How To Access A Locked Android Phone Via Usb – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access a locked android phone via usb, so keep reading!

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Method 1 – How To Get Into A Locked Android Phone | Recover Data From Locked Android | Etechniz

Welcome to our channel dont forget to click on subscribe button to support us in click on bell icon over. Here and if you like this video then click on thumbs up over here lets start our tutorial this is. How to extract the contents of a locked android phone so a locked issue that im having that im talking. About here is the i guess they call the pattern lock so this phone just hold down the button here.

It says too many pattern attempts to unlock sign in with your google account on this phone you dont know. The google account at the password i dont know if it didnt get synchronized or what but google accounts that. We use doesnt work and there are tutorials on the internet about how to get around this how to unlock. The phone but most of them say that the phone has to be i believe in developers mode to be. Able to unlock it and if you didnt put the phone in developers mode before it got locked theres no.

Way to do it as far as i know so your option then is to restore the phone to its. Factory settings to do that when you power on the phone you hold the volume up button hold the volume. Up button and you have the power youll hold it down youll feel it vibrate then you can let go. And youll see a little android logo or something come up weve got some options say this is white battery. Dammit wipe data/factory reset your menu may look a little different but if you do that it will destroy everything.

On your phone here pictures and videos and everything with you youve taken at least thats what im told i. Havent tried it out yet so what were gonna do is rescue rescue the pictures or videos off of this. Phone before we do that fact that you said so the first thing youre going to need to do you. Need a computer and if youre on a windows computer youre gonna need to get the driver for your phone. So that you can so that the computer will recognize the phone mac os x users and linux users ive.

Told have a driver that comes with the system this is a zte brand oh and i cant remember if. I got the oem driver from zte or if i got a generic driver but ill have the links posted. Two possible places to get some drivers to install to your windows machine so once youve got the driver installed. You need to boot up the phone into whats called field test mode so im gonna go ahead and do. That now shut off shut off the phone so and to get into field test mode rather than pressing the.

Volume up button you press the volume down button hold down the power button until it vibrates again see playing. Screen little say fk that may look different on different systems though it looks like on this phone once and. Then you can connect to the computer once its an ftm mode and then your computer should recognize the drivers. Installed it will recognize it as on windows its called an adb device i believe ill show you a picture. Of it once i get the phone connected and from there obviously ok ive got my phone in field test.

Mode and the drivers are installed on my computer when i plug in my phone youll see that a new. Device will be detected at the top a db interface and said a db interface i dont know if all. Phones will have that same so now the computer recognizes my phone so now we just need to be able. To access the files on it and to do that we need a program an executable called a db which. I cant remember what it stands for but its part of the android software development kit you can get it.

As good forward slash sdk and its called the adt bundle ive got it downloaded here already so we. Want to open up that zip file and under sdk theres what are called platform tools and that has our. Abs people thats the folder we want and what youre gonna want to do is open a command prompt and. Youre going to one cd into that folder i have it set up so i can open a command prompt. Right from the folder and when we execute a db it will automatically detect the phone we dont need to.

Tell everybody where the phones at right so if we do a db / l will be able to browse. Browse the files on our phone and your browser just like we would most other unix tile systems and the. Storage folder is where the files are that we want lets also take that sd card okay so yeah theres. Storage just really want to go and weve got two sd card folders sd card zero and sd card one. Sd cards zero i believe it the external sd card well sd card one is the internal storage and under.

That dcim folders where all my pictures and videos on harp so these are the files that i want to. Rescue off with my phone so ill go ahead and exit out of here and were gonna pull those files. Were gonna use a command that the command will be a db pull and we need to a folder to. Place our pulls files off so im going to just create a new folder right in this directory and call. It extracted and command adb pull and forward slash if i want to extract everything that i have access to.

I would just move it in forward slash that would expect everything that the regular user has permissions to to. View or or copy but since i dont need to extract everything off of the bone im just going to. Extract everything thats in that sd card folder so forward slash storage /s card 1 and then and then the. Folder where i want to to enter and well start pulling all the files off thats that is in that. Sd card one folder and this might take a few minutes depending on how many files you have or the.

Size of the files this device like i said before is not rooted so it cannot pull anything off that. The regular user doesnt have permission to do but the pictures and everything that you should want to rescue should. Be viewable by the regular user okay so now its pulled all the files off so if we look in. This extracted folder we should see a directories that were pulled off and heres my pictures in my video so. Now that ive rescued all of my dad off this phone now i can do a factory reset to restore.

It to its default settings and get that phone unlocked okay i know that im shutting down im the atd. Service youll notice when you start it adb is it starts a daemon or a service and after that service. Is running youre not gonna be able to delete that platform tools folder where the adb executable is found so. One way to stop the service is go through the task manager and also maybe stop the service that would. Be a bb kill – server and now we should be able to leave that for her you.

Method 2 – How To Backup Data From Locked Android Phone

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Method 3 – How To Unlock Android Phone With Broken Screen [2021]

And hey this is francisco from monster dr phone and the only way how to control an android phone or. Tablet is through the touchscreen and i think that we all know that by now so if that is broken. And then it does make it very difficult to do but it is still not impossible theyre going to be. A couple of methods for gaining control back over on an android device and with that said in this video.

Im going to be showing you how to unlock an android device with a broken screen with three easy methods. So lets go ahead and dive right in lets begin with method number one we will be using android debug. Bridge or adb to unlock your android device adb creates a bridge between your pc and your android device which. Can then be used in order to unlock your device so here is how to to do just that so. First off just make sure to download the android sdk package on your pc and the download link is going.

To be in the description of course and then once you have it just go ahead and extract that on. Your pc and then download unnecessary drivers for your device and the usb drivers for your device can be found. On the manufacturers website in this case since im using a google pixel 4 i can find the device drivers. On googles own site and go ahead and launch the command prompt on your pc and then change the location. Of the adb file then just go ahead and type in the following prompt which im going to be showing.

Off on screen right here so just go ahead and copy that down and connect your device onto your pc. By using usb cable and then go ahead and enter the command prompt adb head device and if your phone. Is recognized then you will see a number in the command prompt message and just go ahead and type in. Two commands that youre going to be seeing down over here and youre going to need to type in the. Second one immediately after the first one so go ahead and replace one two three four with your actual password.

And then go ahead and type in the following prompt right after which is going to be adb shell input. Text one two three four shell input key event 66 and then finally your phone will now be unlocked and. You can proceed to back up its contents if you need to the next method is a little bit ghetto. However it is still pretty effective and very simple essentially all you have to do is just plug in a. Mouse onto your android phone and since connecting a bluetooth mouse to it might be pretty difficult considering that youre.

Dealing with a broken screen here youre going to want to use a wired mouse instead since android does recognize. It immediately without any kind of of special access or anything like that if the usb mouse that youre using. That doesnt have a usbc end then youre going to need to use an adapter like usbc thats a usba. Adapter for instance in order to be able to actually plug in that wired mouse and as soon as its. Recognized you can pretty much i just started to click around and just click through the patterns four pin passwords.

For example to get through with the most plugged in and once youre in i just choose your preferred method. Of backing up your device in order to keep your data safe like for example through the google drive and. Youre pretty much good to go from there and our final method is going to be through your samsung account. But this will only work if you have a samsung phone essentially you would be forcing your samsung phone to. Unlock over the web so just make sure to visit samsungs find my mobile website which is going to be.

Linked down in the description and then go ahead and log right in and then select from the menu on. The left hand side of the screen and once you find the option to unlock my screen click on it. And then you will get instructions for how to access your device and then just go ahead and follow those. Instructions and youll have your phone unlocked in no time and thats it i hope that this video was helpful. To you and make sure to leave us a like if you liked it and comment any of your questions.

Down below and also do not forget to subscribe for more content just like this one now until next time. Enjoy.

Method 4 – 6 Ways To Unlock Android Lock Screen Without Password!(2020 Works)

Firstly dont panic there are several ways to unlock your device without having to lose your apps and data were. Going to start with the easiest solution first and if those dont work for you we are also going to. Show you not one not two but six more advanced and in-depth solutions that will unlock a device without any. Data loss but before we get started we recommend you to watch the entire video before getting started and make.

Sure to try the easiest solution first so without any further ado lets get started now folks generally there are. Two strategies that you can apply to unlock an android device number one a semi data loss method number two. A no data loss method and additionally we are also going to show you how to bypass and remove third-party. Lock screen apps like cm locker as well now folks in case if youre wondering which method to go with. First then check this out if unlocking your device is more important than the data in it then go with.

The semi data loss method as it is the easiest and the fastest way to unlock any device out there. Which basically includes taking a logged android device then holding the power button and turning it off once it is. Completely turned off boot into your devices recovery menu by holding a special combination of hardware buttons which usually includes. Holding the power button with either the volume keys or the home button depending on your device for my phone. Its power plus volume down for samsung devices its volume up plus home plus the power button to find out.

How to boot into yours check the links in the description box under the thumbs up button now folks my. Device right here has an updated version of android stock recovery yours might look like this or this either ways. Navigate and select the option that says clear data factory reset or something similar by using the touch screen or. The volume buttons after that keep your phone in a cool and dry place till android resets your device into. A faster than before snappier and most importantly an unlocked device factory resetting your device through the android recovery is.

Gonna save you from a lot of headaches although it does formats your phone deleting certain files like apps and. Settings but however if your data was synced via your google account which most devices are these days all their. Important files will be back within hours of logging in into your google account plus is just one straight method. That works every time on every android device out there its probably the easiest and the fastest way to unlock. Any android device out there period with that we come to the no data loss methods under which you get.

To remove the lock screen and also get to keep your apps and data sounds great under the no data. Loss strategy there are a total of six methods that you can apply all of these methods are tested and. Would bypass reset or entirely remove the lock screen without any data loss as always were gonna start with the. Easiest method first and then move over to the harder ones number one google recovery option this is the official. Way to unlock your locked android device without losing any data this is exactly what folks at android are gonna.

Tell you if you call them up regarding this issue so lets get on with it for android version 4.0. Kitkat and below this is what to do enter wrong lock screen password or pattern five times shouldnt be that. Difficult an option is gonna appear at the bottom end of the lock screen which says forgot pattern or password. Tap on that then youll be prompted to enter in your google username and password that you use to set. Up your device im gonna pass it over to my friend who owns this device to fill in his credentials.

Now if you cant remember your google password as well then head over to this link right here to reset. Your google password once the credentials are filled in tap on sign in then its gonna take a couple of. Seconds to verify just make sure that your device is connected to the internet throughout the process now some of. You guys might be wondering what if the wifi or the data connection was turned off before me getting logged. Out now there is a simple trick that you can use to turn on your devices internet while the device.

Is still locked simply ask a friend of yours to give your locked phone a call and boom youll have. Instant access to the notification bar and you could turn on the wi-fi or data connections from here once the. Verification part is done youll be prompted to select a new lock screen select one which suits you were gonna. Go with this new pattern and boom your device is now back under control nothings changed as simple as that. But what about devices running on a later version of android that is version 5.0 lollipop and above now folks.

With higher security standards google decided to give away the old forgot password system and went with a more robust. Recovery system called as android device manager adm in short it basically includes keeping a locked phone aside and taking. Another internet connected device it could be a computer it could be your moms phone anything thats connected to the. Internet will do and open up the browser and head over to this link right here once there its going. To prompt you to enter in your google credentials that you used on your locked phone once youre logged in.

Its going to look something like this with the map of the world behind so we get a couple of. Options here number ones ring number two is lock and number three is wipe i had already made a detailed. Video on android device manager so make sure to watch that after watching this one the lock option is primarily. What were going to be using today here you get to enter in a new password and some additional info. Like your alternate phone number or a message saying please return the phone to this address if the phone was.

Lost or stolen and that should unlock your device if the permissions were set correctly but if nothing works out. Then you can always remotely wipe your device by executing the wipe command from here its quite similar to the. Factory reset method but its a bit faster and cooler to perform moreover it would get your device unlocked without. Having to enter into the recovery mode with that we come to the custom recovery method and heres where things. Start getting interesting under this method we are gonna technically break into the android system and delete the files that.

Holds your password fingerprint and lock screen data so when you turn on your device android literally forgets that your. Device was ever logged and opens up into an unlocked android device with all your apps and data intact however. The only requirement for this to work is your locked device should have a custom recovery installed now folks it. All sounds good on paper though so lets go ahead and try it out as you can see my phone. Over here is both fingerprint and pin code protected so its locked up pretty good first of all turn off.

Your device once your device is completely turned off boot into your devices custom recovery mode by holding in a. Special combination of hardware buttons which usually includes the power button either the volume keys or the home button depending. On your device for my device which is a motorola g4 plus its volume down plus the power button in. Order to find out yours check the description box under the thumbs up button now folks my device over here. Is running on the twrp custom recovery which is the most widely used custom recovery out there but your device.

Might be on a different custom recovery which can be the clockwork mod recovery all the fills custom recovery which. Might look a bit different than mine over here but more or less the basic set of options here are. Same across all the custom recoveries so first of all head into the mount section and enable everything thats on. The list once that is done head back and now were going to be needing a file manager to delete. The lock screen files that i was talking about earlier and for that were going to be using the aroma.

File manager the link to that is also in the description box simply download that file and move it into. A device memory either through an sd card and usb cable well your computer will recognize your device if it. Is in the recovery mode while connected to your computer or you can also transfer the file through the usb. Otg cable once the file is in your device simply head over to the install section right here then find. And open the aroma file file okay mines over here so lets open it up now its gonna take.

A couple of seconds to load once youre in the aroma file manager navigate over to the data folder then. Head over to the system folder then scroll all the way down and delete any files starting with these prefixes. For newer android devices like mine its gatekeeper and lock screen for older android devices its simply gesture dot key. Or password dot key so in our case we have a total of five files to delete starts with gatekeeper. And lock screen prefixes you might have two three or even six files to delete depending on your device but.

Just make sure to delete only those files which starts with these prefixes either ways select the files by long. Pressing on them so its one two three four and five then tap on the menu button over here then. Tap on the delete button and hit on yes once that is done exit the file manager and its gonna. Take you back to the custom recovery menu and head back and tap on the reboot button to restart your. Device so heres the device after the boot lets check out if it worked or not so i got my.

Finger crossed here and boom as you can see no more lock screen its completely unlocked but before we start. Judging things lets go ahead and check out if i got all my apps games and data intact and as. You can see all my apps games and data are in fact intact nothing has changed only the lock screen. Was removed which is pretty cool now from here you can head over to the security settings and set up. A new lock screen just dont forget this one now folks android version 5.0 all the way up to 5.1.1.

Lollipop has this really weird exploit that could be used to bypass the lock screen like those on iphones but. The only limitation with that is it only works for password locks not for pin or patents and might not. Work at all on all devices running those versions of android its basically a trial and error method which includes. Overloading the options that are accessible from the lock screen like the camera app or the emergency dialer with the. Prime objective of crashing that lock screen one way of doing that is by taking a photo then entering into.

The gallery and quickly pressing the home button another way of doing it is by entering in astrix in the. Emergency dialer and repeatedly copying and pasting the same you can also use our notification bar trick to gain access. To additional options sooner or later under increasing loads these apps would crash and the lock screen would also crash. For a second once that happens android will take you back to the unlocked home screen and gives you access. To your device for just long enough to either apply the methods shown earlier or back up all your data.

So that you can factory reset your device and get your data back again not a 100 guaranteed method but. Its worth mentioning but say what if you had a third party lock screen installed or was first installed by. A malicious app now some of these third-party lock screens do come with a forgot password option but some dont. And others dont work that well however there is a great way of bypassing and disabling the lock screen app. Itself without having to unlock the phone well the phone is not going to unlock by itself right nah wrong.

Thats exactly what were going to be showing you now now folks most modern android devices has this really cool. Hidden mode called as the safe mode similar to the one that we find on all computers its primarily used. To troubleshoot and debug electronics in order to enter into yours single press on the physical power button then long. Press on the power off option for a couple of seconds an additional menu is gonna pop up which will. Reboot your device into the safe mode for samsung devices its the volume down button pressed while the device is.

Turning on if done right your device is gonna restart with a safe mode watermark at the bottom left corner. Of the screen with all third party apps turned off which means no third party lock screen this time around. So in order to remove the lock screen from the normal mode navigate over to the settings section on the. Safe mode then scroll over to the apps section then find the lock screen app and then simply uninstall the. Trouble causing app that is cm locker in our case after that restart your device it will reboot into the.

Normal mode and boom no more lock screen again i had already made a detailed video on safe mode and. All the awesome things about it so make sure to watch that video after watching this one now folks for. 99 of android users the above methods are gonna do the job but unfortunately if you fall under that one. Percent then heres what youre gonna need a computer an usb cable your locked phone all mobile drivers installed a. Software called as adb and some tinkering with your devices source file now folks for most older android devices is.

Just one string of code entered into the command prompt will do the job of removing the lock screen for. Higher versions of android you will need to enter in a couple of strings of code to unlock your device. Its quite similar to the custom recovery method that we showed you earlier both methods literally includes deleting the file. That holds the lock screen info again the link to everything with detailed instruction is in the description box under. The thumbs up button now folks if thats a bit complicated for your taste then you could also try out.

Free or professional lock screen recovery tools available online like say if you own a phone from one of these. Manufacturers or careers and you gave that extra effort in setting up that find my phone account while setting up. Your new phone then you are in luck in that case head over to these links over here on another. Internet connected device enter in your find my phone account credentials and youre gonna see something like this its your. Devices or careers own version of googles android device manager just a bit fancier with a couple of extra options.

Options like track locate ring call logs wipe and most importantly unlock my screen or something similar based on your. Device manufacturer and career select that here and your phone would unlock instantly over there again if your locked device. Was not connected to the internet you know what to do an almost similar service or a version of the. Same is provided by almost all major device manufacturers from apple to windows 80 nt to verizon and also by. Most major android device manufacturers in fact a simple google search will help you find out a similar service if.

Made available by your device manufacturer or career so again folks if youre enjoying this video on your unlocked phone. Then its always better to set up a recovery strategy as soon as possible because you never know when you. Might get logged out of your lovely device it happened to me twice it happens to the best of us. So folks if this video was helpful to you in any means or you just got to learn something new. Today then dont hesitate to give this video a thumbs up and do share this video with your friends on.

Social media as someone once said knowledge is power.

Method 5 – How To Access Locked Android Phone From Pc! | Without Hard-Reset .

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Conclusion – How To Access A Locked Android Phone Via Usb

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