How To Accept Crypto Payments – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Easily Accept Cryptocurrency Payments In Your Business W

Whats up yall my name is amir zendanam and today i am going to be talking about a very important. Topic that topic is how you can integrate cryptocurrency payments into your business very easily with the news of tesla. Adding 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin into their balance sheet i think its a very important moment in history. For more businesses to transition over into the cryptocurrency standard like some of the biggest money players in the world.

Are doing right now you might think that this is inaccessible for you but its not ive been accepting cryptocurrency. With my company specker since i launched almost three years ago and it has been very easy so far you. Might be thinking that integrating cryptocurrency as a payment option into your business is not very accessible but ive been. Doing it for almost three years now since the day that i launched my company specker so if i can. Do it you can do it and its been a very easy and efficient process throughout these years why is.

Amir so adamant about us integrating cryptocurrency as a payment option into our businesses well thats easy to answer diversification. Is key and pioneering into the future as a business is also the key to success and if you give. Your consumer more options than one to give you their money you should take it so do you want to. Live in the past where you only accept one type of government-issued currency that constantly inflates and loses its value. Or do you want to give your customer multiple different options so that they can feel comfortable using whatever option.

They want there are a lot of people in this day and age that refuse to use dollars anymore so. I think at this point its very necessary as a business to open your doors to all different types of. Options outside of just using the us dollar and i mean for me this is a no-brainer because when i. Receive dollars as a payment thats inflating and its losing value constantly when i get paid in something like bitcoin. Which is the fastest appreciating asset in human history and the best performing asset over the last 10 years then.

Thats gonna be a lot more beneficial for me than using the us dollar and i hope to see a. Day in the very near future where cryptocurrency as a payment option is the primary payment option not the secondary. Payment option the more we grow in the cryptocurrency world with our own actions and creating better use cases with. Cryptocurrency the faster we can transition this world into a better and brighter place now alright youre a business you. Want to get this started youre watching this video because you want the how to all right this is easy.

You ready okay all right now lets get this show on the road the first thing youre going to do. Is visit now its important to note that coinbase is only one of many different options that you can. Use to integrate cryptocurrency payments into your business for me i like using coinbase commerce the most because prior to. Using coinbase commerce i used other platforms and this is by far the easiest integration into shopify that ive ever. Used so all right whats the first thing you do when you go to a new website you click create.

An account im gonna run you through this whole thing super easily all right then you logged in and i. Hope you did your two-factor authentication so that here now theyre gonna ask you for a six-digit code from your. Authentication app okay i have my authentication app open if youre looking for a good authentication app authy is a. Great authentication app okay so im gonna put this in right now all right so im gonna put this in. Right now all right sign in boom im here and i kept a little bit of bitcoin and ethereum in.

Here from some recent transactions just so you can see how awesome this is so right over here this is. The coinbase commerce website and your dashboard as you can see its super easy all i have to do is. Click this button right here boom withdraw see that and then my coinbase account is actually connected right into my. Coinbase commerce account so i can transfer back and forth between cryptos stable coins dollars whatever i want to do. The cryptocurrency options that are currently available on coinbase commerce are bitcoin bitcoin cash maker dow ethereum litecoin and usdc.

So its not much but those are some really great payment options if youre going to be using cryptocurrency especially. The fact that they have their stable coin integration into here so okay you got yourself a coinbase commerce account. Everything is set to go now how do you integrate this into your website into your business for me i. Use shopify and if youre an e-commerce business this is going to be really easy so right here on this. Page you see the api keys and then im going to use that api key to integrate into shopify so.

Remember the advice that im giving is based off of my experience and my experience is using shopify and integrating. My cryptocurrency payments into shopify you dont need to be an e-commerce store to use this and thats the great. Thing you can send invoices theres so many different options that you can use as a business on coinbase commerce. So really all you have to do is get the account and just kind of look through it and see. All of the different options that you actually have when using this all right now the big question that all.

Businesses are asking and thinking all the time what about the taxes what about the regulations the great thing about. Using coinbase is that they create tax reports for you so for me right now im in the middle of. Doing my taxes and all i have to do is pull the report from coinbase and send that directly to. My tax person problem solved you might be thinking that there are regulatory burdens and hurdles to be jumping through. But there really arent many people make it seem like cryptocurrency is way more complicated than it actually is but.

Its really not that complicated from a taxation and regulatory standpoint it starts getting complicated when youre trading your cryptocurrency. Often but you know for me when i get my cryptocurrency payments through coinbase commerce im not even converting that. Back to dollars im keeping that in cryptocurrency now if you know me you know that i have devoted a. Big chunk of my life to the cryptocurrency revolution and i think at this point it is so important for. Businesses to integrate cryptocurrency as a payment option its the same as you know being at the end of the.

20th century or in the beginning of the 21st century and you know you have an online store and it. Seems so weird that people can go buy online but youre way ahead of the game and we can look. At businesses who were like that and look at them today what is one business that was providing those online. Sales at a time where online retail was just unheard of amazon so from a historical standpoint i love comparing. The cryptocurrency revolution to the internet revolution because theres so many parallels between the two revolutions i just think that.

The cryptocurrency revolution when it really hits is going to be even more massive than the internet and that might. Sound wild now but what i always explain to people is that if you were in the internet in the. 80s and 90s youre trying to explain this to everybody and sell these ideas to everybody because you have the. Foresight to see whats going to come next and most people dont have that foresight so by integrating the misunderstood. Technologies of today tomorrow when they are understood you are going to be way ahead of the game so i.

Mentioned all the different types of cryptocurrency payment options that you can use however you dont have to use all. Those different options if you dont want to accept litecoin and you only want to accept bitcoin or something like. That you can do it its super simple all you do is check check check yes check no its so. Simple you know really shout out to coinbase for making the cryptocurrency market so accessible to people you know coinbase. Has their problems every business has their problems but the fact that they have created not just coinbase but you.

Know coinbase commerce coinbase wallet theyre ipoing soon like i i might not be in cryptocurrency today if coinbase didnt. Make it so accessible for me to buy in the early years if cryptocurrency were more accessible i would have. Bought it in 2010. The reason i got it in 2014 is because thats around when coinbase started their bank. Integration and that made it so accessible for me and now years later coinbase has the coinbase commerce integration which.

Just takes things to an even higher level in cryptocurrency integration and the revolution that were going through right now. I put my money where my mouth is the majority of the holdings from my business are in cryptocurrency right. Now i am currently in the process of transitioning out of using the us dollar as primary money and transitioning. That into using cryptocurrency as my primary form of money you might not want to do that thats totally fine. But like i mentioned im trying to get ahead of the game here and i want everybody else to get.

Ahead of the game too all right so i just wanted to make that quick video about coinbase commerce if. Youre a business owner and you still have questions please feel free to reach out leave your questions in the. Comments im happy to help as many businesses as possible transition over into the most revolutionary technology of our generation. So my business owning friends this is our time this is the time that we get to transition into a. Brighter and better world using our very actions we are currently engaged in the separation of money and state so.

If youre a business owner what are you waiting for go get yourself a coin based commerce account go integrate. It into your ecommerce store go integrate it into your retail store and lets bring in a positive bright peaceful. And free new future together because right now a lot of massive businesses are jumping in this game my goal. Is for all those other businesses in the food chain to get in this game now too before its too. Late and right now its still very early if youre in cryptocurrency today you are still an early adopter remember.

That before we go id like to give a shout out to the sponsor of this video which just so. Happens to be my company because i sponsor my own videos specker which is a cryptocurrency friendly health optimization and. Biohacking company and you can get our products at and it would be really awesome if you bought it. With cryptocurrency i love you all thank you so much for watching ill see you next time bye.

Method 2 – How To Accept Crypto Currency Payments On Your Website | Bitcoin And More

How did you get paid in cryptocurrency via your website or blog lets begin whats up everybody its david from. Website i hope youre having a great day so a lot of beginners kind of forget that cryptocurrency is. Actual currency in that you can use it to buy products and services its not just an investment where you. Huddle it you put in your wall and you forget about it for years and years and years no you.

Should actually kind of try and use it to exchange it for products and services now if youve been looking. To grow your crypto portfolio one great way is to actually sell products and services and get paid in cryptocurrency. Because you dont just have to rely on like binance or coinbase and exchange your fiat currency for cryptocurrency you. Can actually make it so people give you cryptocurrency by providing something of value now in this video i want. To show you your various options for how to exactly do that were going to be looking at different options.

That provide us a wide range of cryptocurrencies because we dont want to just be stuck only accepting bitcoin we. Want to have the flexibility where we can accept ether which is the currency for ethereum bitcoin cash litecoin etc. So if youre ready lets jump into my laptop and begin number one is so coinpayments is a payment. Processor for cryptocurrency thats used by over 60 000 merchants globally they do come with a half a percent processing. Fee which is not a deal breaker but thats just something to be aware of and they also have their.

Own dedicated wallet that you can take advantage of if you want to go that route now what i really. Like about coin payments is that they just support a massive amount of coins not just bitcoin so you can. Pay with bitcoin if you want you can pay with a litecoin bitcoin cash uh you can pay with ether. You can even pay with dogecoin if you really want to go that route and they also come with a. Bunch of helpful merchant tools so you can integrate coin payments for example like woocommerce etc and create buttons and.

So forth so anyways thats number one coin payments number two is so coingate is a place where you. Can buy so manage and accept cryptocurrencies and so its your gateway for all things cryptocurrency so here on this. Website you can buy trade accept payments etc all in cryptocurrency and so they store everything in cold storage but. Again this is only if youre like trading cryptocurrency on this platform were talking about accepting payments and i think. Coingate is really interesting because one thing i really like is that you can send crypto bills so like if.

You do some type of service you wont get paid in cryptocurrency you can just send a bill and get. Paid in cryptocurrency i think thats really interesting and they also support a lot of different currencies so now again. Not just bitcoin so they support litecoin uh ether dash and of course the famous dogecoin and the last uh. They accept bitcoins and all coins on various platforms so like woocommerce magento prestashop etc so anyways thats number two. Coingate number three is coinbase commerce so coinbase commerce is a wordpress plugin uh that integrates with woocommerce to allow.

Users who have a coinbase account to log into their coinbase account then pay for products and services with bitcoin. Bitcoin cash ethereum litecoin etc various other coins and i like this plugin for its just ease of use its. Just simple but thats about it otherwise im not a big fan of this plug-in because it kind of assumes. That anyone who visits your site has to have a coin based account and also anyone whos very serious about. Cryptocurrency doesnt keep a large amount of money on the exchange they take it off the exchange and put it.

In their wallet so its not really that functional because someone has to like have a coinbase account and they. Also have to have a lot of money on their coinbase account and then exchange it for cryptocurrency and then. Send that cryptocurrency to you if that makes any sense so its not really an optimal solution but if youre. Looking for something really simple and easy to use then i do recommend checking out coinbase commerce so thats number. Three coinbase commerce number four is a blockonomics so blockanomics is a decentralized platform that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency.

As payment for their online store and there is integration with woocommerce so right over here within the wordpress plugin. Library you can find wordpress bitcoin payments blockanomics and so blockanomics is really intuitive and easy to use integrates with. Squarespace wix shopify you can create payment buttons uh they also have an api that you can take advantage of. Now one slight thing to be aware of is that they do charge a one percent transaction fee which is. A little bit high in my opinion your first 10 transactions are free and anything gets sent automatically to your.

Wallet of choice or you can just convert your bitcoin and exchange everything to uh fiat currency via uphold wallets. So anyways thats number four block economics number five is btc pay so btc pay is just for bitcoin only. Btc is actually the ticker symbol for bitcoin and so you can start accepting bitcoin payments with zero percent fees. And no third party but you can only accept bitcoin so you cant accept bitcoin cash or litecoin or dash. Or anything else uh its only bitcoin so if youve been wanting to grow your bitcoin holdings to huddle everything.

For the next five years and become a bitcoin millionaire in the next decade then maybe check out btc pay. Because this is a great way where you can accept payment for products and services uh you know its self-hosted. Open source cryptocurrency payment processor its secure private censorship resistant and free and so you know its i think this. Is a great plug-in my only issue is that it just only supports bitcoin okay you cant doesnt support other. Types of coins but if thats not a deal breaker if youre happy hey i just want to accept bitcoin.

And thats it then btc pay is for you has a lot of integrations with various uh plugins like magento. Woocommerce wordpress drew paul github tor etc so anyways thats number five btc pay number six is go url so. Go euro is just another cryptocurrency payment gateway but they do have a few different features that i think are. Noteworthy first off theyre 100 free and open source theres no monthly fee and theres no transaction fees and they. Accept bitcoin and various alt coins and if you dont even have your own website to add a payment gateway.

You can use their monetizer service so this is their monetizer service right over here uh where you can sell. Music photos etc and get paid in crypto currency and of course they have their own dedicated plugin over here. For woocommerce so the go url woocommerce bitcoin altcoin payment gateway so anyways thats number six go url number seven. Is a triple dash a dot io so i only emphasize the url because we type in triple a its. Going to come up with this turn-based strategy game we want to come here to this website and this is.

Just another payment processor where you can accept crypto payments and grow your own business now what i like about. Triple a is that they have a pretty easy onboarding process where you can sign up and request a demo. And have everything kind of have them hold your hand for you to get you set up and running which. I think is something thats really nice selling points and its very simple so you set up triple a accept. Currency cryptocurrency or local currency so settle in crypto or local currency to avoid volatility and their conversion rate is.

Point eight percent so not too high not too low kind of in the middle and then you just receive. The payment so you can receive the money into your bank account or whatever crypto wallet you are deciding to. Use okay and then they have specific platforms for e-commerce so they have specific integration for e-commerce and so right. Down there they support opencart woocommerce and they also support shopify as well and so we click over here to. Woocommerce then it takes us to the uh bitcoin payment gateway for woocommerce by triple a plugin that you can.

Download and install on your wordpress powered website so anyways thats number seven aaa number eight is so this. Is not just a payment processor this is sort of like a jack of all trades where theyre like kind. Of a payment processor theyre a little bit like of an exchange they want you to buy and trade you. Can become a vendor and sell specific services they even offer the ability to come down here and goods and. Services to kind of jump in there we can buy bitcoin with goods and services and you can just trade.

Anything that you have from cars gold groceries appliances whatever you want it doesnt appear to be that active but. This is kind of a unique offering a unique service that if you want to like sell random items in. Your house like kind of like an ebay type setup paxful offers that a little bit right here we can. Just have things for available for sale and then sell them and then get paid in a bitcoin if you. Want so anyways thats number eight all right everyone thats it for this video on how to accept cryptocurrency.

As payment via your website or blog if you enjoyed it consider subscribing hit that like button and if you. Want to send me some bitcoins link in the description anyways my name is david webster thank you very. Much for watching and have a good day bye you.

Method 3 – How To Accept Crypto For Small Businesses

Im going to show you how to accept crypto payments as a business so that you do not miss out. On future potential earnings and at first you may not think that this video is for you but it might. Just be of course if you have a business this video is for you but even if you are someone. Watching right now that has a side hustle you might be dealing with several customers in just a year or.

Two from now people will want to pay in crypto and there will be those that want to accept crypto. But even if you do not want to accept crypto its very important that you understand how to do so. Your options and how to reduce the risks and volatility in a few years from now as crypto payments become. More common it will be seen as an outdated practice if you do not accept crypto or you dont know. How to accept crypto so very important thats what were going to cover in this video so the first method.

Is very simple but very inconvenient and that is simply giving out your crypto address this requires a lot of. Coordination and if youre dealing with several customers a day this just will not work you have to message back. And forth coordinate with the customer ask if they want to pay in crypto and then which crypto they want. To pay in and then send them a complicated address but the whole point here is to streamline the process. And make it much more simple luckily we do have service providers that make this easy in todays world and.

Theres two platforms i want to tell you about today the first one being coinbase commerce and just like coinbase. The exchange coinbase commerce is very easy to use as a merchant and also as a customer and when people. See the name coinbase its familiar and it is also trusted and over here it doesnt require the coordination that. We just mentioned earlier over here you can go ahead and send out the same invoices or have the same. Checkout page that you had before with the option to pay in crypto no different than someone checking out and.

Seeing option to paying credit card or paypal or in this case in crypto so you leave it up to. Them right like i said you dont have to coordinate and waste all that time especially if youre dealing with. Several customers and this is very easy to integrate into platforms such as woocommerce or shopify and several others and. When it comes to coinbase commerce there is a limited amount of cryptocurrencies that are currently accepted being bitcoin ethereum. Die litecoin dogecoin bitcoin cash and usd c coin hopefully we see more in the future there are positives to.

Coinbase commerce and there are negatives so some of the positives when it comes to coinbase commerce are of course. First off the name theyre trusted people are familiar but also theres an option to accept crypto payments with coinbase. Commerce but you are the full owner full in control of the account a self managed account where you control. The keys so for many people in the crypto space this could be a positive others may not actually want. This they may want a third party to help them manage the account so in this case because you are.

In full control you assume all of the responsibilities so over here there is no guaranteed funds and there is. No 24 7 customer support over here with the self-managed account all you need is an email address to get. Started and you can start accepting crypto payments in a professional way they do also have however an option for. A coinbase manage account over here this will take three to four weeks to set up but over here there. Are guaranteed funds for stolen or lost funds and there is 24 7 support so some of the positives here.

Is that you have the option you can do it manage with coinbase or you can do it self managed. But some of the negatives of this platform is that in terms of settling payments or having it sent to. Your bank account its not a very streamlined process and requires some manual work because not everyone accepting crypto wants. To hold crypto there are many people maybe you watching you want to accept crypto because you know people want. To pay in crypto but you dont actually want to hold on to it because it could be very volatile.

You want to instantly convert it to fiat and then send it to your bank but for now as i. Make this video when it comes to coinbase commerce this is not an option at this time coinbase commerce is. A crypto only service meaning we do not support fiat conversion or withdrawing fiat to a bank account if you. Want to do this you can do so by withdrawing accepted crypto to a crypto exchange like coinbase and converting. Your crypto and withdrawing to a bank account from this exchange so this requires a little more manual work if.

You actually are not comfortable holding onto crypto and you do want to convert it to fiat very often maybe. You want to convert everything to fiat because you dont want crypto youre just accepting it because the customers want. To pay so for now this is still a good service coinbase commerce many merchants use it very professional easy. To use but this is one of the major downsides as the merchant and speaking about paying in crypto and. Receiving crypto you may have employees that want to be paid in crypto you may even have employees that want.

To receive crypto in their retirement accounts and luckily that is a possibility now in 2022 with platforms such as. I trust capital this is a crypto retirement platform that i personally use myself and they have the option of. A sep ira which stands for a simplified employee pension plan which allows employers to contribute to traditional ira sep. Iras set up for employees a business of any size even self-employed can establish a set plan so if you. Want to learn more about i trust capital and how it works i do have a video review down below.

In the description and you can check it out after this video now moving on to the second option for. Crypto payment processors and that is bitpay bitpay is one of the leaders in this space and they have been. Around since 2011. And over here there are a few more options for accepting crypto bitcoin bitcoin cash ethereum rap. Bitcoin and dogecoin and litecoin but they also have shibaino and five usd peg stablecoins gusd usdc usdp die and.

Busd and they are accessible in countries many merchants around the world use bitpay including mark cuban and the nba. Team the dallas mavericks remember that story we heard this year that the dallas mavericks are accepting dogecoin well this. Is how they do it they do it with bitpay and many other big companies across the world integrate bitpay. As well and just like coinbase these are set up to be very easy for the merchants and also for. The customers so you can integrate this onto your website on the checkout page you can send it in an.

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