How To Access A Mediport – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access a mediport, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access a mediport,

Method 1 – Ports: Access And Care

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Method 2 – Accessing And De-Accessing An Implanted Port

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Method 3 – Port Access: A Step By Step Guide

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Method 4 – Safestep™ Port Access Kit Demonstration

Port access kit sterile field preparation open package containing sterile insertion dressing kit and safety infusion set device removes csr. Wrapped kit and place on to work surface with folds up remove mask and gloves from outer folds of wrap. And don mask aseptic lee unfold wrap to expose insertion dressing kit components to create sterile field aseptic lee open. Any supplementary sterile components and drop on to sterile field don sterile gloves you a septic lead rape site with.

Sterile drape to create sterile field prepare insertion site using chloraprep one-step applicator consult the supplied manufacturers instruction for details. If needed remove and discard gloves dons second pair of gloves catch 10 milliliter syringe containing normal saline to the. Proximal orlock connection of the safety huber needle infusion set grasp the textured handle and remove the needle cover prime. Infusion set using aseptic technique following institution protocol insert needle perpendicular to the port septum note the textured handle and. Base are not connected you may position the base on the skin as needed verify patency dress and secure site.

/ institutional protocol begin injection infusion or blood aspiration per institutional protocol port d access after therapy completion flush port. Per institutional protocol stabilize the port by securely holding the base down firmly pull the textured handle up until you. Feel a firm stop and the needle is locked in the safety position dispose of set in a sharps container.

Method 5 – Accessing An Implanted Port

Your healthcare provider has approved for you and your caregiver to receive training on how to access your implanted port. This instructional video will help you access your port effectively comfortably and safely do not attempt to access your port. Without discussing with your healthcare provider and receiving education from your nurse to get started select a clean work area. Once established clean your hands thoroughly using antibacterial soap and warm water if no soap and water is available use.

An alcohol-based hand sanitizer followed by drying your hands for the clean towel if anesthetic cream has been applied wipe. Off with a clean cloth or paper towel palpate the implanted port for the center of the port the insertion. Site feels spongy clean your hands thoroughly using antibacterial soap and warm water gather your supplies as instructive flush syringes. Medication if applicable non occurring port needle injection cap port access kicked sharps container next prepare the sterile field by. Carefully opening the dressing change tray remove and place one of the masks on yourself if you have a caregiver.

Assisting you it should also put on their mask at this time remove the two sets of sterile gloves and. Set them aside leaving them in their packages create the sterile field by opening the towel as instructed by your. Nurse do not touch the top surface carefully open and empty all the supplies from the tray onto the center. Of the sterile towel without touching any of the items or allowing the outer packaging to touch the sterile towel. Following this open the port needle injection path and sterile flush syringes onto the sterile towel finally put on sterile.

Gloves as instructed by your nerves remember to only touch supplies on your sterile field with your sterile gloves if. You touch something outside the field you will need to discard the gloves and start again you are now ready. To prepare your quart needle and flush syringes screw the injection cap into the end of the port needle to. The and set aside on the sterile field prior to using syringes push firmly on the thumb press with a. Tip cap still on just until you feel the plunger move expel air and excess solution by twisting off the.

Tip cap and pushing the plunger forward push out extra solution to the amount instructed by your nurse finally replace. The syringe cap being careful not to touch the tip of the syringe with anything that is not sterile if. It does you will need to start over with a clean syringe set aside the syringes until you are ready. To use them repeat this step for all flush syringes needed you are now ready to flush the port needle. Extension set with saline remove the protective cap from the sterile saline flush syringe attach the sterile saline flush syringe.

To the injection cap and unclamp the tubing flush slowly until the needle and tubing are filled with fluid and. A few drops of saline come out of the cap needle lastly clamp the tubing leaving the sterile saline flush. Syringe connected to the injection cap you are now ready to prepare the port site for accessing remember you are. Still wearing sterile gloves if the gloves have become contaminated change into new sterile gloves at any time scrub the. Insertion site with a chlorhexidine applicator working in a back-and-forth up-and-down motion for a total of 30 seconds if you.

Are using a different cleaning solution other than chlorhexidine please follow the alternate instructions provided by your nurse allow the. Site to air dry thoroughly when the clean portside is dry you are ready to access your court remove the. Needle guard from the huber needle stabilize the port by placing a finger thumb of your non-dominant hand on either. Side of the porch while holding the port steady with your non-dominant hand firmly insert the needle at a ninety. Degree angle until you feel the end of the needle hit the back of the port carefully release the needle.

And unclamp the tubing pull back gently on the plunger of the syringe you should begin to see blood come. Into the tubing stop pulling as soon as you see blood if you do not have a blood return call. Your nurse or pharmacist as this may mean the needle is not in the right place once you see blood. Return flush the tubing with a sterile saline syringe using a push pause method lesly clamp the tubing if you. Are leaving your port access to apply the dressing once the dressing is applied you may infuse any ordered medications.

As instructed by your nurse if medications are not to be infused until later or if you are d accessing. Your port lush the port needle extension set with heparin unless your port as a groshong tip such as a. Power port this will conclude accessing an implanted port if you are removing a port needle please refer to the. Education materials on our moving and implanted port needle each time you access your implanted port you will get more. Comfortable with the supplies and the steps for any questions or concerns you might have please contact our highly trained.

Specialty nurses who will help you understand the basics of home infusion therapy and will answer any questions you.

Conclusion – How To Access A Mediport

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