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Method 1 – 10 Healthy Ways To Handle Any Rejection

Hey psych2goers welcome back to another video thank you so much for being here with your help and support were. Able to succeed in our mission to make mental health and psychology more accessible to everyone so thank you now. Lets continue we all have to face rejection at one time or another its an inevitable fact of life dealing. With rejections failures and disappointment maybe you were shot down by your crush or were passed over for the lead.

In the school play how you deal with rejection reflects back on your character the way in which you choose. To handle the less than ideal situations in life is important though it may be hard and your self-esteem may. Have taken a hit there are healthy ways to cope with rejection here are 10 ways to do so number. One accept the answer do you think you have a great idea for your group project but the group leader. Shot you down too quickly or have you ever asked your crush out on a date and they said no.

When this happens your first instinct may be to try and convince the person to say yes instead but its. Best to respect and accept the answer that theyve given to you dont pressure them to change their mind or. Give you a second chance because even if you do manage to convince them youll be stuck in an environment. Where that person wont want you there and the environment or your relationship with that person can then become toxic. Number two distance yourself from the situation have you ever experienced a truly difficult type of rejection did you step.

Away and get to calm yourself down or did you move ahead and try to deal with things right away. Research suggests that stepping away from a problem to tend to your emotional needs is a healthy coping mechanism this. Kind of healthy distance also helps reduce the possibility of intrusive thoughts if you are rejected over the phone or. Computer take a break from your electronics move into a different room than the one you got the news in. Or take a walk outside if there are times where you cant physically leave or if having a public breakdown.

May lead to a panic attack try to mentally distance yourself from the rejection by focusing all of your energy. Onto the present until you can find somewhere private to process your emotions number three allow yourself to feel its. Important to let yourself feel your emotions even if you think you might be overreacting long-term emotional suppression can lead. To emotional repression and this can cause poor physical and mental health increased stress and possibly depression everyone has differing. Levels of emotional resiliency and their reaction to certain situations depends on the state of their mental health and other.

Life factors for example a harsh rejection is more likely to trigger a depressive episode in someone with clinical depression. You might feel feelings of guilt embarrassment sadness and anger in response to being rejected and thats all okay number. Four spend time with friends family or in therapy have you ever felt hurt or lost when dealing with rejection. Did talking about the situation with someone you trust help you navigate your feelings better spending time with friends or. Family can help boost your self-esteem and help you out of your head especially if youre experiencing self-hatred or self-doubt.

After a bad rejection when youre dealing with this kind of pain you want to be heard listen to and. Empathized with so try and set boundaries and communicate your needs to the people youre spending time with or if. Youre in therapy talking with your therapist is also a great way to help process your feelings of rejection number. Five do something you love do you have a favorite instrument you like to play or a favorite movie or. Tv series that you like to watch do you enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood or on the beach.

Doing something that you love can help distract you from the pain of rejection and helps remind you that your. Life has more value than just this recently missed opportunity its easy to equate your worth with your job significant. Other or your personal success when you do something that brings you joy it helps you focus on the other. Aspects of yourself revisit an old abandoned hobby or pick up a new one if you need a break from. A beloved hobby because it was related to the rejection you can always try and do something similar instead like.

Instead of playing the violin you can simply listen to classical music number six practice self-care self-care is a great. Way to rebuild your self-confidence if your self-esteem has taken a hit due to rejection rejection may have you doubting. Your competency or your worth self-care looks like different things depending on who you are self-care is often portrayed as. Cutesy feel-good things like eating ice cream and taking a bubble bath and while these feel good things can certainly. Help self-care also includes taking care of your body eat at regular times drink plenty of water and work out.

Regularly to release feel good endorphins but if working out feels like too much for you right now even something. As small as getting out of bed and getting dressed for the day is still a good start if youre. Someone who isnt affected by rejection self-care can look like remembering to assess how you feel and making sure you. Are taking breaks from school or work when needed number seven work on yourself self-reflection usually immediately follows a rejection. If the person group or organization who rejected you gave you constructive criticism look it over and consider incorporating some.

Of their advice into your next idea request or application if they didnt offer any feedback try to determine if. Part of the problem stems from yourself perhaps you have a fear of failure and it got the best of. You this time maybe you had a really good project idea but you got so nervous during your presentation that. You couldnt express it properly getting more comfortable in front of a crowd by practicing in front of your friends. And family can help you with that or maybe you achieved your personal best and still got rejected in these.

Situations be mindful and proud of the progress youve made and continue working on improving yourself and your skills number. Eight learn from the experience despite the pain of rejection there is always something to be learned from them even. If its just adding them to the list of things youve survived and worked through maybe youll learn that you. Werent ready for the opportunity yet and you need to develop yourself your skills and your education further before trying. Again or maybe you find out who in your life is there to support you during hard times this way.

Of dealing with rejection can be difficult because you associate good feelings with the person job or opportunity you lost. And it can be hard to be objective but taking something away from that experience and growing from it is. A good way to not let that rejection define your future number nine put the rejection into context while you. Shouldnt minimize your emotions over a rejection it can help to put the event into context make a list of. The things you lost with the opportunity then look at which of these things are unique to that situation and.

Which ones can be found in other opportunities or from other sources think about the negatives of the opportunity you. Lost as well maybe you would have had to live in a city to take advantage of the lost opportunity. And now youre able to move closer to nature all too often we romanticize things we cant have and turn. Them into regrets but taking time to debrief potentially traumatic events like rejections as they happen and reflecting on past. Rejections may help minimize future intrusive thoughts that can hold you back and number 10 explore other opportunities when you.

Dwell over rejection you miss out on new opportunities use your past rejections to fuel your search for new goals. And experiences after youve evaluated what you were hoping to get from the person or organization who rejected you set. Aside a few minutes each day to research new opportunities these new ventures may look very different from the ones. You missed and thats okay as long as your needs are still being met its important to consider all the. Options moving forward and choose the one thats best for you how do you cope with rejection do you think.

One of these ways mentioned in the video will help you deal with it not all of these ways may. Work out for you since we all deal with different things differently but developing healthy coping mechanisms and talking with. Trusted friends and family or seeing a therapist can really help you deal with rejection please like and share this. Video if it helped you then you think it could help someone else too the studies and references used are. Listed in the description below dont forget to hit the subscribe button for more psycho videos and thank you for.

Watching well see you next time.

Method 2 – Overcoming Rejection, When People Hurt You & Life Isn’t Fair | Darryll Stinson | Tedxwileycollege

Rejection do you remember the last time you felt rejected was it a guy that never returned a phone call. Or father that never came around was it a boss who ever looked you for a promotion or maybe it. Was someone in your life who never thought you were good enough no matter what you did to try to. Impress them we all know rejection hurts it stings it makes us feel like were not good enough it causes.

Us to question ourselves and doubt our future i submit to you that rejection is it something we should be. Afraid of and it sure is that something that should make us get discouraged depressed or work unhealthy amounts of. Hours just to prove to the world that we are somebody worth loving and paying attention to you rather rejection. Is our friend and not our enemy im going to share two ways that we can see rejection in order. To leverage those moments of pain to be the greatest catalyst to our success and proof of our value and.

Uniqueness the first way that we can view rejection is by seeing it as projection a psychological projection a psychological. Projection is when someone subconsciously employs undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else rather than admitting to or dealing with. Their own unwanted feelings when we can see how the rejections we face may have more to do with another. Persons inward turmoil and not our own value our lives will change rather than shrink back get discourage or play. It safe well move forward in life with confidence and high esteem one of my most painful moments of rejection.

Happened when i was in the third grade i wanted to be popular to be liked to be loved and. To be respected and thankfully i was i was in an advanced learning class which meant that i was one. Of two black students in an all-white class and this wasnt a bad thing i was known as the cool. Big black kid they called me goon i was one of the smartest kids in the class people cheated off. My test they laughed at my jokes life was great until one day as i was returning back to class.

From a bathroom break i noticed a group of black students circled together laughing hysterically me being the confident charismatic. Outgoing guy that i was i decided i was going to go over to them and get in on the. Jokes so i walked over to these students and i said hey yall was so funny no one answered i. Spoke up i mean what yall over there laughing about and just as i was finishing my sentence one of. The guys in the group turned towards me and say youre was funny white boy the crowd erupted and laughter.

And i feeling embarrassed ashamed and rejected returned to my class too soon learned that i was known in our. School as the black kid that talks and acts white i allowed that moment of rejection to diminish my confidence. And my self-esteem rather than celebrate my own uniqueness i began a long journey of changing who i was to. Fit in with this black community i mean i changed the way that i dress the way that i talked. The music i listened to i havent changed the way that i laughed i started skipping school selling drugs and.

Making poor decisions all because i wanted to gain their approval and their acceptance thing you know what it worked. They accepted me they embrace me i got street cred but deep down inside i knew it wasnt me who. They accepted it was who i was pretending to be and the more they adored this false version of me. The more rejected the real me felt the entire time you see i didnt understand that sometimes rejection is projection. A projection of someones own fears and insecurities onto another person those students who made fun of me were deeply.

Insecure they were unsure of themselves they were afraid to do anything outside of what their peers thought was acceptable. And because they didnt know how to be their unique selves they projected their fears and insecurities onto me in. The form of mockery and jokes because sometimes talking bad about others makes people feel better about themselves if i. Would have been able to see their rejection as a projection i would have never taken their jokes personally i. Wouldnt have wasted years of my life trying to earn their approval in their acceptance i want to stay true.

To who i was and i probably would have felt more sorry for them than i was for myself and. I believe that properly handling rejection is a crucial component to ending the rising anxiety depression and suicide rates in. Our nation and world in fact one study from the oxford handbook of social exclusion stated that rejection is both. A cause and a consequence of depression i mean think about it have you ever felt down after you got. Rejected maybe theres a group of co-workers who invited everyone out for drinks after work except for you or what.

About people who want to invest their money into your vision and dream those are situations that cause people to. Dislike themselves give up gained a ton of weight from emotional eating and binge watch netflix but ive learned that. We dont have to allow rejection to make us do that crazy stuff we can leverage our moments of rejections. To produce confidence and success i did once i discovered that the rejection i faced in the third grade was. Actually a projection of those students on issues i was able to see the beauty of my own difference honestly.

They had something right about me i was the black kid that talked and acted right and i still in. Being the black kid that talks and acts white has enabled me to be versatile as a speaker and work. With people from all different walks of life i can speak to gang members in the street and i can. Speak to executives in the boardroom i can i can help addicts with free from addiction and i can coach. Elite athletes to discover their purpose beyond sports the very thing that made them reject me has become a crucial.

Component to my success and has made me effective at helping others and its all because i learned to see. Rejection as projection and figured out how to use it for my good the second way that we can see. Rejection is by viewing it as protection protection from something or someone that isnt meant to be in our lives. Anymore i learned this lesson after life rejected my dreams of playing in the nfl i went to central michigan. University on the full-ride scholarship to play division one football sports was the way that i was going to become.

Rich and famous so that i can buy my parents a house and get all of my family out of. Poverty i had so many coaches and players who told me that because of my height my speed and my. Athleticism that there was no doubt that i would one day play in the nfl unfortunately i ruptured a disc. In my back to my freshman year and this injury ended my college career life had rejected all that hard. Work i put in rather than view my sports injury as protection from a career path that wasnt the best.

For me i took it personal i felt like life hated me and spit in my face i felt like. The universe despised me and that my value was pretty much nothing without the sport that i loved or the. Recognition that i got from being an athlete rather than let sports go i did something terrible and it attempts. To keep my athlete dreams alive i signed a liability waiver and rehabilitated my body to once again play division. One football i put my body through two years of drug addiction pain and sleepless nights because i couldnt face.

Life on lifes terms no matter how many painkillers are took or how many epidural shots i got in my. Back i couldnt avoid the reality that my career was finished nothing i did to avoid that rejection was working. I was so afraid to face rejection because i felt like it meant that i had no value and no. Future i figured that since life completely rejected me and all the hard work that i put in to become. A professional athlete that i didnt just fail but rather that i was a failure this belief that i was.

A failure drove me into one of the darkest depression of my life i became suicidal because i thought it. Would be better than in my life then to deal with another painful moment of rejection and so i would. Swallow whole bottles appeals and hopes that i wouldnt wake up the next day i would get drunk and take. A bunch of drugs and get in the car and drive hoping that a car accident would end it off. It got so bad that i tried to starve myself and i went from 275 pounds to 219 pounds in.

Four weeks thats all because i didnt understand how to handle rejection all these attempts at suicide landed me in. The psychiatric unit in detroit michigan and it was there that i had a life-changing experience that gave me hope. And purpose and helped me to believe that maybe the rejection i was experiencing was protection from a future that. Wasnt the best for me and that maybe there was a career in the life out there for me that. Was far better than what i had envisioned so i spent the next few years researching everything i could find.

On purpose and meaning i read books i took online courses i interview people i prayed i meditated i even. Watched a bunch of tedx talks i started to develop new skills and explore new interests you know what over. Time i built a life that i love and even enjoyed more than my life as an athlete and i. Would have never been able to do that if it wasnt for life completely rejecting or should i say protecting. Me from becoming a professional athlete and i believe that the world needs to have the same perspective shift that.

I had when i was in the psychiatric unit rather than internalized rejection to mean that were less valuable or. That our future is unsure we should view it as protection from something or someone that isnt meant to be. In our lives anymore imagine what would happen if we stopped viewing rejection as a negative humiliating force and we. Started viewing rejection as a necessary development tool and a catalyst for massive success when i look at people who. I admire that have been highly successful in life i cant help but to notice how theyve overcome rejections they.

Face it caused me to wonder if they would have ever become who they were if it wasnt for how. They leverage their moments of rejection i mean i wonder if martin luther king jr. Would have ever become a. Great leader if it wasnt for the rejection he experienced from his message and his mission i wonder if michael. Jordan would have ever developed a drive to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time if it.

Wasnt for the being rejected by his coach in high school i wonder if apple would be one of the. Largest tech companies in the world if it wasnt for steve jobs being rejected by his own company more importantly. Though i wonder what your life would look like if you went back to your moments of rejection and rather. Than cry get angry or bitter you analyze those moments and reframe them as protection or projection i wonder if. Buried beneath your pain and unfortunate circumstances its treasured that you could cash in i wonder if youd find keys.

That would unlock new paths in life that are far beyond what you can think or imagine i wonder if. The next level of your success is locke beneath your most painful moment of rejection i started by asking you. When was the last time you felt rejected was it a boss an ex spouse a parent a friend or. Just bad luck and now in by asking you what are you going to do with it thank you youve. Been awesome.

Method 3 – One Mindset To Conquer Rejection

Hello this is matthew with love life we have a caller on the line today with a very interesting question. Getti are you there yes i am talk to me about your question alright so i read your tweet yesterday. About rejection and i agreed with it 100% but lets be honest rejection really sucks so how can i move. On from then what sucks about rejection well just a feeling that you get afterwards knowing that you werent the.

One that that person chose so just moving on after the grieving process thats what really really is petrified to. Me what what was the rejection that you had in mind was it someone that rejected you for a relationship. Was it someone that said they werent attracted to you what was the rejection someone that rejected me for a. Relationship we were really really close and he decided that he would go and be with someone else and they. Actually ended up getting married and it was really painful and difficult for me to move on from that so.

Thats what really you know stuck on my mind how do i move on from that how do i try. To get into another relationship because at this point im just afraid of allowing somebody so close to me again. Yeah its really hard isnt it absolutely its really hard i am you know ive thought a lot about this. And its really interesting because theres a theres almost a fine line between insecurity and narcissism insecurity can be where. We say i no one will ever love me narcissism could be everyone has to love me and i know.

That those two sounds so opposite but think about it for a moment sometimes when we get upset because someone. Said they didnt want us and then we say well im now afraid to go back out there again in. Case the next person doesnt want me it we can come dangerously close to essentially putting out the message that. Everyone is supposed to want us like if we want somebody and then that person didnt want us back well. Now that now thats going to turn us off because everyone should have wanted me and the next person might.

Not want me either well the truth is there are many many many many many people who arent going to. Want us just as look i consider myself to be a good public speaker i also know that i have. A certain audience that im not for everybody and that there will be certain audiences that will never come to. My seminars it doesnt change how good of a public speaker i am i would not base how good i. Am on whether people want to coming to my shows or not there are certain types of people that will.

Come and see me live because they like the work that i do but just because some people dont like. The work that i do it doesnt mean im not a good public speaker it doesnt mean i dont have. Good things to say do you understand what i mean by that yes i dont youre just you you you. Have to know that not everyone is your audience that is true i guess what my biggest concern is because. Ive already gone through that process you know i read your books and listened to a lot of your your.

Radio sessions but i guess my biggest concern is the fact that sometimes i just make myself so unapproachable because. Im afraid of getting hurt again well so how do you want to live your life um carefree like ive. Always been its just fear im just fearful of getting rejected again i guess but what are you more fearful. Of getting rejected again or living your life in a cave like a sneeze in a cave isnt isnt that. Worse if you picture the rest of your life cowering and being afraid and being this person who cant go.

And talk to people or cant put themselves out there or cant actually go and give people compliments in case. She doesnt get one back is that is that an image that excites you for your life no it sounds. Pretty boring it sounds pretty worse i think i think if you were honest you would say was worse than. Boring its kind of a its kind of a gross image isnt it of your life that this idea that. Youll constantly be cowering in a corner while other people go and have fun and talk to each other and.

Have relationships youre cowering in a corner because of a couple of rejections youve had yeah youre absolutely right you. Know that that i think is scarier you tell me you you you have to be the expert in your. Life you tell me which is which is scarier the the possible rejection from another guy or living your whole. Life as somebody that you dont like well i would hate being somebody that i dont like i want to. Be comfortable in my own skin so i guess i just have to move on from this funk how old.

Do you know im twenty-five twenty-five so so heres the thing right now you have the benefit of being an. Age where it feels like you have all the time in the world right and the luxury of feeling like. You have all the time in the world is that you feel like you have all the time in the. World to waste on bad beliefs and bad ideas and insecurities and i can guarantee you that people dont feel. That when theyre about to die when people are about to die they dont suddenly freak out about a possible.

Rejection thats not whats on their mind whats on their mind is i wish i was around to be rejected. I wish i was around to have the possibility of someone rejecting me to have the possibility of feeling something. And im not going to be here and what a tragic unbearable thought that is the luxury and im you. Know im like you getty im young enough to have the luxury of thinking i have time to waste and. Its a false luxury because the reality is a none of us know how much time we have and b.

Even if we have as much time as we think we have its not nearly as long as we think. It is and it goes so incredibly quickly and that being the case make no mistake you will ten years. From now be 35 and saying i wasted ten years avoiding situations because of a guy that i made so. Important that i threw away a decade of my potential on him how what could be more tragic and frightening. Than that thought now extended 20 years now go to 45 look back youve just wasted 20 years of your.

Life on one guy he wasnt even there anymore he could he doesnt even know he has that power hes. Not even around to to know he has that power but guess what youve wasted 20 years of your life. On his rejection and thinking about that and allowing it to you over the course of your life you could. Keep extending this right the way through your life but even by 45 this pain would be unbearable to know. That youd let someone control your life in that way the the person that you hurt is is yourself life.

Life is so unbearably short the biggest waste of life is life wasted on these kinds of negative ideas that. Stop you doing things so right .

Conclusion – How To Accept Rejection

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