How To Accept Death Of A Loved One – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept death of a loved one,

Method 1 – When Someone You Love Dies,There Is No Such Thing As Moving On | Kelley Lynn | Tedxadelphiuniversity

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Method 2 – How To Deal With Loss Or Grief Of Love Ones

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Method 3 – Sadhguru How To Deal With Grief And Loss Of A Loved One

How do you deal with grief caused by the death of a loved one or something similar grief now i. Want you to look at this with a certain openness because when you are in grief if somebodys in grief. You dont talk truth to them you just hug them you comfort them you tell pretty lies to them you. Dont tell truth to them isnt it isnt it true someone is in grief at that moment you dont talk.

Truth to them you just pretty things you tell them gentle things you think its because when theyre in grief. Theyre like little children they are broken and theyve become tender you just handle them tenderly and leave it maybe. After they stand up on their feet then you can tell them the truth but when theyre in grief you. Dont its its not right its not appropriate to try to tell them the hard truths of life isnt it. So if you are in grief right now i will just say nice things to you sweet things im capable.

Though till now i am not saying anything sweet or nice to you i am capable of those things so. What is grief grief is fundamentally someone who was a part of your life in so many ways maybe or. In some way maybe its gone this so all thats happened to you is one part of your life has. Become empty youre not able to handle that emptiness one human being goes away it doesnt mean anything to you. Because every day thousands of people go away isnt it do we know how many people die every day in.

The world not just in iraq im saying everywhere how many people die in a in a day does anybody. Have statistics huh nobodys running an undertaker business is something i think they would have surveyed and found out how. Many the business potential in a day maybe i dont know maybe maybe hundred thousand will die much more than. That quarter million will die could be around that isnt it somewhere in that range maybe i dont know okay. Whatever lets say quarter million a half a million die see whether its quarter million half a million 1 million.

Makes no difference this is a large number of people dying ok it doesnt leave vacuum in you does it. You you partying use it as youre partying in atlanta so many people are dying so many people are attending. Funerals so many people are in grief isnt it so so one life goes away doesnt mean anything to you. I want you to understand this yes or no yes one life goes away it doesnt really mean anything to. You the problem is this particular life if it goes away it leaves a hole in your life that is.

A problem so your problem you need to understand is not about death your problem is that it leaves you. In complete something leaves you incomplete so or in other words another way of looking at this is you are. Incomplete you are trying to fill your incompleteness with people with things which your job a lot of people would. Grieve much more if they lose their job or lose all their money then they lost there has been a. Wife isnt it so yes or no im saying a lot of people not you a lot of people would.

Isnt it so financial problems people suffer much more than death isnt it so is that not so it is. So isnt it people will grieve not just about somebodys death people will grieve anything that leaves a wacom or. A hole in their life thats what they grieve so what youre grieving is not depth what youre grieving is. Your life is incomplete in some way why is it incomplete this life when you look at this as a. Piece of life this life has come as a whole if you know this life the way it is there.

Is no question of incompleteness in this this is a complete life do you think its an incomplete life this. Is a complete life if this is an incomplete life that means creator has done a bad job no bad. Job has been done its a great job very great job far more than most people realize its too fantastic. A job has been done on you so this is a complete piece of life if you had experienced this. Life the way it is then nothing would leave a hole in you because this is complete life because you.

Not you did not fill this up with your profession or your car or your house or your family or. Something this is the way it is this can interact and relate and be with and include so many things. But still this is a complete life by itself if this experience and state is in you whether you lose. Your job lose your money or lose somebody whos dear to you you wouldnt go into grief does it mean. To say you will have nothing for them no immense love would come immense love when theyre here you know.

Between two people always this little problem however dear and close they are to you if you stay too close. To them for more than three four five six hours then you want to go little away just an excuse. And go on sit in the bathroom at least you need some excuse to get away from them however close. And wonderful they are isnt it so so when when people are embodied bodies cant be like this all the. Time you can be like this for some time after some time the bodies have to get apart when theyre.

Disembodied when they lost their body now immense love will comfort because this barrier of the body is gone now. There is no problem they wont speak they wont argue with you they wont disagree with you now you see. Only the wonderful side of who they were they have problems all right they have nasty side to them but. All those things only because they had a mind and body now they have dropped that so you only think. Of all the wonderful things they were and it could overwhelm you with laughs that is the way you should.

Be if somebody passes away that youre completely overwhelmed with love because you know you have known many things many. Intimate things many wonderful things have happened between two people but when as long as theyre here one small point. Youre holding and resisting nonsense this happening isnt it those small points have evaporated with death now you must be. Overwhelmed in that sense but grief is the crippling force yes grief is a very crippling force because grief leaves. A big hole in you then you dont know what to do next so it may sound inhuman what im.

Saying but i want you to understand that we people in the society have always gone about enshrining all the. Weaknesses and all the incompleteness as human people have never gone about enshrining the highest aspects of human life as. Human unfortunately see if somebody breaks down you say after all his human if somebody dances in bliss you say. His divine why why dont you see its human its time we do that isnt it if somebody is full. Of love you say oh hes divine you have exported all the good things to heaven if somebody is in.

Love its divine if somebodys in bliss its divine im telling you its human you are in blissful state this. Is human youre very very loving this is human we need to see this isnt it very very important that. The highest qualities of humanity are not exported to heaven all the beautiful things about a human being have been. Exported to heaven and they say it is all coming from heaven no it is all coming from within a. Human being isnt it so yes when you feel loud do you see a ray of light shooting from the.

Sky and entering you or is it overwhelming from within you is it all flowing from within you or is. It coming from heaven it is coming from within you so however loving you are why dont you see love. Is a human quality the moment you say its a divine quality it becomes an alien quality isnt it available. Only to jesus or discount this guy of that guy not available to you isnt it so all the wonderful. Things about a human being unfortunately religions of the world have exported to heaven because they couldnt invent something new.

Because they could not invent some other new quality which is not there in human beings all the top qualities. In a human being are sent to heaven so whatever is the lowest quality in the human being you call. This human know so grief is not about somebodys death grief is just about your incompleteness and grief can happen. To you without anybodys death grief people can be in grief simply because they are not successful isnt it so. Yes people can be in grief because they are not able to get what they want isnt that so yes.

People can be in grief their house is burned down people can be in grief if their car is lost. Yes a child can be in grief if his teddy bear is gone isnt it yes a child may miss. The teddy bear more than the parent isnt it so he may grieve for the teddy bear much more than. His grandfather it is so he may grieve for his dog much more than the grandfather ive seen this happening. And people are shocked what is this its very human dont worry hes connecting with the dog is deeper than.

The grandfather what to do and what is wrong what is the problem so grief is not about somebodys depth. Grippy grief means you must grieve because you left yourself incomplete what is so fantastic what is so absolutely wonderful. Without experiencing that youre just living in your head you have every reason to grieve i agree with you for. More on sub guru visit

Method 4 – How To Deal With Anxiety And Grief After Losing A Loved One

Hey whats up we are back today we are talking about what do you do when someone you love dies. Suddenly and you are struck with anxiety youre struggling with depression and you just dont know where to turn im. Responding to an email that i got from patrick and its a beauty here we go dr d i recently. Found you and your material through the dave ramsey podcast ive been a huge dave follower for many years and.

My wife and i have had tremendous success following daves plan our financials couldnt be in a better position at. This point in time however ive been struggling with some personal issues mainly with anxiety and now seemingly depression a. Few years ago my father passed away suddenly at the age of 65. Thats a young man that sucks im. Sorry at that time i was deeply saddened but i thought i was handling it well because im a believer.

In christ and understood that this is the heartbreaks of life were going to come back to that shortly after. His passing i developed anxiety with a sudden panic attack out of nowhere i literally thought i was having a. Heart attack its common and it sucks its no good man sorry i was examined by a physician and everything. Turned out to be okay with my health however the anxiety never really stopped it would come and go so. After much struggle i took charge and was determined to defeat this anxiety i continued a strong workout regiment i.

Cleaned up my diet and i even reduced my social alcohol consumption to almost zero thats not very fun for. Weeks i was anxiety free exclamation point it feels good when youre on one of those highs right then the. Depression started to rear its head i started having unusual thoughts and i couldnt even believe it im a very. Fun loving energetic person and at times i feel like my mojo has been sucked out of me ive continued. To exercise eat healthy pray express gratitude while all these things work and lift me up i still find myself.

Sinking at times im in the process of trying to get one of my true passions going and possibly transition. To a career of personal training i feel like ive mourned my fathers death and my only other thought to. Where this depression is coming from is a lack of fulfillment at my job if you have any other thoughts. On my situation i would be open to hearing from you dude patrick this is an awesome email millions of. People are going through this right now so i want to thank you for the courage for writing i want.

To thank you for your courage on seeing something that was going on in your head in your heart and. Your ecosystem and you immediately started trying to solve it through gratitude through um exercise diet all of the things. That often the internet tells us and new counselors might tell us to do high five to you for giving. It a go so a quick recap your dad dies suddenly 65 that is too young to lose our old. Man youre a christian and you have the intellectual knowledge that hey people die thats part of life it happens.

And so youve got a picture of your old man in heaven youve got the intellectual awareness to know thats. Life sucks but it is and im going to keep on plowing forward suddenly your body shuts down right via. Panic attack thats when your body is like hey youre not getting our messages so were out and your body. Just locks you down you took charge you started exercising regularly you super cleaned up your diet you even quit. Drinking for fun just hanging out with people right you went to the ultimate default of control control control and.

Then your thoughts became intrusive and suddenly youd catch yourself having thoughts that youd never thought before and they probably. Scared you freaked you out a little bit whoa what was that get out of here whoa thats not a. Good idea to be thinking that right and they start coming more regularly and they get a little more scary. And a little more scary and what a panic attack does is it freaks you out right because you lose. Control of your body you get betrayed by your own body but then when you start having intrusive thoughts you.

Start getting betrayed by your own mind and that gets scary patrick i picked this email because ive been there. And i know that feeling of grinding and trying and powering through and your feet are kicking kicking kicking and. Youre trying to be like the steady duck on top of the water but youre slowly getting dragged under and. You dont know where its coming from so heres a couple of things i want to talk through with patrick. And with everyone else listening to this number one what death shows us is that we are not in control.

None of us get out of this thing alive we all die in the end and for many of us. That sets off our alarms when we start thinking about it or when the world shows us abruptly through the. Loss of someone that we love dearly number two your dad died suddenly he died too young were not supposed. To lose our old men overnight at the age of 65. Its not the way we want to do it.

And just because you have a spiritual foundation and an intellectual foundation you know this happens and youre a christian. You have a faith component to your life doesnt mean that your body and your mind and your heart and. Your spirit dont have to grieve this you have not sat in the sadness in the loss you havent sat. Down in that totally powerless exhale of losing somebody that you love you experienced the ultimate loss and you responded. By hustling to the one thing that were all trained to do which is try to fix it solve it.

And control it anxiety is not something that you can defeat or control or suffocate its an alarm system its. A story its trying to tell you something my guess is that you are completely disconnected that you are alone. In a crowded room in a crowded house surrounded by people who love you and so at this stage patrick. When youve done all the physical things but you dont have the tools for how to grieve how to just. Sit in it not bathing it but how to sit in sadness and own this loss of control and own.

This loss of loved one you need to go see a professional because youre getting dragged lower and lower and. Those intrusive thoughts will get louder and louder and your body and your mind will become more and more disconnected. From you and this isnt something you have to do forever you dont have to be in counseling forever you. Need to be with a strong counselor wholl give you some direct tools some direct homework assignments and who will. Slowly help you rebuild human connection and if youre married if youve got a long-term partner somewhere bring them along.

With you if youve got kids that are old enough to digest some of this bring them along with you. You need people in your life you cannot do this alone one thing you can do right now patrick or. Anyone else watching this video before you go to counseling is this i want you to write three letters to. Your dad and i want you to start the letters with dear dad in letter number one i want you. To tell your dad what an awesome man and husband and father he was i want you to tell him.

The things that you learned from him why you thought he was great and why youre so grateful that hes. Your dad in letter number two i want you to write him a letter thats an angry letter heres what. I wish you had done better dad heres what you didnt teach me heres what i dont know about how. To relate to people i love how to be vulnerable how to change jobs midlife i want you to write. Him a letter that tells him how he could have done a better job and letter number three i want.

This to be a freeing letter i want you to feel like a bird like a butterfly where youre letting. Us go and youre gonna write him a letter it says dear dad heres the man i am becoming heres. The father husband co-worker business owner heres the legacy you have left in me i want you to let your. Dad know who you are what are the thoughts that drive you what are the things that make you laugh. What are the things that bring you joy and what are the things youre going to pass along to the.

Next generation of patricks who come along after you i want you to take your time on these three letters. Let him know how grateful you are for him heres the frustrations and challenges you have with him and these. Are things youve never got to tell him and number three write him a letter of joy write him a. Letter about the things that he would be so excited to see if hed be around for another 15 20. 30 years these three letters will become gifts to you patrick because this will be your first step in not.

Trying to crush and defeat anxiety not trying to power through it but submitting to it listening to it recognizing. The alarm system that it is and checking out your ecosystem checking out your room around you and seeing whats. On fire what you need to put out where youre lonely where youre disconnected where you can plug back in. And become the co-worker partner parent whatever dog owner that youre going to become patrick youre a good man dude. Outstanding im glad to know there are men like you walking around who want to change their hearts and who.

Want to get well and who are willing to put in the hard work to do it for more information. Ive got an article that i just wrote on about anxiety theres an anxiety checklist on there go check. It out and dont forget to subscribe send this to all your friends and your grandparents and some weirdos that. Your pen pal on the facebooks or whatever dude i will talk to you soon stay in school dont do. Drugs all the after school special stuff zach moores phone see you later.

Method 5 – The Grieving Process: Coping With Death

Listen theres no right or wrong way to deal with the loss of a loved one you can expect grieving. To be rough and its different for every single person another important thing its not just a matter of coping. With loss its about coping with change and that well casters takes a lot of time today on well-cast were. Dealing with a pretty difficult subject how do you deal with the death of a loved one how do you.

Live your life in the face of a life-changing event we dont have all the answers and honestly youre going. To have to work through your pain in your own way on your own pace but if youre looking for. It we do have some advice first things first you need to remember that grief is a process and not. A task you might have heard of a popular theory that breaks up bereavement into stages denial anger bargaining depression. And acceptance while you might identify with some or all of these steps you got to remember that grief is.

Less like a staircase and more like a roller coaster there are peaks and dips and they dont always happen. In predictable ways you might feel better for a while and then worse and thats okay its natural to have. An uneven journey with your grief dont be afraid of the pain you shouldnt try to stuff your sorrow away. Into a place where you dont have to deal with it its just going to stay there in order for. You to work through your grief youre first going to have to acknowledge that it exists there are a lot.

Of ways to do this you might have to be alone for a bit maybe you need to write down. Your feelings in a journal or talk to someone do things that make you happy when youre grieving its sometimes. Difficult to hold on to who you are after all so much of her energy is focused on the morning. Of your loved one which is fair but its easy to get sucked into a mind space where you cant. Even remember your former self we want to tell you its okay to take time to do the things that.

Make you feel like yourself and give you joy recognize the relationship between the mind and the body when youre. Experiencing grief its really easy to forget the things that you usually do as a matter of routine taking a. Shower getting enough sleep eating neglecting your physical health is only going to take a greater toll on your mental. Health which is taking a pretty significant hit right now so do yourself a favor and do us a favor. And make an effort to take care of you its what your loved one would want reach out well casters.

If you take nothing else away from this episode please remember this you do not have to be alone in. Your grief if your feelings are too overwhelming for you to sort out thats okay but go to someone else. For help it can be someone you know a family member a friend or it can be a therapist or. A professional who knows how to help people deal with this exact situation that you find yourself in right now. Just the act of talking out loud about your feelings can be incredibly cathartic finding someone who can help you.

Sort them and work through them is even better tweet us at watch webcast email us at watch webcast at. or leave a comment down below well see you next time.

Conclusion – How To Accept Death Of A Loved One

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