How To Accept Friend Request On Fortnite – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept friend request on fortnite, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept friend request on fortnite,

Method 1 – How To Accept Friend Requests In Fortnite | New Social Tab & Add Friends

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Method 2 – Fortnite – How To Crossplay, Add Friends, & Fix Friend Request Error In 2021 [Fast Tutorial!]

Hello everyone thanks for today today im going to give you a quick tutorial on how to cross play add. Friends or fix the friend request error you may be having in 2021 so ill give you a quick rundown. Of all these in this video how to cross play and add friends kind of go hand in hand so. All you got to do is search their display name and whatever their display name is above their character in.

The lobby thats what you need to search it used to be the epic name or email that you could. Try and find these people by those confusing a lot of people so epic change it to its just your. Display name so whatever is above their character in the lobby that is their display name so search that to. Find your friends and you should be able to if not try their epic name maybe their epic name is. Their display name because my epic name is my display name theres not really a lot of confusion for me.

Which is why as you can see a ton of people have already sent me friend requests just because of. My videos ive made in the past so try their display name guarantee award if you are still having issues. Its probably because either a you are too popular or b because you have something wrong in your settings were. Going to go over both of those so the maximum amount of friend requests and or friends that you can. Have is 700 so if you have a lot of friend requests that are pending delete them or if you.

Have too many friends delete some of your friends i guarantee you dont play with all 700 the next thing. That you can check is over in your settings so if you go to settings make sure you turn off. Auto decline friend request because if you auto decline friend requests you wont be able to see any friend requests. That are coming to you so make sure you have those fixed up and you should be able to send. Friend requests and or receive them if you guys enjoyed todays video feel free to like subscribe thank you all.

Method 3 – How To Accept Friend Request In Fortnite – Nintendo Switch

And i want to show you the basics about accepting friend requests and sending friend requests so once again were. Gonna press this button the plus sign just press the plus sign and we did get somebody else joining our. Thing right now but i have some friend requests i can see those up there so i can just press. This rl and then im gonna see all of these and i can toggle between add friends party up and.

Boys chat im gonna go back to party friends im gonna scroll down im gonna see these friend requests i. Can just press a i can accept that i can press that accept that accept if you want to reject. Any we can scroll down reject or even block people its gonna accept all of them and thats how to. Add friends right here on your switch so lets say i would like to friend somebody i just played with. I can go into recent players and from down here i can see frozen yt and all these guys that.

I dont have so i can press this a and i can just add friend of course they have to. Accept my friend request in order for me to have him as friend in epic and remember if you want. To get gifted or if you want to give somebody something you dont have to be friends for at least. Two days on epic so thats how we can send out friend requests or a set friend request right here. Now in order to mute people lets say in your party theyre playing with you its pretty easy on the.

Title switch we can just press the plus sign and we can just select the friend that we want to. Mute for now maybe their microphone is a little bit off so we can just press a on them were. Going to see all of this just press mute your first option and they have been muted you can unmute. Anybody just by pressing a and on you and there you go same deal goes if you would like to. View somebodys profile add a nickname kick somebody from your lobby remove friend so you can remove them like so.

Or even block them so you dont have a bunch of options here once you guys click on the name. Or you can even select to send a message which is whisper so right now were just going to press. B for now i also want to show you voice chat because this is important sometimes for some reason it. Will switch you to game channel and not party channel so this is how to switch between those two so. Only during a game you can switch between game channel and party channel right now we cant but all we.

Would have to do is just scroll down and choose game channel in order to go into that one or. Stay in our party channel so maybe if your friends are telling you that theyre talking maybe you dont hear. Them they dont hear you you might be in the wrong channel so just select whichever channel makes sense to. You so right now for example were gonna kick blue face here from our party just to show you how. Thats done now we dont always have to go there if we want to kick somebody from our party you.

Can just highlight them like so were gonna press a on top of them were gonna go into manage and. We can just kick them and thats how you guys can kick anybody from here you guys can also kick. Them by going to the side and just selecting them and then choosing to kick down here below so you. Could do it those two ways to kick people from your party right now what were gonna do is select. Something else so were gonna go right into duos pressing a and then x to ready up since theres two.

Of us we dont really have to fill or dont fail thats also important that you guys may notice on. The right hand side on the right hand side it will say dont fail or fail its important to fail. If youre in squad so everybody is in there and dont fail doesnt really matter if theres only two of. You or maybe theres a full squad already you dont have to put in fail so right now im just. Gonna jump out were gonna glide we have one of friends that selected where to go however we can also.

Select where to go maybe we like a part of the map that its really interesting to us so im. Just gonna deploy right here there we go my glider and just by pressing this minus sign on the left. Side side were gonna see the map so im gonna press that and heres the entire map so i can. Select anywhere on the map using my joystick right here and to choose pleasant park i can just press a. So once i put that on top of pleasant park or lets say i want to choose the middle of.

The map i can go right here press a and hes gonna see that so im gonna press this and. Im gonna see my pin right here thats how you can place pins on your map here in fortnite so. Again we can just press this then with our joystick we can select anywhere on the map and we can. Just press a to select it we can get out of there just by pressing our minus sign again so. Right now i can see my pin all the way over there and i can see how far away i.

Am i can always go back to my map and highlight something else so maybe i want to go salty. Tower so i can highlight that press a and again i can just get out of it and there we. Go that would be somewhere else so thats over there now something else that its really really good if youre. Looking maybe at some danger coming youre going to tell your teammates that something really bads happening or you see. People around you you can highlight where they are so lets say somebodys in that house i want to highlight.

That see this arrow on your left i can just press that it can alert people and they can see. That they can see im alerting im saying go over there go over there so although they might not hear. You because you dont have a mic you can say that because this is alerting them that somebodys there so. Although i didnt see somebody today this time thats how you let them know to jump obviously its the letter. B here so i can jump now to crouch down just do this just press down on this joystick and.

We can move around now he gave me a lot of shield which is great to get back up just. Press that again and keep going and the most important thing about fortnite is just switching and getting materials you. Need materials so this tree lets take this tree now dont waste your time digging up walls to in order. To get brick because thats way too slow what you guys want to do is get brick from rocks its. Going to be a lot faster we can toggle between our harvesting tool and our guns just by pressing x.

Remember to look for shields we can select our shield and we can drink it if i didnt have full. Shield already but its good to keep it so once it gets shot i can just drink that up now. Depending which season you guys get in you might have cars you might not but you guys can also get. In some of the cars not all of them and they do have gas we can go to gas pumps. And all that but thats depending on which season youre starting so im not gonna go over that too much.

Again if you get shot its good to circle yourself and then jump and then press this in order to. Make this there so this is the most basic build you can do in order to protect yourself if you. Ever get shot now lets say we fired a few rounds right lets fire those rounds you do want to. Recharge your gun so in order to do that you have to press y so just press y recharge your. Gun so its full of ammo again and we can fire its the one of the worst things that can.

Happen is that you see someone you start firing all the sudden you need to recharge your gun because you. Ran out so what you want to do is recharge all your guns before you get into a fight just. By pressing y so select your gun and then just press y anyways these are the bare basics about fortnite. If you guys have any comments questions you guys can write down here in the comments area and if you. Guys would like to learn a little bit more a little more intermediate into fortnite make sure to watch my.

Other video on the intermediate and advanced levels in fortnite this has been the bare basics into fortnite this will. Get you started in killing people anyways that would be it for this video if you guys have any questions. Comments you guys can write down here in comments area dont forget subscribe and rate thank you you.

Method 4 – ☑️Fortnite 2K V-Bucks Giveaways

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Method 5 – New Settings Menu In Fortnite Chapter 3 (Best Settings – How Add A Friend – How To Leave A Game)

Fortnite has a new menu a new settings menu just released today on december 6th and yeah guys in this. Video youre going to talk about the new settings the new menu if youre wondering hey wheres the menu where. My settings gone how can i leave a game youre right here please drop a like subscribe to my channel. Turn notifications on if you appreciate this video and please you just consider using my creator code okay so we.

Have a new menu on the past the menu was on the right top side now we have it on. The left side i dont know why its on the left side its probably because they wanted to have something. Similar to our mobile phones im here right now on pc uh on the console its going to be the. Same its going to be different on your console please write a comment tell me what console youre playing so. I can check this out i have the playstation 5 here i have the xbox here i also have nintendo.

Switch here this was actually the xbox uh i still have the controller connected by cable okay so i have. The playstation here im gonna check it out okay so uh yeah so this is a new menu uh this. Is how it looks like okay so on top you have all the players you can just you know invite. Them request to join you see like mutual friends which i find pretty cool so you can see you know. Uh who of your enemies is a friend of your friend uh pretty nice pretty cool um then we have.

Here an ad friend menu you just have to write the name of the player and then you can add. Them right so i dont know if you wanted to add ninja i would just type in ninja uh searching. For users right and i could add ninja right so thats how it works so um then we have the. Voice chat um here you have some settings you can choose open mic or not uh you can choose to. Talk when you push to talk you have to press a button which you define in the settings in the.

Keybinds so that people hear you otherwise you know when you have open mic as i just have it on. Here um everybody will hear you whenever you talk okay so default channel party or game uh i dont know. I find it funny if there would be a game channel where like everybody of the 100 people are gonna. Talk uh voice indicators just showing up you know when people talk so now youre wondering where are the settings. Okay the settings are here okay this is the settings uh we have to go to this little all of.

The three bars this is actually i cant see right now uh so this is the there there we are. Okay this is the um the with the three bars so ill just click on this and you get to. The settings report support whatever legal stuff uh click on settings if you want to get into the settings if. You want the video about settings uh write a comment um briefly if youre on pc you want to choose. A setting which is you know equal to your monitor uh if you have a graphics card you can decrease.

It uh its highly recommended to play windowed full screen or full screen uh window it can also be played. But yeah with the full screen is probably the best option uh then you can choose how many fps you. Wanna have maximum uh you can do this if you have um like g-sync or something you usually would actually. It would be better to have something like 140 to choose but because i have a 124 hertz screen um. We have brightness settings here colorblind settings um this is something its not necessary i just have this stuff on.

Epic because when i make videos otherwise i would uh play with something like this because this way you get. Maximum dps but you dont lose visibility in the game we think you want to have off motion blur oh. I have this on okay this thing you want to definitely have off uh show dps on uh loud motif. Threaded rendering on directx 12. If you have a newer graphics card if you have an older graphics card you.

Might try directx 11 might be better um this stuff you can leave off low latency you can try on. If you want agency flash you can try on dsls i would turn off uh ray tracing i would turn. Off because it just makes the game look better but theres a huge performance impact so you will play worse. Okay uh other settings i can make a video of interest in this if you want to leave the game. Or you want to leave a match just go to the this thingy now where is it there this thing.

Okay this is how you leave a match how you leave the game and yeah this is a new menu. Thats on the new settings in fortnite chapter 3. If you found this video helpful drop a like subscribe to. My channel turn notifications on thank you for watching see ya bye.

Conclusion – How To Accept Friend Request On Fortnite

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