How To Accept Family Sharing Invitation – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept family sharing invitation,

Method 1 – How To Setup Family Sharing On Iphone!

Welcome back everyone you may be in a position where you want to go ahead and set up family sharing. On really any iphone well as long as your iphone supports family sharing then youre going to be set i. Think you have to be on like ios 12 or above but ive also heard that if youre on ios. 8 or above it also works so im not really too sure but in order to actually even verify if.

Your iphone is actually suitable for it what you want to do is you want to go ahead and open. Up your settings app as long as youre connected to a wi-fi network and you have an icon account associated. With it you will be able to follow these steps to at least ensure that you can actually do it. So what you want to do is at the very top youll see your little icloud username right there so. What you want to do is you want to go ahead and click on that and youll see a bunch.

Of different information right youll see a bunch of little things but what you want to do is more so. Focus on this little option right here which says family sharing so it pretty much says if you see it. Then you have that capability if you dont see it you may have to go and update your phone in. Order to actually see that but for most of you im pretty sure youre going to be suitable for it. So what you want to do is you want to go and click on family sharing youll come into this.

Little panel now you can go ahead and kind of read through it you can click on learn more but. If you already know about it you just want to go ahead and click on set up your family and. That now its going to ask you to invite people basically into this specific thing now if you want to. Create an account for a child aka you just bought your you know child an iphone or whatever well youre. Going to have to go ahead and click on there and pretty much you know create their accounts youre going.

To click here youll get into another little pop-up which youll see in like two seconds and itll go ahead. And lead you through here and itll basically go ahead and create an icon account pretty much for your specific. Family member aka your child now lets say you have some grown people that you want to just go ahead. And put on here well were gonna go ahead and go back into family sharing as you can see and. Once you go ahead and do that youll pretty much be able to add a member so what were going.

To do is were going to click add a member and ill go ahead and show you what it looks. Like so were going to be back here you want to click invite people and pretty much it just is. Going to send an invite to a specific person so you can invite to person you know via airdrop through. Imessages through mail most probably youre going to do a message you know kind of you know send a message. To somebody and then invite them but you can also invite in person so you can click invite in person.

Its going to find people basically for you but youre going to go ahead and have them basically hand them. Your phone and have them input their apple id and their password so if its your father if its your. Son if its your brother if its your spouse youre going to go ahead and basically input their apple id. And their password basically have them do it and then from there youll basically be able to go ahead and. Set up family sharing so once you have a member thats really the part thats on you you can pretty.

Much get all this type of information from them you can get you know a shared icloud storage purchase sharing. Location sharing a screen time sharing so lets say youre trying to monitor someones screen time you can basically see. That here but also subscriptions which is really cool so you can basically share subscriptions which is like apple music. And all this kind of stuff so if you want to go ahead and you know set up a you. Know apple subscription for everyone you can go ahead and do that here which is really cool now its not.

Like a necessity you dont need to do it but thats pretty much how to do it this is how. To set up family sharing and how to invite people and all that stuff so if you have any other. Questions or anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button know me so much but. Definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does count so me so much if you. Guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram.

My other channels more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys. In the next video peace out till then.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Family Sharing On Iphone

Hey everyone david and david here from and up phone calm and in this video were going to show. You how to set a family sharing on your iphone family sharing is a great feature for parents because it. Allows you to share purchases that youve made so it saves families a lot of money it also allows you. A new level of control over what your child does with their iphone it used to be that you had.

To take your childs iphone set of pass codes now everything can be administered remotely from a parent or two. Parents iphones can set up multiple parents and you can also find lost devices and keep track of where your. Kids are so you can see if they made it to band practice and you could help them find their. Iphone if they dropped it behind the couch so family sharing has a lot of great features lets show you. How to set it up open the settings app on your iphone and then tap on your name at the.

Top then just a little ways down is set up family sharing tap on that and tap get started at. The bottom and it says choose the first feature youd like to share with your family so you can start. Anywhere here but were just going to start at the top with share itunes and app store purchases this is. A great idea if you want to save some money on games or other things that you purchase especially books. And just bear in mind that with family sharing you can also hide those purchases later so if you dont.

Want everybody in your family to know that you downloaded something they dont have to know tap on that and. Then tap confirm account you will share purchases made with my apple id im the family organizer ltf continue shared. Payment as the family organizer your payment method will be shared with your family members this is going to just. Bring up your default payment method thats associated with your itunes account line is paypal accounts have brought that up. And if you wanted to you could choose a different payment at the bottom now were going to invite family.

Members using the messages app so this is real easy to do just tap invite family members at the bottom. Then you have to verify that you are the family organizer its going to send you a text message say. Enter the code might spin for a couple minutes thats normal after that youll be all set and so this. Is the main family sharing menu the first thing we want to do is add a family member i want. To add david and im going to invite via imessage lets just say that the kid isnt around gotta enter.

A security code new message to david lynch just send that off now david should get a message i just. Got it so ill take out my iphone mm-hmm open messages that tab on david pay yet youve been invited. To join david pats family so you can share music movies apps icloud storage and more welcome to the family. Tapped a view invitation youre invited join family share my purchases sure all right we should mention that parents can. Set this up so that their child has to ask for permission every time they want to buy something in.

The app store or inside of a game people used to come into the apple store all the time with. These giant bills because they didnt realize that their kid was buying gems and clash of clans or something and. Its really easy to spend hundreds of dollars when you dont want your kid to my phone says all sale. Tap down there and because david is older than a child he is added as an adult excellent em hmm. But i could also go in here and add him as a parent or guardian if i wanted to salt.

Tap back before we mentioned that you can add apple ids for children under the age of 13 and you. Couldnt do that before so the way to do that is to tap add a family member at the top. And then tap create a child account this will automatically add the childs account to your family until the child. Is at least 13 and then you can turn on ask to buy and then to get started you need. To provide parental consent you might have to go in apples website to do this and you could just tap.

Next and then we have to set their birthday and i said john was how old twelve sure so he. Was born in 2007 happy birthday joey birthday shot october 24th 2007 parent privacy disclosure im just gonna agree to. That i read that whole thing another verification code oh johnny appleseed its actually just john up phone its a. Great name hes gonna need an email address well just say its john dot up phone i bet that is. Sill available not a common name and then he needs a password never bolt to both you and your child.

Its hard to remember our own passwords yeah well your child ill remember it now we need to do security. Questions best friend in high school you type next and ask to buy is a great feature to have on. It just requires approval for all purchases as we mentioned before no surprise bills tap next and then more terms. And conditions to agree to and then more terms and conditions to agree to screen time see what apps you. Use the most and i get a notification that john has been added and what may be leading to disruptions.

Or distractions throughout the day screen time is a great feature that allows you to keep track of both how. Much youre using your iphone and how much your kids are using their iphones yeah its pretty much the iphones. Built-in parental controls part of that is downtime which is a schedule for time away from the screen so you. Need to give your child permission to be able to use their phone at night and well say 10 p.m. To 7 a.m.

Thats going to be some down time and then app limits so we can set daily time. Limits so like if we wanted to give them the ability to play games for only one hour a day. We could do that and just say set app limit then we get to the content and privacy settings you. Can customize this more in the screen time settings but you could restrict content which includes web sites and privacy. Settings we need to set a screen time passcode now and this is for johns phone and then family sharing.

John has been added to your family and we could go through and add another child just got a tap. Though i dont have a third iphone to use so we dont so now weve got myself added david is. Added john age 12 is added lets go to location sharing next because this is a really cool feature i. Can share my location with my family just by tapping on share your location and you can send them messages. To let them know that now youre sharing your location with them were not going to do that right now.

Location sharing will be on and we can see that find my iphone is on were going to share my. Location from this device and david lynch and john can also see where i am lets head back to family. Sharing tap screen time you can really get in here and customize a lot of screen time options and i. Could do it remotely for johns iphone but not for davids because david is an adult i can go in. Here to choose what content i want him to be able to view for instance i have to enter his.

Passcode and then i could do all sorts of cool things like restrict the types of apps that hes able. To use and i can also say that hes not allowed to change his passcode here under passcode changes i. Can make sure that he doesnt turn off do not disturb while driving when he turned 16 i guess we. Have a lot of control over what he can do with content restrictions in here this is where youre gonna. Find the web content restrictions so if you want to protect your child against certain websites you just tap on.

That then tap an unrestricted access tap on limit adult web sites and you could also choose to do allow. Websites only like you could pick a number of websites but that could be kind of tedious lets step back. In the upper left hand corner and back keep going back so weve set up john then you can also. Set up apple music tv channels apple arcade and apple news plus and soon apple tv plus subscriptions here to. Share with your entire family so thats iphone family sharing you havent seen our full video with emma im worried.

Marty no check that out in a cart above and well link to it in description section below there are. A ton of things you can do with family sharing so we might not have covered everything in this video. Feel free to leave us a comment down below if you have any other questions or if you theres something. We should know about and talk about more in the future give this video a thumbs up if youve enjoyed. And dont forget to subscribe to this channel for more great i phone videos.

Method 3 – How To Add A Family Member To Apple Music

Okay so when i go ahead and fight from easily done all right okay so indication said right can you. Just already said invite which is that one and then they got the email so it should look exactly like. This when im depressed go ahead get started and then im gonna ask you to sign in so okay all. Right okie dokie so yeah make sure i have the available space that youre signed up a bike route right.

Yeah merchants hmm so you want to give invitations and run you click on set and im just confirming and. Continue so youre sharing purchases so and where is your location mmm alright so check out right so its right. There so there anything right looking are you okay alright so and its equal to my visa okay so now. When i go back and then go into music mm-hmm its definitely to join up music right so go ahead. Click join and then enter the password okay so lets start using app music so you click on that stupid.

Pretty sure its just apple music are you okay were gonna start it whatever you do describe and ill do. It but check out right so im using the same yeah good question shes my future daughter so hey thats. Right i get checkup okay come on you surprise icons your buddies everything down excuse me music click oh yeah. My big kick reveille right hey look scully i told you detective based one i told you.

Method 4 – How To Add A Family Member To Your Apple Music Subscription

Now lets say you have apple music subscription and you would like to share it with someone else it might. Be someone from your family your friend or someone else that you really care well to do that you just. Have to go to settings and then click here on your personal settings right here at the bottom you can. See family sharing here click on it as you can see here i already have someone as part of my.

Family now if you want to add someone else just click here on this add member you will be prompted. With this wizard click here on invite people and then you can send an invitation so to do that you. Can send using eye drop and message or mail so what i like to do is send it using messages. Now you write here the name of the person that you want to send this invitation and once the person. Received this message it will click on this the message that youve sent and you will get a notification that.

This person has been added as your family member so once you have done that now here you will see. All the persons that has been added to your account as part of your family so once youve done that. That you have the person here on this list the next thing to do is coming here at get started. And then click here on under april subscriptions now here you will have all the service that apple has under. Its subscriptions so i dont have apple tv plus and apple arcade and i dont want that what i want.

Is apple music so im going to click here on under apple music because this is the service that i. Want to share if you have more options if you use like apple tv apple arcade and one also to. Share that you can click this but i know that apple has a package now for all these applications and. You can choose that package if you are using that but right now im using the iphone music so im. Going to click here under apple music so im using apple music just for me and i paid at 2.9.

Usd so because im adding someone else to this package to this subscription its its going to cost me two. More dollars and you can invite up to five people to your group family so its okay for me ive. Decided that i want to include this person here so im going to click here on upgrade so once you. Have now here you just have to pay with your touch id which is okay for me and its done. You can invite people right now if you want to invite someone else if you decided you want to invite.

Someone else or you can create an account for a child you also can see in this information that up. To six people can get apple music with your family plan everyone gets their own account once you share this. Subscription it doesnt mean if someone else in their phone deleted music will delete your music on your device this. Will not happen everyone gets their own account and they can manage that for themselves so dont worry about deleting. Music or messing up with your playlist okay so if you want to invite someone else again here you just.

Have to click here again to invite someone else if you want that you will send here you see and. If you dont thats okay you just have cancel and click again on the console and youre done you have. Shared your apple music subscription with your loved ones well guys thats all for this video if if it was. Helpful like it share it and dont forget subscribe to the channel and ill see you in the next one. You.

Method 5 – Supportrix – How To Accept A Family Sharing Invitation On Your Ios Device

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Conclusion – How To Accept Family Sharing Invitation

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