How To Accept Ring Invite – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept ring invite,

Method 1 – 2021 How To Accept A Ring Door Bell Invitation Solved

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Method 2 – What Are Shared Users In The Ring App? | Ask Ring

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Method 3 – Tech Tips: How To Grant Someone Access To Your Ring Camera.

Hi everyone im agent polsky here in the lab were always looking for ways to make your connected home a. More secure home so today on tech tips were gonna show you how to grant someone access to your ring. Doorbell camera for example maybe you want to give a neighbor access to it so they can watch for a. Package thats being delivered while youre away its really easy to do and ill show you how first youll need.

A ring doorbell camera thats setup and running youll also need the ring app download it to your smartphone heres. What the ring doorbell looks like weve also got one installed outside the lab doorway will sync up with that. One for todays demonstration to get things started lets open the ring app on your smart phone there you can. See a live shot of the labs front door select front door as thats the camera you want to give. Your neighbor access to now go ahead and select the settings gear icon in the upper right corner then select.

Shared users from the icons below and since we dont have a user yet well press the plus button to. Add someone now enter the email address of the person youre granting access to if they have a ring account. Use the email address they registered with if they dont have an account theyll need to download the app and. Create one after that select the ring camera you want to give them access to in this case well select. Front door and then tap send invite your ring app will now list them as a shared user you can.

Always tap on their name to give them access to any of your other ring devices if you want or. To remove them if the access is only temporary guess what its that easy your neighbor can now use your. Ring camera feed to keep an eye out for your package hope you found the tech fun and the tip. Useful if youre interested in learning more about ring home security products you can check out our video on that. Too ill put a link below if you have any questions leave them in the comments and well get back.

To you and if you found this video helpful go ahead and subscribe to our channel for more tips and. Help from best buy thanks for watching see you later you.

Method 4 – Adding Shared Users To Your Ring Device

Sometimes youll want to give other people such as family members access to your ring doorbell adding shared users with. Their ring app is easy simply tap on your device at the top of the screen then tap shared users. And select add user next enter the email address of the person youd like to add this person will then. Receive an email prompting them to download the ring app and register as a user once they do theyll have.

Access to your ring doorbell now theyll be able to interact with visitors at your door from their own phone. Or tablet if you have cloud recording enabled theyll also be able to view and share past events removing a. Shared user is also easy simply tap on the user youd like to remove then select delete user if you. Ever need help using the ring app feel free to reach out to our support team with ring youre always. Home.

Method 5 – How To Add Family Or Share A Device On Connect Smart Home

Hi in this video well be talking about the family settings and how to share a device okay so first. Of all you should already have your main account with some devices already set up okay so you just go. Into the me section in the bottom right here okay so this is the email address that youve logged in. With okay so lets just say for example this is the main account and these are your devices and you.

Want to share them with other people okay so here we have another device with the app installed okay so. We just start up the app now this app will need to have a different username to the original family. Thats trying to add okay so here when you start the app for the first time youve got a couple. Options register a new account or log in with an existing account now the easiest way to share your device. Or your family settings with another account is to quite literally give them the exact same login that youve got.

So in this case it would be the support email that youve got over here okay so if we just. Log in with that exact same login details okay straight away you can see its literally identical so if you. Want to do it the easy way you literally just share your login details with whoever you want just be. Aware that they can actually remove devices and change things around just like you would normally be able to do. So if you want that this is literally the best way to do it okay but if you want to.

Share your devices and have people have limited access to the devices then we will need to do that another. Way so we just go into settings here and log out okay so lets login with a different account okay. So here you can see ive typed in a different login and just going to hit login okay so this. Is the first time this account has done anything so its asking us to create a family so thats just. Gonna be the default family for this account okay you can have multiple family so lets just go ahead and.

Create a family into the name lets just call it work okay and thats pretty much it you dont have. To take any of these boxes you dont have to set a location lets just go ahead and click done. Done so here we have this new account no devices are added lets just go over the me section okay. Home management we can see weve got our work family there okay so back onto our original device lets go. Ahead and add this new member so we go to me family management okay the current family that this device.

Is created so all our devices are under this family here so connect okay so from here we want to. Add member okay so this just gives a family member a name and lets go ahead and type in his. Account login that he was using okay so you can set this person as administrator which gives them a little. Bit more permissions lets just go ahead and set as administrator wed recommend setting as administrator to give as many. Permissions as possible okay and just hit done okay so straight away on this account weve received a message to.

Join a family and a confirm invitation message lets just accept it okay so thats been accepted okay so these. Messages that youre getting here normally come up in the me message center section okay if you get your arms. You get your family you get your notifications so thats where all thats happening so now we can see that. We are actually a part of two families the original one that we crater thats really got nothing in there. And just connect family okay so lets just go back to our home screen we can still see theres no.

Devices there okay and we will need to add devices individually okay so the strip lights lets just share the. Strip light so this device is currently offline thats okay i like the little edit icon okay and then here. Quite simply shared device ad sharing and then lets just type in that mobile the email address that we had. Earlier from this account and thats done okay so youve received a message and straight away those lights here lets. Have been added the lights are currently offline thats why i cant really do much with them but if we.

Go into the lights and we go in here we can see this a couple of options there so even. Though im an administrator i dont have as many options as i would if i was the original owner of. The lights so again if you do want the other user to have complete access just give them your login. Details okay so strip lights has been added weve got another smart camera that we can share okay so this. Go ahead and share that device ill just go back to the main screen on this one edge sharing its.

Correct done done and that ones also been added okay now this device its currently online we go in there. We can see the shell be able to see the video feed that its currently broadcasting okay and again very. Limited options as you can see both settings menus are different okay so thats basically it guys so thats how. You do the family sharing okay so check it out and well catch you in the next video thank you.

Conclusion – How To Accept Ring Invite

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