How To Accept Google Pay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept google pay,

Method 1 – Google Pay – How To Send And Receive Money

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Method 2 – How To Receive Payments In Google Pay ( English)

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Method 3 – How To Use Google Pay

Google pay can be used to make contactless payments in stores to make purchases online and to send money to. Friends and family heres how to use it use our clickable sections below to keep track of what step youre. On during this tutorial [.

Method 4 – How To Set Up And Use Google Pay

Today im going to show you how to set up and use google pay on your android phone and google. Account to quote the band spinal tap stop wasting my time and give me some money hey before you do. Though take a moment and subscribe to our channel for more delicious how-to videos okay so some of you might. Already know this but google pay is basically a digital wallet for your google account you can use it to.

Send and receive money to friends and family you can use it in an app to pay for a good. Or service heck you can use it at a restaurant store at the register using an android phone or a. Smart watch that runs wear os in 2018 google pay replaced google wallet and android pay essentially the way this. Works is your debit card and credit card information is stored securely on google servers now if you feel at. All iffy about any of that then well maybe google pay isnt for you but that being said google pay.

Is more secure and faster to use than a physical card instead of actual card numbers google has a token. Also known as a virtual account number and this is what is sent to your merchant when you make a. Purchase so lets set it up the first thing i want to do is set up a screen lock on. My phone now since im using a google pixel 4 im actually going to set up face unlock next if. You dont already have the google pay app on your phone download it from the google play store or look.

For any updates and install open the google pay app and tap the get started button then tap the connect. To gmail button a window will pop up asking for your permission to give google pay access to your devices. Location now why does google pay want to know your location well it can notify you if youre in a. Place that accepts google pay or a loyalty card that you have saved on google pay finally i can be. Alerted when im near a hallmark gold crown store so i can save big on some greeting cards with my.

Crown rewards loyalty card yeah thats a lot of cards to use the locate feature tap on the blue letter. Turn on button at the bottom of the screen now youre going to notice across the google pay app on. The bottom are four tabs home payment passes and send to add a card were going to go to the. Payment tab then tap on the add payment method button you can also add a card by going to the. Home screen of your google pay app go to the pay with your phone in the stores section and tap.

The blue set it up button now if you already have a credit card or debit card on file with. Google maybe its for the google play store or for google one or for another well google service then youre. Going to have the option to connect that to your google pay app on your phone slightly creepy but mostly. Useful you also have the option to add a new card to your account to do so tap the add. A new card button then hold your card in the camera window that pops up last verify the cards expiration.

Date and cvc number once you do hit the save button at the bottom of the screen next read the. Terms of service and hit the accept and continue button at the bottom of the screen next your bank will. Verify your card and youll get a message stating that your lock screen will be used for google pay once. You understand that hit the blue got it button at the bottom that will take you to the verify your. Card screen and youre going to now choose where you want to receive the verification number depending on your card.

You can either have it sent to your email or phone number once you choose tap the continue button and. Once you receive the number type it into the field of the verification number screen and press the submit button. You can store multiple cards on google pay and even set one up as your default card pro tip when. You press the default for in-store purchases slider button it takes a minute to turn blue in fact you dont. Have to be like me and tap it multiple times how long does it take exactly well i had enough.

Time between tapping the button and it turning blue that i was able to add a nickname for my credit. Card brewsters millions pro tip those are my glasses so now that we got it all set up this is. How you use google pay in a store or restaurant google pay like apple pay uses nfc to connect with. The register so anytime you see the wireless contact symbol you know the one the hand that holds the square. Piece of cheese above a plate of curved hot dogs of increasing links yeah that one anytime you see that.

You can unlock your android phone and google pay will trigger open to your default card of course uh using. Your phone to complete transactions is novel but google pay could do so much more did you know that you. Can actually get money out of an atm with your phone yeah thats right so lets say you had a. Chase debit card and that was on your google pay account well you can actually use it at a chase. Atm that has a wireless contact reader to withdraw money of course these do still have to use your debit.

Card pin number still need that though this is great for when you need to get cash out of an. Atm to pay that friend who promised you an affordable haircut as long as you paid cash thank you liam. Angelo my hair looks fantastic you can also add your transit cards or subway cards bus fares you can add. These to google pay now currently this only works in four cities the monorail in las vegas the hop in. Portland oregon the mcat in manatee county florida and the mikey myki in melbourne australia you can also add loyalty.

Cards and gift cards to your google pay wallet for example i added my amc stubs a-list card but there. Are other merchants on there like starbucks and walgreens ikea and airlines like united delta and american but google pay. Isnt just about using your phone instead of plastic cards you can also send and request money from friends and. Family kinda like you do on demo or zelf now my friend biecha made me an eye patch for when. I cosplay snake pliskin kurt russells character from escape from new york snake pliskin and i obeachem 30 smackers from.

Messages i could start a new message to beachhim tap on the plus sign then tap on google pay send. Enter in the dollar amount and then hit the attach money button with google pay you can send cash not. Only to android users but also ios users and you can send money from a computer to do so go. To your browser and type in and log in then select the send or receive money tab enter the. Amount of money you want to send or request and then enter a phone number email or choose a contact.

From your gmail contact list another way you can send and request money with google pay is to go into. Gmail so here im going to open the app start a new message and im going to tap on the. Paper clip gives me the option to send money or request money ill tap send type in the dollar amount. And hit attach money i can add a memo and you can see its just waiting for me to finish. The message and send it you can also use google pay at checkout on websites as well as within apps.

Like caviar in doing research for this video i was curious about what google does with the data it collects. On you from google pay heres what i thought out all right um i found out that google may an. Emphasis on the word may google may use data from google pay transactions to facilitate your google pay transactions to. Show you your transaction details and history to resolve a problem youre having with google pay and to provide you. With other google pay features and its that last one that leaves the door of ambiguity unlocked to possibly is.

Like targeted ads now i have no reason to think that google is doing anything more with your data than. Using it to make google pay run smoothly for you however think of it this way if youre a gmail. User google is already doing something similar with your email so should probably be okay with it doing whatever it. Does with google pay last take a moment and go through the google pay apps notification settings im not going. To go through this in depth with you right now but you can control things like getting alert when someone.

Sends you money yay im rich you could also control things like being reminded to send someone else money boo. I have to pay rent so i hope that this helped you set up google pay but a real quick. Note about our channel were expanding joining us will be the amazing megan willerton who will bring her knowledge to. Smart home to mini a how-to video so not only will you have videos for me on this channel youre. Also getting some new content from her so keep your eyes open also that being said if you like our.

Video give us a thumbs up and if you dont keep your damn mouth shut all right let me go. Find a holiday and get some greeting cards here with my crown rewards program looks like theres a hallmark gold. Crown store not here.

Method 5 – Accept A Google Pay Payment With Stripe.Js

In this episode were going to be building a custom form with html and javascript to accept a one-time payment. Using google pay now if youre looking for a faster integration path head over to our stripe checkout playlist on. The stripe developers youtube channel since checkout comes with support for google pay straight out of the box now in. This example were going to assume that you already have a server up and running and are looking to just.

Add support for google pay in the client if you dont already have a server integration take a look at. One of our example integrations in our officially supported server languages one last note if youre using react ios or. Android we have videos specific to those clients linked in the description for this video all right lets get started. The first thing were going to do is take a look at the endpoints that well interact with today on. Our server the first one were going to use is config so lets make a curl request to it and.

This endpoint is going to return our publishable key which well use in our in our client with our javascript. Code the other endpoint were going to call is create payment intent this endpoint is going to create a payment. Intent and return the client secret property to us so were going to call this endpoint with two arguments were. Going to pass a payment method type of card and the currency of usd now when youre working with google. Pay or apple pay and other similar wallets we use this payment method type of card so that when were.

Working in the javascript we can call stripe dot confirm card payment lets take a look at what we have. Right now in our code base and so if we start with our index.html file you can see that its. A pretty simple html file with just a single link and that goes to our googlepay.html so lets go ahead. And take a look at that and heres google pay.html now this html page is already importing stripe.js it also. Has a reference to utils.js this is a little helper method weve included that will help us display some messages.

On our html page lastly we have a header for google pay and then we have a div down here. Where well show some messages okay so now to add google pay to this web page were going to use. The payment request button element from stripe js this element gives you a single integration for google pay apple pay. Microsoft pay and the payment request api so the way this button works is depending on what browser and device. Your customer is using theyll either see a branded um a branded button when they go to that page or.

Theyll see a more generic pay now button were going to build this today so that when they open our. Page in chrome they see a google pay button so the first thing were going to do is add this. Element to this page and well do that by first by adding a container div here that our button that. We can use to mount the element after its loaded so lets add this div and well give it an. Id of payment request button and just a note that stripe element a stripe will be inserted here so the.

Other thing we want to add to this page now is a link to our google pay.js script that were. Going to build and this will really contain the meat of our integration so lets add this and then lets. Go ahead and and start working on that one so when we open google pay.js the first thing that we. Want to do is add um add a wrapper so that none of our code is executed until the dom. Is finished loading for our page so well add that wrapper here the next thing were going to do is.

Add a reference to stripe.js so well do that and well um initialize it with that publishable key that we. Fetched from our server now the next thing were going to do is were going to create a payment request. Object this paymentrequest object allows us to configure what the customer is going to see while theyre going through the. Payment flow so lets do that now this is const payment request and we make a call to stripe payment. Request and this is a call that takes a several different several arguments so well start by first adding currency.

Which will be usd well also add the country and then payment uh name the pay the payers the customers. Name and email are also recommended so were going to go ahead and add those now and now we get. To configure what the customer is going to see during the payment flow when theyre looking at the payment sheet. So were going to add um a total hash here and in it were going to put a um create. A label which will just say demo total and then well add an amount and thats going to be 19.99.

And then this information will appear on the payment sheet for the customer the next thing we want to do. Is create our payment request button so were going to do that by first creating an elements variable and then. Were going to create our payment request button by calling elements.create and when we make this call were going to. Pass a payment request which is the payment request object we just uh we just defined above okay so now. We have that now um our paymentrequest object exposes a method called can make payment and this method is going.

To tell us whether or not the user is able to make a payment using their wallet so were going. To utilize that to decide whether or not to display the button so lets make a call to that and. Then i it generates a promise and when the promise resolves itll provide us with a result and if there. Is a result and then we want to handle the result and if there is a result were going to. Mount the element in that div that we created and if not we want to hide the button okay so.

In the case where there is a result we want to mount that div we created and so lets go. And grab the id right here and well come back and well copy that here so pbutton.mount and well pass. The the div id and if were not able to display the button we were going to take the same. Div but were going to hide it now so well do document pass the id again so our payment request. Object will emit several events so we can say something like payment request dot on and pass payment method and.

Well get an event when a new payment method has been added through the payment flow now when someone successfully. Goes through the google pay flow were going to want to create a payment intent and then were also going. To want to confirm the payment on the client but for now lets just log the event okay so lets. Go to our browser now and see what we have and if we reload our page well here we are. On our index.html we have our link to googlepay.html were going to click on that and theres nothing there so.

Um were when we open this page were not seeing anything and thats because the payment request button is not. Yet available and in our code when we were handling can make payment we hid the button if google pay. Wasnt available so lets do some debugging and just confirm that thats whats going on well go back to our. Code and add a quick little message here when were hiding the element say google pay is unavailable back to. The browser and if we reload this now we see our error message that that were not seeing a button.

Because google pay is unavailable so what needs to happen for us to be able to test google pay well. We need to be running in chrome which were doing we also need to have at least one card in. Our wallet in our google wallet ive gone ahead and added one of stripes test cards to my wallet but. This is something that youll need to do before you can get this example to work the last thing is. We need to be testing using https right now we dont have a secure connection were just using http to.

Connect to our local server so lets set up an https connection using ngrok ive gone ahead and downloaded ngrok. Using homebrew and configured it and if you need any more information about how to do that you can find. The links in the description to this video so im going to go ahead and type ngrok http 4242 to. Tunnel to my local server and when this starts you can see that its given me a couple test domains. And one of them is actually an https connection so lets go ahead and copy that and well use that.

To access our server from now on go back to the browser and replace localhost with our test domain we. Went back to index so lets click on the google pay link again ah look at that and so now. Were seeing this beautiful google pay button so lets head back to google pay dot js and continue on with. Our payment request event handler the next step here is we need to handle the event where this payment request. Ui will yield a payment method id to us so the first thing were going to do is were going.

To create a payment intent on our server so lets make a call to that create payment intent method that. We um that we looked at at the beginning of the video and were going to add two parameters to. The body here well add payment method type and well also add currency us this method is going to return. A json object so we can say await right here so we can await this fetch call and this json. Object is going to include a client secret were then going to take that client secret and use it when.

We call stripe confirmed card payment and then the next parameter we need to pass to confirm card payment is. A payment method id now the payment method id were going to use is from the payment method that was. Available on this event that was yield the on this event object that was yielded to us so this event. Will have a payment method object and then well grab the id theres one last parameter we want to pass. Here and thats handle action handle actions is false now by default confirm card payment will handle any additional actions.

That the customer needs to go through to complete this payment so for example it might open up a modal. If the customer needs to complete 3d secure or it might redirect the customer to a bank if they needed. To say enter a password for authentication we dont want any of this to happen while the payment sheet is. Still open so were going to tell confirm card payment not to not to continue with any of those actions. During this first attempt here to confirm the card pay confirm card payment returns a promise that we can await.

And which will resolve to either an error or a payment so if theres an error we want to tell. The payment sheet that we werent successful with the payment and so well um well send e-complete fail otherwise if. The payment was successful then um the first thing we want to do is add e-complete success and then were. Going to look at the status of the payment intent and if that status is requires action were going to. Make a second call to stripe confirm card payment using the same client secretly now this time we wont pass.

Handle actions equals false and so if the customer did need to do any sort of redirects or modals uh. Confirm card payment will uh well make sure that those are handled so lets go ahead and just add a. Little bit more um logging in our message divs there we can add one here and well add another one. Here if the payment was successful and in this one we can even pass the the id of the payment. Intent we created and lastly well just add one up here that lets us know how the payment intent was.

Created and a client secret was returned so lets go try this out go back to our browser and ill. Go ahead and reload this well click on our pay now button okay and you can see here this is. Our payment sheet and so you can see heres the test card that i put in my google wallet you. Can also see the information about the um about the payment that we supplied to the payment request object so. The demo total here as a label the currency of usd and then the amount of 19.99 were going to.

Go ahead and click pay here ill be prompted to enter a cvc click confirm up and the payment was. Successful our client secret was returned and here is the id of the resulting payment intent so we can click. On this or you could cut and paste it and and take it to your dashboard and if we click. On this we can go into my stripe dashboard and see the payment that we just received and view a. Lot more information about all right so lets just go back to our code one last time and review the.

Steps that we took to create this payment so we started with google pay.html and we added a link to. as well as to googlepay.js which is that the bulk of our integration here and we added a div. Payment request button which is where the payment request button element will be mounted in if we go now to. Googlepay.js we started by wrapping all of our code in an event listener so that none of the code was. Executed until the page finished loading we added stripe js which we initialized with our publishable key we then created.

A paymentrequest object and set the various properties we wanted for the payment we created a payment request button using. Elements and then made a call to our paymentrequest object and if it determined that we could display the google. Pay button we went ahead and mounted the div in google pay.html with uh with our payment request button we. Then added um a listener for when uh the payment had gone through google pay and when we received that. We created a payment intent on our server and we took the client secret from that payment intent as well.

As the payment method that the event the id of the payment method that the event supplied to us and. We called stripe confirm payment so if a stripe if confirmed card payment was successful we then displayed the payment. Intent id and if the status of the payment intent was required action we made one final call to confirm. Card payment okay youre now fully equipped to build a custom payment form to accept a one-time google pay payment. With stripe watch other videos in this playlist to see how you can accept different types of payment methods and.

As always if you have any feedback please let us know by completing the feedback form linked in the description. For this video thanks again for watching and well see you next time you.

Conclusion – How To Accept Google Pay

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