How To Access A Device Using Ip Address – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access a device using ip address,

Method 1 – How To Access Any Pc Or Laptop Remotely At Your Home Using Ip Address

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Method 2 – Hack Your Friends Mobile Camera In Just Seconds -Using Ip Address Only

Hey welcome back to another video and today were going to learn on how you can hack your friends camera. Your both front and back camera so you can you know watch them what theyre doing and record and you. Can see actually through their their camera where they are and what are they doing so you can exactly see. Through your camera on your computer wherever you are so this is a biggest hack or trick you can call.

Of all time and make sure this is this can be used as a prank so nobody would know how. You did it so first of all all you have to do is open up google because here we what. We are going to do is going to see what is being hacked first of all what you have to. Do is go and make sure your internet connection is on and go to play store and download an application. Which is called ip webcam so no one knew it before then this one so open this one ip webcam.

By pebble clip watch open this one and this has already 10 million downloads so a lot of people have. Pranked their friends accordingly so first of all what you have to do is click on install and wait for. A few seconds and let this get be installed and you can easily see and the picture quality is totally. Fine its exactly as it appears on the computer so im currently using an oppo f17 so it will show. The oppo f17 result on the computer and ill show you what it looks like so what you have to.

Do is now open it up and in here in the background you can open google for for chronicle for. Now so you can see you will see multiple options in here you can see from plugins to a lot. Of options so what you have to do is click on plugins first and click on allow allow so make. Sure the phone you are using is of your friend so maybe he could be in the bathroom or he. Could be anywhere so while take this phone download this application and do this thing and click on allow follow.

These steps and after reaching here what you have to do is click on this option called install and manage. Scripts click on it and it will make you fetch the you know plugin index it will make you wait. For a few seconds and it will give you to download all these so what you have to do is. Download all of them so there are only a few of them just click on download and wait for a. Few seconds it will be downloaded and download the other one so you have to download all of them actually.

And we should wait and here we go there we go and theres a last one and we have downloaded. All of them now what you have to do is when youre done downloading all of them you have to. Get back and click on opening all of them so they are currently off so what you have to do. Click on on you know you its normally not like that so we dont have to activate normal mode what. We have to do is go down and click on install and manage script leave them as it is click.

On install its already installed so youre going to click them its off so were fine with were going to. Click here it says on you can see it here it was off like that we have to click it. On and go back again click on this one and well give you an option called on click it and. Again it was off on every each option and this one as well so you can access more of their. Ids okay im gonna click on again on regular photos is on and save photos is also on and the.

Last option is uploader so its also on ill click this one and in the final feature were going to. Click on install and manage the script you can see its all good in here we go back go back. So what you have to do now is scroll down there are multiple options but when you are on the. Main page what you have to look for is an option called start server which means begin serving video streams. So what you have to do uh youre gonna click this one and it will be generating an https id.

So now you can see a camera appears in the front of it you know what you have to do. Is leave it added to this and it will give you a google option you can see a google you. Have to go back to your normal screen you can see that so this is what how ip looks like. So leave this one as it is and go back and now when you when you open the upper screen. You can see an http file you can see that number let me show you so let me yeah push.

It back this one http file so this is a number called were gonna write that number the http we. Dont have to write the http we have to write the ipv webcam number which is 192.192.16. Sorry 192. Theres. A dot in here im going to click on 168 dot 43 dot um its kind of a double dots.

Maybe yeah so then we have got one wait a minute weve got we have got dot one actually dot. One and double dots and eight zero eight zero so you can see it on the on this screen and. Its on the front screen as well you can see ive already done it so you can see thats the. Number how youre going to do this so after this im going to click it and it will bring you. In here so you have to avoid it because this is not it should be like you have to write.

Them again 192. So i have to write 192. 168 and dot 43. Dot one double numbers eight zero eight. Zero were gonna click it again and boom it will bring you to this screen you can see it like.

We have to leave this one now as where is it and on this side okay we have to leave. It here on the other side so now youre on the main screen on my computer so you can see. You are actually you know controlling this screen youre gonna click on a stop of this one so we dont. Need anything so you can see you are in total control so what im telling you is make sure first. Uh this is uh which means if we are on this page so make sure first what you have to.

Do is make sure you are on this page so this says front camera or back camera so we we. Are in excess of uh now we are on back camera if you click it this way so it will. Be front camera so were gonna click on the back camera and well leave it like this so first what. You have to do is make sure that when youre when you have existed you have to check your cell. Phone and open it up you can see its still there so what you have to do if for example.

If im holding my a cell phone in my hand you can see the camera is on the back side. So my camera is actually facing the computer so im going to click on an option called take photo on. This one you can see this is a tech photo option i zoom it out slowly so this is the. Option called take photo im going to hold up my camera im going to click on you can see im. Click on take photo and boom you can see the picture is actually flipped so but the picture eyes off.

My computer which i have just took im going back if i want another picture but if in case yeah. You want to see live what your friend is actually doing you dont want just to take pictures in this. Case i am just taking pictures again taking a focused picture is also same for example im holding my camera. On keyboard so for example my camera is facing keyboard so well take a definitely a picture of keyboard just. Let me have a look you can see that so it took a picture of the keyboard and you can.

See the picture quality is of same or as the cell phone which im using so i have to get. Back now and im going to show you something amazing so this is what you can do to have a. Live view of your friends phone but in case youre thinking why this back camera before going to see a. Live photo were going to confirm that even the front camera also works in here so theres a front camera. In here but im not going to show you my face im going to face this camera towards laptop so.

Im going to click on this one as well first make sure you go to back on the front camera. Now you bring the front camera to my screen and i take photo so boom again this one i didnt. Want to show you my face i have taken a picture from this camera again you can see it appears. On my screen ill go back again and im again on the same page with the same ip address which. Is on my laptop so you just think of you have given this cell phone to your friend and he.

Is i dont know whatever hes doing outside so now you want to see what is actually going on so. First you have to do is make sure see the back camera because back camera is always cooler and nothing. Appears on the cell phone so your friend is not you know unconscious about like who is acting i who. Have hacked my cell phone or anything so he wouldnt know about that and now what you have to do. Is click on this call uh go to video recorder render click on browser so you wanna im gonna hold.

It backward because with the camera video which is going to be live from this camera ill click on browser. So you can see when we click on video render theres a browser so you can see i have hacked. It so no on my computer on my cell phone there is nothing im just using my cell phone but. You can see on the computer on the computer its appearing that what im doing this is my this is. What actually this is what im recording at so you can see the back of the camera so this is.

How im recording currently and this is if i flip it down and again if i go back to the. Same screen im holding my cell phone like this or other way so this is how youre going to see. But if youre thinking of i should also hear my friend what hes talking i know he is holding your. Phone but you want to listen him click on flash and open the two audio and that way click on. Html5 now you will you will be able to listen you can see can you hear can you hear my.

Voice thats what im talking about boys you can see theres a two-way audio theres a video being theres audio. And video being recorded and then you can youre going to click this one and you can you know if. You want to click on no audio there will be no audio but if you want to hear the audio. Just click on html5 and that way you know you will be able to get the audio you can see. That thats what im talking i have actually up microphone so thats why youre hearing that so im going to.

Click on new audio so we dont want to hear the audio so this is how you can you know. Check his phone on live for example we go back and flip for example im holding my you know holding. My hand back on the camera and i flip it and i want to show you the front camera now. Click on the front camera you know you can see the front camera is on so this is the front. Camera i go back so this is how my front camera looks like and again if i want to close.

The video im just going to click on no video its this way and now i have my cell phone. In my hand even though his cell phone is off but it has internet connection that would be a great. Way you know in order to hack him uh in a pretty cool manner so if you think this video. Is whats for you and how to hack your friends camera on cell phone or anything onto your laptop screen. And if you want to know that and if you found it and it really helped you make sure leave.

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Method 3 – How To Hack Any Computer Pc Laptop By Ip Address & Cmd

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Method 4 – What Can Someone Do With An Ip Address

Whats going on ladies and gentlemen it is code actual and today were gonna be talking about what can somebody. Do with my ip address so yes this is my actually ip address right here and shows what state i. Am which is wi wisconsin and it shows my isp which is comcast so what of it im not afraid. To show my ip address at all if youre gonna hit me out flying feel free to do it youre.

Not able to and if you do do it just know every connection that does come through my modem i. Do log and i will send logs towards the proper authorities so youre a choice i really could care less. And if you think that you can do more than that im up for a challenge i am always up. For a challenge ok so lets talk about what can we do with an ip address but before we begin. If you guys can do me one big happy favor is to subscribe for the channel i hit that post.

Notifications whenever i go live or upload a video youll be notified if you ever have any questions especially when. Im live-streaming please come through if you ask me to do something illegal or how to do something illegal its. Not gonna happen get that out of youre getting at that out of your mind im not gonna help you. Out with any illegal activity i also have a secondary channel which is code actual games be sure to subscribe. On that i do livestream on that as well and with twitch tv so feel free to ask me some.

Questions make sure that theyre legitimate and whatnot and ok so lets talk about what can somebody do with my. Ip address so lets talk about the good and lets talk about the bad so the good is lets open. Up a command prompt here and once upon a time back in the early in 1990s but we had nothing. But let me put that down back in the early 1990s we had nothing but ip addresses to memorize so. For example how do you get to well you needed an ip address so lets bring up google here.

Its probably gonna give us an ipv6 ok so this is an ipv6 we want an ipv4 lets go ahead. And guess a lot of that there we go ping ip chicken im pretty sure okay ipv4 this is an. Ipv4 so back in the early 1990s we needed to connect with a itv4 address domains were nesting and what. Is a domain its basically like ip chicken comm or google com our facebook comm those are domain names right. So we before then we need the numbers and we didnt memorize the numbers and when domains came out it.

Just made it easier for us to connect now everybody and every business every service anybody that has the internet. Has an ip address this is no news so that is the legitimacy of an ip address of what its. Used for is to connect towards each other to identify each other so i could be running a gaming server. Like i dont know minecraft server and you guys would need my ip address to connect and thats how ip. Addressing works is just getting towards its destination now thats the legitimacy of things but what about malicious things so.

Lets say for example i am running a website and youre gonna be needing my ip address so lets just. Say you obtained my okay well you youve obtained my ip address lets just say with with my ip address. Since you have it now okay heres where things are gonna get a little bit technical and before i get. Into that i just want to let it be known that if you guys are too skeptical of when somebody. Has your ip and you keep getting booting offline or something worse is i do have videos of how to.

Protect yourself out of change your ip how to connect to a vpn on a computer or playstation on an. Xbox links will be in the description down below so if you ever need to change your ip or get. A vpn i do have tutorials on that ill put in the description everything that resourceful for you will be. In the description so always check that okay so lets get into the bad and a little bit more technical. Stuff so you have my ip address i mean yeah sure if i didnt had a cisco modem slash router.

Yeah youd probably be able to hit me off then oh well all im gonna do is just unplug my. Modem and plug it back in then my ip address will change big dill so if i didnt have that. Id probably be easily hit off so is that it is that what else anybody could do is just knock. Somebody off line no theres theres so much more now this is main pete mainly people on the console gaming. All they know how to do is host boot they dont know how to run exploits they dont know how.

To take down a web server so is that something that everybody in the xbox ps4 community knows how to. Do no all they know how to do is okay im gonna go to google and type in the ip. Stresser and hit somebody off line because they dont know actually how to root or aka how to hack somebody. They dont so lets just get that straight if you find out host pooter just all you gotta do is. Just change your ip if they keep saying you know all im gonna do is hit you offline and thats.

It then why are you associating yourself with that jackass are you gonna do is reset your modem and your. Ip will change or again links in the description to actually properly change your ip address if theres other methods. And whatnot so lets talk about realistic hacking or the routing in that case so the person has my ip. Address and what services am i running am i running a web server am i running a minecraft server am. I running some type of server so what they need to do is have a program called nmap and the.

Scan through the ports of my entire network and see what my ports are open so on an xbox port. Its a 30/70 for on a ps4 ports like its in its 3000th im not quite sure what the ps4. Port is but those are the gaming server ports with like csgo counter-strike or garrys mod ports its like two. Seven zero one five or something like that i dont have a good memory so we want to scan through. What ports are open and these are mainly ports of applications or ports or services so once you find that.

Port is somebody needs to run an exploit now they either have a private exploit or a public exploit so. Im gonna show you a public exploit site so were gonna go to exploit db and again this is just. All public so these are all exploits so am i gonna be running a web application remote exploits local and. Privilege escalation x plates denial of service and poc exploits so were gonna just keep it simple were going to. Talk about web applications were gonna say im running a web server for example if i was running go down.

The list here find an easy application but boom lets go to page number two okay word wordpress everybody runs. A wordpress and this is an sql injection so basically wordpress is a web application thats running in php code. And it does need my sequel database to store all that information so lets go ahead and check this out. Okay so this is the description okay so this is the pathway and on my web application lets just on. My web server lets just say on my web server its no log calm cuz thats actually my website and.

Im actually running a running a i have a brain for it very far sorry about that okay so i. Am running the web application and i am also using wordpress so when somebody scans to the ip and they. Scan for port 80 port 80 pops up as a web server and thats what it is our port 8080. Or even port 4 for 3 which is the ssl version of web servers so ok they they now know. That im running a web server so they so instead of a localhost its gonna be no low calm and.

They run this pathway the complete link here or url as you want to call it they run that then. They will have submit query to execute and sleep for 10 seconds if clipped as authenticated as admin so this. Right here will prompt as admin so then theyll have admin of my site and they could be even using. A program called sql map and they can run this from a command line so theres many ways how to. Route a box or route or hack a box theres so many terminologies so lets talk about routers so tp-link.

Remote command execution oh man thats bad thats really when was this published i hope she appealing how to have. A patch for that if you have a tp-link tlw a850 re if thats your model you need to update. Your your modem or your router quick so lets just say i that was my router ok and i feel. Bad man for anybody who has this modem and that has that specific modem so right here is a script. That can be imported in to the that can be imported into the router and its gonna be scanning for.

The host so host where would you put the ip address ok so its looking ok so its pulling the. Ip address and right here is the login url right here and youre gonna be whats script is this python. Okay so youre gonna be using python and youre gonna be running this script its gonna be attacking the target. So lets just say if i have the tp-link router and im gonna be using python on myself this will. Be running a execution that will give the person complete command so they can run a command line on my.

Modem and thats not good they can change things up on my modem so is it practical for somebody to. Know all of this no not really but theres a good group of people who are knowledgeable with computers and. Technology that are able to get into a modem anythings possible anythings hackable it just depends on the knowledge of. The person behind the keyboard so not all modems have this patch patch this vulnerability so everything is different you. Want to check up on the site and just be informed all right and if something like this ever became.

Public im pretty sure tp-link found a patch for that and you just gotta download the patch for your modem. Router like again anything is hackable anything even a tesla car that could be remote-controlled i mean i would not. Be surprised if a high profile target and middle east lets just say osama bin ladens alive for some reason. And hes driving a tesla and the government its like oh hey we should well control that car lets dress. Osama bin laden straight into a ditch and just watch him die yeah anything is hackable and i would not.

With the government man the nsa the nsa is always watching dont dont mess with the government always always make. Sure that you keep your nose clean but yeah anything is hackable it just depends on the knowledge now does. Your does a little kid know how to do any of this no does a teenager know how to do. Any of this no unless they really stuck their face into a computer so for all you gamers out there. You probably didnt get hit offline and all you need to do is just reset your ip this is something.

Thats a little bit more on the stuff that would that could occur that i will just wanted to introduce. To you guys so im just letting you know and im not trying to scare you guys but the average. User does not know of how to hack all they know how to do is just how to host boots. Im the offline thats it alrighty so if you guys want me to cover more upon how what can something. To do with an ip address and whatnot im just gonna cut it here i just want to just give.

You guys a brief overview of what things could be done and what what practical things and just being realistic. With you guys if theres anything that you wanted me to cover i will do it on the next video. And whatnot so i just hope you guys can do me that favor is to subscribe and i will see. You guys the next video youll take care bruce my shitty kid chasing pitching me running till the very end. Every day im feeling great better than the day before you can see it on my face smiling with my.

Glasses on like im blinded all the hate i can see all of you waving im the sacking like a. Cake as long as you can see me.

Method 5 – How To See All Devices Connected On Your Network

What you guys got another video here for you now a common question is how to know what devices are. Connected to your home network how many devices are connected to your home network or whats their ip addresses so. Im going to show you all that in this video so first off what were gonna do is go down. To the search box and open up the command prompt by typing cmd now run this as administrator and open.

Up the command prompt box now what we need to do here is type in a command called net space. View and this will show you all the devices that are connected to your home network basically and you can. See here theres a free of them there which ive got connected at the moment now if youve got devices. Turned off they wont be visible now if you want to get the ip addresses and all of the mac. Addresses for these devices that are connected to your network then you can type this command arp space dash a.

And push enter and this will give you all the ip addresses and all the mac addresses for those devices. That are connected to your network and you can see here it all listed and if you want to find. Out what my tums or what you can obviously do a ping on that ip address and ill show you. That in a second and it will give you the information for that ip so you can find out what. Actual device that ip belongs to and this can be very useful when youre troubleshooting and also when youre trying.

To find ip addresses and mac addresses for certain devices that connected to your home network so what were going. To do here is were going to go ahead and type ping and then space and then were going to. Do – a and in space and then choose the ip address of the item which you want to find. So basically im just going to type in here and you can see its pinging my cloud – h. C t– d c i think that is and basically that is my western digital cloud storage in the home.

So you can see he has done four pings on there and its all replied back and weve got a. Time which is a time to live you can see equals sixty four and you can also see the milliseconds. There two milliseconds and it gives you a bunch of other information now some routers will allow you to see. All of the devices that are connected to your home network and ill show you my one here its the. Netgear boomer os which is the operating system for that nikki you can see theres a ton of stuff that.

Has been plugged on to the network and it then registers that piece of hardware but some of them are. Offline and some from are online and it gives you the idea of what it is i can click on. These and itll give me more information you can see here one of them is online which is that my. Cloud and theres a bunch of other stuff which is unnamed i can rename all these and give them their. Own personal names if i wish now another third-party piece of software you can use to detect all of this.

Stuff on your home network is this piece of software here its called advanced ip scanner its a very good. Piece of software and that you can download it for free and run it on your system and this is. Another piece of software which will allow you to detect all of the devices that are on your home network. So lets go ahead and run this as a portable version without no installation and that were gonna go and. Accept the agreement and were gonna click on run here and this will go ahead and install the advanced ip.

Scanner once weve got it opened here what we can do here is click on skin so were gonna hit. Skin and let that run and this will give us all the status and the name the ip the manufacturer. And also the mac address of that particular piece of hardware which is connected to the network and you can. See here its detected a load of other stuff here which is your nic gear which is my root oh. And a tv and a bunch of other stuff which is connected on the home network now of course if.

Conclusion – How To Access A Device Using Ip Address

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