felis on the merchant side you. Know arthur i would look at this as youre saying that its costing you sales right now would you rather. Have zero percent or would you rather have 97 percent of that sale and give three percent is i mean. What youre getting is a convenience when youre paying that commission to the the merchant the card merchant is probably.

Worth it to get those additional sales and i mean youve got to make a personal decision i mean like. Dave saying there theres no way we can take credit cards with what we teach but its its core jermaine. – exactly you know this is how we teach people to do it i dont know if you want to. Use your business to enforce those same principles or not but thats a personal decision and were not gonna beat. You up if you choose to do that well hes not gonna be able to change their habits anyway so.

You know why hope it doesnt change their habits when we dont take it either thats right but but it. Would make us into hypocrites right exactly thats different than if youre selling strawberries thats right you know and so. Or whatever he said dates on dates okay or whatever so im if youre in the restaurant business and you. Hate credit card debt but you choose to continue to accept credit cards thats not on its not inconsistent because. Youre not putting people into debt there now what you dont want to do in a business where you accept.

Financing of some kind if youre against debt is to is to encourage your responsibility or participate any responsibility or. Or subprime stuff and those kinds of things i wouldnt ever tell you to do that but in your case. Arthur i dont think youre being inconsistent you can you can do whatever you want to do but i dont. Think youre being inconsistent and honestly i think i hear youre more concerned about the three and a half percent.

Method 4 – How To Accept Credit Cards – Best Tutorial

Hi besties in less than three minutes im going to tell you how to accept credit card payments but not. Only that im going to tell you three mistakes to completely avoid when choosing your credit card company these are. All mistakes that ive done myself in the past i hope you never have to go through what i went. Through and then at the end of the video i also have a downloadable checklist for you so you know.

How to get set up taking credit cards the easy way yay surprisingly taking credit cards on behalf of your. Company is quite easy all you need is one a place to accept those credit cards like a website or. You can even use your smartphone to a separate business bank account so that the money goes from that persons. Credit card to your bank account and three a business license that matches your bank account name hmm its that. Easy after you have all three of those things which really only takes about a day to set up if.

Youre vigilant some no excuses youll need to then look for both a merchant company and a gateway company or. You can do it the smart way and find both a merchant company and a gateway company in one if. Youre having trouble following just download the checklist at the end of this video now when youre looking for a. Merchant and gateway company heed these warnings so you dont make my same mistakes 1 watch out for sales pitches. That talk about low percentage rates claiming the through the lowest why if you have an online business your first.

Thought should not be about getting the best deal what should your first thought be about liability make sure you. Find a company that knows online liabilities and how to properly accept them without putting the blame on you and. Your company also these companies often have higher fees like statement fees and such i have personally been with and. Then fired at least three merchant companies who claimed to have the lowest percentage rate but then charged me outrageous. Statement fees and other made up these which ive never heard of still to this day to watch out for.

Sales pitches from companies that claim that their online terminals can work with any shopping cart 90% of the time. This is either way false or it means that you have to hire a programmer to get their coding to. Work with your coding i personally also had to deal with this twice both times i was promised that their. Coding automatically works with any shopping cart and i also got promises that those companies would lend their programmers to. Me to help me install their coding into my coding nope instead after signing up i got instructions on how.

To install it myself and when i asked for help nothing good luck with that 3 watch out for bad. Support many merchant companies and again ive experienced this myself promised amazing support through live chats and support ticket systems. But ive found that like 75% of merchants companies sign you up then abandon you or they refer you to. Like this outdated knowledge database or something which never helps when if those databases helped anybody after going through half. A dozen online nightmarish merchants companies i have found one thats right one thats my all-time favorite and has relatively.

Low set up fees low percentage rates and really does work with any online shopping cart system because its the. Number one system out there online and ive had to contact their support probably more than a hundred times since. I found them and theyve helped me every single time oh they also have a completely separate third-party checkout system. Which means that removes 100% of your liability as an online retailer as long as you use it right this. Company many of you wont be surprised is now if youre wanting that checklist to get started with

Plus a separate screencast video tutorial that actually walks you through signing up with authorize net then go to Slash authorize to grab the downloadable checklist with the video plus ill send you more trainings on other fun business. Things like how to get more traffic to your online shop now if these tutorials and downloads help you i. Ask that you take a really quick second to thumbs up this video and say thank you in the comments. Its how i kind of get you know validated to make more free videos for you and the other besties.

For free luv you all peace out yo de terminal people lets try that again hmm pinch it aim wait. Oh i didnt i like it better without i look kind of frumpy with it smartphone good lets try it. Out it yeah i dont want to look frumpy for the besties that good that was good.

Method 5 – Accept Credit Cards In Private Practice Using Square | Hipaa, Processing Fees

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Conclusion – How To Accept Credit Cards

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