How To Accept Money On Paypal Without Ssn – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept money on paypal without ssn,

Method 1 – Under 18? Watch This Before Making A Paypal!!!

What is going on guys – ethan you were walking back to my channel today were talking about making a. Paypal account when you guys are actually under the age of 18 now you guys might be thinking why am. I making this video well the reason im making this video is because i actually ran into something that actually. Caused me some problems and i didnt want you guys to run into the same problems because chances are you.

Get even if you guys are under 18 you guys are probably gonna want to have a paypal for various. Reasons so with that being said the main piece of advice that i want to share with you guys is. If you guys are under 18 do not i repeat do not open a paypal with your name on it. Like because if you guys dont know when you guys sign up for paypal theyll usually ask you for like. Credit card information you know like debit card and stuff and bank account you guys cant like kind of get.

Past that stuff and still have a paypal but the thing is when you guys actually try to get money. Or like send out money you guys can get money yeah but you cant send it back out you cant. Buy stuff with it up until you guys actually have a payment method if that makes any sense because of. The fact that paypal has to make money from someplace and usually a lot of times they can make money. By shutting down other peoples accounts which that doesnt really seem right but that is the case a lot of.

Times so basically what happened to me is i had a paypal and i had a couple bucks in it. You know i was just about to get paid through youtube lo and behold i didnt realize that they asked. Me for my social security number and i put it in because you know i needed to in order to. Get paid through youtube so i put that stuff in and theyre like okay your account is under lockdown for. Some reason so theyre like submit your social security number again submit your id and submit like some sort of.

Phone bill so i submitted that stuff for the next day they still were processing it so i called him. Up said you know whats up with this and theyre like yeah nothing really seems to be wrong but wait. One sec let me just check out your social security and your id so they did that and then once. They do that theyre like wait dude youre under 18 so looks like were gonna have to take all your. Money and you know shut your account down for now itll still be up but its very limited you can.

Give refunds but you cant really buy stuff you cant really do stuff with your paypal so once you actually. Turn 18 just call us back and were gonna delete this account and obviously they were heading out theyre gonna. Keep all the money in it and basically they were gonna make me a new account with the same username. And email which i was really frustrated because i was actually having some items on ebay that were selling and. I couldnt get the money and i couldnt ship the items out because i couldnt receive the money through paypal.

And the people are getting mad because you know wheres my item i bought it from you but youre not. Giving me my item that makes any sense so yeah ive run into a bunch of problems honestly you can. Have a bank account if youre under a parent but the thing is to link that bank account to any. Paypal it doesnt matter like the thing is the paypal is what really matters the under each bank account doesnt. Really matter if that makes any sense so basically what i ended up having to do is actually get my.

Dad to create a paypal and because he didnt have paypal before he doesnt really use that stuff but yeah. Basically i created a paypal under his name with his social security and all that mess so with the account. Being under my dads name and me having full control over it i can do whatever the heck i want. To without them actually having to take away my account because im underaged so yeah best advice once again is. If you guys are underage making under your parents name they dont have to you know have control over it.

You have full control over it just literally all you have to do is just let them putting their social. Security and they dont even need to type in their bank account you can type in your own bank account. Now if you guys dont have a bank account honestly just hold off hold up until you guys have a. Bank account because theres no point of you having a paypal without a bank account because you guys can sorry. You wont be able to like withdraw the money the money is basically gonna be stuck in your paypal and.

If they catch on like when you actually go to withdraw the money and theyre gonna ask you for your. Social security in your id so when they do find out that youre under 18 youre gonna get caught so. Like i said if you guys dont have a bank account just hold on wait a little bit until you. Guys actually get a bank account but if you guys dont really want to wait then just ask your parents. If they can do it for you with their bank account so its as simple as that just keep in.

Mind what i just said in this video cuz i really dont want anyone else to run into this problem. That i did and im sure im not the only one to do this because i saw a couple other. Videos on youtube talking about this yeah anyways with that being out of the way summers here im back to. Uploading probably every 2 or 3 days now so keep an eye out for new videos coming your way anyways. Hopefully you guys found this video helpful if you guys did and if you guys have any stories about this.

Stuff happening you guys leave it down in the comment section below but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this once. Again leave a like subscribe to guys want to catch you guys in the next video.

Method 2 – 🔴Live Paypal Money Is Waiting For You Problem Solved.Paypal Accept The Money Problem Is Solved

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Method 3 – How To Resolve Your Paypal Claim It Problem

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Method 4 – 💰How To Create A Us Bank Account Without A Social Security Number + Paypal Withdrawal Solution

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Method 5 – Can I Use Paypal Without Ssn?

We bring you the answers to all your questions be better than others enjoy the benefits of knowledge accept the. Answers from us currently you can send and receive small amounts of money via paypal without giving in your social. Security number at a certain threshold theyll stop you and request your ssn and dab under the new rules it. Sounds like you wont be able to have a cash account at all without inputting your ssn and dab our.

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Conclusion – How To Accept Money On Paypal Without Ssn

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