How To Access Active Directory – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access active directory,

Method 1 – How To Access Active Directory Users And Computers In Windows Server 2016

Hello everyone this is patrick from duchy dick tips and in this video i am going to show you how. To access active directory users and computers in windows server 2016 so stay tuned to find out how in this. Video i am going to show you two ways on how to access the microsoft management console snapping or in. In c for short for active directory users and computers now the first method is click on the start menu.

And go to the ministry of tools tile on your start menu if it is not on your tile menu. You can also find it under the all programs menu under windows administrative tools if you still cannot find it. You can also search for it by typing the word windows administrative tools and your start menu and when you. Open up the ministry turtles you will find active directory users and computers the second way to access active directory. Users and computers is through the server manager dashboard which is available every time when you log into windows depending.

If you turn it off to access this you go to tools and then youll find a drop down menu. And you want to select after directory users and computers when you click on it it will open up the. Active directory users and computers mmc snap-in in conclusion i have shown you two ways on how to access the. Microsoft management console snapping or mmc for short for the active directory users and computers the start menu and through. The server management dashboard and windows server 2016 you.

Method 2 – How To Use Active Directory In Windows 10

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Method 3 – What Is Active Directory?

Hello this is paul hill and in this lecture im going to be talking to you about active directory users. And computers youre going to learn what it is as well as how to open and use the console active. Directory users and computers also known as active directory or ad for short is the tool that is installed by. Default when a server has the active directory domain services role installed in other words when youre working with a.

Domain controller you can expect to see active directory installed on the server now you can also install active directory. By installing the remote server administration tool set or are set but you will have to connect to a domain. Controller in order for that to work properly now just as the name implies active directory is a live directory. Or database that stores user accounts and their passwords computers printers file shares security groups and their respective permissions a. Group could be made up of users computers printers or file shares now the reason why we use groups within.

Active directory is frequently for security purposes now you can use ad and group policy together to assign specific permissions. For objects within active directory the purpose of active directory is to handle security authentication across the domain its very. Very important if you want to work in the it field you have to understand it now one of the. Ways that ad does this is by only allowing authorized users to log on to the network active directory also. Provides centralized security management of your network resources by storing things like the usernames and passwords in one location instead.

Of the administrator need to store this information on each individual computer now the most common test that you need. To know how to do with an active directory and everybody does this everyone whos worked with active directory knows. How to do this is reset user passwords and create or delete user accounts for example every time a new. Employee is hired at your company they will need login credentials now you will need to create their account and. Help them log in for the first time and quite often as we all know people are going to forget.

Their passwords and theyre gonna ask you to reset them now if you do not have active directory you would. Need to create a local user account on each computer in your company also every time you had to reset. A password for that user you would need to do it on each computer that they had an account on. So here were creating john in his passwords and then if we have to reset the password its we have. To go back to each computer and reset the password on all of them you can see theyre changing the.

Red representing the new password for that user account now this example not only applies to user accounts but other. Objects that can be stored within active directory like computers printers file shares and security groups so in this example. We have the user named john and his passwords stored on our domain controller which has active directory and all. Of those computers go to active directory and query the server for his password so if you need to change. It you just change it in one spot on the domain controller and we are good to go okay so.

No more resetting his password ten times over or five times over imagine if you had you know 5,000 computers. On your network and you had to reset a password for john well youd have to reset it five thousand. Times and thats thats crazy a big waste of money so we dont want to do that all right so. Now that you understand what active directory is lets learn about the interface now i logged into my domain controller. Here called ip dc 0 1 ip standing for instructor paul and dc standing for domain controller and 0 1.

Standing for the first domain controller in my domain now my domain is called instructor paul calm because thats my. Website and i just thought it would fit so you need to be logged into your domain if youd like. To follow along or you can just watch and see what i do alright so the way that we start. Active directory or ad for short is to click in server manager we can select tools and we can choose. Active directory users and computers from this list here now if you dont know how to open server manager thats.

Easy click the start button and itll appear in the top left corner server manager ok so now the active. Directory users and computers console will appear now this one though it looks like theres other ones that you may. Have seen before if youre familiar with dns or dhcp on the left we have our navigation pane and on. The right we have the contents of our current location now on the menu we have file action view and. Help now whether the file menu you can either choose the options or you can exit active directory within options.

You can delete any changes that youve made to the view of active directory users and computers and of course. Exit acts just like youd expect it to the action menu is the exact same menu that youll get when. You right-click on an object within either the navigation or the contents pane the view column allows you to quickly. Add or remove columns so that you can show or hide additional information as necessary most importantly you can enable. Advanced features and this viewing mode shows a lot of hidden and useful content that you would otherwise not be.

Able to find the filter options allows you to show or hide certain object types within the contents pane now. This can be useful when you have several different object types like we can see here like if multiple users. Multiple groups multiple contacts and say youre just looking for a particular computer we can say show only the following. Type and we can check computer and all the o type will be hidden okay so were not going to. Do that were going to click cancel the customize option allows you to further customize your view within the active.

Directory users and computers console by showing or hiding different components for most administrators the default configuration will work just. Fine alright so im going to click ok and under help this menu allows you to quickly access the help. Topics and the text in a website you can also view the version of microsoft management console or mmc and. Active directory users and computers most of the time youre not going to be using this help little tab here. If youre running into an issue just go ahead and do yourself a favor and google the issue youll probably.

Get results a lot faster now below that you will see several action buttons first you have navigational arrows and. This will allow you to quickly navigate forwards and backwards through the active directory structure i actually have several buttons. That will change depending on what type of object you selected now in general rule of thumb if you hover. Over the buttons you will get a tooltip telling you what each button does and what it is used for. Now the left side of the console we can see our navigation pane at the top youre going to see.

Saved queries in the name of your domain which in my case is instructor paul calm yours will likely be. Different now save queries is commonly ignored by many administrators it allows you to quickly locate things like expired or. Locked out user accounts or user accounts who have not logged in with it in the last 30 days and. More as the name implies you can create these searches and save them for later use this can make redundant. Tasks much easier now instructor paul comm refers to the domain that active directory is services you can right click.

On the domain and complete several actions first we can delegate control of the domain by default theres a set. Of users and a set of groups that have control over this domain and you can extend that by delegating. Control of the domain you can also delegate control particularly use but we may get into that more later now. The fine button allows you to locate objects within this domain you can view this as a search button think. Of it like the google of active directory you need to find something you can right-click and choose find and.

You will be able to type in the name of what youre looking for you can see that here so. We could choose what kind of object that were looking for and we can choose where we want to search. And then we just type in the name that were looking for and click find now okay you may change. The remains by selecting the change domain option now you would do this if you had a subdomain – instructor. Paul calm like lessons or courses instructor paul calm and alike okay but we can see here if i click.

Browse i only have instructor paul if i had a subdomain or a trusted domain you would see them listed. Here we can also change domain controllers but since i only have one domain controller in my domain again youre. Only seeing the one ip d c0 one instructor paul calm this is the only domain controller that i have. Up and running so its the only one were going to see here you the rays domain functional level option. Is used to enable active directory features when you have multiple domain controllers on the network now some features are.

Only available when all of your servers are updated to the latest version available for example if you have a. 2012 domain controller and a 2016 domain control both servicing the same network your domains functional level will be that. Of the 2012 domain controller meaning that the server cannot use the new features of 2016 but only the features. That are included in 2012 if you were to upgrade the 2012 server to the 2016 you could then raise. Your domains functional level to enable the new features if i click this option i can see that my domain.

Functional level is windows server 2016 since i do not have any older domain controllers on the network the operation. Masters option allows you to choose which servers operate master roles like the schema master domain name naming master relative. Identified or id master primary domain controller emulator also known as pdc emulator and the infrastructure master if you have. Multiple domain controllers on your network you can choose what server has what roles now this is something you would. Need to do when you remove a domain controller from the network now active directory domain services is a multi.

Master and naval database which means several domain controllers can make changes to the database allowing multiple domain controllers to. Write changes to the database can sometimes cause conflicting updates to occur now this is where operation masters steps in. To resolve this issue by only allowing certain domain controllers to make changes to certain parts of active directory domain. Services now since we dont have any additional domain controllers we can click the change button but theres no other. Domain controllers on the network to transfer the roles to so were gonna click ok and well click those now.

If we right-click we have the new option here and we can do all kinds of things like create computers. Use groups all that were gonna get into that more so under here we have all tasks again its kind. Of a repeat of what you see above you can do the resultant set of policy which allows you to. See what kind of group policy objects are being applied to this domain or whatever object youre clicking on were. Gonna get into more of that later again if we choose properties we can see the domain name and we.

Can see the description and we can see who it is managed by now this information is very important its. Just information that if you want to provide it to other people within your domain other administrators you can do. That right here okay so now im going to close out of this window and that is all were gonna. Cover in this lecture so now you have a basic understanding of what active directory is and what it is. Used for now great job getting through this lecture im looking forward to seeing you in the next one.

Method 4 – Install Active Directory Users And Computers In Windows 10

Hello everyone welcome back this is carson cloud so in this video im going to install active directory users and. Computers for windows 10 so as you can see here im on windows 2019 i think this is windows 2016. And um so i have active directory users in group and install so if i want something like this installed. On my windows 10 i can do that lets go to my windows 10 device so here i have windows.

10 device um the windows 10 i have is versions 1909. Lets take a look renver oops sorry this is. One its 1903. So with any windows versions 1809 or above you actually you can install it from the features. So you want to click on windows and then click on the settings click on apps click on optional features.

And click on add features so again it has to be windows 10 1809 and above to install it from. This locations lets scroll down to ras or rsap active directory domains service and lightweight active directory service tool click. On it and then click on install the installation will take a few minutes all right look like it is. Being installed lets check back in a few minutes lets see if it has installed users its not there yet. I will check back again when the installation is completed so with this add features you can add a lot.

Of stuff to it um for example the active directory certificate service and also theres bitlocker drive encryptions and theres. Dhcp dns service tools so even group policy management you can add it to your computer windows to your windows. 10 pc so as you can see here it is installing um its going to take a few minutes im. Im just going to wait and well come back so thats how you install the active directory using groups for. Your windows 10.

All right i think the installation is completed lets go in here and search users users so. Its active directory users and computers lets open it up so im having um domain connections or active directory connection. So here is the tools now you should be able to um manage any devices or users in your active. Directory thank you for watching and have a great day.

Method 5 – Help Desk Tier1 Active Directory User Account Unlock And Reset Password

Hello my friends my name is urban also known as : In todays video i wanted to talk about active. Directory user accounts and also touch on call handling the reason were going to tackle active directory user accounts is. Because were going to have a situational phone call in which we will have to look up user account reset. Their password or maybe even unlock their account this is kind of tying in with my previous video on how.

To handle a helpdesk tier 1 phone call and if youd like to check that out there will be a. Link in the description and also linked in the top right hand corner as well so lets go ahead and. Look at what happened during this phone call and then were going to stop it in real time and then. Im going to show you what happens on the back end so meaning that what is going on with the. Person working helpdesk while theyre talking to the user thank you for calling tech support my name is irvin what.

Can i assist you with today hi i for some reason i cant login to outlook outlook keeps asking me. For a password i dont know why i im not sure whats going on sure does it does it give. You an issue whenever you try to login anything else or is this just this specific system oh let me. Let me try i think its just outlook but im not sure i dont even know why it keeps asking. Me for the password then i think hes just stopped look let me try something else oh yeah yeah this.

Yeah this other system is also giving me problems it keeps asking for the password i dont know why i. Did have more trouble like i may have like mistyped password this morning okay well no problem oh yeah let. Me look up your account what is your login id for this my login id is urban underscore see a. And ok all right i got it pulled up here alright lets pause that for a minute now we know. The name of this user so lets go ahead and look it up in active directory to see whats going.

On with his account but before we do that please take one second to click like button i really appreciate. That that way i dont have to play any ads for you here and that way you are supporting my. Channel it only takes one second i really appreciate it thank you so much all right lets go ahead and. Open up active directory and within actor directory on the left hand side you can see a folder its called. Users if you select that if you select users you can see that bunch of different users and groups show.

Up in there so you can scroll down and look for that login or the persons name however the easiest. Way to look somebody up is if you right-click the users folder and select find in here you can stipend. The name of the user and he said earvin underscore ca and so its gonna click find now and here. It is we found the user we can simply select it double click it and it should pull up users. Account so lets see whats going on with that he said he cant log in so the next thing were.

Going to look up is the password so were going to click on the account if we suspect that user. Is locked in the account tab here we can simply click on the check mark like this where it says. Unlock account select apply or ok and deaths will unlock the users account now we can get back to them. And let him know to try again it wouldnt take my password i recently changed it i think i changed. It like a couple of days ago so i may have mistyped it a couple of times is that why.

Oh yeah that makes sense so uh-huh well if you miss that password once you dont want to keep trying. It usually locks out after you try more than three times but its not a problem i can unlock you. Would you like me to reset the password as well or do you just want to give it a shot. Without me every set if you can if you can unlock me theyll be great id like to see if. I can because i dont feel like changing the password again you know how it is its like you tried.

To like come up with the new password and then it its like you just didnt that are trying to. Figure out which one do i want to use this time like you know so yeah if you can just. Dont lock me that would be great okay no problem i have it down locked right now when i wanted. To give it a shot to see if it all right hold on let me let me try this here. Okay i i think im good now outlook came up now and its a-okay it looks okay my new here.

Emails are coming through okay great thats good i thank you so much i appreciate all right no problem no. Problem im glad to help im glad that worked out for you is there anything else i can help you. With today no that is all thank you so much we appreciate that no problem my pleasure thank you for. Calling tech support you have a wonderful day you too bye but well there you go my friends this is. How you fully handle a helpdesk all in which you would unlock use your accounts of course there are other.

Things you can look at if you go to the account you can make some changes to it when it. Related to password if you want to change their password you can change it here if you select user must. Change password at the next logon theres something what i would highly recommend in a business environment so this is. A part of security you want the user to have their own password so i highly suggest that you check. User must change their password at the next login because after you change it you give them a temporary password.

They should be able to set their own in order to change the past where we have to go back. To the users folder and then find the user and then right-click it and then select reset password however this. Is kind of counter point to what i said earlier that you know if this is populated with thousand thousands. Of users it may not be easy to find however if you do right click on the users folder select. Fine and do the thing i told you earlier is to type in irvine ca n so we can find.

This user here since we found that already we dont have to dig through the actor directory a lot of. People actually dont show this on their videos when they show how to reset the password is that now since. You already found that you dont have to dig in kind of like you know your eyes are starting to. Dry out because youre trying to find user you can just find it here and then right-click and reset password. And were going to change the password to something temporarily and then again make sure this is checked user must.

Change the password at the next login and then if their account is locked as well you can check that. As well and then just click ok and now it says the pastor for irvine has been changed alright guys. I hope you find this video useful please share it with your friends let them know about me and ask. Them what they think are these videos useful to you i think they are i appreciate you watching have a. Good day and dont forget to ask me any questions that you may have in the comments below thank you.

Have a good day bye bye.

Conclusion – How To Access Active Directory

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