How To Accept Group Requests On Roblox – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept group requests on roblox,

Method 1 – How To Accept Join Group Request On Mobile| Roblox

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Method 2 – How To Accept Group Requests ( Roblox)

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Method 3 – How To Give Robux To Friends (Full Guide) | Send Robux To Friends Easily

How to give roblox to friends on roblox is the topic of todays video if youre new to the channel. Please go down below right now and hit that subscribe button and while youre doing it please go and leave. A like as well i just appreciate it a ton and it helps gets this video to more people so. As i just said im showing you how to send robux to your friends or just anyone on roblox its.

Quite complicated thats why i thought id make a tutorial about it but with the help of this video hopefully. You can actually go and do it now lets go jump into roadblocks as you can see im on my. Profile ive currently got 550 robux and i refresh that just to prove it to you as you can see. 550 robux now to do this the best way ive personally found of doing it is by using a group. Now do not worry its really simple i will show you exactly how but i know a lot of people.

Actually want to give roblox just see if their friends can buy clothes and maybe you know game passes and. In-game stuff its useful to have robux and maybe its just a gif you know so yeah thats what were. Showing you in todays video so anyway the first thing you want to do is come to groups now once. You come here you need to make sure youve got a group um so you need to be basically be. The owner of the group so you may need to create a group to do that you click create group.

And you can go and name it you make a description upload an emblem pay 100 robux and then you. Have a group but you may own the group this isnt like a one-off thing so then once youve got. Your group you need to come to the store section so once youre in the store as you can see. Theres nothing currently this ill be showing you what to do next so essentially here to give roblox out and. Send robux we do it via the group its the only way on roblox so to do this were gonna.

Have to get robux into the group now to get robux into the group we have to sell stuff from. The group so were going to go and sell something on the group and then we can go and uh. Get that robux out so as you can see all i want to do is click create or manage group. Items so we can go and sell something and then weve got this option here it says create a shirt. Uh so if youre gonna need to create a shirt it can be something really plain like i just did.

One on an all blue shirt basically ill show you that now you need to download the template by clicking. Here and then you want to right click on it and click save image as and then go and use. A photo editing program that can be online like pixlr or photo p or photoshop on your computer so ive. Got my image so im going to go and choose this now as you can see shirt upload and hopefully. It works boom as you can see successfully created so weve now uploaded this and once you upload it its.

Going to come down here then it will do is click on the little cog and click configure and its. Just loading so then im going to name this um so tutorial shirt or one word just like so maybe. Ill do it too ill split that up and then i can just do this so sure for sale then. You want to hit save so it remembers it all now the icon will load in a minute as well. Thats just because i literally just did it and its going to be moderated then you click on sales and.

You want to switch item for sale on and then well select the price so for this lets do like. 50 robux say and well go and click save now roblox do have um a roblox do have a 30. Tax just remember that so we were gonna be putting 50 roblox into the group but were only going to. Get 35 to be able to give out or spend so you want to click save and now its successfully. Updated the price so you want to do is click go to details and the group is now available now.

Its in my inventory but im just going to delete it by clicking delete from inventory and click yes so. Now i have the option to go and buy it so im going to go and click buy and as. You can see would you like to buy this shirt tutorial shirt for 50 roblox and im going to click. Buy now and now its successfully completed so then if we come back to the group uh tuck tutorial group. Wait for that to load and you want to do is click on the three dots up here and click.

Configure group and then we come to revenue summary as you can see 35 robux is pending so within a. Couple days its then going to be available in the balance as you can see group funds are zero um. But this will finish pending hopefully in a couple days and then once thats come through to your group funds. You then need to go to revenue and go to payouts and then all you need to do is go. To one-time payout and then you can go and go and select one-time payout and you enter the user how.

Much robux you want to give out and you can send that robux to that person the only thing that. Needs to be sorted out is basically the user has to be within the group but essentially all you need. To do is make sure youve got some robux available in your group get your friend or the users join. The group and then you can pay out like just like that but just remember to get any robux inside. Of the group you have to sell something and you will get a roblox tax on that but yeah that.

Is all of todays video if you found it useful subscribe down below leave a like and look forward to. Catch you in the next one have a very awesome day peace.

Method 4 – How To Accept Group Requests On Roblox 2021 | Full Pc Tutorial

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Method 5 – How To Accept Roblox Group Join Requests On Mobile (Android & Ios)

Youre watching the bloxfox and this is a video on accepting group join requests on roblox on mobile if you. Find this video helpful please consider subscribing to my channel and liking the video when you are on the home. Screen of roblox tap the three dots button on the bottom right select groups and then tap on your group. On the group page tap the three dots button beside the group name and then select configure group tap where.

It says information and select members tap the requests tab this shows a list of people who have requested to. Join your group you can accept or decline each one or you can also choose declinal or acceptable and that. Draws an end to this tutorial please like the video if you found it helpful and subscribe to the bloxfox. For more roblox tutorials and guides you.

Conclusion – How To Accept Group Requests On Roblox

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