How To Accept Zelle Payment – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accept zelle payment, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accept zelle payment,

Method 1 – Sending Money With Zelle – How To Send & Receive On Zelle

So today i want to share with you how cell works i want to take you through an application of. Me sending money to a family member and then also receiving money back from a family member to show you. Guys how quickly and easily it is to use zel now ive done a full tutorial on actually setting up. An account with cell which ill link in the show notes and at the end of the video so you.

Guys can check that out afterwards but in todays video i wanted to show you guys the actual process of. Sending and receiving money and how fast it can be so what were gonna do is im gonna load up. My app that im actually utilizing with my bank now every bank is gonna be a little bit different on. The process of going through and actually sending and receiving money sometimes they have different types of limitations so this. Might not be exactly the same as your bank but essentially will do very similar things so what im gonna.

Do is im gonna go ahead and load up my bank now of course there are gonna be pieces of. Information that are blurred out and that is for you know safety reasons for myself and others so i just. Want to show you guys just how easy it is to go through this process so for me i actually. Have capital one 360 and thats who i mainly bank with so ive been able to use out for quite. Some time so i can easily send money to family members and also receive money just as easily so i.

Actually have this loaded up and im currently on my bill pay account this is the account where i actually. Will sit here and send all my bills to so if i owe somebody money this is kind of where. Its gonna come from so you can see here that in my bill pay account i actually have the option. Easily right there to say send money with zel again its a little different with every single type of bank. You have so dont worry if it doesnt look exactly the same ive tested this out on most fargo and.

Ive had some family members that ive had chase and other banks and its fairly easy across the board so. What were gonna do is hit that send money with cell and then right here its gonna say do you. Want to send money or do you want to request money so you can request money from others i know. Sometimes people get a little worried when it comes to making sure that theyre sending the money to the right. Person so an easy way to avoid that is to just actually request the money from that person if you.

Guys are having that communication so it makes it easier to have the understanding that its going to the right. Person that you want the money to go to so what were gonna do is were gonna actually go ahead. And hit send here now what its gonna do here is its actually going to bring up my recipients now. All the more recent people ive send money to are at the very top and then all through my contacts. Like my actual contacts on my phone because usually with the zealot youre going through either email or phone number.

And what were gonna actually do is go based off a phone number with this person were gonna type it. In and then that way we can go ahead and send that money now im just gonna go ahead and. Type in their name and then itll pop up for me all right so from here you can kind of. Partially see that i have the option to send it through email or through the phone now this person actually. Has it set up through both now on their end they can have it chosen to go to certain different.

Types of accounts so sometimes theyll say hey send it through my email or send it through my phone number. Because maybe there you have separate accounts for different things so in this case were gonna go ahead and send. It through that persons phone number and then once we do that its going to bring up the dollar amount. That we want to send now as i mentioned every banks a little different on the stipulations on how much. You can send at one time ive done it once before where ive sent quite a bit of money so.

It actually puts a little bit about hold on there instead of it being very instant so that is also. Just on everybodys protection but in this case were just gonna go ahead and send five dollars to this person. And were gonna show you how quickly it is to just do that whole process and then have that money. Sent and then what were gonna do is also have them send that five dollars back so we can see. How quickly we can actually receive that money back into the account so were gonna go ahead and do five.

And were gonna hit review now its gonna say here its gonna have the persons phone number the dollar amount. And then a memo if we wanted to im gonna go ahead and just put youtube video just so we. Have a reminder of why im setting my brother five dollars and then here its just gonna have slide to. Send so im just gonna go ahead and do that now this is just verifying extra information for us it. Says the mobile number you selected belongs to jamie which is my brother and it says once you send this.

Payment it cannot be cancelled so just verifying its the right person so im gonna go ahead and hit yes. And its just taking a second there and then boom right there we have the full transfer all done and. Then that money is now pulled out of our account and sent to him probably within a few moments after. Having that fully done so what were gonna do is were gonna go ahead and close that off so you. Might have seen there my money went from 685 to 680 pretty instantly it doesnt show it just yet when.

It comes to my actual transactions here but it will pop up and then im gonna have send that money. Back so we can see the transition happen in real time while were recording this video so while were waiting. For him to send that $5 back which i hope he does go ahead and do me a favor and. Hit that like button down below if youre getting some value out of this content so far if you have. Any questions that i maybe didnt answer in todays video go ahead and leave them in the comments section i.

Will do my best to try to help answer those for you and then possibly even make future video episodes. Above those with that being said lets go ahead and get back into the rest of this content now once. You send money to someone through zell you will get an email confirming that you actually sent that money out. And that recipient will actually get an email as well saying that they actually got that money into their account. Now typically for most people sending money youll have that money instantly available as i mentioned some banks will put.

A little small hold if its a large a large amount so that way they can verify the information before. Fully allowing that money to clear through the account all right so because im recording on my phone in order. To get notifications i have to just kind of swipe down and show you guys kind of how this all. Worked out so my brother actually sent me a text message saying yeah i sent it back because i just. Wanted to confirm that he got it and then right there you can see in my gmail it actually has.

That same exact time frame so its currently within the last minute and now and it says that someone actually. Sent you money with zebb so that way i got that notification im you can set it up to make. Sure you get those notifications as well but now you can see that he sent it so now im gonna. Swipe back over and i just got to refresh this so that way it actually shows that i got that. Five dollars deposited back into my account and that i have access to it right away alright so click back.

Over here now i showed that i have again six hundred eighty-five dollars and you can see right there says. From jamie and it says five dollars and then brother would recommend receive ten ten brother would recommend so look. At that hes a nice brother he sent me that five dollars back and when i went back in and. I reloaded up you can see here that i sent that five dollars and then that he sent me that. Five dollars back so very easy if you are sending out that money it will have an email sent out.

That you are sending the money you can request the money if you are somebody whos supposed to receive it. And just wants us to be extra cautious and then once you do actually receive the money you get an. Email and that money is available for you pretty as well so very easy to use doesnt cost you anything. As well so cell is entirely free for you to be able to use so that way doesnt cost you. Any money to send money to friends and family members because i think its kind of crazy in this day.

And age that some people will still pay money to send to friends and family now if you want to. Learn how to set up your zel account from the very beginning im gonna have a video right over here. For you so you can check out and get started with zel now in that video i do excellently call. It zelly which is definitely not the right way to pronounce it but either way youre gonna learn a lot. To be able to set up your account and start using zel right away.

Method 2 – How To Use Zelle (Send And Receive Money Fast)

Hey everyone in todays how-to video i want to show you an easy way to send and to receive money. Using zell now zell is built into a lot of mobile apps for banking so for example my chase app. Has zell built into it im going to show you how to use it that way and if your bank. Is not supported even though they support hundreds of banks and credit unions you could use the zell app so.

Im going to show you both of those options and its super simple 3z things you have to link your. Bank you have to pick someone to pay and you pick that amount to pay or to receive really simple. Lets jump into my phone here im gonna do this with chase thats the bank i have and im gonna. Use zell to send and receive money that way through that mobile app pretty much the same process with your. Mobile app regardless of what bank you have as long as its supported by zell and if its not all.

You need to do is use the zell app so ill show you that last the first thing you want. To do is get the mobile app for your bank because zell is built into that so in my case. Im going to go ahead and open the chase mobile app so open the app for your bank and in. My case if i just press the three lines right on the top left i should have an option that. Says quick pay with zell so look for a similar option in your mobile app its usually in the settings.

Of the app somewhere so if you have bank of america for example or if you have wells fargo or. Different credit unions or banks its somewhere within the app if youre not sure look at the list on the. Zell website that i have in the description below this video im gonna press quick pay with zell right now. I could send money and receive money or split money so in my case im gonna go ahead and send. Money and lets say ive never used this before so the recent contacts will be blank im gonna press add.

Right on top and i could add from my contact list or i could just type on someones name and. All i need to do is either add their email or phone number and add that participant so let me. Go ahead and do that and theyve been added so im going to press ok and on this page i. Just have to type in the amount that i want to send and then i have to choose pay from. Right now its connected to my checking account but i could always change that here if i have multiple accounts.

On that bank and then i could schedule that to either send today and i could repeat that payment so. Im going to type in ten dollars here press done and usually i would leave a memo which is optional. But you have up to 200 characters to say why youre sending that money so im gonna go ahead and. Type that out and let me press this up arrow to kind of explain what happens here if the other. Person has also the same bank as chase for example in this case or has a bank that supports zell.

Theyll get the money within minutes but if they do not theyll get the money in one or two days. After you send it a lot of people have a bank account that supports zell so in most cases its. Gonna happen within minutes and when youre all set go ahead and press send money and this is important to. Make sure the phone number and email you use is the right one because you wont be able to cancel. This payment when you set it up so zell is really meant to send money to people you trust and.

Not paying for goods and services because there is no protection for those and all you have to do is. Press yes and send it now and in some cases youre going to get a message like this that says. That person is not registered with zell but theyll show them exactly how to register to get the money and. Ill press done now to receive money all you have to do is again im going to go to zell. Quick pay and im going to request money this time and its the exact same process add recipient choose from.

Your recent in this case ill choose from my recent and you would type in the request amount the deposit. Bank account if you have multiple accounts press request money on the bottom now let me show you the zell. Mobile app here so im gonna go ahead and look at it on the app store or the google play. Store i already downloaded it and im gonna go ahead and open it im gonna type in my mobile number. Here to sign in or you could go ahead and press sign up here if you havent done so and.

All i have to do is connect my bank here so ill just go ahead and do that here and. If it finds your bank which in this case it does it just says go to your mobile banking app. So the exact same process i showed you before if it doesnt find it so i just put a name. I know it wont find it says dont see your bank click here type out your email its going to. Send you a verification code so let me go ahead and type that out and you could go ahead and.

Add your debit card here to link an account that way this is for banks that are not part of. The zell system you would go through this process and the rest of it ends up being exactly the same. As far as how to send and receive very straightforward thanks so much for watching this video check out the. Resources in the description below this video ton of other videos on how to send and receive money with other. Apps as well thanks so much again for watching and ill catch you next time.

Method 3 – How Do I Receive Money From Zelle?

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Method 4 – ✅ How Long Does Someone Have To Accept Chase Zelle Quickpayment? 🔴

Hey welcome back guys so today on this video we are talking about chase bank and more specifically were gonna. Talk about the quick pay zelly feature with chase and answer the question how long does someone have to accept. Payments through chase quickpay zelly if you sent them a payment so lets go ahead and talk about this first. Off if youre not familiar with zelly and chase quickpay basically it is a peer-to-peer cash transfer system so if.

You owe somebody money or if they owe you money you can easily send money back and forth through the. Zelly system and a lot of times depending on which bank that you and the other person use the money. Should be available within a few minutes so its really convenient really quick now the thing is sometimes the person. Does not bank with chase or any participating member with zelly and the other user has to accept the payment. That you sent to them which it can be kind of annoying so how long do they have to accept.

The payment let me go ahead and open up the app and ill show you how to do that if. You dont have the chase app already be sure to check the video description ill try to leave a referral. Link there or you can easily go to the app store or google play and just look for chase but. Im gonna open it now alright i went ahead and open up the app and its asking for my thumbprint. Id to log me in so im gonna go ahead and open that now all right i went ahead and.

Opened up the chase app and this is where you want to go when you want to look for the. Most recent information since this information is provided by chase bank directly and banking policies and time frames can change. From time to time so the information im putting in this video is current as of today but again with. The way banks operate it could change as early as tomorrow who knows but if youre looking for the information. On how long someone has to accept your chase quickpay zelly payment what you want to do is go here.

Heres the home screen to the app right here at the top theres this little icon it looks like a. Person thats where youre gonna go ahead and check the information thats provided directly from chase im gonna go ahead. And click there now alright i went ahead and clicked there and then if you want to find the information. On how long someone has to accept your zelly quick pay payment go ahead and scroll down here to where. It says fa cues and then click on this little arrow right here to the right im gonna click there.

Now alright once youre in here what you wanted go ahead and choose this option number four chase quickpay with. Zelly and same thing click that little arrow here to the right im gonna click there now alright once youre. Here you want to go ahead and scroll close to the bottom to answer that question and here is the. Question right here how long does a recipient have to accept payment through quick bay or zelly im gonna click. There right now so heres the information directly from chase in regards to quick pay with zelly and basically what.

Theyre saying is that mos le member banks will automatically accept your payment so if youre going to be sending. Payment to someone and they bank with one of the member banks with zelly they actually do not need to. Accept the payment it goes through immediately automatically whether or not they accept it however if the person banks with. Some other bank that is not a member of zelly they would have to accept the payment through the email. Or through the text message that to receive once youve initiated the payment and according to the most recent information.

Right here they have 10 business days to enroll and accept that payment if they dont do that within that. Time frame then zelly and quick pay will cancel the payment and the money just goes right back to you. So thats the answer you actually have 10 business days to accept that payment unless you bank with a member. Bank with zelly in which the zelly system would automatically accept the payment for you so if youre going to. Be sending a payment out to someone who banks with someone outside of the zelly network make sure that they.

Accept that payment before that 10 business days otherwise youre gonna have to resend the payment which can be kind. Of annoying so hopefully you found that video useful if so click thumbs up and i hope to see on. The next one thanks again for watching you.

Method 5 – Zelle How To Send And Receive Money In Seconds From Your Phone Using The Zelle Pay App

Okay im gonna show you how to use the sale app only thing you got to do is go to. Your app store and download it you see this see right here just purple you hit it and then ask. For a mobile number so you can turn your mobile number hit start what its doing is going through and. As you can see my network is kind of slow here and you pick what bank im gonna pick bank.

Of america and you can read through all of this stuff if you want to hit the link but im. Gonna go ahead and log in so this right here you got to know your bank id and then you. Enter a pass your password to your bank account and these keys are so small sometimes you might get the. Wrong number didnt hit submit so now what its doing is accessing your bank account so its linking your sale. To your bank of account which – bank of america and i hit the number that is associated with it.

Go down and its gonna send me a text message or a phone call ima go for the text message. You could go down let me hit send co and you can see a st. Male coal right there five. Six five three three five five six five three three five then i hit submit you got to agree to. All of these terms and i hit concept and as you can see its asking me to confirm all of.

This stuff to complete it quick so im gonna try that password again and i hit joy okay you see. They sent me a message you have activated your profile with zell so im gonna click this one its account. And hit continue good news your device supports touch so im gonna skip that for right now and add a. Profile i must skip it add a pic skip for now and continue and thats it so now i can. Send money if i want to if i want to sin and i pick people who i want to send.

It to and so forth so if this video helps subscribe to my channel and visit my website at.

Conclusion – How To Accept Zelle Payment

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – how to send and receive money with zelle® in the bank of america app, 💰 how to use zelle bank of america 🔥 send and receive money with zelle in the bank of america app, use zelle to send and receive money right in the capital one mobile app | capital one, how to accept payment on your website (this is too easy), ✅ how to send zelle quick pay on chase app 🔴, does pnc bank accept zelle?, ⚠️ how to use zelle citibank for send and receive money 📲 how to set up zelle on citibank app, how to set-up and use electronic payments such as zelle, how to setup and use zelle pay to send and receive money, how long does it take to receive money from zelle?, ✅ can you cancel chase zelle payment? 🔴, how to accept money from zelle, why have i not received money from zelle?, zelle – what is it? & step by step tutorial, ✅ how to set up zelle on wells fargo app 🔴.

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