How To Accept Walkie Talkie Invite – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept walkie talkie invite, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept walkie talkie invite,

Method 1 – Can’t Send Walkie-Talkie Invite From Apple Watch 6, Se, 5, 4 & How To Fix

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Method 2 – How Do I Accept An Invite To My Walkie Talkie On Apple Watch?

Take our lead lets help you make your mark our goal is your satisfaction let us show you the way. Question q how do you accept an invitation on apple watch walkie talkie touch and hold the top of the. Watch face then swipe down to open notification center look for a notification from wakitaki then tap it tap always. Allow if you cant find the invitation make sure that do not disturb us off take our lead if you.

Dont see the walkie-talkie app facetime is required for wakitaki to work so if youve deleted it re-download facetime on. Your iphone make sure that facetime is turned on open the facetime app restart your apple watch restart your iphone. Lets help you make your mark helpful answers touch and hold the top of the watch face then swipe down. To open notification center look for a notification from walkie talkie then tap it tap always allow if you cant. Find the invitation make sure that do not disturb us off thank you for watching please subscribe and hit the.

Bell notification.

Method 3 – How To Fix: Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Not Working!

Are you having trouble some using your apple watch like a walkie-talkie and even when youre trying to send the. Invitation maybe it says unable to send the invitation to your friends well if youre having this problem keep on. Watching this video because in this video were gonna show you how you can figure out this problem and how. You can solve it at the very same time now lets go and get started well the very things that.

Were going to have to do with that iphone now at this point im going to go ahead and leave. This apple watch on the table to take all of this process now lets go ahead and leave them all. Here and now all we got to do i got to grab this iphone so here we got the both. Iphone for both devices so now now the first thing that were going to have to do from our iphone. Is just go ahead and open up your settings you scroll down all the way back to your facetime heres.

The first time and heres the first time as well now scroll down and check well it is very important. As you guys can see our face time is activated with apple accounts now it can be activated with your. Number that doesnt really matter but make sure that you are having this mark right next to either from your. Number or from your apple account at the very same time go ahead and tap back or both device now. Open up your imessage or message whatever we call it so here go ahead and tap send and receive so.

Here as you guys can clearly see were also activated from here that means our process will definitely work so. Once again it can be activated with your apple account and with the number okay so now im just going. To get out of here and the next things we have to be very careful with that are apple accounts. Okay so if i just go out and open up the settings for both devices then you can clearly see. That were using the different apple accounts well make sure that youre using different accounts otherwise it will not be.

Working now lets move on to the third process in the third process were going to talk about is update. In your apple watch well which is very important so lets say if your one apple watch is up to. Date or one is not and at this point your apple watch will not be working i mean your walkie. Talkie will there will be less chance to be working mostly here all you got to do just go ahead. And open up your apple watch application from your iphone and then just come down here tap on general and.

Now go ahead and take the software update which is very important as well so if you see that your. Software update is lets say its up to date that means youre good to go now lets go ahead and. Check our next process and the next things were going to talk about is to check your contact list lets. You have friends but for some reason if you dont have your friends contact list on your contacts your walkie. Talkie wont be able to find them out so here make sure that you have the contact on your iphone.

Contacts so that you can get to go to the further procedure to fix your problem make sure that you. Have your contacts and now lets go ahead to the next process now were done with this iphone now all. You got to do we got to start working with that apple watch now im just gonna leave out this. Iphone right here now lets get back to work with the apple watch now the very first thing that you. Want to take on your apple watch is to check whether your apple watch is connected with your iphone or.

Not now how to check it right now you simply can swap it from the bottom for both apple lodge. And now see whether on top of your apple watch is it green or not at this point if you. See it is disconnected on top of your apple watch then all you need to do you need to just. Just reconnect your apple watch with your iphone now once you have seen the green screen that means youre connected. Now lets go to the next process now lets go ahead and talk about the common problem that people are.

Facing especially when it comes to sending the invitation to friends what happens when they try to send the invitation. To their friends they get this error it says well your friend is not available for walkie-talkie now before you. Go ahead and fix this problem the first things you need to do is very simple now if your friend. Is already added to the list you simply can swipe it to the left and tap cross now once you. Have done that you will be able to add your frames once again to here this is the frames were.

Going to add which is aiden so ill add him from here now once youve done that let me just. Dismiss it from here now then youll be able to see that notifications will be sent to your friends now. It is asking well always allow now hit always allow and now youll be able to see this get connected. Just like that and now im just going to go ahead and select aiden and now you can start talking. All right now im just going to go ahead and tap and hold this one just to make it sound.

Let me just put it away hey there hows it going oh im so sorry guys its super super echo. Is there but this is how it basically worked now let me just tap and hold from here hi hi. Hi all right guys this is guys can see now its working perfectly fine and this is how you can. Fix your walkie-talkie just like that hope this video is super useful for you if so dont forget to subscribe. To this youtube channel so that you can find a lot of useful video for your apple or even android.

Devices thank you very much for watching this video guys we will see you in the next one.

Method 4 – Walkie Talkie Apple Watch! Headline Feature In Watchos! Apple Watch Walkie Talkie Not Working? Np!

All right i want to show you how to set up the walkie talkie feature on the apple watch its. Super slick its super easy and were also gonna go through adding friends removing friends doing some troubleshooting if you. Encounter different situations like maybe youre missing the apple too altogether or an invitations not working or something like that. So were gonna run through a lot of information and lets get to it alright so right now nope let.

Were actually seeing an issue right now so lets hit reconnect okay so now were good its reconnecting back if. I just hold it and talk back and forth all i gotta do is hold it lets get this set. Up so hi jesse so you can see how that works lets get this set up im gonna wipe these. Out these settings out and get us back to square one all right so lets go whoops swipe heather to. The left swipe jesse to the left boom if i was ever encountering some major issues what i would when.

This doesnt work this is one of the troubleshooting steps that i would want to use is just two on. Both the watches remove that user or that friend right and then go and riad them on one of them. So im gonna go on this one im gonna choose heather and im inviting her and its gonna say jesse. Edberg wants to talk with you over walkie talkie i always allow or dismiss if she clicks dismiss were just. Gonna do it and if she clicks decline youre gonna notice on the other apple watch that the invitation is.

Still looking like it was sent and that were waiting for the invitation but yet heather actually declined me and. Didnt want to talk to me didnt want me walkie-talkie in with her so we have to click on heather. Again and were gonna say invite again were in a nagger come on accept me and lets say she says. Always allow now were set up where we are friends and we can either one of us can go and. Push that button at any point in time without actually sending a request that is a little bit scary so.

Let me show you how to prevent that from happening all right so if if i click that itll just. Go through on on the other apple watch if i dont want that to happen what i can do is. I can eat i can click on jesse up in there and i can scroll up to the top i. Can either uncheck the walkie-talkie there and or let me just show or i can do it from the home. The control panel screen and its down at the bottom here so now i just enabled it let me go.

Back and disable it and now what it shows on the other apple watch is that i need to wreak. What will happen on the apple watches it wont allow them to walkie-talkie you but itll ask you and say. Hey do you you know were showing him that you were unavailable do you want to talk with him right. So he said talk with jesse or you just close out of it right and nothing happens heather is not. Available but if i click it again its gonna ask her again and she might say okay fine ill talk.

With jesse and then its gonna connect it back up and its gonna boom and then its all set up. All right one of the things that you need to think about is do ya well one thing to note. Is that this works with all apple watches apple watch o series one apple watch series two apple watch series. Three apple watch series four and apple watch series five which is out right now it does they all require. To have at least watch os 5 or later so watch os 5 is what came out with this feature.

And watch os 6 is what is out right now so you need to have at least one of those. Preferably watch os 6 all the way updated because thats truly gonna be your best experience with any apple technology. I always get them updated alright and so now that weve mentioned that weve done a walkie talkie weve set. Someone up if we ever encounter a problem we remove the person on each we also reboot the apple watch. If need be you can just hold this little button on the side here itll say power up power turn.

It back on and see if it fixes any of your issues you know that you need to resend the. Invitation if they by chance maybe hit dismiss or something like that as a last resort you know you might. Have to reset the apple watch in the event maybe the apple watch did not have that walkie-talkie app on. It right and it was updated to watch ios 5 and for some odd reason it was missing the walkie. Talkie app then what youd want to do is go check for updates see if theres any updates run those.

Updates see if it fixes your problem and read downloads that app see if and youre not going to be. Able to go into the app store cuz thats not really gonna help you so youd have to reset that. Apple watch which would then bring back that missing app let me think what else and yeah thats really it. I think i think we covered oh no we didnt finish okay so i wanted to let you also know. How far can it communicate so as if my wife is in japan and im here in the us is.

This gonna work well as long as that apple watch can communicate with wi-fi and or cellular network connection it. Might need to be tethered to the apple iphone because some of the older apple watches needed that and didnt. Have their own communication to sell and wi-fi so now as long as it can have that communication and it. Basically communicates with a facetime audio is what ive read and it communicates and it can go as far as. You can go anywhere in the world is my guess so hopefully you got subscribed to the channel hopefully youve.

Clicked the alert button and you are getting your apple watch walkie talkie action on and you have an awesome. Week take care see you next week im in a perfect scenario where we can do a little bit of. Troubleshooting and see if we can get this resolved one of the first and easiest ways to do it is. To just remove the person and re add them so lets say and you might want to do that on. Both phones so because if i remove it from this device and now i will go back and try to.

Re add click on hi boom and that fixed it isnt that slick so that was an easy way to. Fix it if that did not fix it what i would have done is i would have deleted jessie from. This phone over here as well i would have deleted heather from that one are not from this phone from. This apple watch i would have deleted jessie from this apple watch heather from this apple watch scene if that. Worked alright get subscribed you guys have a great week and i will chat with you next week take care.

Method 5 – Apple Walkie Talkie Invite Not Sending? Quick Fix!

Hey guys jason here youve clicked on this video were probably having issues sending walkie talkie invites on your apple. Watch outlook basic solutions i say solutions with air quotes online didnt work including the ones on apples apple supports. Asian youtube channel and this video will definitely help you out if you want to follow these steps on goes. To your watch and your friends watch step one and if youve already sent an invite to your friends follow.

This step otherwise skip it and go to step two but step one is to open the walkie app on. Your iphone and delete the contact listed there yep to go to facetime on your iphone and disable it then. Youll want to restart both iphones and re-enable facetime after that one of you should receive this notification and if. You dont thats okay just continue final step is to go back and your watchs walkie apps and the invite. Again and the other person just has to accept you guys should be good to go i hope this helps.

Thank you for watching.

Conclusion – How To Accept Walkie Talkie Invite

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