How To Accept Invites On Minecraft – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept invites on minecraft,

Method 1 – *Update*😱How To Add

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Method 2 – How To Join Friends World In Minecraft

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Method 3 – How To Send Game Invite To Friend On Minecraft Ps4 Xbox Pc (Fast Method!)

Hey everyone this is tim from your six gaming today in this video im going to show you how to. Invite your friends in minecraft on your playstation 4. So lets go ahead and jump in the video right now. So im going to invite a friend to one of my games in minecraft im going to create a new.

World and we have to make sure this is a multiplayer world and that our friends can join us so. Lets go under the multiplayer section and enable multiplayer game up at the top and then it really doesnt matter. After that im just going to leave on friends of friends now im going to create the world all right. So my world is now going to be created im going to go ahead and proceed just go ahead and. Read this message check mark it and go past it okay so this is my generated world it doesnt really.

Look all that great yet i am buying a bunch of water here so i wanted my friends to join. Me in this amazing level so we can play together how would i go ahead and do that well in. Minecraft its surprisingly easy there is no options just like immediately on the screen what you would need to do. Is press options on your controller and then right on the right hand side it says invite to game go. To that press x on it and were gonna find a list of people that we can invite if we.

Scroll all the way down were gonna be able to see offline on playstation network and then if we go. Up to the top this is my current friends online right now theres only one play in minecraft right now. Im going to select them and then press square once that person is selected and im going to send them. An invite so lets send action 6 a game invitation to minecraft and its going to pop up on my. Screen because the person signed in on my playstation 4 thats my secondary account now when they accept that game.

Invitation they will be transported into my game where we can go ahead and communicate and we can go ahead. And play together and they can join this fabulous world that i just created so with your game invitations you. Can also find cross-platform friends now by going to triangle find cross platform friends and then you will have to. Sign in for free with your microsoft account and youll have to go to this website and type in this. Code for you to link your microsoft accounts after that you should be able to send cross-platform friends for me.

It has been working hasnt been allowing me to actually sign in with my microsoft account but if this video. Did indeed help you out go ahead and leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below for. More playstation 4 check out videos coming up next on your 6 gaming.

Method 4 – How To Invite Your Friends On Nintendo Switch Minecraft Bedrock

Hello everybody and welcome to another video with me sync plays minecraft back in minecraft for this how-to so if. This video helps you out dont forget to give it a like if you like minecraft give it a subscribe. If you dont like minecraft i wouldnt subscribe as this is not going to be of any interest to you. So a lot of these videos im making at the moment are in response to questions im getting on my.

More popular videos so the one were looking at today is joining your friends or inviting your friends to join. You one thing i will say if you are doing this on the nintendo switch you do need to have. Nintendo online the paid subscription to play on the internet i will also tell you that cross-platform play is available. It is very unreliable so lets take a look so we have some different tabs at the top here we. Have our first tab which will have all of our worlds in and your realms if you are the owner.

Of the realm if we go across to this second tab we can see this is where our friends should. Be this is where cross-platform friends should show up i have multiple microsoft friends i can guarantee you that at. Least one of them is playing minecraft right now but it is not showing up here if one of my. Friends is playing on the nintendo switch however it will likely show up in this tab so i have not. Been able to join a world thats not a realm a world of anybody that is cross-platform this has also.

Been the same with people joining me for anybody that isnt on a switch they havent been able to join. Me either there are two things that can be affecting this thats one is your internet your nap type and. The other is since the latest update of 16.4 this has become an issue i have only had tickets in. Response from mojang saying that its a known bug and they are working on it so here you can join. A realm of your friend ive got a video of how to do this this is where you put in.

The invite code if your friend has given you a realm to join here is where you can look for. Some cross platform friends this is where you enter their microsoft name not their nintendo name or anything like that. It will be the microsoft name that you can find of yourself down in the corner below me so we. Can see here my microsoft name is sync sanksunk665 whereas my nintendo name is just syncsync 23. You need to.

Make sure you are entering the microsoft name so another thing you can do is you can just jump into. Your worlds so well just go to this one hopefully i have got multiplayer available so i can show you. The tab where you would go to invite your friends if not this will be cut out and ill have. To go to another one once we get in here ill bring you guys back so here we are i. Had to create a new world the other one did not have multiplayer enabled so one thing were going to.

See is as soon as i press this youll see there is an error telling me oops your microsoft account. Was disconnected to invite more players sign in on the main menu and restart your world this is not true. I definitely am signed in to microsoft this is why one of my most popular videos is how to sign. Into your microsoft account because currently there is massive issues between joining your nintendo to the microsoft account so well. Just go over here to invite game to invite our friends now this is where we can see i definitely.

Do have some online friends and we can see the offline friends here you can just select them put a. Little thing like there and then you can invite these players if you want to press x you can then. Just enter the game attack again this is where you are going to be entering their microsoft name not their. Nintendo name also on playstation they will have another name again as well but it is the microsoft name you. Need to be entering to invite your friends this way theres another option we can go over to in settings.

Which will look down at the members oh members doesnt exist in this map so if you are on realms. There is another section called here called members it gives you the same invite options as we can see over. Here so this is just basically how you invite friends there may be some other ways but they are not. As clear as this and this is the intended way that nintendo wants you to use the only problem is. Cross platform is very very unreliable and there is a very good chance that people wont be able to join.

Your world you do need to remember you need nintendo switch online if theyre playing on a different device they. May not be paying for a subscription but if you want to play on your nintendo switch you have to. Pay for the subscription if any of you manage to join a world of somebody that is cross-platform or someone. Across platform manages to join your own your world can you let me know in the comments if you had. To do anything in particular so i can pass that information on to other people so if this video has.

Helped you like it if you like minecraft subscribe ill see you in the next one till then peace.

Method 5 – How To Invite Friends In Your Minecraft World

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Conclusion – How To Accept Invites On Minecraft

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