How To Access A Recorded Zoom Meeting – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access a recorded zoom meeting,

Method 1 – How To See Previously Recorded Zoom Meetings? | Check Zoom Recording History In Application

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Method 2 – How To See Zoom Recordings: Where To Find Local Or Cloud Recordings

All right so you have done a recording in zoom but you dont know where that recording is ill show. You where zoom is going to store it if you log in to zoom im in the zoom meeting now. I go to dot us into preferences and i can go to straight to here to recording and it shows. Me where my recordings are so mine are in this directory or this folder here but you can choose a.

New location if you want to store them somewhere else okay and so when i actually open those that file. Im going to see those those im going to see a folder and ill show you the structure of that. So i go to zoom here and i can see this format for my folder this is on an apple. Mac so im seeing this format here which is year month day and the time of starting the meeting now. I may rename that folder and let me see whats in there ive actually got my two files in here.

So im going to rename those right now because i because those names are not really very clear so im. Going to say how to record in zoom video one and this one is to record in zoom video two. Okay now those audio files a little trick here that audio only that that was the zoom underscore one so. Thats the audio how to record in zoom audio audio one so i can use that file straight up to. Upload as a podcast without doing any video editing at all to separate the audio and the video how to.

Record in zoom audio 2. Okay so there we are and while im here one and i just rename that. To how to record in zoom okay so thats the folder those are the files the mp4 is the video. And video file thats the file that im going to upload to youtube.

Method 3 – How Find

Hi and welcome to another zoom tutorial in this part were looking at how do i find a recording of. My session many of you have asked me question after youve recorded your zoom lesson or meeting where did my. Recording go how do i find it because i want to share it with someone else and this is how. You do it first thing you want to do is to launch your zoom app im using mac computer interface.

Might look a little bit different but the principles and ideas are still the same even if you are using. Zoom app on your windows now im using mac computer and my gear button is located in the top right. Corner of the zoom app if youre using windows computer this gear button may be located somewhere but this is. What theyre looking for settings button on your zoom app once youve clicked settings navigate to recording and there are. Two ways where your recordings may be stored local recording basically means that youve recorded your meeting and now the.

File is located on your computer your file can also be recorded onto the cloud recording and to manage your. Cloud recording we will click on manage on web i strongly encourage you to record on your computer its much. More easily retrievable and to locate where recording is stored simply click on open once youve done that a new. Window will be opened where all your recordings are stored thats a recording from yesterday and normally it contains your. Video your chat if you have a save your chat and also oh dear oh dear of your recording this.

File is the actual video recording of your session that you can upload on the google drive or play it. Back or share via email well thats it today weve learned how to find recordings of your zoom meetings or. Lessons i hope of us helpful and ill see you next time.

Method 4 – Where Is My Zoom Recording (Local And Cloud)?

My name is michael daman and im the chief marketing consultant of we merged media i make videos to help. Small business owners leverage technology to grow and manage their business online in this video ill show you how to. Find your.

Method 5 – Accessing And Sharing Recordings From Zoom, E.G. Pre Recorded Lecture Videos

This screencast video will show you how to access cloud recordings of your zoom meetings zoom videos zoom sessions from. Your zoom account on the web this is distinct from your recordings of your live online sessions which you will. Have delivered through zoom classroom on loop so what im going to show you now our instances where perhaps youve. Had a meeting with a colleague and youve recorded us or where you have used zoom to pre-record a lecture.

By having a meeting with yourself and recording it so i start on the zoom website at dcu – ie. Zoom us and i click sign in and enter my details when i log in im brought to the meetings. Area of my zoom account and if i go over to the left and click on recordings i can get. Access to all meetings that i have recorded or any videos i have created or any pre-recorded lectures i have. Created lets look at the one here from march 12th if i move along the row and click on the.

Number of files in the recording i will see that i have different options here to engage with my recording. So i can look at the shared screen with the speaker view i can look at the shared screen with. The gallery view i can access an audio-only file of the recording i can access an audio transcript of the. Recording so a transcription of all the words that were spoken during the recording which is highly acuras but of. Course not 100% accuracy and if i only took place during the recording i can also download the chat file.

The one youll most regularly share with your students is the shared screen with speaker view so highlighting that one. I move along to the icons in the middle and the center icon is for the hyperlink to this recording. So when i click on that it has been copied to the clipboard so that means now i can go. Paste that link somewhere so perhaps i want to share a recording of the meeting with all of the colleagues. That were in that meeting so i would paste the link into an email or if i have made a.

Pre-recorded lectures videos for students i would paste that link into my loop course and ill show you how to. Do that now on my loop course page i click turn editing on and i find the particular area of. My loop page that i want to paste the link to the pre-recorded lecture so ill go here to section. 3 click add an activity or resource ill pull up the activity chooser panel slightly so we can see all. The options and im going to scroll down all the options in the activity chooser and im going to select.

U or l and click add im going to give a name to this url so i will call it. Something like and then in the external url field i just paste in the link that i copied from my. Zoom account and then i go down and click save and return to course and there we have a link. To the zoom recording for my students to click and to watch the pre-recorded video that i made for them.

Conclusion – How To Access A Recorded Zoom Meeting

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