How To Accept Shared Album On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept shared album on iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept shared album on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Share Photo Albums (Mac, Iphone & Ipad)

Hey folks today im gonna teach you how to create a shared album using icloud i happen to think this. Is a great solution for so many different types of scenarios just to name a few i think this is. Perfect anytime you have a group of people that are all going on a trip and you want to have. A way to combine the photos and video clips that each person took on their phones and to be able.

To do it in a way where you get to select what content gets shared that way its not all. Of the photos you took just the best ones i also think this can act as an amazing tool for. Small nonprofits that are holding events and want to be able to capture the event from multiple perspectives how to. Create a shared photo album coming up next on tech talk america hey folks before we begin a very quick. Programming note for the last several years i have always released new videos on tuesdays and long story short theres.

Been some stress in my life and i need to be able to take a few days off now and. Then so for the next couple of weeks im just gonna release videos when theyre done and not necessarily every. Week so if you have not yet already subscribed to my youtube channel its a great way to find out. Whenever i come out with new content today im gonna introduce you to the magic of shared photo albums in. Order to use this feature you are going to need to basically have one person act as an administrator who.

Will then be able to invite up to 100 other people to view and/or contribute their own photos now a. Shared photo album can hold up to 5,000 photos and videos and believe it or not that data does not. Count against your personal icloud storage how is that possible before you start using this new feature you will need. To make sure that icloud is turned on and that the shared albums feature is enabled if youre doing this. From your iphone or ipad youll just need to go into settings then tap on where it has your name.

At the top now lets tap on icloud and then tap on photos and if you scroll to the bottom. Make sure that this last item here is turned on if youre doing this from a mac just open up. The photos application go into preferences click on the icloud tab and turn on shared albums at this point lets. Select the first batch of photos which will be included in the shared album and then lets click on the. Share button here at the top right and now lets select shared albums now we can click on this plus.

Icon to create a new shared album and now i can give it a name so for now lets just. Call it best drawn photos from 2019 to 2020 and now we can start to add the contact info for. Everyone whos gonna be invited to access this album keep in mind you can invite up to a hundred people. And none of the content that is shared in this album counts against your own personal icloud storage then we. Can type in some sort of a brief description and then click create youll now see that album appear here.

On the left hand side of my screen under shared albums when we click inside the shared album you can. Then click on this little person icon here at the top right to see a few other preferences if you. Dont want others to be able to upload their own photos and videos you can simply uncheck this option right. Here by checking this option we can create a public website where anyone including android or windows pc users will. Also be able to view everything inside the shared album so for those of you who are still watching this.

Video so right now we are 5 weeks into the quarantine its been six weeks since i got a haircut. So ive been kind of battling this decision which really shouldnt be that part of a decision yet it is. Do i let it grow shave it off or become a hat person im not saying im gonna go with. Which one you guys vote for but if youd like to respond to the poll if youre watching me on. Youtube a little poll thing just popped up somewhere somewhere here above my head youre watching me on facebook they.

Dont allow that so you know just go watch me on youtube thank you for watching everyone this is david. A cox with tech talk america class dismissed.

Method 2 – How To Create A Shared Album In Icloud

Best way for you on your family vacation or your next adventure to collab with everyone and share all your. Pictures in the same album on more of an icloud storage base to where everyone can see it so well. Start this video off there always needs to be a master file account so lets say that that is me. Im the master file account so obviously i have purchased a bigger icloud storage base package so i purchased that.

Lets say were all going on our family vacation and you guys are going on your expand vacation and this. Is the best way for you to get the footage to us so if youll just hang on here in. This video well walk you through those steps so first off lets say that we are were setting up our. Icloud photo stream what youre going to do with that is youre gonna always going to go to your settings. And make sure when you click on your name right up here on icloud you want to click on icloud.

Right there again and make sure photos is on you want to do upload to my photo stream on icloud. Photos on also shared albums on these are very very important this is an important tool because youre gonna have. To have all those items turned on to share photos with everyone else not only that when youre inviting someone. If they are not receiving the invitation or they cant get into the folder that is exactly what they have. To do as well in order to get into that album so what were gonna do from there is all.

That stuff is turned on so were going to simply go to our photo album im gonna hit select and. Now im gonna click on the picture of the disney castle im gonna click down at the bottom left and. Im gonna click on shared albums right here so ill click on that and then ill start a brand new. Shared album this will be called my disney vacation and im then im gonna hit next and not the first. Person im going to invite is carter so ill go ahead and click on carters name then ill hit next.

And then im going to hit post so right there carter will automatically be invited into the icloud shared album. And we will show you what that looks like on his phone here in just a second but then just. To confirm we want to click on albums and we want to go to shared albums and were gonna click. On my disney vacation and it should have one photo in it and so and then we can also at. The bottom click on people and this is how we invite others to it so right here we can invite.

Whoever we want into the shared album and you can type in everyone who has an ios device iphone only. All right so heres carters phone if you look up at the top of the photos app it will have. That little plus that means that i invited carter to the photo stream so what you do from this moment. Is is carter clicks on that and then you can see at the bottom down here it has for you. Theres a little plus one notification youre always looking for that kind of plus one im gonna click on that.

And it says right here that talbot cox has invited you to join my disney vacation so what ill do. From here is i will hit accept so i am all of a sudden in that disney vacation and i. Can start accessing the photos and i can upload and have the control of deleting it but you never want. To delete photos from that but right here is after carter has recorded a five to ten second video that. We thought was great and we wanted to add to our video hes able to click on that and then.

He can click on the whatever video it is whether its talbot right here and i can hit done and. Then all of a sudden you can write something talbot being funny he can hit post and then that puts. That into our shared album and also remember that carter recorded this in landscape mode which is sideways so then. We can later on download that and use that for your family vacation video hit play there talbot is right. There on his computer all happy so a good example of this right here is if we go to the.

People we have all of these people in our cox family group from our last cox family vacation to which. We all went to hawaii with so everyone was able to upload images or videos so heres a good example. This is bryce and playing with our niece and this is a video that was just uploaded on there so. Its not saved on my phone its not taking up space on my phone this is all cloud-based to the. Master account whoever started the iphone photo stream thats really important for you to know but then these are all.

Images and pictures and everything that we are all able to use so this is where at the on the. Trip you all be uploading your files in your videos to the cloud for everyone to see but not only. For that for us to pull down and edit your magical vacation video for you thank you so much i. Hope you found this video useful also do one a note when we recorded this video it was january 2019. The latest ios software slash update is 12.1 so make sure if you have a more out-of-date iphone you want.

To update that software if youre running into troubles update the software because you should be able to get help. Doing that if you are still running into trouble go visit your latest apple technological person at your nearest apple. Store theyll be able to help you out as well or comment below and well do our best to help. You out thank you so much if you have purchased one of our vacation making time count packages because what. Were gonna do for you now is take all of your magical memories that you recorded and upload into your.

Device for us to edit we will take all those and create you the most magical video and if youre. Ever looking to book a vacation dont forget to click the link below to hourglass travel and events as they. Can find you the most incredible and competitive prices on whether its a trip to europe its to disney world. Or its a cruise its a river cruise in europe well no matter where it is click there and theyll. Be able to help you out with that being said thats pretty much everything i know that this is a.

More i owe s or i guess youd say iphone device specific video we look to eventually do one with. More android device software but right now weve found the time being that were only super knowledgeable and educated on. Iphone so we will make that in the future make sure you subscribe to our video and we will push. That here in the next year to come.

Method 3 – Easy How To – Accept Invitation “Shared Albums” Photo App Folder (Pls 👍 And Sub)

When you get an invitation to share album from your friends make so yeah well you click unsubscribe and you. Usually put click chrome right well it wont work so click subscribe and choose safari instead boom and it works. You have to choose safari.

Method 4 – Apple: Icloud Photo Sharing – Not Receiving Invitation (4 Solutions!!)

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Method 5 – Icloud Shared Album In-Depth | Share The Special Moments

Hey welcome to alba moms im shawn edmundston and in this video were going to do an in-depth look at. Icloud shared albums first were going to tap on the photos app and find a few of the photos that. We would like to share hit select and then well tap those photos and well hit the share icon down. In the bottom left-hand corner and then in the middle here well tap shared albums from here we can either.

Choose an album thats already made or we can tap shared album and create a new album alright now that. We have that new album named wherein we can hit next and then we can type the persons name that. We would like to share this with or we can tap that plus icon to search through our contacts were. Going to tap grandma and well share the puppy album with grandma and then hit next and from here you. Can make a comment or just hit post alright now we can go to albums at the bottom scroll down.

To shared albums and we see our puppy album tap on that album and now we have those photos as. Shared with grandma from here we can tap people and see all of our settings for this shared album we. Can see whether grandma has accepted our invite we can allow subscribers to post or not by turning that on. Or off and they can post from their phone if this is maybe from a group event where you want. To get other peoples photos you can allow them to post to that shared album or you can create a.

Public website by sharing a link to other people who might not have an iphone and you still want them. To be able to download the photos so you can turn on that public website and itll give you a. Link to share if you tap on share link itll bring up the share sheet and you can copy the. Link or text message it from there also we have the option to turn on notifications to hear when we. Get likes comments or new photos added to that photo album or we can hit delete shared album now if.

Youre having trouble getting a shared album we can hop over to settings and then in settings we can scroll. Down to photos now in the photos settings area we want to make sure shared albums is turned on and. If youre not on wi-fi it might not be working because cellular data for photos might be turned off double. Check both of those if its not working for you so now were gonna hop back over to our photos. App and within the shared albums we can hit select and download other peoples photos if they also add it.

To the photo album or we can hit the plus sign and add more photos so as the shared album. Owner you were the only one that is allowed to delete your photos and or subscribers photos from the shared. Album other subscribers to the shared album will not be able to delete your photos they will be able to. Delete their own photos if eventually you want to delete the shared album by going to people and then delete. Shared album this will remove all of the photos from everyone elses devices if they were not already saved if.

You are a subscriber to a shared photo album and youll want to save those photos hit select tap the. Photos that you would like to save hit the share icon in the bottom left-hand corner and then scroll over. To save for images tap save and those images will then be downloaded and saved into your photo album now. If the owner of the shared album deletes it you will still have those photos on your phone if you. Would like to add more subscribers to the photo album you can simply hit people invite people and then type.

Their name or information into this box here and then hit add and they will get a notification like this. Or they could see a notification in the for use section of the photos app as you see at the. Bottom with the red notification bubble then you tap on for you and then hit accept now you or a. Subscriber is subscribed to the share to photo album from the people tab of the shared album you can also. Click into subscribers contact information and remove the subscriber from the shared album now they will no longer have access.

To the shared album you can also reinvade them by typing their information in here and hitting add then they. Will receive a new notification and asking them to join the shared album also within the shared album you can. Tap into a photo as well as comment on the photo now everybody that has notifications turned on for the. Shared album will be notified that that there was a comment made on the photo if you would like to. Download a specific photo just hit the share icon in the bottom left hand corner scroll over at the bottom.

Of the share sheet and a hit save image now that photo will be saved to your local library another. Thing to note is that as the owner you are the only one that is able to invite new subscribers. To the shared album subscribers will not have access to invite people unless the public website toggle is switched on. Now with the public website other people will not be able to add photos to that public site only subscribers. Are able to add their photos to the shared album this has been a in-depth look at icloud shared albums.

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Conclusion – How To Accept Shared Album On Iphone

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