How To Accept God Into Your Life – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept god into your life, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept god into your life,

Method 1 – I Want To Accept Jesus Christ | How To Accept Jesus As Your Savior

Hey guys in this video im going to teach you in three simple steps how to become a born-again believer. My name is whitney meade and this is a youtube channel where great faith and real life collide if youre. New here welcome and please dont forget to click on that subscribe button so that you dont miss any of. My videos i post at least one new video every week also if you like this video please give it.

A thumbs up that really helps other people find it today were talking about a very common question how do. You become a christian i want to make a distinction that were really talking about becoming followers of jesus christ. Not just believing in god even demons believe in god i want to teach you how to invite jesus to. Live in your heart so that you can enjoy a friendship with him for the rest of your life and. Receive eternal salvation that sounds great right lets get started with our first of three steps first you have to.

Recognize that everyone has sinned including you and including me romans 3:23 says for all have sinned and fall short. Of the glory of god so god cant be in communion with you and have a relationship with you when. You are still covered in that sin thats why adam and eve were kicked out of the garden of eden. When they ate the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they could no longer be. In gods presence because they had fallen into sin or had become covered in sin when were born were born.

Into a sinful state or what people often call a sinful nature we stay in a sinful state until jesus. Comes to live inside of us and takes away the penalty for our sin and gives us his righteousness so. The first step is to recognize that you are a sinner the second step is to understand that the penalty. For being sinful is eternal death separation from god forever sounds kind of harsh right well unfortunately it is harsh. But its the truth the bible explains 2s more in romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death but.

The free gift of god that is his remarkable overwhelming gift of grace to believers is eternal life in christ. Jesus our lord did you catch that good news god has a free gift waiting for you and it is. Forgiveness of your sins and eternal life through jesus lets move on to the third step to really drive this. Home step three is to accept gods gift if i had a present for you youd have to reach out. To take it for me to receive it wouldnt you it wouldnt do you any good just looking at that.

Pretty wrapping from a distance youd actually have to reach out and grab it thats what this step is all. About romans 5:8 says but god demonstrates his own love for us in this while we were still sinners christ. Died for us god loves you he showed that to you by sending jesus his son to earth to die. On a cross to pay the penalty for your sin and wipe it clean forever thats it you dont have. To do good things be a good person or do religious exercises to earn your salvation you just have to.

Believe that god send jesus took your place on the cross to pay for your sins let him become the. Lord of your life and accept gods love its simple if youre ready to take the step to receive jesus. As your savior and accept gods free gift of eternal salvation i want to lead you in that prayer pray. This with me out loud or silently in your heart dear god i admit to you that i am a. Sinner i ask for your forgiveness and today im turning from those ways i believe that you sent your son.

Jesus to earth to die in my place and because of his great sacrifice i get to received your free. Gift of eternal life i am excited about you entering into my heart and changing my life i love you. God amen congratulations you just made the best decision of your entire life it will change your eternity your destiny. Your spirit and your legacy i am so excited for you some of you may wonder if this choice is. Actually gonna stick or if its really real i remember feeling that way too thankfully the bible explains away our.

Fears and this is the testimony god has given us eternal life and this life is in his son he. Who has the son has life he who does not have the son of god does not have life i. Write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of god so that you may know. That you have eternal life now you know you can take it to the bank please make sure to subscribe. To my channel for more christian encouragement and a wonderful supportive community by clicking the subscribe button now also now.

That youre a christian you are ready for my new christian basics series a series of youtube videos that will. Guide you through your first days of being a christian ill link to that up above i also want to. Invite you to join me and thousands of my friends for a free resource my video devotional series called fitness. And the father you can join today for free at fitness and the father calm its going to be a. Great way to get started on your christian walk and learn more about fitness of the mind fitness of the.

Body and fitness of the spirit thanks for watching and ill see you next time.

Method 2 – Let Go & Trust God | Overcoming Worry – Inspirational & Motivational Video

God doesnt want me worrying about anything nothing not a zip zero philippians 4:6 dont worry about anything thats pretty. Clear instead pray about everything weve talked about this many times you can pray you can panic if youre not. Praying youre panicking you can worry you dont worship if youre not worshiping youre worrying you invite worship in the. Front door where he goes out the back door and so god says i dont want you worrying about anything.

Now why he says worry is unreasonable its unreasonable in other words it doesnt make sense its illogical it is. Irrational it is unreasonable in the first place we typically worry about the wrong thing we worry about the little. Stuff how i look how i appear what i say who who im talking to stuff am i gonna be. Late for this meeting stuff they didnt gonna matter in five years its all temporary if you really gonna worry. And god says you shouldnt but if you were gonna worry worry about things that are eternal dont worry about.

Stuff thats not gonna matter tomorrow jesus says you should never worry not only because its unreasonable its unnatural nature. Does not worry its unnatural jesus you know look at the birds look at the birds of the air they. Dont sow or reap or store away in barns theyre not worried about you know do i have enough to. Live on they said and yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not more valuable than birds if god. Takes care of birds isnt gonna take care of you and then he says in verse 28 and 29 matthew.

6 why do you worry about your clothes youve got look at the flowers look at the field lilies they. Dont worry about about how they look yet king solomon all of his glory was not clothed as beautifully as. They are and he said all of creation trust my care except humans hes saying worry isnt natural jesus says. Worry is unhelpful what does he mean by that its useless it doesnt work worry is worthless it doesnt change. Anything when you worry matthew 6 verse 27 jesus says who of you by worrying can add a single hour.

To his life where he cant make you an inch taller where it cant make you an inch shorter can. Make you bigger or smaller thinner or fatter where he doesnt work and says who you could change anything he. Said you cant add even a single hour to your life worried about any problem in your life will never. Move you one step toward that situation worry is worthless worry cannot change anything in your past its already done. Your past is past so why are you worried about it worry cannot control your future no matter how much.

You think you can youre not controlling it by worrying about it so if it cant change the past and. It cant control the future what does it do messes up today and he says theres no need to worry. Because your heavenly father will take care of you you know when i was a kid if i had any. Need in my life i didnt worry about it i went to my dad the data i need this or. Mom i need this and if i needed money to buy sometimes a data i need some money to buy.

This i never once worried about where he was gonna get the money that was his worry youre worrying about. A lot of things that are gods responsibility worry is assuming responsibility that god never intended for you to have. Every time you worry its a warning light im playing god im acting like god im a thinking that it. All depends on me that i dont have a heavenly father so you never worry if you understand that god. Is your heavenly father and you understand the goodness the goodness of god matthew 6 verse 30 says this if.

God cares so wonderfully even for the flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow in other words theyre only. A bloom for a few days and then theyre gone but your life last decades if god cares so wonderfully. Even for the flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow wont he surely care for you you see what. Hes saying here is that god has assumed responsibility for the needs in your life and he cares for you. Because he says you are valuable you have value you want to know how much you value look at the.

Cross jesus died for you on the cross that shows how much value you have to god youre not junk. Youre not worthless no no you are valuable to god because youre his child and like the shepherd takes cares. Of the defenseless sheep when you need it im there what am i saying im saying that worry in your. Life every time you worry it comes from the fact that you must understand the goodness of god worry is. A warning sign its a yellow will caution i go by power bomb thats saying at this point ive forgotten.

How good god is ive forgotten the promises of god ive forgotten what god has promised to do in my. Life to meet all my needs he says it over and over and over i will meet all your needs. Theres no need that god will not meet if you trust him now if you dont trust him youre out. There on your own but if you trust him he says i will meet every need in your life and. Worry means ive forgotten that the goodness of god it want comes from misunderstanding what god is really like and.

You know what we always get into trouble every time whenever we start doubting gods goodness when we start saying. Gods not gonna take care of me god doesnt really love me god isnt a good god every time you. Start thinking like that you know where those thoughts came from youre gonna get in trouble youre gonna go down. A blind alley hit a dead end have all kinds of discouragement in your life and it doesnt even make. Sense most of you here sitting here this in this day are our believers youve stepped across the line spiritually.

Said you know ive put my trust in jesus christ because they know heavens perfect and im not theres no. Chance im getting to heaven on my own goodness because im not good enough so im trusting jesus christ to. Forgive me and to save me by his grace not by my works but im just trusting god to say. Because he loves me he wants to forgive me he sent jesus to die for me when jesus died on. The cross for you he solved your biggest problem you dont have any bigger problem than eternal salvation but if.

Thats your biggest problem why do you doubt his taking care of the smaller things in your life whats the. Logic of saying im gonna trust god to get me to heaven but im not going to trust him to. Help me make my car payment what whats the logic in that it makes no sense why would you trust. God with something so big eternal salvation but not trust him with who am i supposed to marry am i. Ever gonna get married or am i gonna get a job or what school should i go do and all.

The other major questions in life why dont you trust him with those things – it doesnt make sense to. Say oh i dont doubt him for my salvation but i do doubt that hes gonna care for my health. I do doubt that hes gonna care for my career it doesnt make sense at all if god can be. Trusted for salvation hell carry everything else and when you doubt that you are an unbeliever at that moment youre. An unbeliever well every time you worry you act like an unbeliever you see its actually an insult to god.

Every time you worry youre acting like an orphan every time you worry youre acting like you dont have a. Heavenly father who is promised over and over again over 3,000 promises in this book to take care of your. Needs how many times you act like god doesnt know what you need let me start depending on it selves. And we start taking matters in their own hands and we assume that we have to figure it all out. Rather than is trusting thats called playing god when we get to heaven youre gonna see how many times you.

Set yourself up for failure by worrying instead of trusting john chapter 14 verse 1 jesus says this dont be. Worried what do i do instead of worrying he says believe in god and believe in me how do you. Do how do you trust god to meet your needs number one you do this every day its not a. One-time thing every day ask him to be my shepherd every day i asked jesus to be my shepherd the. Lord is my shepherd you do this every morning when you get up you sit on the side of your.

Bed and you say the lord is my shepherd and then i say it throughout the day any youve got. A major decision to make the lord is my shepherd you might say it 10 or 15 times a day. But if youll start saying that phrase your worry will go down every time you start to worry you need. To say the lord is my shepherd now in john chapter 10 jesus says this verse 14 15 i am. The good shepherd let me say the lord is my shepherd who is that jesus says im in im him.

I am the lord i am the good shepherd and i know my own sheep and they know me and. I lay down my life for my sheep thats what he did on the cross he gave his life for. You second is very important i give him jesus first place in every area of my life this is extremely. Important that i give jesus first place in every area of my life now the bible says this matthew 6. Verse 31 33 your heavenly father already knows perfectly well what you need let me stop right there your heavenly.

Father perfectly knows already what you need so any needs you mentioned to god he already knows so anytime you. Come to god with hes not gonna go whoa i never saw that one coming he knew it before he. Made you but he says i already know what you need before you even ask and he says and he. Will not might he will give you what you need if heres the condition if you give him first place. In your life and you live as he wants you to so you give god first place in every area.

Of your life now let me just tell you something any time you worry that is a warning light that. That particular area of your life you have not given him first place when you make jesus christ number one. In every single area of your life it really simplifies your priorities and it also gives you a whole lot. Less to worry about see when its given to god then you dont have to worry about it too often. We worry about things we worry about physical possessions now as long as you love anything else in your life.

More than god that area is going to become a source of worry to you just count on it its. Gonna become a source of stress and a source of insecurity if god if you love it more than god. Youre gonna be victimized by worry and anxiety and eventually everybody has to decide you and me and everybody else. What am i going to live for and who am i gonna live for and whatever that answer is becomes. Your lord you know one of the things we worry about the most of course is money what ive discovered.

Is that no matter how much or how little youve got about it you still worry about it and if. You dont have it you worry about getting it if youve got it youre worrying about keeping it saving it. Spending it investing it protecting it and god says i know what you worrying about that ill take care of. All your needs matthew chapter 6 verse 34 jesus says this so dont worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have. Its own worries each day has enough trouble of its own anybody that verse cant change the future cant change.

The path just work on today there are two days of every week you should never worry about yesterday and. Tomorrow because you cant do anything about them take one day at a time through your life now why why. Does god say that you should only live your life one day at a time well because its true its. The only thing you can do you cant live in the past you cant live in the future you can. Only live today but theres a couple reasons why you should only live one day at a time first when.

You worry about tomorrows problems you miss all the blessings of today some of you are so worried about retirement. Youre not enjoying today its okay to plan for them tomorrow its okay to plan for the future just dont. Worry about the future planning is good worrying is bad you can plan for tomorrow but you cant live in. Tomorrow you could only live today now i know that the future can often seem you know very overwhelming but. God graciously divided it up in the 24 hour segments so you dont get all the future at once you.

Get it 24 hours at a time and if god gave you all the future at one time it would. Overwhelm you but youre not there yet youre not ready for it so its not going to come at you. All at once youre gonna hit the future one day at a time you can handle that life because the. Lord is my shepherd.

Method 3 – Here’s How To Surrender And Live For God! Until You Do This, You’re Not Ready!

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Method 4 – Accepting God Into Your Life 🙏

This is the world that we live in this is the world that we live in it is broken we. Are broken and so with brokenness what i mean by that is filled with lies sickness violence death but this. Was not god original design god had a wonderful plan for your life this is gods perfect design she had. A wonderful plan for your life for what happened we rejected gods plan and sin has gotten us to where.

We are now because we decided to do things our own way we decided to stay here we decided to. Stay here in brokenness and we tried different things right in order to get out of brokenness such as religions. Drugs alcohol relationships but what happens nothing works the bible tells us in john 3:16 for god so loved the. World that he gave up his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. This tells us that god does not want us to stay in brokenness so he offers us a way out.

I went back to his perfect design and that is through jesus christ so he offered us a way out. Of brokenness through jesus christs sacrifice ok jesus sacrificed himself to make way back to god so jesus christ he. Was the ultimate sacrifice that opened the gates to heaven for us that was gods gift for us the church. Teaches us that by asking god into your heart but the bible teaches us in a vision 3:17 which says. So christ may dwell in your hearts in faith that through faith in jesus blood that was shed for our.

Salvation its the only way that we can be saved in the old testament in the times of the law. People have faith in the blood of a lamb they didnt ask the name into their heart they have faith. In the blood atonement in the new testament in the time of grace jesus christ was the name of god. And the ottoman sacrifice for our sins and whoever have faith belief in trust in jesus will have eternal peace. In paradise but check this out when you have faith in jesus you will grow and pursue his design his.

Purpose for your life but what does god do see god will send you back into brokenness okay he will. Send you back into brokenness in order to help those who remain broken and guide them back to gods perfect. Design everything is a process everything will take timing do you need to change your mind and renew with your. Life you need to make the choice yourself dont let a path to make that decision for you and dont. Let anyone pressure you like like i said before its your life only its your life only i can give.

You all this information but if you dont feel it in your heart to accept god into your life and. I cannot pressure you but instead pray for you but if you love what you learn here today and you. Want to continue to study and change your life for god and if you have faith in his word you. Believe from the bottom of your heart that jesus died and rose again and if you trust that he knows. Whats best for your life i encourage you to please pray to him and accept him as lord and savior.

It will be the best decision you were ever making your life.

Method 5 – Invite God Into Your Difficulties | Joel Osteen

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Conclusion – How To Accept God Into Your Life

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