How To Accept Money On Facebook Pay – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept money on facebook pay, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept money on facebook pay,

Method 1 – How To Use Facebook Pay

Hey everyone in todays video i want to show you how to use and how to set up facebook pay. If youve never heard of facebook pay before its a really easy way to pay for things and to request. And send money to friends using facebook and other apps that facebook owns so its rolling out to instagram for. Example in the messenger of instagram its on facebook messenger and its also on whatsapp so im gonna show you.

How to set it up here on the facebook app then ill show you how to actually send and request. Money from your friends its really easy to use and i also will put a link to this page where. It shows you the different regions in the world at the time that youre watching this video and if facebook. Pay is available in that country and if its available on instagram and other apps as well this is a. Very complete page for that okay so to launch facebook pay and to set it up we just have to.

Open facebook the facebook app here and im gonna press the three lines right here and you could go ahead. And look for facebook pay here ive already used it so it shows up over here in your case it. May be somewhere down here around here facebook pay you could also press the search icon here and just type. Out facebook pay type out facebook pay youll see it up here lets go ahead and click it and here. The first thing you typically want to do on this page is you need to add a credit card or.

Debit card or link your paypal if you have paypal because you cannot send money to anyone or withdraw the. Money that people send you if there is no method of payment attached to it if you dont do it. On this page and i wont do it right now so i show you that it gives you another chance. To do it if you dont do it here but i recommend typically you set this up first for example. If you press add credit or debit you could see it brings you to this page where you could do.

That next scroll down i want to do one more thing here go to settings and you want to create. A pin for yourself so if you turn this on its going to ask you to create a pin just. To make this a little bit more secure here so just in case someone logs in with your facebook they. Still would need to know this pin to secure your account or to access your accounts you could always use. Face id 2 if you have iphone like i do here ok so how do you send or request money.

To people its simple all the people from your facebook friend list will show up over here if they do. Not you could also press search and it will bring you into the messenger app now this is taking place. In messenger ill make another video on how to set this up on instagram if you want to use it. Just on instagram but once you set this up you could just get access to all your friends or search. For anybody here ill select someone so once you do select someone here it opens up this page and its.

Really simple here type in the amounts you want to pay or request from them thats all you have to. Do here then add a note whatever its for and then you could go ahead and press request and that. Will give them a message that youre requesting the amounts here or you could press pay so if i press. Pay again its going to bring me to this page as i mentioned if you did not set this up. It doesnt know where to get that five dollars so it has to have a debit card or a paypal.

Account attached here so you can send money now this is completely free when you send and receive money to. People that are your friends because its using debit card or if its using paypal it will use the paypal. Method so this wouldnt cost you anything for sending and requesting money if you use a credit card its different. Though but it wont let you use a credit card to send or request money here again if you request. Money its going to tell you more about facebook pay you could press ok and he still is going to.

Bring you to this page so you have to at some point add a debit card or a paypal account. In order to use this now back to the facebook pay page because once you do send or request money. Your whole activity will show up over here including payment history you could also pay for things now using facebook. Pay inside of facebook marketplace if you jump into facebook marketplace and as long as they accept that as form. Of payment you could go ahead and pay them the same way and in order to withdraw money that someone.

Sends you you actually dont have to do anything as long as there is a debit card or a paypal. Account attached to your facebook pay it automatically transfers that amount it does say marketplace purchases paid through messengers do. Not qualify for purchase protection and only use messenger to transfer money to trusted friends and family so i dont. Know how old this is but i wanted to show this on screen in my research it did show up. So i typically just use this to send money to friends and to family or to request money from friends.

And family that i already know and let me show you one last thing here because inside of messenger you. Also could do this so let me go in the messenger app so inside of the messenger conversation in the. Messenger app i could press the persons profile icon right here and if i scroll down here theres an option. For sending and requesting payments this is without having to set anything up yet i could select it brings me. Back to the same page i could type in an amount here add a note and pay or request and.

Its going to bring me back to this page where i need to add a debit card and a paypal. Account and as i mentioned as long as you have a debit card or payment and you receive money it. Will create a transfer for you so you dont actually have to keep a balance on facebook pay some other. Apps are like that the balance sits there and then you have to withdraw that balance here it will just. Automatically transfer it now it may take some time ive noticed here it says up to three business days here.

To transfer to your debit card or your bank account for example so you may have to wait for that. Transfer to take place it might not be in real time but its a really easy free way to send. And request money from friend and family using facebook pay on variety of different apps owned by facebook i hope. You found this useful please give it a thumbs up i post easy to follow videos just like this one. Every single day and ill see you next time.

Method 2 – 🔥 How To Accept Payment In Facebook Messenger [💳 Stripe! ] (4

So now that you know how powerful facebook messenger bots can be for your business now is when you learn. How to accept payment in facebook messenger i show you how in this video learning how to accept payment in. Facebook messenger is a lot easier than you think if you havent already watched the first three videos of this. Series ill put a link right up here so you can go back and watch those first and then come.

Back here the only tools that you need is a mini chat pro account and a stripe account so now. That youve presented your offer to your customer or your client lets jump onto the computer and ill show you. How to connect the buy button alright hey guys so here we are inside of my many chat account and. So first of all im just going under flows and im just gonna create a new flow im just gonna. Pretend that im selling a pizza so its a buyer name it whatever you want its really gonna depend on.

Your business right and ill put in a card which showcases the product so ive got my photo that i. Want and ill just pop it in there all card call this large pepperoni pizza ill just put in the. Description how much it costs twenty six ninety five alright so now im gonna add a button and im gonna. Add the buy button and so i havent connected astroid account yet so were gonna go to our settings and. Connect our ch stripe account so as you can see right here connect your stripe account if you havent already.

Got one go over there create one so i will connect my account okay so if you dont already have. An account heres where youre gonna fill in all of your business information okay um if you do already have. An account awesome all you have to do is click sign in alright so now that my account is connected. Im just gonna go back to my flow and see what weve got so now its connected so im just. Gonna say bye now and ill just read it reiterate the price so that they know 695 large and if.

You go over the little question mark itll tell you exactly what this does for you so the item name. Is used in order history it isnt visible to clients so that you know for yourself what it was alright. And what else do you need for from the client okay so for something like this you probably neither contact. Number and their shipping address if your or delivery address if youre sending it to them right as well so. If they enter any of these informations that you need you can populate that information into an email so if.

Youre sending a receipt or something like that thats where thats where you would use these custom fields and then. When your purchase is successful you can send them a message great we got your order its on its way. So unfortunately you cant do an upsell or down sell yet with this integration so itll be a little bit. Tricky because youre gonna have to sort of prepackaged everything and know exactly how much each of those things cost. Im sure that you can with a little bit of imagination get that working smoothly and thats it its super.

Simple hit publish and youre done so now that you know how easy it is to accept payment in facebook. Messenger and how to connect it to the buy button you can start making money with your facebook messenger bot. In the next video im gonna talk about lead generation with a facebook messenger bot so make sure you hit. Subscribe and share this video like and comment below thank you so much for watching ill see you on the. Next video.

Method 3 – How To Send And Receive Money On Facebook (2021) (Step By Step Tutorial Beginners Guide)

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Use Facebook Messenger Pay

Okay in this tutorial ill show you how to use messenger pay it is my preferred payment method as an. Artist when i do commissions for people i like to have them pay me through messenger because its super easy. And obviously not everyone has an iphone so that everyone can do apple pay or really know how to use. It even so ill show you an example here i will use my aunt dasha as an example so say.

You sold someone something that they didnt have cash for that you agree it could be done online or if. Youre an artist yourself and you did a commission for them so were going to click up at the top. Where it says dasha era tola activate minutes ago itll take you to this page here and then three lines. Down youll see send or request payment with a little money symbol next to it right here click on that. So im going to put one because shes not gonna actually pay me i will just put $1 and you.

Can press request or pay after you do this you will have to enter your information whether it be your. Credit card your debit card your paypal account whatever you use for your primary source of non-cash income wherever you. Keep it obviously i already have my information in there and i wouldnt be able to show you how to. Do it because thats sensitive information but its a very step-by-step just put in your information and then im gonna. Press request cuz i dont want to pay her a dollar would come right out of my account its a.

No press request and im going to confirm and then were gonna go back to our chat i have requested. One dollar from dasha now when this shows up on her account it will give her a big button that. Will say pay and if she already has her credit debit or paypal information put in it will just come. Directly out of her account and go directly into mine just with one button its very simple very easy in. That is how you do it you.

Method 5 – How To Set Up Payment Method In Facebook Marketplace| How To Receive Your Facebook Payment

Hi guys welcome back to my channel this channel is basically how to make showing you how to make money. Online okay great so im going to show you how to if you are a drop shipper like myself and. Youre selling your products through the facebook marketplace okay i like to start receiving your once your customer start purchasing. Your items through your facebook marketplace and you like to receive your payment from facebook then please um stay tuned.

For this video okay okay lets get going guys so basically how it works is you have to have a. Facebook account once you have a facebook account sign in to your facebook and it should bring you to this. Page so once youre on this page kindly click on the marketplace okay once you get the marketplace then go. To your account tab okay and once youre at your account top then scroll down to your commerce click on. The commercial commerce profile tab okay and basically once again this video is showing you how to receive your payment.

Um set up your payment through your facebook marketplace okay and this is to help you to receive your payments. From facebook once you start doing your po advertising on facebook marketplace for your drop shipping business this is a. Way how to receive your payment once a customer placed your orders through your facebook marketplace site okay so as. I mentioned so once you do that you have to come to here so it took you it will take. You here to go to your settings click on that once you click on your settings then scroll all the.

Way down okay and then it takes click on the facebook page once it opened to the facebook page then. You can go ahead and set up your payment method click on that click add payment method and you can. Click on set up you could add your credit card to receive your payments through your custom from pace from. Pace facebook and your credit card or you can also include your paypal my advice is guys please add both. Your credit card credit card and your paypal because the reason being once your customers start purchasing your items to.

Your marketplace facebook okay facebook gonna hold the money for you okay and then facebook requires you to submit a. Tracking number within three days one three days after the customer purchased their um items through your facebook marketplace so. Once facebook once you submit the tracking them to facebook through your paypal account because paypal has the features where. You log into the account and they you can add your tracking number once you purchase your item for your. Customer and send it to your customers log into your paypal account submit the tracking number and then facebook will.

Release the money into your paypal account it takes like a week after because please be advised its very nice. To sell on the marketplace but facebook wants you to always submit a tracking number after the customer place the. Order within three days after three days they might lose that order okay so i hope this video helps you. A lot to start your drop shipping um business selling through facebook paypal facebook marketplace so dont forget to like. My video subscribe and i hope this video finds you well have a nice day all the best guys bye.

For now.

Conclusion – How To Accept Money On Facebook Pay

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