How To Accept That A Friendship Is Over – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – What To Do When A Friendship Ends

Hey everybody today were going to talk about ways we can best deal with a friend breakup because unlike the. Ending of a romantic relationship where we can vent to our best friend about it as often as we need. To when a close friendship ends.

Method 2 – 6 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go Of A Best Friend

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Method 3 – Surviving A Friendship Break-Up: How To Recover From Losing A Friend

You all righty weve been doing this series on surviving a friendship breakup im doing this series because i recently. Went through a friendship breakup of my own where i was the one who was dumped for lack of a. Better word sounds so painful and it was but yeah she had the right to decide that that this wasnt. A friendship that she wanted to continue and oh my word how painful is that so ive talked a lot.

About how real the pain is of breakups all of our circumstances are obviously different and yet throughout this whole. Series i hope that your pain feels validated i hope that theres some tips on what you can kind of. Learn and take away with you as youre processing it and maybe even some steps to help repair and save. Some of our friendships from the actual breakup but in this video i wanted to share some of the things. I did too that i credit for helping me survive the breakup or recover from it myself and so in.

This case the friendship couldnt be salvaged and it was more of a matter of now how do i go. On and i would say right off the bat loss is so prevalent so a validate the loss feel the. Loss like experience a loss i said in an earlier video and ill say it again i think its always. Important to write down all the losses like nuance it out i lost the ability to with somebody who has. This memory with me or who does these activities with me or the idea that we were going to go.

Do this together we lost that dream or we lost the what she fed in you what she affirmed in. You what she saw in you like those are all little losses those are all symbolic of different things you. Lost having somebody just to call and go to the movies with maybe you lost you know what did you. Lose and so write it down what did it symbolize to you what was it actually tangibly how does that. Affect your schedule and its important to do this because what sometimes i think we move past loss so much.

And we are afraid that if we actually feel it or we sit with it well get stuck there or. That you know and and thats not true it actually really helps to just go into the loss and to. Feel it to name it that and to say yeah that really hurts i loved her i loved our friendship. I loved so much about it and it hurts to lose it to be able to be able to say. That is such a place of strength in such a place of maturity to be able to sit with pain.

And and to feel it and to name it and to see that its connected to the loss of something. That you valued you know when i cried i mean yeah just a whole grieving process its a lot so. I guess without real not ever in it reiterating it yeah its so give yourself permission to grieve and that. Takes a while right so grieving is not an instantaneous process and so be gentle with yourself and and recognize. The loss of this huge relationship in your life the second thing that surprises some of us and for some.

Of us that comes all very easily is anger and thats a part of the grieving process as well and. Thats separate from loss i think its important to say sadness and grief is the response to loss and then. Theres anger and anger can come from how she treated us it can come from feeling betrayed by our expectations. Or our hopes of what we hope she would do or say or be it can come from if we. Actually fought maybe and so were painful hurtful words were said and so whatever the case may be undoubtedly anger.

Comes up and anger often sounds very blaming and sounds thats kind of a part of that is like looking. At the other person and putting the focus on them and i think its really important to to feel the. Loss and to acknowledge the anger to see if there were boundaries that were violated to see if theres anything. You can learn to have done better to have protected better maybe and in many cases there isnt and our. Goal and our friendships isnt just protecting everything all the time right were not protecting our hearts and thats part.

Of the joy so we do get hurt and so part of the anger the response to anger that i. Find most valuable is were here do i need to forgive where do i need to forgive her where do. I need to forgive me and and being able to write those things down is so helpful to just be. Able to list out the things im gonna forgive her for this specific thing for that specific thing for those. Words that she said the fact that you know sometimes when we get hurt we start going back and looking.

At all the ways that friend wasnt a good friend to us in the past and so sometimes it surprises. Us how much anger there can be there and so just write it all down im gonna forgive her for. That im gonna forgive her for that im gonna forgive her im willing to forgive her for that you may. Not be there yet im willing to forgive myself 4x im willing to forgive myself for not noticing there was. A problem im willing to forgive myself for noticing or for not being able to fix it im willing to.

Forgive myself for having good intentions but saying the wrong thing im willing to forgive myself for and just kind. Of being making as long of a list as you can at the end of the day our goal here. Is to be is to go through this process and not be a bitter person not be a judgmental person. And not be a blamey person we want to be somebody whos processed our loss who felt it who owned. It who healed from it we want to be somebody who forgave who built those muscles up a forgiveness who.

Got better at forgiving who used this as an opportunity to forgive myself more fully to forgive her more fully. To practice forgiving other people for not being perfect for not living up to every ideal that we have for. Hurting and crushing our hopes and for hurting our feelings and so we forgive and thats thats the response is. Im going to forgive im willing to forgive willing to forgive and and then i think the most important action. Next is for gratitude i chose this has been one of my long-standing tools when ive gone through divorce 10.

Years 15 years ago i promised i would be grateful for something every single day of that year even if. It felt like i was losing everything and i hold that promise whenever im in crisis especially like thats my. Lifeline i am going to be grateful i am going to find things about her to say thank you i. Dont say it to her cuz she doesnt want to hear it but im going to be grateful for her. Im going to isat do i want to hide her stuff on facebook you know and i was like no.

Im going to like look at her life and im going to be grateful for the positive experience that shes. Having its not my first response i get first when i saw her picture i would just feel pain and. Worse sometimes id feel upset or id feel like just sad and i had to say nope im gonna be. So grateful im so glad that shes having that opportunity im so grateful that she looks so happy im so. Grateful that she has those friends and i chose to just keep being grateful and expressing my gratitude for her.

Life being grateful for the memories every time i felt felt kind of raw i would just say that that. Represents how much she meant to me and im gonna be grateful for that im gonna be grateful for what. We did have and to make a list like what am i grateful for im grateful for how she said. That one thing that one time this stays with me forever im grateful that she weighed in on that circumstance. Im grateful that she went through that thing with me im grateful that i had the opportunity to do that.

Thing for her im grateful that i had the opportunity to support her through that and grateful for and write. Those things down and hold that gratitude as much as you possibly can so grieving the loss forgiving the anger. Holding gratitude i think these are like tools that will get you through everything and and ill just say in. This situation and to talk about it really carefully i think theres a thin line between we dont want to. Suffer alone and neither do we want to hurt her friendships with other people our goal in this situation should.

Be to be somebody that if we needed to be in the same room together that we could be that. She could count on me to be kind and civil and likewise and and then we dont feel like we. Need that our egos dont need all of our friends to agree with us that we dont need to talk. Bad about her i invite you to if theres one or two safe friends in your life who possibly dont. Know her who you could say would you help support me through this and youre choosing cognizant ly to help.

Kind of share and be seen in that i think thats healthy and thats beautiful especially if they know that. Youre not just going and talking about it with everybody and but youre doing this in order to recover and. To heal some of us are external processors and we might need that and and in most of all even. When were talking with other people even if were mad at her its our job to still speak kindly of. Her its not our job to win them over were not processing just to make our egos feel better so.

Were not there to just talk about how horrible she is and hope that they side with us thats not. Processing thats not growing thats not maturing maturing means being able to say this is really hard and trying to. Think this through and help me see where i could have done better and mean that and be open to. The feedback right and how could i handle this better do you think i should write her back or just. She said she doesnt want to talk to me anymore do i honor that or do i respond to like.

Do i want to try and so we can we can invite the support but do so with intention do. So with kindness do so with the willingness to grow not with the desire to just feel better and make. Me people pick sides thats never healthy and that doesnt support those other friends those other friends will not think. Hi more highly of you and wont feel safer being in relationship with you so share carefully and thoughtfully and. Kindly and and i think that if you do this i think we can get through these things that doesnt.

Mean that we ever get to a place where we dont miss her or that its not still sad but. We do friendships evan flow we recover and theres so many other relationships out there that we can develop so. Lets learn what we can from this one lets heal so much that were not bringing unmet needs and blame. And anger into future and other and present relationships lets do our job to get us healthy and as whole. And as healed up as possible lets heal that injury so we can go back to exercising right lets heal.

The heart so we can get back into loving relationships thats our goal our goal is to be back in. Loving and supportive relationships to stay connected to them to keep developing them to keep open and to be loving. And to be ready for them and so lets go through this heartache in such a way that our chances. Of experiencing more love on the other end of this and through this go up thats the goal so much. Much love to you when youre in the middle of this i am im sharing with you on the other.

Side of it but its not that far back that i cant remember it is so painful and i share. This all with from a place of humility and love and welcome your own suggestions and your feedback and things. Youve learned a way along the way in the comments and stuff like that so feel free to share with. Us whats working for you or what you need support around and we are here for you much love to. You you.

Method 4 – A Field Guide To Losing Your Friends | Tyler Dunning | Tedxteen

Youve most likely never been told this in your lives but yet its kind of the basis for life itself. So take comfort in what im about to tell you not concern its okay to die im not talking about. This im gonna kill myself sort of mentality thats a different story well get to that what im talking about. Is this alternative to the death narrative that weve been given which is that death is an adversary and that.

It steals the significance of our existence that it is the punctuation of a period on these compound-complex sentences that. We call our lives and out of these fears we come up with these subliminal ways that we try to. Subdue death whether its through bearing children or embodying our egos into art or applying synthetic cosmetics to our bio-organic. Bodies but i am here to tell you its okay to die all right so i clearly fixate on dark. Things welcome to the next 15 minutes of your lives with this i swear to you its a love story.

Not all love stories are simple and easy so who am i to say such a thing its okay to. Die i mean entire religions have been written and created to contradict to those four words let me start by. Saying i am a 33 year old with a very embarrassing bank account someone who lives in the back of. This makeshift furniture store as a means of trying to financially offset this literary lifestyle ive been pursuing someone who. Has a history of scavenging for meals out of dumpsters someone who still occasionally does so im just your typical.

Run-of-the-mill death expert as such our grim tale begins about seven years ago while i was volunteering for the social. Justice nonprofit that had me traveling around the united states back and forth living out of this van giving presentations. At high schools and universities raising awareness and advocacy in the hopes of mitigating the use of child soldiers in. Central east africa and when you live in a van with people with your co-workers you start developing really strong. Bonds with them especially when youre dealing with such heartbreaking and harrowing work one of these people became a best.

Friend nate hen this goofy charismatic uplifting guy sometimes we were on the same team together sometimes we were shuffled. Around the country but we always stayed in contact text messaging or calling each other and it brought a brightness. Back to those long and taxing days and i suppose thats why one conversation in particular really stood out because. It was nate being west ship or less optimistic a little more somber or melancholy he had called and said. Tyler i just got the news that one of my friends from childhood he he was killed while deployed in.

The middle east when he went on to say to the best of my memory that this was his fourth. Or fifth friend that he had lost at a young age and i didnt know what to say because were. Not really ever taught how to deal with grief right its not taught to us in school unless youre maybe. Going for a grad program or phd and i think we just kind of hope that empathetic response will kick. In when necessary so im sure i probably said what i was supposed to say to him in that moment.

That i was sorry for his loss im sure i gave anecdotes and platitudes of my own experiences up until. That point which was a friend in high school drowning in a bridge jumping accident or my aunt janice contracting. The rare pulmonary disease hunt virus and im not sure if my words helped the next time i saw nate. We were back to her childish antics of practicing pro wrestling moves on each other and convenience store parking lots. Oh here were idiots but the last thing you said in that conversation ill never forget you said tyler im.

Tired of my friends dying those words stand so resolute in my mind because it wasnt but three months later. That nate himself was dead he had gone to uganda to witness firsthand the groundwork that we advocated so ardently. For and he was over there visiting friends watching the mens fifa world cup championship match and it was during. This game that a series of explosions erupted it across kampala terrorist attacks orchestrated by a somali militant group 74. Innocent people were murdered that day one of them now with a little bit of shrapnel in his chest was.

Nate four days later coincidentally i started this new job in colorado working at a wedding chateau just outside rocky. Mountain national park i arrived as an infected wound as a single cell to our species now poisoned with hurt. And confusion and anger and soon if left untreated to metastasize into that cancer of hatred nights planned with friends. To go bowling or see a movie they were eclipsed by solitude at the river or an iconic company drives. Into the woods i just i couldnt shake this strange new paradigm of darkness that was forced upon me and.

Illuminating this age-old truth that life was only possible with loss and loss only meaningful through love i started withdrawing. From people away from friends community family but the more i withdrew the more i was exploring and the more. I learned about nature the more i was learning about myself i was out on those trails in that national. Park any chance that i had because i was holding on to any fragment of who that could bring purpose. Back to this pain because what should have been a summer paradise had become a turbulent test of character but.

It was the mountains that drew me back in and thats why by the end of that summer i had. Set this goal its a hike to the highest point in that park longs peak at fourteen thousand two hundred. And fifty nine feet the keeper of the rocky crown i set this goal because maybe naively and metaphorically i. Thought that if i could get over that mountain maybe somehow i could get over my loss so i went. To this place where people die every year hoping somehow to feel alive again i wanted to sweat my sufferings.

I wanted to seep all hunting memory from my mind so i woke up early a drove to the trailhead. And i hiked for hours and i got to the last mile and a half of this mountain but there. Was a series of missteps that made me make a wrong turn and most fell off a cliff and confronted. A mountain lion this is all to say i didnt make it to the top of that summit and i. Went home and defeated shaking by these scares and was now hoping that there would be another time in place.

For lungs maybe when my heart like that mountain was more willing to forgive out of all of this though. Out of this failure came a different goal to visit all 59 of the u.s. National parks because what id. Found at rocky mountain national park was so amazing and i was still grieving and i wanted to use that. As a coping mechanism for what i was going through so initially these parks started coming really quickly and they.

Were amazing i went to the grand tetons yosemite bryce canyon capitol reef and i was seeing some of the. Most magnificent things on our planet i was seeing the biggest trees the tallest trees the oldest trees the clearest. Water the longest cave systems and through it all i felt my spirit regenerating and i was having so much. Fun i was skinny-dipping on the channel islands camping illegally on the side of the road still eating out of. Dumpsters but this time with those like tricky bear locks on them and the parks with all their majesty they.

Just kept coming but so did the deaths there was my neighbor terry who had been living with chronic pain. From brain aneurysms to put a gun against his head and pulled the trigger there was my dear friend john. Who had been facing a battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder his entire life decided to mix a lethal dose of chemicals. Together while locked inside his jeep liberty and just when i thought i was on the crest of that wave. Of recovery i came crashing back down because i found myself in that same position that nate had been in.

And i was saying to myself im so tired of my friends dying but these last two they really rattled. Me they kind of triggered me because i understood them because id been to that precipice i looked into that. Void id stood on that cliff of life and death and knew what it was to make a decision because. Since the age of 14 ive been battling with clinical depression myself and this is manifested in different ways destructive. Ways self-harm the inability to construct a future suicidal ideation and though it was nates death that kind of led.

Me on this journey from the beginning the inciting incident this wasnt a conflict of man versus man or man. Versus nature it was man versus self and i had to figure out a way to save myself from me. So i was practicing these self-harm survival techniques in the hope that i could keep my own friends from repeating. That same refrain that nate and i both said all the while i kept perpetual motion still haunted still searching. In silently hiking across my nation as well as others to the back country of my own curiosity and consciousness.

Writing and rewriting in my head the rough draft to all of my damage a field guide to losing my. Friends i continued on my migratory patterns taking me further and farther two more of these national parks and went. To glacier canyonlands saguaro death valley and like a seed to the sun i could feel myself opening up i. Could tell i was letting others back in again because what i was learning is that as much as i. Loved these national parks what i loved more was inviting others on the journey with me and so at this.

Point i think ive been to maybe 45 maybe around 50 of the national parks and i kept going and. I was learning that life moves in seasons and that patterns theyre replete and the soil and the stars and. Ourselves but its the unknown complexities that make this life so simple but the middle of nowhere is always the. Beginning of somewhere but most importantly i was learning that humans despite what weve been shown theyre inherently good i. Started looking at aspen trees and how they share this communal root system and how they grow together or joshua.

Trees and how they have this unique and bizarre formation but it comes from growth in discs or from shock. And discomfort growth and change or the redwoods and how theyre formidable and mighty but bring life to the whole. Forest and that when they fall they become nurse logs that other trees grow out of growing out of this. Lasting legacy now given back to the soil i became obsessed with wildflowers people dont hike with me anymore because. It takes too long but i stop and i look at the way that the leaves grow and the sepals.

And the petals in the way that they go to seed and pollinate and mulch and decay everything given back. To the earth and what i was being given was this alternative to the death narrative because what i found. In this epoch of time was that everyone was saying your friends are in a better place or you cant. Understand the divine plan at work here western philosophy was saying whats the heavens well eastern philosophy was saying turn. Inward but i was looking at what was right in front of me the natural world and it was making.

Sense to me because nature was giving me that courage to confront those darker recesses of our existence it was. Saying be honest be bold explore your demons it was restoring in me this place of happiness and health that. I used to have before the bombs and the accidents and the rare disease and the death by ones own. Volition the national parks theyd worked it worked and ive been to nearly all 59 of them but i knew. There was one last piece to this puzzle and needed to go back to long speak i needed to complete.

That hike because i needed to put a capstone on that half decade of hurt to give a four year. Curse back to the heavens so as before i woke early i drove to that trailhead and i began hiking. But this time i didnt take a wrong turn i didnt almost fall off a cliff and i fulfilled that. Metaphor of death as mountain and guess what i did it i made it to the top but as twisted. His life can be death still had one lesson left in store for me because on my hike up i.

Found a dead body the man that had fallen off longs peak and it was grizzly his blood and brain. Strewn across the trail so there i was it was wild because death had brought me to this mountain four. Years ago and now there i was again confronting death so abject lea incarnate but i was ready to confront. It i was ready to have that dialogue and it was almost as if death was saying you stupid dumb. Silly man why do you keep thinking you can defeat me why do you think you can overcome me i.

Am a collaborator on this journey with you through life im a part of this and i always will be. And there was a beautiful revelation in that because i was looking at this raw organic version of reality that. Our society now so desperately seeks there was no one there to tell me to keep moving or to look. Away or to cover up the body it was just me and death and i sat with it but there. Was something a little more disconcerting about this as well as that looking at the circumstances in where this man.

Had fallen i knew something was off and instantaneously i knew what it was i knew that it was a. Suicide and so for the next few weeks i just kept checking the internet because i needed to know and. It proved true just an 18 year old kid from kansas and i needed well when i think about this. Kid i weep for him because i knew what brought him sad mountain and i saw it and i just. Knew that could have been me but there was a cliff dividing us and there was a choice and weep.

For him because i needed him in order to forgive myself and forgive my depression to move on and move. Forward and to let go because id found my piece and id made it to that summit but i just. Wished that somewhere along the way i could have told him what im trying to tell all of you and. That is we are not alone in our afflictions that suffering is universal but the core subatomic particle of this. Planet is the word goodbye and that goodbyes never come easy and all that hurt we hide inside all those.

Stories we dont want to tell these are the love letters we need to start sending out to each other. From one ailing heart to the next so please let me be the first to say i see you i. Hear you i recognize your weariness and i love you i told you this was a love story but what. I wish i really could have told that kid is what it took me so long to learn and what. Nature fought so hard to teach me and its that if you treat death as something unnatural as a sin.

As a failure and evitable you will start treating life as unnatural a sin a failure but death is natural. And its okay to die but the real beauty of those four words is that if you start to truly. Truly believe them you one evitable you start to believe something else but its okay to live and thats what. I would have told this guy but its okay to live you.

Method 5 – How Do I Accept The Fact That It’S Over? @Susan Winter

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Conclusion – How To Accept That A Friendship Is Over

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