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Method 1 – 8Chan Returns To The Internet As 8Kun

Reported today in the verge 8chan returns to the internet as 8 cun 8 chan the anonymous forum that was. Forced offline in august due to links to the el paso shooting is back after rebranding as 8 cun gizmodo. Reported yesterday the sites new name was announced at the beginning of october before its owners asked existing 8 chan. Board owners to submit requests for their boards to be migrated at the time of writing 63 public boards appear.

To be available on eight cun missing from the list of aitkens boards as / pol / where the alleged. El paso texas shooter published his manifesto earlier this year following the shooting in which over 20 people died multiple. Providers including cloudflare & Vox ility withdrew their service from 8chan effectively pulling it offline the suspected el paso texas. Gunman is one of 3 shooters who are thought to have published links to their manifestos on the site this. Year the christchurch new zealand and powie california shooters are also believed to have used the site to spread their.

Hate speech prior to murdering dozens of people in the face of intense scrutiny from us lawmakers 8 chans owner. And operator jim watkins has remained defiant he told congress in september that the site was offline voluntarily and that. It may return once it had developed tools to counter illegal content however what concede that 8chan had no intent. Of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech aitken includes words to this effect on the top of its home page with. A warning sign that says any content that violates the laws of the united states of america will be deleted.

And the poster will be banned however its not clear what if any changes the company has made to how. It polices its content dot for more on this story visit the news article link you.

Method 2 – How 8Chan Became The Worst Place On The Internet I Vice News Tonight Special Report

On august 3rd a 21 year old man opened fire on an el paso walmart 22 people died according to. Police minutes before the shooter posted a manifesto on each hand that said he did it to protect white people. He was the third mass shooter connected to h han this year once an obscure website h in evolved into. A place where people celebrate mass shooters in real time but if you want to understand how that evolution happened.

You have to go back to how it started in 2003 a teenager named christopher poole created an image board. He called 4chan it started as a place to talk about anime but became infamous as the dark heart of. The internet a place to find weird porn graphic violence the darkest jokes ten years later another teenager frederic brennan. Created a chan it was like 4chan but allowed things even 4chan banned youve probably heard of 4chan in h. Han in the news as places where internet nazis thrive and mass shooters post their manifestos but the original premise.

For both was simple users can upload photos while others comment with texts or images of their own everyone was. Anonymous and at first posts were deleted after a few days the effect was that no single user could become. Famous everyone had equal power but that meant users couldnt say go back into an archive and look up a. Joke or meme they didnt understand obsessive reading was rewarded and in turn a cult-like subculture was created where extremism. Became the norm as its barriers to outsiders became ever higher its internal architecture warp to the grooves made by.

Stronger and stronger feedback loops it has always been really hard for me to be disabled you know one of. My very vibrant memories is when i was six years old i found a photo of myself right and it. Was taken in such a way that like i was imagining that like i could walk before i like in. My head i came up with like this whole story like i walked to one of my friends houses and. We played together and then we sat down at the table and played pokey luckily i ran up the stairs.

To his room i just had this really vibrant im a dimension of what it would be like if i. Could walk and eventually i was like daydreaming for like ten minutes and then im looking at the photo the. Whole time im daydreaming it suddenly just cut short and i just seen you know the photo again of what. It really is and what it really always is going to be and i cried for like hours flat my. Parents didnt understand can you explain your disability sure my disability is called osteogenesis imperfecta the bone condition basically theres.

Like the little collagen molecule is not formed right so when it tries to make the bones it doesnt make. Them straight it makes them curved and not only that it makes them weaker you can think of it as. Like theyre just made out of glass thats how they explain it in the media did you have many relatives. With the condition no my moms the only one really they call it a de novo mutation so you know. As i grew older i just decided that maybe i should just use my wheelchair all the time and stop.

Playing around before because i get hurt too much and that was hard to decide as a kid but i. Kind of had to do it because like i was like ruining my life is that when you started doing. More like socializing online well you know my online history is not really related to my physical history when i. Started out as a kid it was all just video game stuff looking up you know how to beat the. Levels in sonic adventure and then our forum that we talked about that on was rated by 4chan because they.

Thought we were like really gay or whatever and thats when i first run four channels our most well and. What did you see this honestly i was mesmerised 4chan was nothing like anything ive ever seen it was like. Wow theres like no rules and theyre posting all of this weird stuff and and im pretty sure that was. The first time i saw a graffiti then and you know i saw a lot of posts where they would. Just call people or crippled or crippled or even stuff like crippled you know just the worst insults you can.

Think of just regular random people they get posted was there like some kind of like perverse satisfaction in reading. Something like cripples yeah actually because nobody had ever called me that before so it just kind of felt like. To me you know this is what people are really thinking and theyre lying in real life theyre just being. Fake polite so its better if i just do things anonymously dont mention my disability just retreat totally into the. Online world you know i saw this um anime series at the time that was popular in my friend group.

It was called im serial experiments lain its like about this girl that like goes totally into the wired as. They called it is their version of the internet its just an advanced medium for communication dont ever get it. Confused with a real world you dont have to remain a wretched human being forever so from that point when. I started using fortune heavily my whole life the game about the internet my real life stopped mattering to me. I remember specifically falling out of bed a screaming so that for my dad cuz like there was like the.

Mattress and there was like the ledge of the bed and then the floor was like right below it so. Like i fell and i was on the ledge and i was if he didnt come in like another minute. I would have went splat on the floor im broken something so he ran in and picked me up and. Hes like just screaming at me what the hell how do you do that dont ever break yourself youre just. Like your mother when you dont want to do something youll break yourself like you would just accuse me alone.

You know he would accuse my mom a lot of you know like if they needed to do something and. She didnt want to do it he would say oh you broke your arm i purposely did have to do. It which is totally cuz nobody with this condition would do that on purpose no matter what they didnt want. To do you know yeah frederick is 25 now but when he was 8 his father gains sole custody of. Both him and his younger brother six years later his father put them into foster care in new york fredericks.

Mom didnt respond to requests for comment his dad said he doesnt remember yelling at frederick or his mother but. Stressed hes not the bad guy in this story you were in foster care for two years yeah what was. That okay i mean you know no i mean ive read horror stories of foster care and thank god i. Wasnt molested i wasnt i wasnt abused the worst thing about it was that i wasnt allowed to just do. Whatever i wanted on the internet which to me was a blow at that time but were you still able.

To go in fortune and i cracked the wi-fi at the foster house was really easy because it was like. A really old encryption scheme really old robin so i was able to use the internet whenever i wanted on. The ipod touch and i kept this secret from everyone it was my space and it was clumsy at that. Time like old outdated version of safari crappy keyboard but it was mine and i could go on 4chan and. Nobody couldnt and thats how i survived those years to be honest on 4chan moderators decide what subjects get their.

Own boards users often take perverse pride in their status as outsiders losers everyones anonymous and anyone trying to seek. Famous shunned but how is each hampi were getting were getting there were getting there so while i was still. With my mom i started to get involved in the so called all chant community so i was using wizard. Jen a lot and and what was the search him wizard chan was a site for male virgins and it. Is a misogynistic hellhole it is the worst place a man can go for his psychology it is all about.

The so-called red pill the red pill is basically just the belief that some men are never gonna have sex. And the reason is because theyre ugly and you cant change it theres nothing you can do to escape like. If you are in the bottom 30% you cant depend on you your face has didnt you like even exercising. Eating right getting a good job no none of thats gonna help because all that women care about according to. The red pill is looks money in status the lms its like a whole like theology here like i believed.

In all that especially in my case i saw myself as a zero like im never gonna have anyone because. So you know and it wasnt public to everybody that like what i looked like but it was public to. Everyone that at least in the identity that i used to become wizard chans admin that i was severely disabled. Because that helped them trust me that i was never going to lose my wizard status and why was that. So important to them that you were a fellow permanent wizard i guess they feel like they dont want to.

Be ruled by someone whos not one of them if this airs by the way im gonna get a lot. Of angry red pill people but i dont think so they call them in cells down to its basically one. In the same you know the n cells in the red pill so um this woman contacted me and she. Said that she had a devotees fetish its a fetish for disabled people basically she wanted you to act like. Really shy and really like like like in bed like oh you dont want to be done start like youre.

Here youre like oh it just you know oh i dont know im just not used to this you know. Like that and we did it and i had to give up the site to somebody else this puerto rican. Guy now its owned by somebody else i dont know who and i gave it to the puerto rican for. Free i didnt even charge you a transfer fee cuz he felt like it was so shameful what i had. Done like he couldnt pay me anything but while i was with her she did a lot of drugs and.

She introduced me to psychedelic mushrooms and at first i didnt want to do it but she convinced me to. She corrupted me in every way she could find i wasnt the first to get an idea for an image. Board where users could make the boards right there was one before me i just didnt know about it of. Course the trip wasnt just about that you the part that i most often refer back to is the idea. For a chanin the creation of it while i was coming down of course cuz i was was their chance.

Admin i knew the image board software i very easily just hacked it to make it so that you could. Make your own boards but yeah so i released it literally i think i registered the domain while i was. Still high a little bit and then i put the site live a few days out of the trip it. Was it successful it it wasnt extremely successful during the first year but it wasnt a flop i mean people. Used it we had like a hundred posts a day in the first week and that continued until the big.

Boom with the gamergate gamergate started in 2014 and was the moment internet trolls figured out how to act as. A political movement they claimed to be demanding ethics and video game journalism sparked by the false claim that a. Game developer had traded sex for a positive review they exploited twitter to get mainstream attention they styled themselves as. Reluctant culture warriors fed up with political correctness that was forcing diversity into video games but the core of their. Activism was harassing female game developers and critics they threatened women like brianna wu and posted their personal information online.

I want to say one thing to frederick and brianna the both of you are incredibly brave for joining this. Debate i think it says so much about your intentions and about your objective within this controversy – my intentions. Are democrats h hand off my neck and the necks of other women in the industry its better believe it. Or not brianna ahn is not all about you around the same time for chan was the nexus of a. Major celebrity new to league after a few weeks 14 banned posts about gamergate and the news i looked at.

Gamergate very cynically i didnt care about like the ethics and i didnt care about the women i dont care. About any of it i just cared this is bringing users to my site i suppose to your site so. When it was banned from 4chan they wandered in the desert you know that little meme with like a gamergate. Woman in the purple and the green and shes leading all of the anonymous like away from 4chan but for. Me there was so much to gain like a 10x jump in my users more 100x if i say no.

To this i might never get an opportunity to grow my sight again frederik ran with it he presented a. Chat as the only truly free public forum he defended a users right to post cartoon child porn he wrote. An essay advocating eugenics for a neo-nazi website saying people with genetic diseases like his should be paid to be. Sterilized and he did nothing to stop trolls from using his site to harass women when i was admin and. In the years following ok i had made a promise to users that we wont delete anything thats not illegal.

To try to attract users right to try to become basically the butthole of the internet like we have no. Standards other than the law literally that was the point so you have to be a free speech absolutist if. You want to be a trance admin because if youre anything else youre gonna get burned at the stake and. All the users are gonna be like wow this is awful we need to go elsewhere so at the time. Did you ever like was there a gap between what you said publicly and what you felt privately yeah sometimes.

Um the idea that australia is an authoritarian hellhole like im not dumb enough to believe that australia is one. Of the freest buggers in the world so yeah of course but at the same time i had to play. It up for the users that if there were any free speech restriction then its an authoritarian or you know. Very simplistic view of how things worked but hey ten users loved it heres the thread about a 9/11 conspiracy. Theory heres a thread about mel gibson so-called gassing that means killing jews what well heres the thread asking people.

To troll these accounts which our mainstream media accounts and it looks like theyre writing a anti about anne frank. Yeah i try not to look at this because its not good for my sanity think about are on this. Side anymore thank you lord jesus so okay i believe it was a credible idea we just didnt know what. A channel is gonna turn out to be when i made it you know you could make your own boards. We at least i didnt know now maybe some more internet savvy people knew but they certainly didnt contact me.

So i didnt know what was gonna happen but i would say that the best ideas have not in practice. Come out in the end hã± was expensive to run so in 2014 frederik made a deal with an american. Businessman based in the philippines named jim watkins watkins bought the site but kept fredrik on as an administrator of. 8chan fredrik agreed to come to work in manila where he could afford a home health aide but in 2016. Fredrik quit 8chan he started going to church with his aide and met a woman there they married on valentines.

Day but the machine fredrik built kept moving without him this past march a man painted in ar-15 with 8chan. Memes and used it to kill 51 people in a new zealand mosque why do you think that board has. Influenced so much political violence in the last few years i think its due to the content and the extreme. Echo-chamber that image sports create lets use a word that they hate diversity it started extremely diverse we had all. Of these people from all walks of life all different socioeconomic classes being creative but over time it became disillusioned.

White men and everybody else left and i think image boards create that kind of mentality because if you dont. Know the memes youre an outsider and if the memes are all nazi memes why are you gonna want to. Post there like do you think all these internet nazis in sells reactionary misogynist would they have been that way. Without these message boards some of them surely but i think a lot of the users of these boards start. Out as kind of kind of being the solution but theyre not all the way there yeah like theyre not.

Gonna want to look at something with a swastika on it maybe their wife will see maybe somebody will find. Out and theyll become you know a pariah but on the internet its like you can dabble in nazism and. You can see if it suits you you can see if it you know if its your kind of gig. And pretty soon youre you know a hardcore you know i kind of feel like those marches are not really. Playing to the people in charlottesville but to the people on twitter and the internet at large its all about.

The recording that shows were powerful were growing join us were a movement maybe they were trying to make the. Speech that they do unfortunate nature like an acceptable thing in real life the idea that people will shout jews. Will not replace us is just its like an ancient slogan do you think the internet has to be like. This i think that engineered the way it is right now with anonymity in mind the internet will always turn. Out like it is right now i think that if you want a different internet you have to do what.

You and hunter are doing which is theyre deciding no we dont want a freeman we want your identity type. Everything to do and we can see that across the world everybody who has an anonymous and theyre having the. Same kinds of problems you know they speak different languages theyre still like avenging people because of anonymous girls weve. Run the experiments so many times in so many language communities and its always turned out the exact same way. Cross culture do you wish youd never found it it i asked myself that a lot yeah but i dont.

Know if it was more positive than negative i mean if i could see the future like some kind of. Clair of wyatt and i knew that i would end up where i am today you know married i have. My own place im doing well i maybe i would say yes okay ill make it but that sounds kind. Of selfish knowing what it has become what has you know what people have used it for but at the. Same time you know i think myself and not only me but zuckerberg jack dorsey really have to wonder is.

The increased communication that these social media sites have created actually good for the world or is it just causing. People to believe things that really arent true or to gravitate towards extreme ideologies yeah here is what we know. At this hour at least 18 people have been killed one suspect is in custody the el paso shooting happened. Three months after we spoke in manila that day frederic began calling for a chan to be shut down on. August 5th that effectively happened when two internet service firms dropped a chan as a customer its put him under.

Intense scrutiny from the media worldwide and from the trolls who once worshipped him so what did you think when. No paso happened oh just you know another here we go again another hn shooting what a surprise yeah its. Not you know its just not even surprising anymore you know everybody was laughing at me as being over-reactive until. Jim received a subpoena you know all these hn users its funny how many times theyve been wrong when theyve. Been um you know trying to find problems with me because obviously they all hate me now one of them.

Drew a cartoon of me falling down the stairs you know i made one of these awful just one of. These sites that you know has been linked to numerous deaths and i dont have the answer about what people. Should do everybody is hurting from hey chen even its own users i created it ive watched its entire evolution. And it should never come back you you.

Method 3 – 8Chan Creator Fred Brennan On The Rise And Fall Of His Website | 7.30

Hours before a 28 year old australian man calmly walked into this mosque and murdered 51 people he posted a. 74-page manifesto laying out his motivation on a website called 8chan slogans and catchphrases from the same website were scrawled. On his rifle its clear that the chrysler shooter spent a lot of time on hn that probably emboldened him. To commit his atrocity the gunman wasnt the last to boast of his crimes on 8chan which became a go-to.

For mass killers and neo-nazis it was created by this man fred brennan nice to meet you great to meet. You hello brennan who has brittle bone disease now lives in manila where 8chan was run but he grew up. In the united states as a teenager he found a refuge in a primitive message board site called 4chan where. Users around the world post comments and share images memes and pornography if were honest i was a teenage boy. I was drawn mostly because it was a sight full of pornography i was very isolated in real life i.

Didnt have very many real-life friends ive known people that wake up in the morning hop on one of these. Chance sites and theyre on it until night and its just 8 9 12 hours a day more you know. For some of the ones that are really into it by the time he was 19 fred was disillusioned with. The site hed spent his teenage years immersed in and started to imagine an alternative it came to him while. He was tripping on magic mushrooms an anonymous message board site where the users were in charge can you describe.

What 8chan is in your own words 810 is just a very simple kind of site when you go on. The board you see the latest stuff no matter what it is its very much like a facebook group except. Everyones anonymous theres no names what kind of people are are attracted to to that sort of world its predominantly. Male almost all white i mean there are some minorities that are using it but that its just not the. Norm but it wasnt long before brennans creation turned ugly in august 2014 hordes of male video gamers relentlessly targeted.

Women in the gaming industry with threats of violence and rape hmn became their natural home because there the users. Policed their own behaviour before all this happened there was a narrative not only in the community but in the. Media that oh its just the cost of free speech and this is the cost of true free speech and. If we all just talk the best ideas will fall out well hn had been around for five years and. I never saw any good idea fall out sorry with its new anonymous users 8chan soon morphed into a forum.

For white nationalists neo-nazis and mass shooters burned out brennan eventually quit the site in 2016 and by the beginning. Of this year hed cut all ties with the new owners then came christchurch i expected them to see now. That 50 people have died we need to do something we need to take this seriously and that just did. Not seem to happen they didnt do anything in the coming months two more mass shootings would be connected to. 8chan the synagogue shooting in poway california and the department store massacre in el paso texas there is a cohort.

Of users on 8chan that celebrate mass shootings a lot of people will try to rationalize it and say theyre. Just trolling theyre just no theyre not fred brennan decided he had to take a stand and started blitzing the. Media calling for the site he created to be taken down within a couple of days it was off the. Air not killed off by some government regulation but by the companies that provide the digital framework and protection of. The internet itself they dropped 8chan as a client and running the site after that became impossible australia is leading.

Efforts to clamp down on other websites the prime minister has called on the g20 to band together to remove. Extremist material online its very important that we ensure that the rules that apply in the physical world apply in. The digital world as well whats your view on that i feel like the the time were living in is. Going to be limited you know where every country is just allowing you to access sites that dont follow their. Local laws theres really no benefit to that for australia once the ultimate champion of unbridled free speech online fred.

Brennans view now couldnt be more different i guess the only thing that could happen is something thats extremely unpopular. Right now and it would be some kind of united nations security council for the internet lets say a united. Nations internet council right i mean weve got to try something dont we this era that were in where the. Government power stops as soon as you plug in a network cable i dont know that thats going to continue. Hi im lee sales thanks for watching this story if youd like to watch more of 730 stories they are.

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Method 4 – 8Chan Ruins Thq’s Reputation – Inside Gaming Daily

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Method 5 – What Is 8Chan? A Look At The Website Shut Down After El Paso Mass Shooting

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Conclusion – How To Access 8Kun

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