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Method 1 – Accept Or Counter An Offer On Poshamrk – How I Decide – Poshmark Reseller Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Hello and welcome back to my channel my name is seymour and i am here to tell you how i. Decide whether i should accept an offer or counter an offer before we get started i would like your opinion. On something i just got my new firecracker red lipstick and i would like to know what you think i. Put it on today to match my i heart new york girl shirt love this shirt and i thought it.

Would be kind of cute to match my lipstick to my shirt today so id like to know what you. Think does it work for me does not work for me am i too pale to wear it today because. Some days i put it on and im like like when i first tried it on like mary kay lets. You test before you buy like 100 money back guarantee whatever so when i first put it on i thought. It looked really good but i was a little bit more tan that day so let me know what you.

Think um id like to know if its just me or if i actually can wear this pull out this. Red lipstick so let me know im going to take a sip of water and then were going to get. Started you should do the same i am standing up today because i sat way too much at work today. And if youre anything like me you did that too so you should stand and stretch out a little bit. So heres how i decide if i should accept an offer if someone sends me an offer im gonna go.

To my offers lets say okay this person sent me an offer for this beautiful black leather skirt it was. A ninety dollar skirt the retail value knew it tags it was newer tags ninety dollars right i had it. Listed at 64. She offered me it for 35 dollars and at first i was like uh hello lowball offer. Party for one and then i was like well let me just check let me check the way that i.

Check right so what i do is on this item i knew that i offered if anybody liked it my. Flat out go-to first offer anybody likes this item its 30 off and free shipping its a high enough price. That i know my profit margin allows for that so i wrote um so i looked and with the 35. Offer lets see what it came out to um i cant look but i ended up making this sale but. With the 35 offer and i calculated my 30 off and free shipping the amount that i made was basically.

The same you know like it was like 35 cents difference so how i decide whether or not im going. To accept an offer or counter i go to the item so lets just find an item here in my. Closet lets say this puma top 70 item that i have listed for 62. Now my go-to offer for this. Item is lets say 20 off and free shipping which means that id make 32 now i know what i.

Bought that sweater for so i know that 32 is pretty much what i need to make right so i. Straight up offered 20 off and free shipping im at 32 thats with me offering it for 49. When the. Person makes the offer they dont get to calculate shipping so thats an extra 7.11 cents that we can play. With lets say they offer me 42.

They offer to me for 42. Im roughly making the same amount that. I would have made if i had initially sent my offer so if its anywhere if you saw my last. Video about what not to do like do not do this on poshmark one of the things i said was. Do not squabble over a few dollars so if i would have sent an offer and i and the person.

Accepted it and i would have made 30 but they are 32 and they send me an offer and i. Only make 30 thats only a 2 difference if its anywhere close to the range that i would have sent. With an offer boom its yours sold done deal thats how i decide whether or not i should accept an. Offer or not if its anywhere close to the offer that i would have initially sent them but they sent. It to me it doesnt matter if its free shipping or not free shipping if the profit amount is right.

In the same range give or take a couple of dollars thats how i know thats how i accept when. This person sent me 35 on this item that i had listed for on this 90 skirt that i had. Listed for 64. I was like but once i plugged in the numbers i was like oh okay im gonna. Make exactly what i would have made if i had sent the offer boom accept done deal its yours please.

Enjoy this beautiful skirt so thats how i decide whether or not im going to accept an offer but if. You dont know right off the bat and youre sitting there when i was new i wasnt sure what to. Do i was like well i dont know is this a good deal or not and then id sit there. Im like well how much is the 20 off blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Its simple i plug in the numbers to what i would have offered them if i would have offered 10.

Off and discounted shipping and i would have made 16 and they sent me an offer where i make 15. Sold its as simple as that now i do have a giveaway im still have my hydroflask giveaway celebrate and. This is going to go to my first 50 subscribers i want to thank them because i really dont know. Any of them other than like you know the one family member that i told about this channel so it. Comes with three lids 24 ounces bpa free into the wild limited edition 32 ounce hydro flask double insulated sweat.

Proof leak proof chug lid straw lid two straws and this is for you all you have to do is. Like subscribe and then comment h2o so that i can notify you that you won this lovely beautiful water bottle.

Method 2 – Poshmark 101: How To Handle Offers

Hi welcome to my channel for those of you who are new my name is michelle i am a wholesaler. With poshmark and todays video is going to cover offers uh being a part of the poshmark community right now. Its just a super exciting time we have over 50 million poshmark users and about 5 million of those are. Sellers the evening parties have over a million listings theres just so much traffic and so much activity in e-commerce.

Right now and in in poshmark so this is a great time to be a part of poshmark whether you. Are a buyer or a seller but today im specifically going to cover how to best handle offers from buyers. As well as how to strategically handle offers that youre sending to buyers so that you can capitalize on all. The potential sales out there and close some deals welcome to poshmark offers the inside scoop today were going to. Go over how to handle lowball offers and im going to share with you two poshmark hacks these are things.

That you cannot do with poshmark but because of the way their system is set up i have a backdoor. Way for you to get more offers out to customers so lets get started number one is how to cancel. An offer in poshmark if you submitted an offer in poshmark you know that it is binding you cannot change. It and it is valid for 24 hours for a buyer to decide if they want to accept decline or. Counter the offer that you have submitted however there may be some situations where you feel that you want to.

Cancel the offer make a change to it and poshmark just does not allow you to do that theres no. Wiggle room in their functionality to allow you to do that but what i want to share with you today. Is my first hack regarding offers and being able to cancel an offer so that you can resend it modify. It bundle it do whatever it is that you need to do to make the changes that you want to. Make that poshmark typically does not allow you to do and this came up because i received this question i.

Sent an offer but now the buyer has like more items and i want to bundle it for them how. Do i cancel an offer so im going to show you an example of that with one of my closets. Here im trying to send an item to somebodys bundle but its not allowing me to because i have an. Offer for them already so heres my offer what im going to do is im going to go into the. Listing and im going to edit it and down at the bottom im going to change it for from for.

Sale to not for sale and then im going to save it so now at the bottom you see it. Says not for sale now im going to go back and edit it again and im going to change it. Back to for sale and save that listing now what i can do is i could take the listing and. I can share it and it will share this time and now my person has both listings now i can. Submit a new offer with both listings instead of just the one listing and thats your work around lobo offers.

Are a total downer they bum me out but i think that i need to change my frown and turn. It upside down because every time somebody reaches out to you with an offer its a potential sale so really. Try to change your mindset and remember that this is somebody who is interested in your item i would rather. Somebody be interested in my item and send me a super low ball offer than to shut it down and. Not even submit an offer at all because you never know i mean it may be an item that you.

Are willing to sell for a lot less or it may be a buyer who is willing to to buy. It for a lot more theyre just trying to find where your heads at and if theres any wiggle room. And try to get the lowest possible price for the item that they want to buy and maybe theyre willing. To buy it at full price but youll never know if you decline the offer so dont be discouraged dont. Be offended dont get frustrated when somebody sends you an offer for 50 of your uh list price i see.

So many people who have messages you know my offer is firm dont lowball i dont want to see any. Low balls well you know what youre missing out on opportunities because i get low balls all the time and. I dont sell at a low ball price so its up to you whether or not you want to play. The game but you need to have tough skin and be like okay that was not cool that you sent. Me this lowball offer but im gonna work with it and see if we can make this work and find.

A middle ground so that youre happy you get the item for a value that you think its worth and. I sell my item at a price that i was willing to sell for to begin with so heres how. I do it and heres a couple of examples of some things ive sold just like in the past week. Um all of which you know i got offers for that were substantially lower than my list price and a. Lot lower than i was willing to sell them for but um i think there was like four of them.

That i had and uh three of them turned into sales in a reasonable price range this one can be. A little frustrating when you get an offer for fifty percent lower than what youve listed it for so this. Item i had listed for fifteen dollars and i received an offer for eight dollars instead of just saying heck. No theres no way im gonna sell it to you for eight dollars i countered with twelve and really that. Was the lowest that i was willing to go for this item and they came back with ten i realize.

Its only two dollars but ive already given them my absolute lowest which was twelve so i re-countered with the. Twelve dollars um you cant see it here but im guessing i probably went back in and left them a. Little note saying thanks for your counter offer but this is the lowest that im willing to go hope price. Works for you and they went ahead and accept and accepted it so i sold this one for 20 off. Instead of 50 off which is what their original offer was so if i had gotten frustrated and i said.

Well thats just rude and just declined it all together i would have missed out on this sale my suggestion. Would be to never decline an offer if that offer doesnt work for you i would always counter by doing. This you open the opportunity for a potential sale if you decline it at the very beginning youll never know. What that person was really willing to pay for for the item what ive seen is as ive shown you. I had somebody who offered me 50 and they ended up taking 20 off and so and that was something.

That i was willing to do i was willing to sell that item for 20 off theres no way i. Was willing to sell it for 50 off but its a game it is a game and depending on how. Much youre willing to play the game and you can really be successful because a lot of people out there. Are getting really angry and upset by and um feel its very disrespectful to submit an offer thats super low. But you also have to think that these buyers are people who are wanting a deal they want to get.

Something for the best value that they can and it never hurts to ask it just as it never hurts. To counter offer with what youre willing to pay so try it out and let me know comment below and. Tell me if it works out for you the last question that i received was ive exceeded the max amount. Of offers to a buyer but now they are ready for me to make an offer is there a way. Around this so i have had this happen to me and i have an example of that to share with.

You today um if youve submitted an offer to somebody more than once and they have not responded meaning they. Have not countered they have not declined it they have not accepted it theyve done nothing poshmark doesnt want you. To uh continue to be active in reaching out to this person because quite frankly it could be annoying if. You get an offer every day from somebody for the same item it would be nice if the potential buyer. Would just decline it or say im not interested or you know unlike the items so you dont think that.

Theyre still interested in it but this is a safeguard that poshmark puts in there for the buyers because they. Dont want you to be bothering the buyers by constantly asking them if they you know are interested in this. Item for a dollar or less or two dollars less or whatever it is so um they limit you to. The amount of times that you can send them an offer um but theres a workaround for that to avoid. It to begin with i would just say to look on and see when the person is um online so.

Just to avoid the possibility of them just not seeing that you sent them an offer because so i would. Make sure that the person is um active this hour thats what i would say if you go to their. About section on their closet and then you look at their profile at the very top it will say um. This this user it was active two hours ago or this user was active three days ago or this user. Is active in the past hour so if it says that they were active in this past hour then that.

Would be a good time for you to send them the offer um if youre going to go through this. Process that im going to walk you through right now you just want to make sure if youre going to. Send another offer to them that you check and see if theyre online okay so this one is this ones. Super easy two-step process one youre going to go into the persons bundle and youre going to delete the listing. And then youre going to go back and youre going to share that same listing back into their bundle and.

That will allow you to submit another offer thanks for watching my video today if you are new i would. Super appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel and check out some of our other poshmark videos here. And here leave a comment below if theres anything else that you would like to know about regarding poshmark tips. Tricks hacks and facts have a great day guys.

Method 3 – How To Make An Offer On Poshmark (That Gets Accepted!)

Welcome back to the point boutique youtube channel on which we talk about buying and selling fashion that sounds like. Something that is interesting to you please hit that subscribe button the like button and the bell icon and youtube. Will keep you in the loop as we release new videos so today we are continuing with our poshmark basics. Series if you are new to poshmark and want to make the most of it these are some skills that.

You might be wondering about so today were talking about how to make an offer on poshmark and ill also. Go over some best practices while youre making that offer so lets get started so to make an offer you. Just need to be on the page of the seller that you want to purchase from so youll go to. Their page youll search youll find the item or perhaps you have the item bookmarked in your favorites so you. Just want to click on that specific item so lets say you were making an offer on these mules that.

I sell you would go to that page and then you would scroll down to the bottom of that listing. And youre going to see this button that says offer which is right next to the buy now button click. On that offer button and it will take you to this other screen in which you can input the dollar. Amount that you are willing to offer and these do need to be round numbers so you cant offer 1050. But you cant offer 10 or 11 and then it will show you the total with the shipping cost etc.

And then as you can see itll also show you how you will be paying so if you have money. In your park account then it will show that its going to pay with that with your redeemable balance or. If the seller accepts then it might show that youre paying with a different method and it will show something. Like total charge to credit card so you will see the total total on of your offer dollar amount what. The shipping cost will look like as well once you have submitted your offer which ill just hit submit at.

The bottom of that screen then that offer has been sent to the seller of the item at this point. Its kind of just up to you to wait they will have 24 hours to accept reject or counteroffer and. I always suggest to everyone that you counteroffer even if the amount offered seems somewhat insulting a lot of times. People just dont know why you priced something the way that you did and its a lot better to reach. Out and make that attempt than lose a customer so hopefully that is the mentality that whoever youve made an.

Offer to also has and they give you a great deal on the item at anytime you can go back. To the items page and take a look again at that actual item and instead of saying make offer the. Text will now say view offer so if they do make a counteroffer this is where you can go and. See it you should get a notification if they make you a counteroffer but sometimes those can fall through the. Cracks so make sure to go back and check if you think time is passed or if its almost been.

The full day you might as well go check rather than just letting the offer go completely untouched and you. Can always reach out to the seller drop them a comment say something like is this still available did you. See my offer something that isnt threatening but just reminds them that maybe they had an offer that they didnt. See so once the seller accepts your offer or you accept their counteroffer then that item will show up under. My purchases if you go there and click on that then you can see the status of the shipment of.

The item the seller has one week seven days to ship that item to you if they dont within that. Time frame then you can cancel the order one of the best things about making offers however is you can. Really prevent that from happening some people will keep items up on poshmark but are not active on the site. Anymore so you will make a purchase but perhaps that notification is going to an email that they no longer. Check you may never get that item and poshmark will hold your money for seven days so to avoid that.

I always suggest to make an offer even if youre just asking for one or two dollars off it helps. You make sure that that item still exists and that the seller is still on poshmark and now heres some. Of my best practices for getting the most money off most of the time so one of the first things. That you want to consider is that you probably dont want to make an offer that is more than 50%. Off of what the seller originally listed the item for the reason for this is that if the seller sees.

Your offer is considerably discounted they may just reject your offer outright rather than sending you a counteroffer and in. An ideal world you want that counteroffer because you want to be able to haggle so that you can get. The lowest price that they are really willing to offer so keep those lines of communication open by not sending. An offer that is super super low and this next one hopefully goes without saying but just as a reminder. Some sellers will say that they arent willing to consider offers probably dont send them an offer i think that.

It can be fine to drop them a comment and say hey are you still not considering offers but beyond. That pestering someone with offers that they dont want is not going to get you a discount or the item. Now my next tip is to ask questions before making an offer or at the very least before the seller. Accepts the offer i have had some buyers asking questions after the item has already been shipped to them which. At that point i feel badly because theyre getting the item regardless of whether they like the answer to that.

Question or not so if there is some deal breaker for you about the size of the item or the. Color make sure that you ask that before you make that offer because as soon as the seller accepts that. Is a binding contract and my final tip for you is to bundle sellers are going to be much more. Likely to give you a steeper discount if youre buying multiple things from them so if youve seen multiple things. From one seller that you are interested in and ready to buy add them to a bundle make an offer.

On that bundle and you will probably get much more money off than you would have just buying a single. Item with an offer so those are our tips today and our how-to so please tune in next time well. Have more info about poshmark and all sorts of other things fashion related thanks for hanging out with us have. A great day and as always if you like cute shoes consider checking out my boutique at

Method 4 – How To Respond To Lowball Offers On Poshmark + Make The Most Of The Offers You Do Get On Poshmark

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is airlia otherwise known as marzi chick if you dont. Know me already and in todays video im going to be teaching you just how to respond to lowball offers. On poshmark exactly what they are and how to make the most of the offers that you do get so. If youre interested in more videos just like this one i make videos every sunday about business fashion and lifestyle.

Content so if youre interested in knowing more or seeing more from me of course hit the little subscribe button. Down below and click your notification bell right next to it to be notified every time i post a new. Video on sundays so today im going to be talking to you guys all about the types of customers that. Might send you these lowball offers what you can do in response and honestly if theres one piece of information. That i would like to share with you guys before we get started is to look at every offer as.

An opportunity obviously the people making these offers on your items are interested in your items so theres absolutely nothing. Wrong with your business or the items that youre listing or anything for someone to send you a lowball offer. So just keep that in mind today always be kind and courteous to any customer that might submit an offer. On your item and try not to look at it as offensive in any way they are interested in your. Item its just not the price so lets talk a little bit about pricing first obviously the first thing that.

You should do when someone submits a low ball offer on your item is to check the current retail value. Of the item and also what it is selling for on poshmark so in essence check your comps if everyone. Is selling your item for 30 and you have it listed at 90 and someone has submitted an offer of. 40 that is actually a really great market value for that at the current time and i would accept it. However i understand that different people have spent different amounts of money on an item to resell so you always.

Want to check your comps before picking up an item to resell as well on the app but just keep. That in mind first always look at your comps before you make any sudden knee-jerk reactions to a customers offer. But if you have priced your item accordingly and youre just really trying to understand why this person would send. You this offer in the first place im going to be teaching you all about the different kinds of customers. That might submit offers on your items so that way you can respond to the best of your ability and.

Still make profit on that item okay so these are the types of low ballers that you might encounter ive. Split them into four different categories this doesnt mean that theyre true for all amounts of customers but just in. The time that i have personally been reselling these are usually why people send lowball offers and kind of what. Their thought process is behind sending that offer so the first one is one with a capped budget so this. Is a person that might spend 20 to 30 on a pair of jeans because they dont want to go.

Over their specific fashion budget or you know clothing budget that they might have set for that month so these. Types of people will send you offers of 13 or 23 dollars something that seems very odd but might add. Up in terms of a budget friendly way so just keep that in mind not everyone on poshmark is trying. To be offensive when theyre sending an offer they might just have a budget to stick to the second type. Of low ball offer is someone that might just be looking for a specific price on an item so say.

Your item is priced at sixty dollars and someone sends you an offer of twenty dollars this person actually might. Wanna get them for forty dollars and they might want you to bargain and hassle back and forth because that. Is what happens the majority of time on poshmark when someone does send an offer so just keep that in. Mind i will go a little bit more into detail about what to do how to identify these people and. What you should look out for when they are starting to banter back and forth so well get into that.

Later but this person desperately just wants that middle ground price and wants you to hassle back and forth with. Them the third type of person that might send you an offer like this are other resellers if you already. Have your item priced more competitively than others obviously theres someone thats still going to try to get that deal. And most often its other resellers theyll try to get you as low as you can on that item so. That way they might make a profit on it as well when they resell it so just keep that in.

Mind too obviously this person is interested in your item because they know its valuable and the fourth type is. Very rare but it is the type that you need to look out for and these are people with a. Bad track record on poshmark so these are people that will send lowball offers on designer things or things that. Are more expensive number one because they just want a deal but also because theyre very picky and particular about. What they want to buy so if you let this person get away with the global offer if you accept.

It youll send it to them theyll usually give you a bad rating theyll try to open a case on. You or turn it any type of reason just because theyre a picky customer i would be on the lookout. For this i dont really know the rationale behind this ive had this happen t.

Conclusion – How To Accept Offer On Poshmark

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – how to send offer to likers & bundle offers on poshmark | step by step demo online reseller tutorial, how to send poshmark offer to 1 liker [increase sales], how to cancel an offer on poshmark, how to make sales on poshmark with offer to likes | tried all the strategies, what i’ll be doing now, how to handle low ball offers| full time poshmark seller| poshmark tips, poshmark offers experiment | how often should you send otl? which strategy makes the most sales?, poshmark tip: get fewer lowball offers with 1 easy trick!, how to make daily sales on poshmark – what to do with offers, poshmark offer experiment| does sending a message with your offer increase its chance of acceptance?, bundles on poshmark 101: make more money with poshmark bundles!, my #1 tip for selling bundles on poshmark + how to make a bundle on poshmark for beginners, should you accept offers on ebay, poshmark, and mercari?, why you should never decline an offer on poshmark, poshmark bundling 101 how to discount a bundle!, how to counter offer on ebay, mercari and poshmark to get more sales!.

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