How To Accept Friend Request On Origin – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept friend request on origin, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept friend request on origin,

Method 1 – How To Accept A Friend Request In Origin

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Method 2 – How To Add Friends On Origin (2021)

Yo yo yo what is going on guys welcome to the video i hope youre all having a great day. So far in todays video were going to be talking to you guys about how to add friends through origin. So its going to be a really quick really easy video i assume therell be a lot of people wanting. To know this because battlefront 2 just went free on epic games at the time im making this video and.

You still have to download it through origin add friends and stuff through origin so i just wanted to make. A quick video to show you guys how to do it if it does help please do drop a sub. On the channel it really really helps me out like the video if it helped as well without further ado. Lets jump into the video all right everybody so once you have opened origin this is the my home so. Look you can click on my home to make sure on the same page first of all youll notice in.

The bottom right hand corner it says friends list now this is where all your friends currently do show you. See ive currently been sent a friend request from morrow maniac so i can click accept i can click x. If i dont accept but right up here you can see theres a little person with a little plus sign. Next to him now here is the search bar where you can search for your friends um but here is. Where you can search for new players so what you need to do is get your friends origin ids and.

Then type it in here so for example im gonna type in skull face so this is one of my. Good buddies i stream with him all the time im not friends with him on origin yet but we can. See skull face right here i can view his profile and then in the top right corner there it just. Says send friend request you could also click the little down if you need to block or report anybody you. Can click the little down arrow there and that works but literally that easy just click send friend request and.

That frameworks will now show up just as morrows is showing up for me right here so its very very. Easy to do uh if you dont know what your origin is you can easily look you can go back. To my home so if you dont know what it is and at the top it normally says some sort. Of like witty comment and then your name so this would be your name but if for whatever reason this. Isnt here so thats literally my origin id spelled exactly like that with the capitals and everything um so your.

Your origin should show right there if for any reason it doesnt theres a bunch more ways to find it. What we do is we click origin in the top and then we can go down and click ea account. And billing um just so we can find out what our account actually is so if we click there that. Will open up a web page so im not going to do that now because ill show you guys some. Stuff that you i probably shouldnt let you see but yeah click ea account that will open up and you.

Will see what your origin name is right there at the top all right everybody thank you so so much. For watching like i said its going to be really short and sweet if the video did help please do. Drop it a sub and please do drop it a like it really really does help me uh if youve. Got any more questions or you need any help with anything at all just put them in the comments below. Ill do my best to answer every single one of them i also stream live on twitch six days a.

Week so if you do have twitch come on over and say hello youre more than welcome to jump in. Some games with us im a variety streamer i stream all different kinds of games but yeah thank you guys. So so much for watching i really appreciate it all have a wonderful rest of your day peace easy positive. Vibes coming your way you.

Method 3 – How To Accept A Friend Request On Origin

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Method 4 – Fix Unable To Send Friend Request On Origin

Hello guys welcome to my channel today in this video i am going to show you when you are unable. To send a friend request on origin so the first step is to restart origin so if the region is. Open go ahead and close the region make sure that you exit from the hidden icons so make a right. Click on origin i can then click on quite origin now once once the origin is closed go ahead and.

Mount origin once again now once the region is up and running go to the friend option on the top. And then click on add friend and then you can go ahead and try to add your friend or send. A friend request now if still youre facing this problem and then this then follow the next step that is. Go offline so to go offline go to origin open origin and then go to a region and click on. Go offline so go to a region then click on go offline and also make sure that you log out.

From origin dot-com so open browser then type in origin dot-com and if you are logged in over here go. Ahead and log out from origin on website so click on your profile and then click on sign out and. Then you also logout from the original client so click on origin then click on sign out then you can. Go ahead and close the browser and click on exit origin and make sure that its gone from here and. Make sure that its not there in the task manager then you can go ahead an open origin client once.

Again then log into the origin and then click on sign you now once you log in it should automatically. Go online you dont have to click on go online so it should go online automatically and after that you. Can go ahead and click on friends then add a friend then you can go ahead and send a friend. Request to your friend now the next step is to close or close all the origin processes from the task. Manager so open task manager make a right click on your task bar then click on task manager and then.

Make sure that you close all the original processes so select origin then click on end – scroll down and. Find if you have any more services running so if you find any kind of region services so make sure. That you go ahead in and pass all the original processes so once you close all the origin processes then. You can go ahead and launch origin and after that you can go ahead and try to send friend requests. To your friend now the next step is to run origin client services the exe file is in administrator to.

Do so go to the folder open file explorer only kuvira and before you do that you go ahead and. Close origin so void input origin and make sure that nothing is running in the task manager so if you. Have any origin services running go ahead and close the third service so in here i dont see any origin. Services running then go to seed right then click on this pc then click on c drive then click on. Program files x86 open the origin folder and here you will find an optional here you can find the origin.

Client services so make a right click then click on run as administrator then click on yes to allah it. Will not open any kind of window or anything we simply have to run this origin client services as in. Administrator then after that is done you void and select origin client originally x if i then make a right. Click then click on run as administrator then click on yes to allow now this time it will open the. Origin client now after you do this you go iden you can go ahead and try to send friend request.

To your friend now the next step is to disable antivirus so if you have any kind of threat body. Antivirus installed on your computer maybe not on a vast avg so go ahead and disable the antivirus while you. Log in to your original client and also make sure that you disable control folder access so just type in. Windows security in windows search box then click on windows security click on virus and threat detection scroll down and. Then click on ransomware protection here you can see manager and selection click on manage 10 server protection then disable.

This control filter access and once you turn this off you can go ahead and try to send friend request. Once again the next step is to uninstall and reinstall region so you can go to absent features and then. Find origin just type in origin in the search box click on the region and then click on uninstall now. After you uninstall the origin go ahead and restart your computer and then you go ahead and redownload origin from. Browser so just type in origin on download or if you for pc and then you can go ahead and.

Install the origin the latest version of origin on akira and then you can go ahead and login and then. You should be able to send the friend request so one of the sh steps should definitely help you to. Send friend request on origin so that will be all thank you so much for your time and please like. This video and subscribe to mention.

Method 5 – How To Fix Origin Add Friends No Results Found

If something similar has happened to you all you need to do is go in your profile edit on Go on privacy settings scroll down and see here allow users to search for me by email address excellently i. Gave it down a little bit we need to use click on email address scroll down make sure you update. It and then from there you should be able to be seen by people when they search for you by.

Your email address um yeah thats it after that it should work dont forget to like comment and subscribe and. Yeah hope this fixes your problem do.

Conclusion – How To Accept Friend Request On Origin

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