How To Accept Google Calendar Invite – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept google calendar invite,

Method 1 – How To Accept A Google Calendar Invite

Today im going to show you how to accept a google calendar invitation which you will need to do if. You go to youre going to show up and youre going to see all your emails which most of. Them should be deleted because we did that last week youre going to go over to the right where you. See nine dots it says if you hover over it itll say google apps you click that and then youre.

Going to see all these different google apps youre going to scroll down and youll see calendar on the third. Row in the middle click on calendar and its going to load your google calendar now these are all the. Invitations that i sent you all and you should have an invitation for all your classes by now if you. Do not see a invitation for mr bradford then just know that its coming soon and im just waiting on. His links once you see that the invitations on here youll notice that on your screen the colors are not.

Filled in thats because you did not respond to the invitations if you hover over the event so science morning. Class if i hover over it you need to right click with your mouse right click and itll ask you. Going yes no or maybe this person already responded yes so thats why my bubbles are filled in but if. You did not respond to an event youll see that its not filled in the colors so thats how you. Know if you responded yes or not or no you need to go ahead and accept all the calendar invites.

That i sent you so once you right click yes its going to ask you do you want to accept. The invitation for this event or all the events you want to accept it for all the math classes then. Youre going to do it for social studies morning class right click going yes this one for september 1st or. All of them were going to do all of them then you are going to click two more that means. You have two more that are not showing two more am social studies office hours right click going click yes.

Same thing all the events you need to do this for all of the invitations that i sent you that. Should be around six or so for all your classes make sure that all your bubbles are filled in thats. How you know that you accepted and make sure that you are clicking two more or three more whatever you. See so that you can see all the invites another way that you can see your google calendar invitations is. In your gmail account so click the google apps on the right go back to gmail youll notice that last.

Week friday i told you not to delete your emails that said invitation thats because i wanted you to see. This part if you scroll youll notice that miss philosophy sent an invitation for science morning class if you click. That it gives you the link so i linked everything for you all so it should everything should be in. One place itll give you the zoom link and it will ask you yes maybe or no you need to. Select yes and then it will say this event or all events and you do all events the reason why.

Its not working now is because i already accepted the events on the google calendar so thats the second way. You can do it i recommend just going on the google calendar and accepting it there its easier its faster. Its much more simple once you accept it all the invites and your colors are filled in you can go. Ahead and delete the emails from your invitation so the ones that i told you to keep on friday you. Can go ahead and delete those because we dont need them anymore i just wanted you all to see the.

Relation between those two and to know that you can get emails from those.

Method 2 – Google Calendar Invitation Response

Hello and welcome back to freddie tech tips this is matt romney with the state of utah department of human. Resources management ill be doing our tech tip today today were gonna go back to the basics of google again. And were going to talk about the google calendar specifically calendar invitations so go to my email so if were. Talking google calendar why am i going to the email because this is where we receive our invitations most of.

You have seen these invitations this is a meeting that joel chabot to set up for me an invitation to. The dsc final testing now i can theres a number of ways that i can reply to this saying that. I am or im not going now one of them is right here i can just click on this rsvp. Click on that and it gives me some details monday july 14th 2 p.m. To 3 p.m.

Location its what. This little pin means is to be determined and theres two people going joel and myself so i can answer. Right here yes maybe or no so well say yes its done now another thing i can do is i. Can click on this little calendar icon here now lets go to one here he rescheduled it so lets go. To this little calendar icon and if you click on that it actually brings up the details of the event.

Its like opening up the email same thing happens you can answer yes maybe no ive already answered yes but. The email hadnt been answered yet so how did i answer yes well i did it a different way but. We can the nice thing about this is it gives you your agenda here so you can see well friday. Ive got tech tip that i do ive got a lunch hour and then dsc testing so well its the. Thursday that i work on a friday tech tip so it gives me majendie and sees where this fits within.

That agenda and then i can go down to more details i can even answer yes here maybe no if. I click on more options or more details its going to take me actually takes me to the calendar event. Itself and i can have all the options here yes im going add a note or change my response maybe. I can add bring guests i can add a note as to why i cant come or what might be. Better its giving me the full details here now lets close that out were back here to my email weve.

Got those two ways one lets go back and recap the first one we can click on the rsvp the. Second one we can click on this which is the same as clicking on anywhere else in the invitation its. Going to open that invitation and you have the options of looking at your agenda and answering within there now. The third way i dont even have to be within my email i can just go to my calendar which. I have open over here and i know that on tuesday july 15th i have a meeting this is our.

Team meeting and theres this little arrow this curved arrow on the left-hand side top corner and if i click. On that it gives me the options again yes maybe no or remove so i can answer without opening up. The full email without opening up the full event i can just click right here yes im going to be. There and its done and that little dark arrow means i havent replied yet as soon as i reply only. This event or all events so in other words this is a series of events when he created it he.

Said im going to have this event happen every monday or every tuesday at 9:00 a.m. For the next 8. Months and so if i say only this event its saying im only replying to the yes im going to. This one its not saying im going to all eight months worth and then as soon as i click that. The little arrow is gone so there are three different ways essentially that you can reply to an email invitation.

Or an event invitation you can go to the email and click on the rsvp you can click on the. Email itself and open it up and create your answer there the rsvp is again just a very short simple. Where the whole event is full detail so thats two ways and then the third way is straight from your. Calendar either using the little black arrow which is gone now or by opening up the whole event and answering. There let me know if you have any other questions let me know if theres anything else i can help.

You with i may have confused the issue let me know that too and ill try to clarify the next. Time around but thanks for your help i hope this makes using the google calendar easier faster and more effective. Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

Method 3 – How To Accept A Google Calendar Invite

Hi everyone miss saunders here in this video were going to show you how to accept an invitation to a. Live video meeting and how to manage those meetings and access the links to the video chats from your google. Calendar so right now were in my email inbox my gmail inbox and you can see i have an invitation. To a science department meeting all right now theres two ways we can go about doing this if you hover.

Over the email you can see this little box here that says rsvp rsvp just stands for please respond in. French if you click on that drop down menu got a list of options so you can rsvp or respond. And tell the host whether or not you are going to be going to the meeting if you open the. Email you also have the same choices yes maybe and no if you want to respond you simply click on. Whichever it is youre going to do yes maybe no okay also in the email there should be joining info.

And this link right here is what you would click to join that meeting when its time for that meeting. Obviously since its not time for the meeting were not going to go to the meeting yet so thats how. You can rsvp from your email but if you look at my inbox you can see theres a lot of. Stuff i got a lot of emails i dont want to have to find this email on monday at 3. P.m so what im going to do instead is this little tile grid here these are all the google apps.

If you click on that were going to look for the calendar so heres the google calendar im going to. Click on that its going to open my google calendar in another tab and now we can see all the. Stuff that miss saunders has going on this week including this science department meeting now ive changed my mind i. Want to go to the science department meeting im a science teacher i should probably go to the science department. Meeting so right now this box is white or transparent its not filled in with color that means that im.

Not going to it if i click on it down here at the bottom of this box that pops up. I have the option to change my response when i click on yes the box fills in with color that. Means ive accepted the meeting i am going and that time is now blocked off and i can see on. My schedule on monday september 21st that i have a science department meeting from three to four thats really useful. So you can see when things overlap like this meeting here overlaps with this living environment class so thats a.

Meeting i wouldnt be able to go to if i were invited to it you can also use your calendar. To access the meetings when its time to go to them so i just clicked on the box or the. Little block for the science department meeting and all i would have to do is click the join with google. Meet button and that would again open in a new tab the box that you would need or the window. That you would need to join the meeting and thats that email me if you have any questions.

Method 4 – Google Tutorial: How To Accept A Meeting Request From Gmail Inbox

Hello and welcome to google tutorials how to accept a meeting request from your google gmail inbox its really easy. So if someone has said they sent you a meeting request the google calendar then youre just gonna log into. Your gmail inbox go to google or your gmail login when you get to your inbox its really easy youre. Going to look for an email that has the subject of invitation and then it will have the name of.

The meeting request for an example for this tutorial i have named the meeting test meeting request what you can. Do you can click on if you go all the way over to the right where it says rsvp thats. Really easy it says if youre going ask its asking if youre going yes maybe or no i will be. Attending this meeting very simple youve actually just accepted the invitation and its on your google calendar however you can. Open up the meeting request and see all of the details about the meeting where its at what when the.

Date and time whos hosting the event where did they what email address was it sent from if theres an. Agenda for the event it has all the important you could also accept the meeting request from inside of your. Email as well the way that you can see this event is click on your google calendar if you go. Up to the square icon in the top right hand corner of your gmail its going to open up icons. And an application box if you click on calendar it will open up your google calendar and there is the.

Meaning that you accept it right there in your calendar very easy its a quick tutorial for google google calendar. How to accept a meeting request thanks and make it a great day.

Method 5 – Google: How To Create And Send A Calendar Invite

Okay this screencast im going to show you how to send and create or create and send a google calendar. Invite so go ahead and sign into your google account and when you do again go up to your little. Suite up here and youll see the calendar icon okay so hit on that and this is actually what shows. Up itll show up with a calendar now i happen to have been there already so thats why i popped.

Up immediately but you can see your week your calendar according to just the day the week the month four. Days out etc etc now i tend to keep it on the week calendar so i can see whats coming. Up during the week now lets say i want to have a i dont know i get gathering and get. Together a meeting of some sort on wednesday and i want to do it at 8 oclock okay so i. Click on that particular time slot and it automatically gives me a one hour slot right now what im going.

To do is edit the event and when i edit the event im going to say something like i dont. Know meeting ok and i can go ahead and start editing when i want to meet and a number of. Other features here okay so lets say its 8 oclock but i want to go to 8:30 so im just. Going to press that or i could just type in 8:30 thatd be fine too i could put in a. Location here i can do a brief description here just a meeting ok and this is where i invite people.

To join now i do something here and i would say something like lets just say faculty and staff and. That will give me all their emails here i want to also put the location of where its going to. Be so i would hit the rooms these are the ones that are open at the time now i chose. The filter only available room so i know that it between 8:00 and 8:30 these rooms are available to be. Meeting so thats actually a pretty important thing to add as well so just go ahead and do something like.

That so its going to be out to chapel and the other really cool feature about this is that this. Will tell me when i go ahead and create this account or when i create this invitation rather okay and. You just make sure all the rest of things are great when i go ahead and create this invitation im. Going to have access to who actually can join and who cant join all right so ill just do this. Ill click on that little icon itll tell me all the people that i sent this invitation to right and.

Then as the days go on ill be able to check and see who can come who cant come who. Didnt in respond at all and then who responded as maybe i would hit the save button then as soon. As i hit the save its created via the invitation and then ill just go ahead and hit send and. Then it goes out okay so i hope that was helpful – really pretty easy process when you get right. Down to it and once i do that it will save it on the calendar wherever it put date oclock.

Okay hope that was helpful.

Conclusion – How To Accept Google Calendar Invite

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