How To Accept Yourself – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Accept Yourself | 5 Steps To Self-Acceptance

Welcome everyone to depression to expression my name is scott and today were talking about self-acceptance how can we be. More content with mistakes that we made in the past how can we not let them affect our present how. Can we have a flourishing and fulfilling future while not being our own worst critic well today im sharing five. Steps five waves five waves five ways five different perspectives you can take and things you can integrate into your.

Daily life that may help you with this this notion of self-acceptance so these five steps are about you know. Getting to a state of self-acceptance and showing ourselves some compassion as i said were always our own worst critic. And when we put ourselves down all the time when when we do something wrong when we when we mess. Up something when we make a mistake when we embarrass ourselves when we were not in a place where we. Think we should be in life we blame ourselves and you know theres nothing beneficial about that so the first.

Step to self-acceptance is to think of something that you did in the past revisit your past a little bit. And i know it may be painful and tell yourself that you did the best you could at the time. You did the best you could at that time now the reason i say best is this can mean two. Things maybe you did at that time give a hundred percent effort and something still just didnt work out the. Mistake was still made you were still hard on yourself even though you did the best well what if you.

Reframe it as you did what you thought was right at the time i think of the mistakes ive made. In the past if you go back to you know when youre a teenager and growing up and our minds. Are a little smaller and the world is a little more compact and were not as smart and open-minded as. We are now and its easy to think that that in that moment that you you thought you were doing. The right thing you thought you knew it all its easy to have a large ego that age you thought.

You knew it all you thought you were doing the right thing and you thought you were doing the best. Thing well have that perspective now how many years ago 10 years ago five years ago at that moment in. Time you did the best you could you thought what you were doing was the right thing sure you know. It was wrong now but not at that moment and you cant change that so thats accepting the mistakes that. We make in the past as noticing that i was somebody else back then i dont have control over that.

Person im not that person anymore but he or she did the best they could at the time they thought. What they were doing was right and its now done and its time to move on so thats step number. One towards self-acceptance is looking at the past and realizing that its over and you thought you did the right. Thing and the best you could at that number two the second step towards self-acceptance is to know that perfection. Isnt the goal your goal in life is not to be perfect the goal in life is not to avoid.

All mistakes the point of life is not to avoid failure you know we all have different meanings that we. Put towards different things and we all have a different definition of what our lives should entail and what our. Lives mean but in my experience its the imperfection thats the beautiful stuff thats the gold the failures are what. Are what you know sprout new growth the failures and the mistakes are what make us better human beings the. Failure is the soil in which in which we grow so if youre if youre trying to be perfect all.

Of the time and you make one mistake well how can you be accepting of yourself in your situation when. Every time you veer off the path just a little bit youre that much harder on yourself acknowledge that perfection. Isnt the goal acknowledge that life is imper fit in itself know that theres going to be mistakes and theres. Going to be plenty of hard times ahead theres going to be failures no matter how much you prepare theres. Going to be mistakes made and know that thats okay know that thats all in the plan know that thats.

How life is supposed to be because if you have the expectation that youre going to make no mistakes well. Youre setting yourself up to be disappointed youre setting yourself up to not accepting what life actually has to offer. And thats a lot of life has a lot of curveballs to throw at you so step number two is. Know that life isnt supposed to be perfect and that perfection is not the goal number three we can think. Of self acceptance as self satisfaction are you satisfied with yourself do you like where you are in life are.

You happy with who you are right and if were not satisfied with something or if we are dissatisfied well. We can look at what things we can do to change that to be more satisfied with our life situation. And who we are so i challenge you with number three think about things that you can change right away. That can make you feel more accepting and more satisfied with yourself right how can you feel more accepting towards. Yourself when you can look in the mirror and say i love who i see right now is it something.

As simple as as changing what youre wearing is it as simple as shaving and looking a little more clean-cut. Right is it something to do with well you know what i havent called my family in a really long. Time and i feel a little guilty about that because id like to be the son or daughter that contributes. To the family and has open lines of communication right where are your values there so are the things that. Youre dissatisfied with and if there are what actions can you take to solve that because when we have unsolved.

Problems in our lives which there always will be the theres of course going to be dissatisfaction but the very. First step is to have an action plan note that there are problems but more importantly note that there are. Things we can do about them that we have the power right we have the power to solve them so. Part of that self-acceptance is to know that ive the power to solve all of these problems in everything im. Dissatisfied with in my life and i know that once i fix these and when im not on the path.

To fix these im a more im gonna be more of an accepting person of myself so if there are. Quick things you can fix do it you know shaving and all of that was just a quick example but. If there are quick things do them right now for long term write them down and have a plan of. Action number four okay i know that its really really easy to look at the negative all the time of. Course its way easier we can train our brain so much but you flip on the tv and i guarantee.

Its all negative news thats what sells thats the story weve been told that life is such a tragedy and. And its such a negative place and we just see whats happening around the world and were kind of skewed. Towards this negativity and thats what happens in our minds a lot of the time when we think of our. Past the things that really stick the things that we constantly think of well those are the mistakes those are. The times we messed up we think of the times where we had no control and we are taking advantage.

Of we think of the hard times in the suffering in our past but believe it or not you have. A lot of good in your past that you can reflect on a lot of times where you faced a. Problem head-on a lot of times where where you thought you couldnt do something and you did it when you. Faced a fear head-on when you were really proud of yourself when you were truly happy when you made a. Difference in the world and in your community there are tons of these examples and step four is to be.

More self accepting is to realize that you have made it really far and you have done things in your. Life that make you worthy of love and worthy of others accepting you and worthy of you accepting you its. About self love reflect on your past know that you did a great job think of specific scenarios when you. Did a great job at work when your mum and dad told you that they were proud of you right. When you had a family gathering when you had a laugh with your friends think of the good times thats.

Self acceptance to know that i did a great job im continuing to do a great job i know deep. Within my being that i am worthy to be here that im worthy to be loved by me so reflect. On your past and and write these down daydream a little theres nothing wrong with daydreaming daydream think of those. Good times number five last and definitely not least we have uniqueness this channel is all about self-expression how do. We express ourselves in ways that make us feel unique make us feel like a real individual how do we.

Express ourselves that makes us love ourselves how do we express ourselves so that were aligning our lives with what. We believe in and what we value thats what depression to expression is all about i believe with all of. My heart that this channel offers something unique that i offer something unique to the world by sharing stories of. Depression anxiety offering strategies crying on camera being a little bit vulnerable online i think i think im doing a. Great thing i think im unique in that i like what im offering so what im offering to you and.

What im asking you to do is think of what makes you unique what makes you unique whats something you. Can do whats something you think about whats something that nobody else has but you whats some strange talent you. Have what do you really like about yourself this can be so simple it doesnt have to be a big. Thing we dont have to play the comparison game well i play the guitar but my friend is a better. Guitarist so thats not really unique about me no you play the guitar differently than your friend does we dont.

Have to compare and get on the same level as everyone else thats not what self-acceptance and self-love is all. About its knowing that you specifically have something to offer you like nobody else so whats something thats unique about. You write them down whats something that you really like about yourself this can be anything do you like the. Way your hair looks in the morning do you like the way that you swing a tennis racket do you. Like your own smile do you like your own like really im not sure what it is do you do.

You like the way you im running out of ideas i dont even know i gave my id i gave. My idea so now its up for you i was about to say do you like the way you should. You manually shift a car if you drive standard thats a terrible example but whats unique about you i know. You can have fun with it and i know there are things that you can list you can list a. Hundred things man i know you can its hard its a hard process because as i said were our own.

Worst critics no matter how many people love us if someone says great job to you if someone says i. Love you if someone says youre compassionate youre empathetic you know youre an incredible human being that doesnt mean anything. To us if we dont believe it ourselves if we dont have that self compassion and self-love if we dont. Like where we are in life are we we cant congratulate ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back. What other people tell us doesnt mean anything it starts with you it starts with self-love it starts with accepting.

Our past failures it starts with knowing that life isnt perfect it starts with knowing that life is extremely difficult. And no one has an easy time thats something were not unique with everyone goes through hard times everyone struggles. With this exact thing this exact idea of self-love we all struggle with from time to time thats why we. Have to work at it thats why mental health and training our minds and being being present and working on. Self-improvement and self growth is a lifetime skill its a lifetime practice you dont go to the gym once do.

20 curls and say im fit im done thats it your muscles are huge thats it no thats not it. You go to the gym three times a week for the rest of your life to maintain health maintain the. Muscle and physique that you want same with the mind you cant meditate once and think that youre gonna be. Happy for the rest of your life and super zen you cant do these self-acceptance practices once and think youre. Okay we need to constantly think of these things not too much but just enough so so we know that.

Our were developing and now were not stuck in the past and now were not constantly comparing ourselves to others. And that were content and satisfied with our life thats what this is all about thats what this channel depression. To expression is about and the testimonials and the comments on this channel just continue to blow my mind at. At the level of intelligence and and the self-awareness people have within you know the self and and how they. Know where theyre steering off the path and and they know that that life isnt easy but theyre accepting towards.

That so i challenge you to try these five things towards self-acceptance five steps and please let me know what. You think in the comments please spreading some love in the comments just say hi everybody if you havent subscribed. Yet please do plenty of videos about mental health on this channel so lastly i just like to say to. Everyone stay strong keep being you and dont forget to express yourself this has been scott from depression to express. Huh-huh depression to expression take care.

Method 2 – Learn Self Acceptance Self Confidence By Letting Go Of Ego & Being Yourself

So ive got this concept i want to share with you its called the mirrormask okay the mirrormask works something. Like this we all walk around with a mass that we think is a mirror and then reflects the world. And we have a completed vision of who we are we think were better looking we think were taller skinnier. Smarter on all these kinds of things and so we try to hold this mask up in the world and.

We move about it and as you know if you have to hold on to something it takes a lot. Of your energy so when you walk into a room and as i did judging the show for broadcast designers. Which i didnt think of myself as one i kept thinking do they know i dont do this will they. Discover me will somebody just say what is that fraud that imposter doing here amongst us who let this interloper. In and so my confidence was like really low and im walking into this really swanky club and everybody knows.

Everybody else and im sitting there thinking i dont know anybody im just gonna stand at the bar like a. Doofus and order assaults of water and i was working through that whole thing and even after having wart and. Running my company for ten years having won a ton of awards it just felt like i didnt belong so. This mirror mass is something we all carry around and it takes a lot of effort to hold on to. And what we realized is the world already sees you exactly for who you are so theres this whole thing.

Right were just trying to hold this thing up this image this this thing that consumes a lot of our. Energy and it wasnt until i figure this thing out that everybody already sees you for exactly who you are. And they can choose to accept or reject you and theres really not a lot that you can do it. Could be an in-law it could be the the love interest of your life that just cant pay you any. Attention and we just have to be okay with that and ill give you a story ill make it really.

Personal as i was doing youtube videos i was very reluctant to do them i was dragged into it believe. It or not now were 500 videos later but the first 10 were not so easy for me and my. Friend hosea cabala who some of you guys know hes an extrovert he calls himself obnoxious and he is the. Most extroverted person i know he could literally walk into a room full of strangers and eat the food off. Your plate not even ask you if thats okay thats my friend jose this is that chris lets make videos.

Together i dont want to say hes like youll have to do anything i want to be on camera dont. Worry you just stand there so for the first three episodes i stand in the chair next to him my. Jaw was clenched tight and i was like what words do i say because i was thinking i dont want. To say the wrong things i have clients that i dont want to set off what do i review what. Do i do look i dont know what im doing here and id to go home every night and my.

Job was sore from the next day im like i couldnt figure it out because i was clenched so tight. And the team is editing the videos and the few parts i did say i just hated the sound of. My own voice you guys know that feeling you hurt hurting yourself like nobody sounds worse than you than you. And its kind of weird and i was such a freak about it because i was walking around the office. And if it was playing on somebodys computer naturally theyre getting paid to edit the video id here im like.

Shut it down turn it off every time you see me and i made it a law like every time. You see me walk by within eight feet i need you to stop editing stop editing because i cant handle. It right and i was just thinking about that thought its like what is wrong with me and i thought. I had was i thought i sounded cooler than that i thought it looked better than that and i would. Ask my wife like do i look like that yeah do i noise sound like that yeah i dont trust.

You boys come around daddies ask you a really important question i need to play this video for you tell. Me the truth the kids will never lie to you do i sound like that yep then went back to. Playing video games so i had to kind of wrestle with that and just reconcile that i do sound terrible. But i already sound terrible to everybody and theyre still okay with that and so this is kind of me. Going my path of accepting myself fully and 100% and this is where you really get self-confidence from standing in.

Front of you guys standing in front of hundreds of you guys four thousand sometimes is a thing that will. Attack all creative people actually just people in general and theres a thing that my wife shared a video with. Me i think it was some kind of like zen master he was talking to this group he was standing. There hes all miles you know and he says you guys how can i be comfortable standing in and to. Talk in front of you my english isnt good i dont know these things i dont know you but heres.

The thing im actively standing here thinking right now i wish you all well he was looking at each person. In his mind i wish you well i wish i could help you and so what he did was he. Killed his own ego it wasnt about him it wasnt about being the star up on the stage and saying. Things and being really smart or having wonderful charming stories to share with everybody it was really he just wanted. To help people so every time i sit there and think mmm youre getting your head again theres that ego.

Coming up just kill it and just be of service to people and this is one of the most empowering. Things that can tell you so i walk into rooms much scarier than the one im looking at right now. Mostly of single nuts single straight white older men who generally are christian sitting in the room making really big. Decisions and writing really big paychecks and i have to be able to be comfortable around them so my whole. Thing going into this rooms the way i disarm myself is like im here ill try to help i dont.

Know anymore than any of you and if i could be of service lets do this this gets me out. Of this mindset of selling of proving myself of trying to sound smarter than i am and then they walk. Away theyre not chris youre so confident like really i was just here to be for you so this thing. If we can just turn this energy away and forget that theres a master because there really isnt people already. See you and either have made the decision to accept you or not to accept you theres nothing you can.

Do about it so ditch the mirrormask okay you.

Method 3 – How To Love Yourself To The Core | Jen Oliver | Tedxwindsor

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Method 4 – Abraham Hicks ~ How To Accept Yourself And Stop Being Angry At Other People

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Conclusion – How To Accept Yourself

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